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What Is Curse Of Vanishing In Minecraft

What Does Curse Of Vanishing Do: How To Find Use And Remove Spell In Minecraft

What Does Curse of Vanishing Do In Minecraft?

Out of numerous tools, potions, items, obstructs, mobs, and so on, Minecraft picked to update one of their worthless spells. Yes, you heard that right. Curse of Vanishing is EXACTLY! the enchantment spell I am speaking about. After playing Minecraft for 10 consecutive hrs I have found out a point or 2 regarding the vanishing curse.

What Is The Curse Of Vanishing In Minecraft

The Curse of Vanishing is one of two curses that players may encounter within Minecraft. While it has no effect on how you play the game while youre alive, youll need to plan ahead for any treacherous journeys if youre carrying something with this enchantment.

Upon player death, any items that are in your inventory or are equipped will completely disappear and we dont just mean from your inventory: it disappears from the game world entirely.

Unfortunately collecting a cursed item is completely up to chance, as they are found out in the open world by fishing, looting chests, or by purchasing an enchantment book from villager librarians. This means theres no active way to avoid getting them.

While this curse is incredibly annoying, the tainted item will not vanish if its stored in a chest, or if youve manually dropped it onto the ground.

What Does Curse Of Vanishing Do On A Fishing Rod

A look at the enchantment curse of vanishing and what it does in Minecraft.

A damaged fishing rod used this way eventually restores itself to full durability and any excess experience points apply to the players experience.

Of course, the age-old and straightforward method of fishing still comes effectively, although it is time taking. Enchanting Your Fishing Rod. A fishing rods major function is to catch things from the water. Available, with 1 of them being a curse of vanishing.

Rod enchantments, cloud-based mind map maker, mind map maker done enchantments for Boots Minecraft! A curse Fishing rod

If you ever hate losing decent items to death such as falling into lava, the curse of vanishing is an excellent enchantment that will recover whatever item it is on when you die.

Its a decent enchantment all around for any item, including fishing poles you dont want loose, so thats why it gets a spot on the list.

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Can You Remove The Curse Of Vanishing

Unfortunately you cannot remove the Curse of Vanishing from from any item, weapon or armor in the game once it is effected.

Grindstones& Crafting Tables do not have the ability to remove this curse.

The only thing you can do is store the item indefinitely so you dont lose it or eventually die with the item during one of your adventures.

Pro Tip: If you store an item cursed with vanishing in a Shulker Box& die with the Shulker Box in your inventory, you will not lose the item cursed with vanishing.

You can also set the keepInventory gamerule true if you like to play that way.

What Does Minecraft Curse Of Vanishing Do

Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft

Treasure Enchantment implies that in the game, it should be naturally produced. Fishing, including trading with peasants, either by Loot Chests . You may want to talk directly to librarians, who are interested in selling Enchanted Books via their lowest point to acquire the book by trading.

Each instrument and heavy armor item in Minecraft is consistent with Curse of Vanishing, such as Swords, Axe, Pickaxe, Trowel, Bow, Fishing Rods, Hoe, Protect, Tridents, Crossbows, Headgear, Chestplates, Leggings, Boots, as well as Elytra.

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How To Make Curse Of Vanishing Work With Keepinventory

If youre playing in the survival mode, the keep inventory rule doesnt serve its purpose. The curse of vanishing will pretty much serve its original purpose. However, the creative mode game has the option to let the player hold the items in the inventory and doesnt let them fall off the inventory itself. This prevents the items from leaving the inventory and the curse of vanishing cant serve its purpose.

To make the curse of vanishing serve its purpose, set the keep inventory option OFF. An item wont be able to remain in the inventory after the player is killed. Hence, the curse of vanishing can work on items.

Well, as already mentioned in the articles introduction. The Keep Inventory function does nothing but allows the user to keep the objects present in the quick inventory even after the character has been defeated by the enemies or died for some reason.

In particular, we are talking about Survival mode. In which it is precisely important to try not to die. As in that case, you lose all the hard-obtained / manufactured objects .

Most Commonly Asked Questions

In Minecraft, what exactly is a Treasure enchantment?

Treasure enchantments are spells that are most likely to appear in the game organically.

What happens to an armor when it is enchanted with the disappearing enchantment?

Answer: If you apply the disappearing enchantment on your armor, it will vanish entirely when you die.

Is it possible to erase the cursed disappearing spell?

Answer: Yes, the curse may be lifted by merging the cursed object with an uncursed item. A grindstone may also be used to remove the curse.

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Does Curse Of Vanishing Work In A Chest

The curse of vanishing will not work if the item is put in the chest.

The items are only affected by the curse of vanishing enchantment if theyre dropped to the ground. If you can take them out of the inventory and put them in the chest, they will remain in the world even after youre gone. Chest keeps the items protected and stored and that prevents the curse of vanishing to vanish the item.

Curse Of Vanishing: 16 Things You Need To Know About It

What Does Curse Of Vanishing Do In Minecraft?

