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How To Shoot Fireballs In Minecraft

How To Make A Sword That Shoots Particles That Do Damage

How to Shoot Fireballs in Minecraft

I want to make this sword that, when you right/left click it, it summons particles that go in a straight line and deal damage to anything they touch. I have only basic knowledge on stuff like this, and I think the first step would be making a scoreboard that detects when the player right clicks with the sword. However, I do not know the rest. Does anyone have an idea on how this is done in java 1.16? Thanks!

According to MCreator, this is the steps for the command to make a sword shoot fireballs:

  • Make the item when right clicked .

  • Select “execute command”.

  • Put /summon Fireball ~ ~2 ~ in the blank area.

Something to notice though, when the command is executed, the fireballs will be summon on top of the player’s head and it will stay there until the player hit the fireball, like when you punch the fireball back at Ghast. Another thing to notice is that the explosion power can be change to any number, but I’d suggest you to keep the number small, don’t make it bigger than 5 or else your computer will lag

So, you should make a sword and execute that command, which will throw a fireball when right clicked when sword is equipped.

Minecraft Modding: Throwable Fireballs

This is the second part of the tutorial on Minecraft modding in this article we will create throwable fireballs, using data packs and resource packs.

A link to download this mod is available at the end of the page.

In the second part of this tutorial about Minecraft modding, we will see how to create a custom item using data packs and resource packs. More specifically, we will create a throwable fireball. As discussed already in the previous sections, neither data packs not resource packs can really create new items. What they can do instead, is customising an existing item by storing some data in its NBT tags, and render that with a custom texture or model. But at its core, the modded item is and remains one of Minecrafts existing items.

Playing The Fireball Sound

One smallyet effectiveaddition to the throw.mcfunction script would be sound. We can play a sound using the playsound command. Since the fireball model comes from the ghasts, it makes sense to also use the same sound, which is called entity.ghast.shoot:

The keyword player inside the command indicates what type of sound this is.

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Move The Fireball To The Position Of The Snowball

The really important bit is to make sure that the fireball will always follow the trajectory of the snowball. One way to do that, is to invoke a function every frame, on every special snowball with a companion fireball instantiated .

The most obvious way to move the fireball would be to teleport it to the position of its closest snowball. For instance, by doing the following:

Unfortunately, it appears that this solution does not work as intended. If we try, the fireball will only move at integer positions, basically lagging behind the snowball.

So, the alternative is to copy the position and velocity of the snowball into the fireball. We can do this using the data modify entity command on the Pos and Motion properties, which every entity has.

This finally allows us to create a real, throwable fireball!

How To Shoot Fireballs In The Direction Player Are Looking113

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I am currently working on a Zelda themed adventure map in and would like some assistance in making the from Zelda.

So far I have set up a scoreboard that detects when the player uses a carrot on a stick:

/scoreboard objectives add FireStaff minecraft.used:minecraft.carrot_on_a_stick

After which it summons a fireball:

And then resets the players score back to zero:

The part I need help is teleporting the fireball to the player,and then have the fire ball shoot in the direction they were looking.

If any of you know what I could do to accomplish this I would appreciate it.


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Minecraft Fireball Command 100 Power

You may want to summon a fireball in Minecraft. If you want to do that whenever you want by using a cheat or game command. The /summon command can be used by you to summon fireballs in Minecraft. Before you summon a fireball, it is important for you to know that the command that is used to summon a fireball is available only in Java Edition.

So, in Pocket Edition, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition, the command is not available. If you try to use this command other than in Java Edition, it will not work.

How To Summon Fireball Using Command

To use the command to summon fireballs in Minecraft, you have to turn cheats on in your world. Here is the summon command in Minecraft Java Edition.

  • If you use Minecraft Java Edition 1.16, the syntax to summon a fireball using the /summon command is like this:

/summon fireball

Beginning in Java Edition 1.16, the direction NBT tag has been replaced with the Motion tag and now it is optional.

  • In Minecraft Java Edition 1.14, 1.15 and 1.16, the syntax to summon a fireball is like this:

/summon fireball < pos> < nbt>

However, you have to provide the direction NBT tag. If not, the command will not work:

/summon fireball ~ ~1 ~

You may wonder what pos and nbt are. Pos is the x y z coordinate where the fireball should spawn and it is required. Nbt is a compound NBT tag which can set a property for the fireball such as .

