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Can You Make Your Own Village In Minecraft

Can I Start A Village

How to Make your own Village and Breed Villagers in Survival

To incorporate a town, youll need a lawyer who can handle the paperwork. Once youve decided on where to put your town, the first step toward You-ville is to get a petition signed by some of the people who live there. In some places, though, a town charter must be granted by vote of the state legislature.

Best Methods To Lure Villagers In Minecraft

Minecraft took the gaming world by storm when it was released in late 2011. Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X, this sandbox game was developed by Mojang Studios. The world in Minecraft is three-dimensional and looks as if it was generated using procedures. The terrain never ends, and players remain engaged by coming across new tools and materials.

Structures can also be built, and the game also features a survival mode. However, we have to talk about the villagers in Minecraft. What do they do? Why are they there in the first place? And most importantly, how do you lure villagers to where you want them? Read on to find out!

Popular Minecraft Lessons

Finding A Village / Listing Known Villages

A message will confirm that Millénaire is properly installed when you load a world in Minecraft. To locate nearby villages, press the V button.

If there is no village nearby, the encouraging message, “No known village within 2km. Keep searching!” will be displayed. It is recommended that you journey in a single direction until a new village is located. Villages only appear in newly generated chunks and the distance you will have to travel to uncover a new chunk depends on your chosen render distance .

Five pieces of information are displayed with the V command:

  • The village type
  • its name
  • if it is Active, meaning that the villagers are working hard farming, building etc or Inactive if you have moved more than 250 metres away from the village
  • its Distance and Direction from your current position.

For example, in the image to the right:

Milpa: Lagartero is 622 metres to East.
Gaanv: Baghera Gaanv is 144 metres to the North.
Mahal: Baghera Mahal is 33 metres to the North.

In this example Milpa, Gaanv, and Mahal are culture specific village types. The village name will also tell you if it is a hamlet, which is a small village type connected to a larger village nearby.

Once you have discovered more than four villages, only the four closest to you will be shown by the V command.

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Minecraft Village Finder Command

If you have Minecraft cheats enabled, however, finding the nearest Minecraft village becomes easy. All you need to do is open the console with the “/” key, and type:

/locate village

Then hit Enter, and you’ll be presented with the coordinates of the nearest Minecraft village to your current location!

If you’re looking to create your own Minecraft village, be sure to check out our Minecraft house ideas and Minecraft build ideas for inspiration! You can also make your village look as good as possible with the help of the best Minecraft shaders!

Curing A Zombie Villager

How To Find A Village In Minecraft [ Verified ]

Catching and curing a zombie villager is another way to obtain a villager. Zombie villagers can be found in igloo basements, or in abandoned villages, but occasionally they can be found anywhere in the overworld. It is recommended to build traps to hunt them. They do not spawn in other cases where normal zombies may spawn e.g. from spawners or as a reinforcement spawned by an attacked zombie or zombified piglin.

When found, zombie villagers must be detained and covered with a roof to prevent them from burning in sunlight. They can be cured with a splash potion of Weakness and a golden apple. At this point, they can be carried to their village with minecarts .

Additionally, if you’re in a snowy biome and haven’t found a village, you can start up your own by finding an igloo with a basement. This is a reliable method for creating your own village in a snowy biome. In the basement of the igloo, there is a zombie villager and a cleric . By curing the zombie villager, you’ll have two villagers , which you can transport to the top of the igloo via Minecarts or upward Bubble Column.

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How To Lure Villagers In Minecraft

  • Building a Boat!
  • You read that right! If you want a villager to follow you for whatever purpose, build a boat near them. They will get on, and once that happens, all you have to do is drive the boat to your desired location. You can use pistons to raise the height of a boat as it will not move that freely on rough land. Also, keep in mind that this method is a little slow.

  • Minecarts
  • Villagers can also be moved around in Minecarts. Instead of a boat, just use a Minecart, and you will be good to go. Since boats are slower on land, this could be a very feasible option.

  • The Zombie Method!
  • While you could get quite creative with this, let us share what we think is another great way of luring villagers to your desired destination. What you would have to do is find a zombie and get chased. Keep running in the direction of your house in the village or wherever you want them, and once they are there, cure them.

    If you want to know how to cure a zombie villager and turn him into a normal one, do not fret, as we have a quick guide for you.

    • You need to create the Splash Potion of Weakness.
    • Upon finding the zombie villager, trap them. Make sure they are protected from the sun overhead, as to not burn them.
    • Throw the potion on them and then, feed them a Golden Apple.
    • In no time, they will be cured, and you will have yourself a new villager.

