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Minecraft Survival Games Servers

The Best Minecraft Hunger Games Server 2022

Top 5 Minecraft Survival Games Servers *MCSG* (2022)

Almira Yoshe Alodia

Inspired by The Hunger Game, the Minecraft Hunger Games server is coming to provide every die-hard fan with this survival-based game.

It is unlike a regular survival game, Minecraft Hunger Games applied a battle royale-style for its game mode. In this game mode, you can absolutely predict where this game is going to take you.

While playing this game, the goal is to compete against other players and remain alive until the end. And indeed, to be the last man standing will not be easy. You need to gather resources, as many as possible, and you have to beat up your opponents

Aside from that, you can play this game on any server that exists. Each of the servers has its own style in its game mode. Although, they still use the default gameplay, most of them have customized it a bit and added some unique features to it. This became the characteristic of each server.

What Are The Best Survival Minecraft Servers

The best Survival Minecraft servers are usually the ones with the most votes, but it also depends on what kind of Survival server are you looking for. On this list, you can find top Minecraft Survival servers, surely you will find at least one that you like. Before joining the newly found Survival server you can also check the server’s details, statistics, players and more – always a good idea.

What Are The Best Survival Games Minecraft Servers

The best Survival Games Minecraft servers are usually the ones with the most votes, but it also depends on what kind of Survival Games server are you looking for. On this list, you can find top Minecraft Survival Games servers, surely you will find at least one that you like. Before joining the newly found Survival Games server you can also check the server’s details, statistics, players and more – always a good idea.

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Minecraft Survival Games Servers

Minecraft Survival Games servers are essentially PvP MiniGame servers. Players spawn in arenas and can then fight with each other until there’s only one player left.

Survival Games Minigames

As with most of Minigames Survival Games servers are PvP and competitive servers, most of Survival Games servers would track scores, provide leaderboards and some would even hand out rewards to top players.

Gameplay on Minecraft Survival Games servers is similar to Hunger Games servers, but Survival Games servers tend to have more features and expansions players can explore and use.

Survival Games Deathmatch

Deathmatch occurs after Survival Games timer runs out or if there are only a few people left in map. Players then have to win specific map within given time, usually with that Survival Games arena gets smaller and smaller.

The Best Minecraft Servers For :

Survival Games (Reupload) Minecraft Map

Server IP Address: mc.hypixel.netGame modes: Survival, Creative, Skyblock, Hunger Games, Minigames

Okay, let’s get the obvious out of the way after all, how could we have a Minecraft servers list without talking about Hypixel, the venerable titan of Minecraft servers? Whether you’re interested in PvP and competitive Minecraft or a more relaxed and independent survival experience, Hypixel has about a dozen different modes for you to choose from, all presented through an easy-to-use inventory interface. Whatever kind of Minecraft player you are, whether you want to spend your time fighting players, fighting mobs like Slimes, mining for Diamonds, or creating fantastic Minecraft builds, you’ll find something to love at Hypixel. That’s what brings in tens of thousands of players day after day.

Server IP Address: modes: Pixelmon, Survival, Factions, Creative

Complex Gaming is often found at the top of many 1.19 Minecraft server lists by player count, often housing thousands of concurrent players. It’s a wildly popular series of servers which focuses primarily on various Pixelmon offerings, so if you’re interested in catching, training, fighting, and trading, then Complex Gaming is an obvious choice for you. But as well as Pixelmon, this server also offers a variety of survival, creative, factions, and prison servers to help cater to all tastes.

Server IP Address: org.archonhq.netGame modes: Factions, Skyblock, Survival

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What Is A Minecraft Server

A Minecraft server is a multiplayer server owned by individuals to allow people to play the game Minecraft together. Minecraft servers will often feature a wide range of game modes, such as Survival, Factions, SkyBlock, Creative or Prison. Others might only focus on a specific game modes, with some even having gamemodes and features unique to just that Minecraft server. A Minecraft server featuring multiple game modes may consist out of multiple connected servers, which is also referred to as a Minecraft network.

Wild Prison Minecraft Server


Similar to Minecraft Central, the Wild Prison Minecraft Server hosts multiple game modes including Survival Games. While not as large as Minecraft Central, WPMS is regularly packed with players just waiting to get a game going. While this server mainly attracts Prison

In order to connect to Minecraft Central players will need to be on Minecraft Java Edition.

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Best Minecraft Servers For Survival Games

Ever since the rise in popularity of Minecraft servers as a whole, survival games has long remained one of the most popular game modes among players.

Survival games servers typically allow players to compete against each other within a vast map scattered with weapons, armor, and food. Most commonly, there will only be one remaining survivor, crowned the champion at the end of the match.

Survival games servers vary slightly from each other, with several implementing their unique custom mechanics, maps, and quirks. This list will explore the absolute best publicly available survival games servers for players to join.

Note: The Minecraft servers below only reflect the opinions of the editor. Views of others may be different!

What Is A Minecraft Server List

Minecraft – Survival Games Servers: 1.8 24/7 [CRACKED] Ep. 6

A Minecraft server list is an online listing of public and private Minecraft servers, registered by server owners as a way for potential players to find and join their Minecraft servers. Our Minecraft server list provides listings for both Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition, featuring the best, high quality, Minecraft servers from around the globe.