/summon fireball

Giving Snowballs To Players

In Minecraft, players usually obtain new items by crafting. While it is possible to create custom crafting recipes, we will start with a much simple approach. We can simply receive a desired item using the /give command. This can be done using a command block inside the game, or typing the command directly in the chat.

MCStacker is a very handy online tool which allows to easily generate commands. We can use the /give section to give one snowball, which has a custom NBT tag called fireball with value 1:

By all means, this is a normal snowball, which behaves exactly like all of the other ones. The only difference is that we have changed its name in the inventory to Fireball and added some extra bits of information to it. We have also added the custom model data necessary to make this snowball appear as a fire charge, as discussed in the previous section about resource packs.

Normally, Minecraft prevents you from seeing the real name of an object. However, you can press F3 on your keyboard to enable the NBT tooltips.

Minecraft is about two things: mining and crafting. Right now, we gave a player the fireballs using a command. It would be nice if they could be crafted like any other item.

Although some workarounds are possible, they are quite dirty. For instance, the recipe could craft a Knowledge book, which unlocks an achievement which gives the player the fireball. The YouTube channel Timber Forge explains how to do this in the following video.

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Minecraft How To Make A Fireball Shooting Sword On Vanilla Minecraft


I’m trying to make a command block setup that will spawn a fireball above the player when a specific named sword is used. I’d also like to copy the players direction to the fireball. Finally, I’d also like to add some potion effects. I’ve got the following commands:

The problems are that it’s necessary to hit a mob in order to spawn the fireball, and that the fireball doesn’t go in the direction that the sword is used.

Best Answer

What you could do to test if you left-click the sword is have some mob that is made invisible, then teleported constantly to your head. For example, you could use this command:

summon Slime ~ ~1.4 ~

Basically, this command summons a Slime named LeftClick which is invisible and has half a heart of health. Then, you want to make a redstone clock attached to this command:

This will constantly teleport that slime to your head. So, whenever you left click, you will hit the slime, which will add one to your InfinityBlade objective score count. Additionally, remember that you have to set up some sort of command to spawn a new LeftClick slime every time you left-click, since the previous one will be killed.

However, if this idea works for you, you then have to be able to detect which way the player is facing to summon a fireball in that direction. To do this, you have to use an MCEdit filter called CPDirections. This video explains how to use the filter in great detail.

Hopefully I answered all of your questions.

Create A Companion Fireball For Each Snowball

How to Shoot Fireballs in Minecraft (no mods)

What we really want is to create only one fireball per tagged snowball. The easiest way to do this is to create a fireball, and the to add another tag the snowballlets call it processed. We can change the previous command so that it only operates on snowballs that do not have the processed tag .

In order for all of this to work, we need to execute not one but two commands . This is not really possible in a single execute … run command. What we can do, however, is to call a function :

Functions in data packs are just text files with the mcfunction extension. This is what throw.mcfunction looks like:

Something that is somewhat confusion is that here are two separate things that are referred to as tags in Minecraft. One is the NBT tags , which were used when instantiating the fireball. NBT tags are dictionaries where you can associate custom values to keys. In our case, we associated the key fireball to the value 1b. You can test if an entity has a custom NBT tag by doing this:

A completely different thing is the NBT tag called Tags. This is a list of keywords that can added and removed using the tag command. You can test if an entity has such a tag like this:

The give command can set custom NBT tags to objects in the inventory, but not adding custom tags to the Tags list.

It is important to limit the number of entries to 1 in the target selector, because the command will only work if exactly one entity is found.

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How To Get A Blaze Rod In Survival Mode

How to make a blaze rod shoot fireballs command. This will make you fly backwards in creative mode if youre close enough. A blaze is a type of mob that is only found in the nether. Sorry for bad english.

Today you guys will learn how to shoot fireballs with only one repeating command block. So lets get started. Minecraft heart of the sea explained how to get it and what it can do duration.

Rigth click and it happends same when i type that command. This fireball is also diagnol proving that fireballs like other entities can go at any angle from 1 to 360. Here is a fireball that is like the other one but this fireball curves in its path.