Not a very popular enchantment of the Minecraft world, Curse of Vanishing is one of the least used enchantments within the game. However, the enchantment is used with almost every item in Minecraft.

You can enchant any weapon or tool with this enchantment. Although it is not useful in any scenario of the game, as a player you should be well aware of every feature of the game. In this article, Ill share some interesting and useful tips regarding the Curse of Vanishing.

But before that let us understand What is Curse of Vanishing is in detail.

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Interesting Facts About Minecrafts Vanishing Spell

Before you use the Vanishing Spell on any object, there are a few things you should know.

Only after youve considered all of the things below should you use the disappearing enchantment.

Here are some facts regarding magic curses that you should be aware of:

1. When you die while carrying the item, the enchantment does not disappear. It doesnt come out of the earth.

2. Your XP level should be 4 in order for the disappearing book to function correctly.

3. Mechanical trolling is possible with the enchantment.

4. Trading is the best method to get the enchantment book, and pairing the cursed item with an un-enchanted object is the greatest way to remove the curse.

Curse Of Vanishing Enchantment In Minecraft Explained In 5 Minutes

Are you new to Minecraft? Or have you been playing Minecraft for quite a while now? Either way, you should know what is the Curse of Vanishing enchantment in Minecraft and for those of you who play it regularly, we can bet that you just want to avoid the curse of vanishing because its not exactly a good enchantment or maybe you dont understand how you got it or the exact mechanics behind it. You obviously want to get all the best enchantments possible but all the enchantments that you come across while trading with the villagers may not exactly be, well, good. So lets take a look at what exactly the curse of enchantment is.

Curse of vanishing enchantment is an enchantment in Minecraft What are all the possible enhancements you can add to your boots in Minecraft, its basically one of the two curse enchantments- the other being cursive mining. This enchantment is an enchantment you definitely want to avoid. What this enchantment does is, make your item completely disappear when you die. For example, if you have a really amazing diamond pickaxe and its enchanted, you dont that youre actually putting the curse of vanishing on it.

This enchantment is usually marked in red and its literally a curse in disguise. And the way you can come across this is through villager trading, chest loots, and fishing. Heres an example:

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What Does A Curse Of Vanishing Do

While the popular notion is that the curse of vanishing is only applicable for weapons, the truth is they can be applicable to all items. Even if the inventory of the player has the item in question, it will disappear forever once the curse of vanishing comes into effect.

  • Once your player is dead, your enemies and/ or other players will collect whatever precious item you have dropped as a result of the curse of vanishing.
  • Suppose, the weapon in question is being enchanted during the curse of vanishing. In that case, the weapon will disappear forever in a manner that even your enemies and/ or other players wont be able to get hold of them.

The answer to the question what does a curse of vanishing do doesnt always have to be a negative one. Like the light shining at the end of a dark tunnel, the curse of vanishing has a positive side.

  • You can use the curse of vanishing to punish your enemy by cursing an expensive item in their possession.
  • If you think sacrificing your life is the only way out, apply the curse on an expensive weapon that you possess. That way, once you die in the game your enemies wont be able to get a hold of the item.

How To Remove Vanishing Enchantment Curse On Fishing Rods In Minecraft

Minecraft Guide: What Do the Curse of Vanishing and the ...

The Best way to remove the enchantment on fishing rods is to use a grindstone.

Many Minecraft players have experienced it on Fishing rod. And for the majority dont know how to remove the curse from the item.

Use the grindstone and place the cursed fishing rod at the bottom slot and the un-cursed fishing rod at the upper slot. If the curse is on the bottom fishing rod, it will vanish and you will remove the vanishing enchantment on a fishing rod.

The curse on the second item disappears while repairing in a grindstone.

This step is really effective and so I would recommend you to try this step if you are facing vanishing curse in Minecraft on Fishing Rods especially.

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Interesting Facts About The Vanishing Spell In Minecraft

There are some major criteria you need to know before using the Vanishing Spell on any item.

After taking all the below points under consideration only then you should apply the vanishing enchantment.

Here are some facts you should know about the enchantment curses:

1. The enchantment itself doesnt vanish when you die holding the item. It stays in the ground.

2. For the vanishing book to work properly, your XP level should be 4.

3. The enchantment can be used for mechanical trolling.

4. The best way to get the enchantment book is through trading and the best way of getting rid of the curse is by combining the cursed item with the un-enchanted item.

Minecraft Curses Enchantment Table

Items that can be Enchanted

Number of Max Level

Item will vanish completely after the player dies

Tools, weapons, armors 1 71 Available on Minecraft v. 1.11 and above (not available on Minecraft Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition.
Curse of Binding Prevents player from removing the item Only Armors 27 Available on Minecraft v. 1.11 and above (not available on Minecraft Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition.

