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How To Use A Structure Block In Minecraft

Using The New Structure Blocks In Minecraft

Minecraft Bedrock – How To Use Structure Blocks (Mobile/Xbox/PS4/Windows 10/Switch)
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  • How to access your save folders
  • How to use minecraft commands
  • What is considered an Entity by minecraft
    • Start by finding the bottom left most corner of the area you wish to save
    • Place the structure block one block diagnal and down from the corner block on the outside of the area.
    • Change the mode of the block to save
    • type in the name of the file to be created.
    • Now take the second block and find the top most outer corner oposit of the first structure block.
    • Again place the structure block one block out but this time one block higher then that corner.
    • Change this blocks mode to corner and name it the same thing as what you typed in the save block, be sure it is exactly the same.
    • Go back to the save block and click the detect button, this will form a bounding box of the area that will save.
    • Check to make sure all edges of the structure are inside the bounding box.
    • If outside make adjustments
    • If all set then go back and check if include entities is on if there are mobs or special blocks like armor stands.
    • Once you are happy click the save button in the bottom right hand side.
    • Find your structure file in the structures sub folder of your save and copy it to desktop.
    • add it to a zip archive and upload it the same way you would upload a world save.

    Adjust The Location And Load The Structure

    Next, let’s adjust settings for the location where the structure will load.

    Since we don’t want our garden spawning in the air or on top of our structure block, let’s set the Relative Position to 1 0 1. Note that we don’t need to use ~ when entering our relative position values .


    You can also rotate the structure using the 0 90 180 270 buttons at the bottom. But in this tutorial, we will leave the rotation at 0.

    When you are done adjusting the settings, click on the LOAD button.

    Now you will see the structure loaded in your map.


    Congratulations, you just learned how to load a structure using a structure block in Minecraft.

    How To Use A Structure Block To Save A Structure In Minecraft

    This Minecraft tutorial explains how to use a to save a structure with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

    In Minecraft, you can use a structure block to save a structure in your world and then load that structure wherever you want to make custom maps.

    Let’s explore how to use a structure block in Save mode.

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    How To Use A Structure Block To Mark A Structure In Minecraft

    This Minecraft tutorial explains how to use a to mark a structure with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

    In Minecraft, you can use a structure block to mark a structure in your world and then save and load that structure wherever you want to make custom maps.

    Let’s explore how to use a structure block in Corner mode to mark a structure.

    Place The First Structure Block

    How to use Structure Blocks. Minecraft 1.10

    To mark a structure, you will need 2 structure blocks. These blocks will be used to mark the opposite corners of the structure. In this tutorial, we are going to mark a garden as a structure, then we can save and load this garden wherever we want in the game.

    So let’s start by placing the first structure block in the front left corner of the garden. Because we want the first structure block to be lower than the garden, we had to break the grass block and then place the structure block in the hole.

    You should now see the structure block next the garden.

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    How Can I Use Structures From Structure Blocks In Multiple Worlds On Xbox One

    i have seen and read other questions like this one but every time i try to load a structure from a structure block that has a structure saved from one world and loaded in a different world it doesnt load like the file for it does not exist unless im in the original world where i saved it from. help please i made an auto enchanting machine using command blocks and i thought it was originaly just that they cant load in command blocks with commands but i also tested it in the world and it works in that world and i tested it with a normal house and it too loads in that world but not in any other world. i tested both things in a new and old world and realm. any help is great this is really hendering my map making progress.

    Sadly structure blocks only save to the world file on bedrock console edition. If you have windows 10 edition you can export files to .mcstructure files which can be placed inside a behavior pack to be loaded and used at will, but this can’t be done on just xbox.

    Work arounds are:

    Four In One Getting Started

    You may not know, but structure blocks have FOUR block textures in one!

    Those four are:

    Data Mode, Save Mode, Load Mode, and Corner Mode.

    For this walkthrough, I will just use the Save, Load, and Corner Modes.

    When you place down your Structure Block and open up its menu, you are greeted with the Data block.

    If you click the highlighted box, it will take you to the next blocks.

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    Display The Structure’s Bounding Box

    The next step is to display the structure’s bounding box so you can see where the structure will be loaded.

    To do this, click on the LOAD button.

    Now you should see where the structure will be loaded. This gives you a chance to tweak the settings so that you can move the structure to just the right place in your map.

    Notice that the appearance of the structure block changed to:

    This indicates that the structure block is currently in Load mode.