I have created a plugin that when you type nycro it gives you a full fire mage kit however it doesnt shoot fireballs when i right click with a blaze rod. How to make a blaze rod shoot fireballs when the player sneaks. Here is a fireball with an explosion power of 50.

If you are having trouble finding a blaze you can summon a blaze using a cheat or you can use a spawn egg. I hope you guys enjoy leave a like if you did and subscribe if you are new. You first need to find a blaze.

You can add a blaze rod to your inventory in survival mode by killing a blaze. So im trying to make a blaze rod that shoots a fireballthe blaze rods name is hellfire wand by the way when the player sneaks while holding it. I know that you can shoot fireball in any direction with this command.

Summon Command In Minecraft Java Edition

In Minecraft Java Edition 1.16, the syntax to summon a fireball using the is:

/summon fireball  

* Starting in Java Edition 1.16, the direction NBT tag has been replaced with the Motion tag and is now optional.

In Minecraft Java Edition 1.14 and 1.15, the syntax to summon a fireball is:

/summon fireball < pos> < nbt> 

However, you must provide the or the command won’t work:

/summon fireball ~ ~1 ~ 


  • pos is required. It is the where the fireball should spawn.
  • nbt is a compound NBT tag that sets a property for the fireball such as . .

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How To Make Fireballs In Minecraft How To Shoot Fireballs In Minecraft

I want a player to have 1 snowball, throw it, and it become a fireball. So far I can summon the fireball, but it doesnt keep moving. The snowball then getd killed, and a split second later another snowbal should be added to the player’s inventory.

ang xem: How to make fireballs in minecraft

Any help?

Summon the fireball at the snowball, copy over the motion values from the one to the other, then give the person that doesn’t have a snowball in their inventory a snowball.

Impulse, Unconditional, Always Active

/scoreboard objectives add RCounterSpell dummy/scoreboard objectives add RSnowballScore dummy/scoreboard objectives add RFireballScore dummy

Repeating, Unconditional, Always Active

run summon minecraft:fireball ~ ~-1 ~ Chain, Conditional, Always Active

/execute as

}> hotbar.0 minecraft:snowball,CustomNameVisible:0,Enchantments:< > } 1/replaceitem entity a }> hotbar.1 minecraft:paper,CustomNameVisible:0,Enchantments:< > } 1Have Fun!!!

If anyone can tell me how to execute at a named snowball to give it a score, I would very much appreciate it. I’ve tried and , but no luck. It worked on the fireball but not the snowball

Why does this not work?

/execute as Oops, sorry all, I forgot one command. Repeating, Unconditional, Always Active

/scoreboard players set e RCounterSpell 1 I also added limit=1 so the counter spell only kills one fireball per counter spell.

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How To Kill A Ghast In Minecraft

how to shoot fireballs in minecraft 1.11+ (it

To kill a ghast you can either shoot it with your bow or deflect its fireball back towards the ghast. To do this you can either shoot it with your bow or deflect the fireball when it gets close to you. You dont have to hit the fireball with a sword, any item will do. Try staying behind walls as much as possible until the distance is close, when it will fly upwards, which is the easiest time to defeat a ghast with a ranged weapon like a Bow.

However, if multiple ghasts are around, the best tactic is to try and get one of the ghasts between a player and the other ghast, causing one to kill the other. Lastly, another tactic with a lone ghast is to use a fishing rod to draw it close enough to damage it with a sword although, this method can risk as fireball deals more damage in close quarters.

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How To Summon A Fireball In Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains how to summon a fireball with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

You can summon a fireball whenever you want using a cheat in Minecraft. This is done using the . Let’s explore how to do this.

The command to summon a fireball is available in the following versions of Minecraft:


* The version that it was added or removed, if applicable.NOTE: Pocket Edition , Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 Edition are now called Bedrock Edition. We will continue to show them individually for version history.

Did You Know

  • They are the second-largest mobs that naturally spawn in the game, the largest being the ender dragon.
  • If a ghast is trapped in a 1-thick cube, it shoots fireballs through the cube. This is because all mobs that shoot spawn the projectile one block in front of it to prevent the projectile from hitting the mob.
  • Ghasts are the only non-undead mob that withers are not hostile toward.
  • If a player hits a fireball using an item with the Looting enchantment, any mob killed by that fireball has its drops affected by the enchantment as though the mob was killed by directly using the item.
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