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What To Do With Bees In Minecraft

How To Discover Bees In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Know About Bees In Minecraft 1.15

Minecraft bees nests may be discovered in oak and birch trees in the Plains, Sunflower Plains, Forest, and Flower Forest biomes.

The greater the tree concentration, the more probable you are to discover a nest. So, Flower Forests are the best spot in which to begin started.

Beehives are naturally generated blocks. Beehives provide a similar role but are crafted. Both accommodate up to 3 bees maximum.

Bees depart their hive one at a time to harvest the pollen, so if you observe a bee buzzing about, accompany it home to identify its hive.

What To Do With Honeycomb In Minecraft

Minecraft gives you a whole world to explore and create, and with that comes a variety of things can you do in the game. While some of these things can be easy to figure out, others are a bit more detailed and nuanced. Dont feel bad if you cant figure something out! The learning process is part of the fun of delving into the creative aspects of Minecraft, so let us show you what you can do with Honeycomb in this guide.

Bee Achievements Trophies And Advancements For Minecraft

Similar to achievements on Xbox and trophies on PlayStation, in this Minecraft: Bees Guide well go over advancements. Advancements are more for the beginner players to Minecraft. Also, some advancements are either part of completing an achievement or are exactly the achievement described.


  • Sticky Situation Jump into a honey block to break your fall
  • Bee Our Guest Use bottle to collect Honey without angering bees
  • The Parrots and the Bats Breed two animals together
  • Total Beelocation Move a Bee Nest, with 3 bees inside using Silk Touch
  • Two by Two Breed all the animals!


  • Bee Our Guest Use a campfire to collect honey with a honey bottle from a beehive without angering bees Achievement 35G/Trophy Bronze
  • Total Beelocation Move and place a bee nest with 3 bees inside using Silk Touch Achievement 30G/ Trophy Silver
  • Sticky Situation Slide down a honey block to slow your fall Achievement 30G/ Trophy Silver

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Minecraft Guide To Bees: Honey Blocks Beehives Release Date And More

Even ten years after its initial beta release Minecraft continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace in its quest to develop a natural world teeming with life. The latest addition to Minecraft recently has been the arrival of, you guessed it, bees! In this guide, we’ll go over every absurd detail about the new Buzzy Bees update coming to all platforms December 10 and 11.

How Do You Use Bees And Pollination For Farming

All About: Bees!

One of the most useful things bees will do for the player in Minecraft is accelerating the growth of food and other plants. Those of you who enjoy farming in Minecraft will be far more efficient just by having a few bee nests/hives around the place. There are a few ways you can ensure bees do their jobs:

  • Have multiple colonies of bees. If you have a lot of crops that could benefit from their presence, the more bees you have the better. With three bees to a nest/hive, you can rather quickly guarantee a constant stream of pollen.
  • Plant lots of flowers nearby. Bees drop pollen and fertilize crops as they’re travelling between flowers and their hive home. Having a ton of flowers around your crops will encourage bees to stay close.
  • Keep your crops between the bees and the flowers. Force your bees to have to fly directly over your crops during trips to and from their flowers. On their return trip, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll pollinate some crops.
  • Build a glass dome over your crops and bees. You can also build a pseudo-greenhouse by erecting a glass dome over the whole operation. If your bees can’t meander, they can’t waste their precious pollen elsewhere.
  • Following this advice means you can have an infinite supply of any crop you grow at any time. Wouldn’t be hard to fill chests with food when you have a near harvest ready to collect every few seconds.

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    Will Bees Spawn In Beehives

    Bees may be encountered in the wild, homeless and traveling hunting for a nest, or they can inhabit a nest that spawns randomly around the world

    Bees in Minecraft are as realistic as they get. So, to retain the realistic atmosphere of the game, the Devs have indeed made sure that the bees spawn at beehives.

    The beehives, however, generate at plains, biomes on oak and birch trees randomly across the world.

    The Beehives are essentially found during the creation of a new world in Minecraft. They spawn throughout the entire map randomly for players to locate and harvest.

    Learning Everything About The Buzzy Bees Update

    Story by

    I am an avid gamer and game developer, who grew up with games like Money Island and Red Alert. These days, I tend to play very simple browse I am an avid gamer and game developer, who grew up with games like Money Island and Red Alert. These days, I tend to play very simple browser-based games and crypto games.

    If ray tracing wasnt enough to get you excited, the latest update to Minecraft has brought a hive of new bugs to Minecraft, more specifically Bees!

    In partnership with the World Wildlife Foundation , Mojang added these buzzy little friends into the world of Minecraft. With over 400 million copies sold and 112 million active monthly players as of November 2019, Minecraft boasts one of the most extensive and varied gaming communities.

    Bees are a passive mob in the game. They buzz around all day collecting pollen from nearby flowers, and return to their nests to create deliciously sweet honey!