    Keep in mind that they can be moved further using boats, minecarts, or any other method.

  • Building Corridors
  • The Boat Method for More Villagers
  • Backing Up Your Realm

    Your Minecraft world and all its settings are protected by our servers, meaning no matter how long you’re offline, your Realm will be exactly as you left it when you return! Still, it’s never a bad idea to keep backups of your Realms. Say you accidentally burn down a village, or build a 100ft Creeper statue that haunts your nightmares . Then you can just restore your Realm from a previous backup.

    In Windows 10 / Pocket Edition just go into Edit Realm in your Realms menu. You’ll see an option to . Make sure there’s enough room to store it on your device!

    Once a world has been downloaded, you can enjoy it in single-player forever, or just keep it as a handy backup.

    In the PC / Mac version of Minecraft, manually back up your Realm by simply closing and then reopening the Realm. Whenever you do this, it instantly creates a backup!

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    How To Generate Your Own Village In Minecraft Pe

    Do you know how to spawn villages in the Minecraft Pocket Edition? You have to follow a few steps to do it.

    You can spawn villages very easily in the Minecraft Pocket Edition. To do this, you will need to go to the following link and download the behavior pack.

    After the installation, you have to restart your game. Now go to the Add-Ons section and click on Behaviour Packs. Then press the Activate button.

    You have to generate the village on your own. You have to write a command in the Chat. The command is /function village/plains.

    Now you are done, and your village will spawn in the game.

    You can also spawn old villages. The command to spawn an old village is /function village/old. The old villages are old-fashioned, and no one exists in them.

    You have to stay on land to spawn the village on land.

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    What Is A Minecraft Villager

    How to create your own minecraft village — duckcrafted

    Villagers are neutral mobs in Minecraft that serve a variety of purposes. Taller than the player when fully grown, Villagers tend to be found in the villages that spawn when the world is generated. They can fall in love with one another, have kids, get jobs, and can be traded with by the player.

    Several other mobs in-gamelike Illagers and Witchescan be considered offshoots of Villagers due to using the same model as a base, but they arent true Villagers as they are hostile mobs with their own mechanics. One variation that can be lumped in with regular Villagers is the Zombie Villager, because they can be cured of their affliction by applying weakness to them and feeding them a Golden Apple.

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    How Do You Lure Villagers In Minecraft

    Theres no way to entice them like you can with animals, and you cant attach leads to them without using commands. You can move them small distances by pushing them, but they can get stuck in corners and theyll try going back home when they cross the edge of the village.

    How To Find A Minecraft Village

    Villages, just like other Minecraft structures, generate naturally when you create your Minecraft world. Villages can be found in the following biomes:

    • Desert
    • Taiga
    • Snowy Tundra

    The style and architecture of each village differs based on its biome. But mostly they consist of a smattering of houses, farms, and one or two larger structures, all connected by lit pathways. Villages are usually inhabited by villagers, cats, and farm animals but occasionally there will also be an Iron Golem protecting a village.

    In Survival Mode, there’s no special way to find the nearest Minecraft village: you just have to start exploring any of the above biomes that you come across. Or, if you’d like, you can make things much easier for yourself by using one of the village spawns in our list of the best Minecraft seeds.

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    What Are Village Houses In Minecraft

    In villages, the amount and type of structures spawn randomly when the world is created. The only buildings that spawn with beds are houses. Small houses are buildings with one bed, and medium houses are buildings with two beds. They often have different layouts, decorations, and different colored beds.

    Find A Zombie Villager

    How to Make Your Own Village in " Minecraft"

    Only five percent of zombies spawned at night are zombie villagers. Like normal zombies, zombie villagers will attack the player and other villagers. Zombie villagers also burn in direct sunlight. Normal zombies are also capable of turning villagers into zombie villagers. There is a 100% chance that a villager will be turned in hard difficulty and a 50% chance in normal mode. In easy and peaceful difficulty, there is a 0% chance.

    Villages also have a 2% chance of generating as a zombie village. Zombie villages are full of zombie villagers, and all the houses are missing doors. There are no light sources, but zombie villagers can still burn in the sunlight. Glass panes are brown-stained instead of clear, and there may also be cobwebs and mossy cobblestone. If you find a zombie village, be sure to bring splash potions of weakness and golden apples with you!

    A fermented spider eye brews into a potion of weakness in a brewing stand.

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    Getting Your First Villagers

    The next step in this process is probably the most complicated one. The first villagers are the hardest ones to obtain because it all comes down to luck. This is because there are only two ways to get your own villagers. You can either do it by curing zombie villagers that spawn near your base or by kidnapping villagers that already live in a village.