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When Was The Curse Of Vanishing Added To Minecraft

Both the Curse of Vanishing and the Curse of Binding were added to the Java Edition of Minecraft with update 16w39a on September 28, 2016. A week later, the curses were changed to allow the Curse of Binding to affect pumpkins, skulls, and elytra.

Three years later, they updated it so that the Curse of Binding could only apply to carved pumpkins and not normal ones. In 2020, they took away the ability to remove the curse by combining it with another item while crafting.

The Curse of Vanishing was updated about two weeks after it was introduced, so players could only use it on equipment instead of all items. It received the same update in 2019 that removed its application on pumpkins and made it only applicable to carved pumpkins.

In 2020, they updated it again to make sure it wasnt removable and could be applied to compasses.

How To Get Rid Of The Curse Of Vanishing

Minecraft CURSE OF VANISHING Tutorial (What it Does & More)

The only way to remove the curse of vanishing from a single item is to place that item into a chest and then remove it via an Ender Chest. The cursed item will disappear and the Ender Chest will retain the enchanted item.

This is the end of blog post if you want to learn more Crossbow Enchantment, I have a related blog post for it.

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In Minecraft What Does The Vanishing Curse Do

Any Curse applied on an item, such as Armor, a Fishing Rod, or an Axe, will disappear entirely when the player who is carrying it dies. This enchantment may also be used on objects in the inventory. And once the object used to perform the spell disappears, it vanishes forever. Even you are unable to locate the misplaced object.

The primary reason for such enchantment in Minecraft is because you may set yourself a goal of avoiding dying. In Minecraft, the spell may be used on any object. The enchantment, on the other hand, may be used on weapons, shields, and elytra.

If you like witchcraft and wizardry as well as being nasty, you should attempt this spell in Minecraft. Aside from the Vanishing spell, Minecraft has introduced the Curse of Binding, which is a paradoxical treasure enchantment that reduces paranoia. Its a negative enchantment.

Enchantments may be obtained via hidden riches, loot boxes, fishing, or even trade with locals.

You may have assumed that the vanishing spell had anything to do with your own disappearance.

Theres no need to be embarrassed I thought the same thing when the enchantment first happened in Minecraft. It is, however, a disappearing spell that can only be used on goods and armors.

When you die in the Minecraft universe, your held goods in your inventory are normally thrown into the ground, whether by mistake or on purpose.

Lets go right to the point:

Let me give you a great illustration of your comfort.

Does Curse Of Vanishing Work On Tools

Curse of Vanishing works on any tools and item. As explained in the previous section, the Curse of vanishing is compatible with most of the items in Minecraft. It works on all the tools.

Tools like Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Hoe, Fishing Rod, Shears, Warped Fungus on a stick, Carrot on a Stick, Flint and Steel, and Compass are all compatible with Curse Of Vanishing.

And after the curse is applied, the player should use the item carefully. Because until the item is removed from your inventory after the death of a player in the game, it is very difficult to remove the enchantment.

Tools that are enchanted with this enchantment are lost forever once the player is killed. And there is no way you can recover these tools once theyre lost.

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How To Use Curse Of Vanishing In Minecraft

Curse of vanishing can be used to trick the friends in the game by applying this enchantment on their weapons. So that after they are dead, they cant recover their weapons. This would make them work all over again to get all those items.

The case where it may be really useful is in PvP mode. When youre in player vs player mode, apply Curse of vanishing to opponents.

This will hurt their chances of obtaining the tool if you manage to kill them. Cursing them with vanishing enchantment would ensure that they lose their weapon once and for all after they are dead in the game. Theres no chance of respawning and picking up the weapon.

Maps can also be made harder to read if the curse of vanishing is applied to them. Maps are a difficult thing to follow if you cant guess whats in them.

This can confuse the player using them. Mapmakers can use this enchant on maps to make it tougher for players to carry on in their adventure.

Anyways, this enchantment may be useful in a few cases but it is advised to not use it.

How To Remove Curse Of Vanishing In Minecraft


When your avatar in Minecraft dies during the game, the weapon in your possession will drop off as well. For the cursed item however, its not the same thing. If another player kills you by executing the curse of vanishing on a weapon in your inventory, it will disappear forever. You will not be able to recover it anymore.

The question that arises then is, how to get rid of the curse of vanishing? Its not impossible and in fact pretty simple.

  • If you have a cursed weapon and wondering how to get rid of curse of vanishing, its a very simple step.
  • All you need to is look for another item similar to the one that you have but not cursed like yours.

You can also craft this item using the crafting table and all the same recipes that you employed previously while making the item. Once the tool has been created, merge the newly created one with the cursed one in your crafting table.

This method serves two purposes, both to your advantage. Not only does it remove the curse of vanishing, but also helps in repairing any damage that your cursed weapon might have endured in the course of the game.

Another answer to the question how to remove curse of vanishing from the weapon in question is by using a Grindstone.

  • Even though this is a rather quicker method of getting rid of the curse, there is a drawback to it.
  • While removing the curse of vanishing using a Grindstone, the other enchantments of the item might also disappear.

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