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Minecraft Server Mieten Bei Gportal

GPORTAL Minecraft Server How to upload mods

Miete jetzt Deinen eigenen Minecraft Server günstig bei GPORTAL und erkunde die abenteuerreiche Blockwelt von Minecraft! Der Dauerbrenner Minecraft ist seit über 10 Jahren auf dem Markt und beliebt wie eh und je. Die riesige und kreative Minecraft Community sorgt mit Mods und Plug-Ins dafür, dass es Dir nie an neuen Spielinhalten und Abenteuern fehlt und Dein GPORTAL Minecraft Server sorgt dafür, dass Du für alle Neuerungen flexibel bleibst.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting For Everyone

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Minecraft Hosting

The craze for video games never seems to cease.

Especially when a deadly virus is on the loose and we are forced to remain in our houses. Playing video games is a wonderful way to enjoy your time while not working. With a sea of video games available, Minecraft differentiates itself from the rest due to the interactive offerings that keep people hooked on it.

You could say, Minecraft is like Super Mario of this generation.

Lets put a light on this interesting and popular game.

Competitive Advantage Through Technology

The online gaming market is fiercely competitive and is growing quickly. Free-to-play and pay-to-play massively multiplayer gaming combined generated nearly USD 20 billion in revenue in 2016 and is forecast to grow from 126 petabytes in 2016 to 568 PB in 2020.4 The PC online game market worldwide is expected to reach USD 44.2 billion in 2020.5 In this market environment, companies providing online gaming hosting seek to provide customers with the optimum combination of gameplay experience and price.

Figure 1. GPORTAL was able to host more than twice as many Minecraft game instances on a single Dell EMC PowerEdge server by using 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Optane persistent memory.

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Best Minecraft Server Hosting : Top Picks

Best modded minecraft server hosting Provide regular offsite backups

Apex Hosting is another Minecraft hosting service provider. They provide dedicated hardware features like high clock speed CPUs and SSD hard drives. The site also offers high TPS and lag-free servers.

Here are some good hosting plans provided by them:

  • 24/7 Servers with 99.9% Uptime.
  • Full FTP & MYSQL Database Access.
  • Java & Bedrock Edition Servers.
  • Get started in less than 5 minutes.
  • 200+ 1-Click-Modpack Installers.

Refund Policy:

This hosting service provider offers full refunds within 7 days of payment. In case of failure, they do provide 1 month of compensation.

Customer Support:

They dont have any specific SLA for customer support response times. However, they mostly respond maximum within an hour. They offer 24/7 customer support service.

Network SLA:

They have two types of downtime 1)Emergency 2) Scheduled Downtime.

Emergency Downtime means situations where Apex Hosting must temporarily induce Downtime on a Server. It is mainly done in events like hardware failure, vulnerability, and other such situations requiring the systems immediate shutdown.

Scheduled Downtime refers to situations where Apex Hosting will inform you of Downtime periods prior to the application of the Downtime.

Downtime alert:

They do not provide any alerts for unplanned Downtime. However, notice will be sent for any planned downtime. They have a status page where you can monitor the status of all of their nodes.

Gportal Works With Dell Emc To Secure A Global Gaming

Our nether portals for our parties city on my buddies server. Inspired ...

When a video-game producer offered GPORTAL a gaming-server contract that required the immediate deployment of 160 physical servers globally, GPORTAL contracted with Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions to custom manufacture a PowerEdge server for GPORTALs unique requirements. The Dell EMC PowerEdge R240 servers provide a special BIOS version and a non-volatile memory express -based SSD . These new serversavailable only to GPORTALprovide the single-threaded high-performance GPORTAL needs for certain games and are highly reliable. Whats more, Dell EMC was able to supply them in just six days, compared to the several weeks other OEMs requiredenabling GPORTAL to move quickly to secure the new and valuable contract opportunity.

Weve realized extreme time and money savings by partnering with Dell EMC and gained the flexibility to thrive in the unpredictable gaming industry. Roberto Omezzolli, CEO & Founder, GPORTAL, Inc.