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    Locate Bees And Nests

    First things first, we need to find some Bees! They are located in areas with a lot of flower activity, so look for forests with trees and flowers surrounding them. Seeing a bunch of flowers on the ground is a good sign that there will be bees in the area. Once you see the bees, look under trees for the nests.

    What Can You Harvest From Bee Hives

    Minecraft how do bees work

    There are two different items that you can harvest from Bee Hives in Minecraft. These are Honeycomb, and Honey Bottles. Both these items have different uses.

    Bottles of Honey are primarily a food item. They restore a lot when it comes to hunger values. They are also used in the creation of Honey Blocks, which are similar to Slime Blocks in how they affect movement. You can obtain Honey Bottles by using empty glass bottles on a Hive.

    Honeycombs are a little different. They are harvested by using Shears on a Hive, and youll retrieve 3 each time. With 3 Honeycomb and 6 Wood Planks, you can craft a new Bee Hive. Whilst combining 4 of them in a Crafting Table will give a Honeycomb Block, which is purely decorative.


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    How To Craft A Beehive

    Nests can be sheared for honeycombs, and the process can be automated with a dispenser rather than using shears manually. That’s an important process, because you can now craft your own beehives using this recipe:

    • Planks x3
    • Honeycomb x3
    • Planks x3

    Besides shearing for honeycombs, hives and nests are used to gather honey by placing a dispenser or bottle against the block.

    Full honey bottles don’t stack in your inventory, however honey can be eaten while full and it has high saturation.

    Using a single honey bottle while crafting will result in Sugar x 3 being added to your inventory.

    You are supposed to retrieve honey from a hive after a bee completes its flying dance, indicating more honey has been added to the location, but there’s an exploit available at the moment.

    While it will likely be fixed soon, a bug with the initial release of bees allows you to fill glass bottles with honey from completely empty bee hives and nests. Take advantage of it while you can, because it won’t be around long!

    Bee nests and hives can be moved by a player if you want to relocate your bee home base to a better position, but they will be destroyed unless you pick them up using the silk touch enchantment.

    Finally, campfire smoke is supposed to calm angry bees, but that functionality appears to be bugged as placing a campfire beneath a nest or hive doesn’t actually do anything right now.

    How To Know If A Bee Has Pollinated Or Not

    When a Bee pollinates, its color and texture alter to display pollen on its backs, and pollen particles fall from its wings.

    Throughout the day, the bees depart their hives one by one, lured by the scent of blooming plants. Those flowers which bees pollinate could only be found within a two-block radius of where the bee colony that produced them originated.

    The pollen is collected 30 seconds after the bee has completed its round around the Flower or Berry, and the bee makes a pleasing sound at that period.

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    Provide Flowers For The Bees

    Bees collecting pollen from Flowers.

    Your Bee Farm will be useless without Flowers. Providing Flowers for the Bees increases efficiency and its time-saving for the Bees. Make sure your flower is reachable for the Bees. About 15 20 blocks away from the Beehives. You will know the reason why it should be that far.

    Always Place A Campfire Under A Bee Nest Or Beehive

    Bees! Minecraft Update

    Bees will attack you if: you destroy their nest, harvesting their nest, or you attack them. You dont want your Bees to die/angry at you. Even if you have crafted Beehive for your Bees and Provide Flowers for them, they will still attack you if you harvest their nest without a Campfire.

    Therefore you need to set a Campfire under their nest to calm them down.

    Just like in the real world, Beekeeper uses smoke to calm the honey Bees.

    But, youre going to make sure that the Campfire is covered. You dont want your Bees to get hurt or even die because of it.

    However, you cant cover a Campfire on Bedrock. Somehow it has better physics than the Java Edition of Minecraft. See, images below:

    Campfires smoke on Java.

    Campfires smoke on Bedrock.

    As you can see, Campfires smoke cant be passing through the Carpet, Trapdoor, and Slab in Bedrock. Therefore I suggest covering the Campfire side by side instead of from the top if youre playing Minecraft Bedrock.

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    How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft Bedrock

    Minecraft Bedrock Edition also lets you get and use honeycombs for different purposes. Honeycomb is also an important resource in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. You will use the same method of getting honeycomb as you have used in Minecraft Survival mode.

    You need to cater to a few things before getting a honeycomb in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Lets find out those things first.

    • Collect the raw materials beforehand
    • Make sure that your Minecraft Edition will be appropriate for honeycomb. You will do so to make your honeycomb fully functional for your gameplay.
    • Facilitate the whole process by utilizing some light or fire sources around your targeted location.
    • Add the honeycombs to your inventory as soon as you see them falling from the holes of beehives.

    Bees Spawn Info In Minecraft

    Naturally generated Bee Nests generate with 3 Bees in them.