    Place The Second Structure Block

  • Place the next Structure Block one or two blocks higher than the structure at the opposite corner. If its a tower-like structure, then you have to place it a block above the towers maximum height. Example of placing the second Structure Block
  • Next, program it in Corner mode and use the same name for the structure as the first Structure Block. Corner Mode menu
  • Click Done to save the programmed Structure Block.
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    Save The Structure To A File

    Your structure block should now display the name Save: Garden and will contain the position and size information for the structure called Garden. But at this point, the structure is not yet saved to a file.

    Next, right click on the structure block to open the Structure menu again.

    Now you can see that the Relative Position values are set to -8 0 -8 and the Structure Size values are set to 9 2 7. These values were configured by the detect process in the previous step.

    Now you can click on the SAVE button to save this structure to a file.

    You should see the message “Structure saved as ‘Garden'” appear on your screen. Now, a new file called Garden.nbt will be created under the structures directory for the current world. This file contains all of the information to load the structure later. Because this file is copied into the directory for this world only, you will need to copy this file into the structures directory for another world to use it in another map.


    Congratulations, you just learned how to save a structure using a structure block in Minecraft. Next, we will show you how to use the structure block to wherever you want in your map.

    Import Structures In Minecraft Bedrock World

    The Structure Block in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is quite limited in features compared to the Java Edition. With creative mode and cheats enabled in your Bedrock Edition world, you can type this command: to give yourself a Structure Block. However, you can only clone structures in the same world using Save and Load modes.

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    How To Make Function Managed Nested Structures

  • For function managed nested structures to work, a function must be prepared for each structure to be placed. The function should do the following:
  • Place a structure block .
  • Use a redstone block to load the structure block.
  • Clean up: Erase the structure block, command block, and redstone block.
  • Here is an example command for placing a structure block with data inside .

    setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:structure_block

    Note the structure name, structure block being in load mode, and the structures coordinates relative to the structure block.

  • Inside the command block, type the command to run the associated function that will load the appropriate structure.
  • Make sure the command block is in Always Active mode, at the time when you same the structure piece.
  • Caution: For this to not run the function while you are preparing the command block, make sure you build the structure pieces in a world that does not have the associated functions!
  • Save the structure pieces, including any pieces that have nested command blocks.
  • Transport the files to the world where you want the nested structures to generate, and be sure the functions are present in that world to run the command blocks associated function for linking the nested structures.
  • Once this is all complete, loading in the first structure piece will cause the always-active single-use command block to run the function as soon as the command block is placed .
  • What Is An Mcstructure File

    How To Use Structure Block (improved)

    An MCSTRUCTURE file is a 3D model created in Minecraft Java or Bedrock Edition for Windows. It contains a Minecraft structure, such as a building or natural feature, saved using the game’s Structure Block tool. MCSTRUCTURE files can be shared between Minecraft players, allowing them to include each other’s structures in their Minecraft worlds.

    All versions of Minecraft allow players to save copies of structures within structure blocks, using the game’s Structure Block tool. Players most often use this feature to save time when creating many identical structures, or to create and share copies of complex buildings and natural features with other players.

    In Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Windows, structure blocks are saved in MCSTRUCTURE files. These files can be found in players’ data/minecraft/structures or ~/games/com.mojang/structures directory. To share an MCSTRUCTURE file with another Minecraft player, you must include it in a Minecraft resource or behavior pack .

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    Functions For Nested Structures

    There is another even more bug-free way to link nested structures.

    The bug that most commonly occurs with nested structures, beginning in about Minecraft 1.14 and onward, especially with large nested structures, is this: Sometimes a structure block and command block will get placed, but then not activated when the observer block is placed! Ick! Thats a gross bug!

    Functions avoid this bug by containing all information to both place a structure block and load the structure block, all within one function, all contained in a single command block. That way, if the command block appears at all, it will run the function, which also erases itself, eliminating the evidence of our nested structures loading magic.

    I use the function managed nested structures technique to spawn large and complex structures for the Game Changer, including structures such as the Crypt. Without using functions for nested structures, the Crypt would leave creative-only blocks scattered around the survival experience.