    We will describe each method and you can either choose one or the other, depending on your world’s conditions and the resources available to you.

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    What Good Does It Do To Breed Villagers In Minecraft

    There are a couple of reasons to breed villagers in Minecraft. Firstly, you can trade with them. As every villager has a different profession, youd want to have enough villagers to ensure a supply of all necessary goods.

    Secondly, your villagers can die for various reasons, and you have to replace them. Thirdly, growing your village is simply fun, and when the village is large enough, iron golems spawn automatically to protect the inhabitants.

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    Now Leaving The Village

    Villages and everything inside them represent a massive segment of Minecraft’s gargantuan world, which is evident by the sheer amount of information at hand here. There’s still more to know as well, which is mind boggling. However you feel about villages, Mojang has done their part to make them alluring and rewarding.

    How you feel about villages in Minecraft? Are you immediately filled with joy upon seeing one, or do you typically ignore them? Let us know in the comments!

    We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

    Budget Surface

    How To Breed Minecraft Villagers

    How to build your FIRST Village in Minecraft 1.15 Survival

    This bit is a little creepy, but you wanted to know everything, so here we go. You can breed the villagers in order to increase the population of a village, allowing for more professions and therefore more trades.

    Villagers will breed on their own anyway, so you dont necessarily have to play cupid. But if you want to speed up the process, you start by making sure they have enough food, as a full stomach puts a Villager in the mood for love. A Villager will be sated by 3 Bread, 12 Carrots, 12 Potatoes, or 12 Beetroots.

    You need to do this with two Villagers to put them both in the mood, as well as ensuring they’re in close proximity with one another. Finally, you need to provide them with a bed each, as well as a spare bed for the incoming baby. In this way, you can set up entire breeding factories if you want to .

    The baby will grow up 20 minutes after being born, which is not a lot of time to figure out a career. Makes you appreciate those 16 years at school a little more.

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    Cure A Zombie Villager

    To cure a zombie villager, you need to weaken them with a splash potion of weakness and feed them a golden apple. Trapping zombie villagers in a prison cell of iron bars increases the rate at which they are cured. Under normal conditions, a zombie villager will be cured in around three minutes time. Trapping zombie villagers also helps keep track of them while they are being cured! Brewing a potion of weakness requires the following ingredients:

    • Mushroom
    • Gunpowder
    • Blaze powder

    Combine the mushroom, sugar and spider eye in a crafting table to create fermented spider eye. Then place the fermented spider eye in the brewing stand over a water bottle to brew a potion of weakness. You will need to activate the brewing stand with blaze powder! To turn your potion into a splash potion, combine it with gunpowder in the brewing stand. To craft a golden apple, surround an apple with eight gold ingots in a crafting table. Be carefulwhen the cure takes effect, other mobs will try to hurt your villager!

    A villager sleeps in a bed outdoors during transport to another village.

    Jessica Peri, Fair Use: Minecraft

    Where Can You Find Villages

    Villages come in all shapes and sizes and can now be found in a number of different biomes. Namely, plains, sunflower plains, savannas, deserts, snowy tundras, and many different taiga biomes including normal taigas, taiga hill biomes, and their snowy variants.

    In order to find these villages, you simply need to explore. Then explore some more. Villages can generate pretty much anywhere inside compatible biomes, so the closest village could be just over that next hill. You can potentially shave time off by grabbing a horse or boat , or skip the wait entirely by choosing a world seed that starts you next to a village.

    Most of the biomes also have their own unique design language for villages, lending a bit of credibility to them. There is one fault with the method Minecraft uses to spawn villages, and that is the fact they can be generated pretty much anywhere. What this means is that if there are any crevices or caves, villages will just spawn bits of dirt or sand on top of it, or carve pieces out of holes. This leads to some awfully strange landscapes around villages.

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    What Professions Can Villagers Have In Minecraft

    Most of the villagers have professions and supply certain goods. They have a different appearance that helps to identify them. Armorers will trade various iron, chainmail, and diamond armor for emeralds. You can get emeralds and meat from butchers. Cartographers trade maps and banners for emeralds and compasses.

    To get gemstones, visit a cleric villager. Fletchers will help you to get crafting and hunting tools. Other villager professions include farmers, fishermen, leatherworkers, librarians, shepherds, and more. Some villagers are unemployed they look like a plain villager model without any additional details.

    You can find them a job by building a new job site. Another non-trading villager type is Nitwit. They wear green coats and shake heads if you attempt to trade.


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