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How Do I Join A Minecraft Server

To join a Minecraft server, first find a server you like on our Minecraft server list – we feature the best Minecraft servers from around the world. Every IP address visible on our website is clickable and will be copied to your clipboard when clicked. In Minecraft, click on Multiplayer, followed by Add a server. Next, paste or type in the IP address of the Minecraft server and hit the ‘Done’ button. Now find the server you just added, hit the Join server button and you will find yourself loading into a wonderful new experience!

Minecraft: Top 10 Survival Games Servers

You Are Reading :Minecraft Top 10 Survival Games Servers

Minecraft is a game that allows players to do basically anything. There are a ton of mods and different game modes that give players the ability to play this open-world sandbox game in any way they want. Whether thats building something or going on an incredible adventure through the world, Minecraft players are free to play however they want.

There are also a ton of servers that Minecraft players can join in order to make friends and play with others. There are servers that are focused around a ton of different game modes but one popular one is survival. In a survival server, players have to gather resources and try to survive in the world.

Looking for a new Minecraft survival server to join? Keep reading to see the 10 top ones out there!

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Best Minecraft Survival Servers

Find the Best Survival Servers on Minecraft in our collection of servers. Survival is a popular gamemode on Minecraft servers because itâs where most of the action takes place. In survival, you have no preset objectivesâyour mission is simply to survive and thrive. This mode focuses heavily on collecting resources, building tools and shelters, and battling monsters for their loot. Survival servers are an addictive adventure with unlimited potential that can be played in whatever way you want! Check out the list below to find a server for your survival needs!


How Do You Get Minecraft Hunger Games

Survival Games Minecraft Map

All you have to do is join a Hunger games server for Minecraft, by copying their IP address into your client’s multiplayer Server IP field. Unlike some game modes like Pixelmon and FTB, there are no client-side mods or other special software required to play HG – Just make sure your client’s version and Minecraft Edition matches that of the server you’re trying to join.

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Best Minecraft Hunger Games Servers

A blocky Katniss Everdeen would not approve.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

You may recognize The Hunger Games as a popular series of movies and books, but a portion of the Minecraft community has been using it to inspire their own version of the battle royale series for years. The goal is simple: scavenge the area for items to help you survive and eliminate the opposition until you are the last one standing. Here are some of the best Hunger Games Minecraft servers.

Server IP:

Hypixel is a very popular server with a variety of games. Their Hunger Games mode is called Blitz Survival Games and has multiple arenas that house up to 32 players per match. In the standard mode, you select a kit before the game starts, and even if you dont get any of the starting loot, you are given those items after surviving a minute. After a few minutes, the Blitz Star is released and is essentially a super power-up for whoever finds it.

What Is The Difference Between Minecraft Java And Bedrock

Minecraft Java Edition is the original version of Minecraft, released in 2011, and is available for computers only.Minecraft Bedrock Edition is the cross-platform version of Minecraft, available for computers, smartphones and game consoles. If you are interested in community-made mods/modpacks or want to play on the largest online Minecraft servers available, Minecraft Java Edition is what you are looking for. If you want to play with friends on other systems, play on multiple devices or like to play with a controller, Minecraft Bedrock Edition is the way to go.

Minecraft‘ is copyright of Mojang Studios andMicrosoft Corporation and is in no way affiliated with this site, nor should it be considered a company endorsed by Mojang Studios or Microsoft Corporation.

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Minecraft Best Hunger Games Servers In 2021

The well-known Survival-themed Minecraft minigame called Minecraft hunger games draws on the bestseller books. So Check Minecraft Best Hunger Games Servers In 2021.

The fundamental concept of hunger games servers is usually centered on a battle royal style game mode. The aim is to be the last player standing on the free-for-all-PvP map filled with power.

The top Minecraft Hunger Games servers usually add their twist to the traditional game mode. They use custom-designed server plugins to include unique features. That will enhance the gameplay by adding innovative mechanics ideas, concepts, maps, and other items.

This list provides the most popular Minecraft-hungry games servers that you can play. Each server listed has an active community and distinctive features and is upgraded and well-known in 2021.

Best Hunger Games Minecraft Servers

Minecraft: Server Showcase | SURVIVAL GAMES SERVER!

Top Minecraft Servers lists some of the Best Hunger Games Minecraft Servers on the web to play on. Browse down our list and discover an incredible selection of servers until you find one that appears to be ideal for you! Click on a server to learn more about it, or just copy the ip address into your Minecraft client and find out for yourself just how great it is.

MC Version:Game Modes:Magic World / Anarchy / Big Dig / Dungeons / Capture The Flag / Hardcore / Towny / Annihilation / Hunger Games / Drug / Manhunt / Mindcrack
Game Modes:Hunger Games / Skyblock / Cracked / Adventure / Parkour / Survival / Creative / Faction / KitPVP / PvP / Minigames / Pets / Economy

Game Modes:PvP / Minigames / Skyblock / Hunger Games / Skywars / Survival / Faction / GTA / Creative / Cracked / BedWars

Connect to this Minecraft 1.19 server using the ip

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