    How To Import Structures In Your Minecraft World

    Theres no doubt that Minecraft is the best sandbox game of all time. In 2019, Minecraft marked its 10th anniversary, and it became one of the most-watched games on YouTube last year. The player count is at an all-time high, with 200 million copies of Minecraft sold as of May 2020.One of the best things about Minecraft is not only its procedurally generated worlds and biomes but also the flexible slash commands that let players have total control over the game. You can even install mods, texture packs, resource packs, behavior packs, shaders, and do many more things with your Minecraft world.However, one thing that many of you dont know about Minecraft is that it allows you to import pre-built structures in your world with Structure Block and commands, which is super useful in case you are working on a creative world on a massive scale. In addition, it works on both the Java and Bedrock Edition of Minecraft 1.10 or later versions.In this guide, we will tell you how you can import structures in your Minecraft world with a step-by-step tutorial. Its relatively easy to understand, and you can try it out yourselves.

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    Save The Structure Using Another Structure Block

    Once you put two of the Structure Blocks at both corners of your preferred structure, follow the steps below to save it.

  • Place another Structure Block nearby, then set it to Save mode. You can put it anywhere you want
  • Enter the name of the structure that you previously entered, and toggle the Include entities option to ON. Save Mode menu
  • Click Detect to check the structure size and position. Click Detect to detect structure size and position
  • You should see a white outline around the whole structure. Make sure that its covering every block of the structure that you want to save. Notice the outline around the structure
  • Now right-click the third Structure Block and click SAVE. Save the structure
  • saves > > generated > minecraft > structures.nbt

    How To Get Structure Blocks In Minecraft

    How to use Structure Blocks | Basics | Minecraft Tutorials Java Edition 1.16

    Used to manually generate structures in Minecraft, structure blocks are created via player commands and can additionally save and import structures in other locations thanks to the portability of the block.

    Outside of Minecraft: Education Edition, where the blocks are available in the Creative Mode inventory, players will need to enable cheats and use commands such as “/setblock,” “/fill,” or “/give” in order to obtain a structure block for use.

    Once placed, the blocks have the durability of a command block for the most part, being indestructible in Survival Mode and having a blast resistance akin to bedrock. The block also gives players a host of new capabilities.

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    How To Load Huge Structures In One Structure Block

    Hey Minecraft Engineers!

    Using the Nested Structures technique, we can compact even HUGE structures into just a single structure block!

    There is no longer any need to be limited by the 32x32x32 maximum volume of a structure block. Make structures that are any size you want, and store them within a single structure block!

    How Do I Open An Mcstructure File

    You can open an MCSTRUCTURE file in Minecraft Java Edition or Bedrock Edition for Windows. To do so, you must:

  • Import the resource or behavior pack containing your MCSTRUCTURE file.
  • In-game, place your structure block and right-click to open the Structure Block menu.
  • Select Load mode and enter the name of your MCSTRUCTURE file .
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    Detect The Structure’s Position And Size

    The next step is to detect the structure.

    To do this, click on the DETECT button. This will fill in the Relative Position and Structure Size values in the Structure Block menu. Currently, the Relative Positon is set to 0 1 0 and the Structure Size is set to 0 0 0.

    The message “Size successfully detected for ‘Garden'” will appear on your screen and you should see the bounding box display around your structure. If all looks okay, you can go to the next step and save the structure.

    Notice that the appearance of the structure block changed to:

    This indicates that the structure block is currently in Save mode.

    Import Structures In Minecraft Java World

    How To Use The Structure Blocks In Minecraft 1.10

    Now that you have a structure file, the following steps will show you how you can import it to another world in Minecraft Java Edition:

  • First, go to your Minecraft installation directory. You can do it by pressing Windows + R keys on your keyboard, type %appdata%\.minecraft, and click OK. Run window
  • Now open saves > > generated > minecraft > structures, and copy the .nbt file that you created earlier. Copy the .nbt file
  • Next, go to the world save directory that you want to import the structure to, and create these folders one by one: generated > minecraft > structures. Do this only if you dont see the folders in the world save directory.
  • Paste the .nbt file in the structures folder, then load up the world in Minecraft. Paste it to the structures folder of your preferred world save directory
  • Choose where you want to place the structure in the world, then give yourself a Structure Block by using the same command we mentioned earlier. Make sure that cheats are enabled in the world. Get a Structure Block in the other Minecraft world
  • Now place the Structure Block in your preferred place, and right-click it. Make sure to put it one block further down the surface. Example of placing the structure block
  • Set the Structure Block to Load mode, and enter the name of the structure that you want to import. Note that you wont have to enter the .nbt in the name. Type in the structure name without the .nbt extension
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