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Best Minecraft Let’s Play Series

I Built a MOUNTAIN CASTLE! Ep 3 : Minecraft 1.18 Hardcore Survival Lets Play

In Minecraft’s long history, many content creators uploaded their gameplay to YouTube and created a let’s play series. Like many other games, Minecraft also has hundreds of YouTubers creating lets play series.

Let’s play series are among the most popular Minecraft content on YouTube. It is one of the best ways for beginners to learn about Minecraft. But they may get confused over which series to watch as there are so many. This article lists five of the best let’s play series.

The New Use Of Videos In Education

The use of videos in education has been reinvigorated through the availability of high quality learning programs like the Khan Academy and the surge in popularity of Massively Open Online Courses . The Khan Academy makes thousands of videos available free online in areas that include math, science and test preparations. The Khan Academy is primarily geared towards K-12 learners, but parents and teachers may also use these videos as resources. Historically, videos were used to replace traditional classroom models by providing increased access to standardized learning assets. Now however, videos are often used in single serving chunks of just in time learning and performance support. The instructors of the videos hosted by the Khan Academy are teachers and lecturers as well as subject matter experts.

To conventional learning scientists these forms of course structure seem new, but YouTube has provided a similar experience in a less formalized fashion each day. Where individual videos are providing small chunks of authentic learning, channels and collections are acting as courses and classes where students are learning through informal means.

Game Design Education Through Videos And Lets Plays

To visualize the process of curation, creation, and participation students in DIG 4720 Casual Games Production at the University of Central Florida are introduced to major concepts in casual game design primarily through lecture, but also through a series of curated videos describing various aspects of casual game design. These include, paper prototyping, design mechanics for casual games, play testing to inform design, and many other topics. These videos act as supplement to the course presented by often times famous game design professionals with multiple game credits to their name. In some cases the videos are previous students in the course, often held in the same regard as the video from clear professionals. All of the videos are relevant to their major task of developing a casual game. In this case the curator is their professor.

Students also get in on the curation process and are asked to participate in the curation of development tutorials that they find useful in the creation of their projects. Early on this sharing is difficult to spark, but once students realize they will be recognized for their contribution by the rest of the class, more sharing occurs.

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Tropes Found In X’s Adventure In Minecraft Include:

  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Death Mountain.
  • “Shaggy Dog” Story: X’s attempt to revitalize his interest is short-lived, as he dies soon after relocating and is left back at square one in the X-System. The series ends here.
  • Tempting Fate: X heads off on a long excursion from his home, aware that if he dies at his new base, he will respawn at the X-System and likely never find his way back. What does he name his new home? Death Mountain. The mountain lives up to its name, leading to the end of the original series. However, in a later video X uses a viewer-made map to trace his steps back and recover what he can from Death Mountain.
  • Wham Episode: Episode 30, where X infamously chooses to leave the X-System behind and travel to a faraway land.
  • Episode 40, where X dies in lava while mining for diamonds at Death Mountain, sending him back to the X-System and losing all of his possessions, causing him to end the series.
  • You Can’t Go Home Again: X deliberately leaves his home base behind and travels far enough that the only way he can find his way back is to die. He does.
  • How To Do A Minecraft Lets Play Series


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    Learning With Minecraft Let’s Play Videos

    224 pp., 6 x 9 in,

    • Paperback

    How a popular entertainment genre on YouTubeLet’s Play videos created by Minecraft playersoffers opportunities for children to learn from their peers.

    Every day millions of children around the world watch video gameplay on YouTube in the form of a popular entertainment genre known as Let’s Play videos. These videos, which present a player’s gameplay and commentary, offer children opportunities for interaction and learning not available in traditional television viewing or solo video gameplay. In this book, Michael Dezuanni examines why Let’s Play videos are so appealing to children, looking in particular at videos of Minecraft gameplay. He finds that a significant aspect of the popularity of these videos is the opportunity for knowledge and skill exchange.

    Michael Dezuanni is Associate Professor in the School of Communication and Associate Director of the Digital Media Research Centre at Queensland University of Technology in Australia. He is the coeditor of Serious Play: Literacy, Learning, and Digital Games.

    Michael Dezuanni’s in-depth analysis of the players and hosts of YouTube Minecraft channels illustrates that playing isn’t just about learning the game but also about learning to participate within massive online communities.

    Yasmin B. Kafai, Lori and Michael Milken President’s Distinguished Professor, University of Pennsylvania


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