    Bees generate from 9 different biomes:

    • Plains

    Java Edition spawn rates for Bees in select biomes:

    • Plains & Sunflower Plains 5% chance
    • Flower Forest 2% chance
    • Forest, Wooded Hills, Birch Forest, Tall Birch Forest, Birch Forest Hills, Tall Birch Hills 0.2% chance

    Bedrock Edition rates for Bees in select biomes:

    • Plains & Sunflower Plains 5% chance
    • Flower Forest 3% chance

    As for tree saplings, Oak and Birch Trees grown from saplings that are within 2 blocks of any flower have a 5% chance to grow with bee nest and have 1-3 Bees in it.

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    How Do You Craft Beehives

    Because of the scarcity of naturally occurring bees in Minecraft, you’ll be able to create your own nests with the addition of a brand-new crafted block: beehives. Keep in mind, crafting beehives still require an original source of bees, but once you have a small group you can breed your own bees into a bustling society. Even better, building your own beehive is incredibly easy as long as you can find a bee nest somewhere in your Minecraft game.

    To craft a beehive, follow these steps:

  • Wait for a bee nest or hive to become full of honey. After a bee deposits pollen in a bee nest or hive five times, its appearance will change and it’ll start dripping with honey.

  • Use a pair of shears on the bee nest or hive. It should drop three honeycombs, which you’ll definitely need.

    Note: For this part, it’s important to have a campfire placed below or near the bee nest to prevent the bees from attacking.

  • Combine this honeycomb with six wooden planks of any kind. Take your new honeycomb with some wood to a crafting table and create a sandwich with the planks on top and bottom and the honeycomb in the center.
  • Beehives are placeable almost anywhere in the overworld and can store up to three bees. There’s no real limit to the number of hives you can create. Beehives are also able to be broken and moved around as much as you want, unlike bee nests which require a tool enchanted with Silk Touch.

    How To Tame Minecraft Bees

    How To Spawn Bees In Minecraft Survival Mode

    There is a slight quirk to how bees behave around the player, which is that if you attack one then nearby bees also attack you. Their initial sting does damage and can kill you, and if it doesnt you have to endure ten seconds of poison damage, too.

    New mobs: Check out the Minecraft axolotl, part of the 1.17 update

    Interestingly, you can also use flowers to lure bees and then attach a leash to them and bring them back to your Minecraft house.

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    How To Play The Minecraft Bee Version Update

    Bees were added to Java Minecraft in the 1.15 update and in the 1.14 update to the Bedrock Edition. Now, that may sound complicated to some, but its actually really easy to hop into the bee update if youre playing on a PC.

    To access Java Snapshot 19w34a and experience the new Minecraft bees in all their glory, all you need to do is fire up Java Minecraft and ensure the version text to the left of the green Play button reads Latest snapshot .

    If all you see is Latest release , just click the Text to open up the menu. On there, you should be able to select the aforementioned Bee Update Build. You might have to wait for a quick game download, but once that Play button lights up, youre good to go!

    Dont Destroy Bee Nest You Found In The Wild

    Bee Nest.

    Bee Nest can produce Honeycombs. Which you can use to craft Beehive later for their future home. Make sure you farm Honeycombs as much as you can and then craft Beehives.

    Also, destroying a Bee Nest can make them angry and attack you and if youve attacked, they will die . Even if you do, they will wander around, and eventually, you will be lost them.

    There are some conditions, where you can destroy their nest:

  • You have a Silk Touch enchanted item to destroy their nest . Just in case you dont know, destroying Bee Nest using a Silk Touch item can be used to move Bee Nest entirely and safely.
  • The Bee Nest is empty.
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    Used As A Sweetener For Your Desserts

    You can use honeycombs in most of your desserts. Minecraft sweets contain a large amount of honeycomb. You will require a small amount of honeycomb as a sweetener in your dishes compared with the number of other sweeteners. It is not the only benefit that you will get from the honeycomb. You can use honeycombs as a topping on your Minecraft sweet dishes.

    How To Farm Bees

    How to craft a Beehive in Minecraft

    If you need a lot of honey and/or honeycomb, consider making yourself a farm of bees!

    That’ll involve making Beehives for the bees to live in, coaxing them away from their home, and harvesting the fruits of your labour without taking tons of damage! Check out our guide for a step-by-step breakdown of the process.

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    Can You Tame Bees In Minecraft

    Unfortunately, as of now, Bees cannot be tamed in Minecraft. Now, it is also not that simple. Even though Bees in Minecraft cannot be tamed as some of the other animals or creatures in the game, they can certainly be controlled up to a certain extent.

    Well, Minecraft is a game that offers a myriad of creatures to interact with. Most of the creatures in the game are tameable.

    Players often look forward to taming all kinds of creatures in Minecraft. Ever since the release of the latest update with bees in it, Minecraft players have been going crazy.

    In the following segments, we will be telling you guys about how you can control the bees in Minecraft and sort of tame them.


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