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Minecraft Game Hosting At G

What options are offered by G-portal for Minecraft game hosting. Server locations, reviews, features, cost per game slot

  • Minecraft game hosting at G-portal
  • Hosting:
    There is no trial version
    Promo codes for G-portal:
    Server location of game hosting: Germany FrankfurtUnited Kingdom London
    Payment cycle:
    All Mods Supported1-Click Install & UpdateMod Manager GUI
    Customer support: Ticket System24/7 SupportHotLineLive Chat

    Using Machine Learning To Improve User Experience

    GPORTAL is committed to providing its gaming clients with an exceptional experience. Besides investing in state-of-the-art server technology, the company uses machine learning to load-balance servers by forecasting play behaviors of specific game servers. For example, one customer uses a Conan Exiles Server on Fridays and Saturdays more frequently than on any other day of the week. GPORTALs machine learning tool collects this usage data, stores it, and creates a workload specific for this service. In this way, GPORTAL can load-balance specific servers to help guarantee an outstanding performance for clients.

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    Combine Unique Memory Technology With High

    Intel has reimagined the memory storage hierarchy with Intel® Optane persistent memory. This technology is a nonvolatile memory option that delivers a combination of large memory capacity and support for data persistence for easy data accessibility. The workload-optimized technology sits between the memory and storage layers and helps enable businesses to handle data-intensive applications reliably and affordably. GPORTAL received a prototype of Intel® Optane persistent memory and was intrigued by the possibilities. Running in Memory Mode, Intel® Optane persistent memory provides terabytes of system memoryfar more than can be provisioned using standard DRAM DIMMS. In App Direct Mode, Intel® Optane persistent memory provides non-volatile memory that retains data through system reboots.

    GPORTAL explored both modesas well as Dual Mode, which provides expanded memory as well as non-volatile storageand was pleased with the results. Which mode GPORTAL uses depends on the specific game. For example, GPORTALs Minecraft servers are now provisioned with eight x 128 gigabyte Intel® Optane persistent memory modules, running in Dual Mode.

    players reported they are currently experiencing the best performance in their customer lifetime at GPORTAL. And we were able to lower costs for the first time in GPORTALs history and pass that saving on to our customers. Roberto Omezzolli, CEO & Founder, GPORTAL, Inc.

    Each Team With Their Own Dashboard And Notifications

    GPORTAL Minecraft Server How to update mods

    IT Support

    You already monitor your internal systems. What about the external services? Monitor the services your business depends on. Don’t waste time looking elsewhere when external outages are the cause of issues.

    Customer Service

    Detect external outages before your clients tell you. Anticipate possible issues and make the necessary arrangements. Having proactive communication builds trust over clients and prevents more work.

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    Our 2022 Transparency Report Haslanded

    About g-portal.com

    Information written by the company

    GPORTAL is a leading provider of gameservers for over 90 games, such as Minecraft, Valheim, ARK: Survival Evolved and many more. We offer 14 different server locations all over the world, with which we guarantee a 99.9% uptime.

    We offer our customers a wide range of benefits and services so that they can always enjoy the best gaming experience. These include:

    self-developed DDoS protection super fast SSD server hardware create a backup at any time 24/7 support and many more!

    Our goal is to offer strong servers at fair prices. To achieve this, we are also happy to explore new approaches and introduce new server models. For Minecraft and Project Zomboid, we have already switched to RAM-based models and left the old slot model behind. Innovations like pre-installed modpacks for Minecraft servers are also part of our service.

    GPORTAL is 100% prepaid, ordered servers will be online instantly – no waiting time. Accepted payments are PayPal, Paysafecard, creditcard , Sofortüberweisung and Wire Transfer.


    Server Status And Ping Test Tool For Gportal

    With isdown.io, you can quickly check the status of your favorite websites and see if they are down or not working at your location. We offer complete uptime of our website as compared to other websites on the web, free of cost! This means, we tell you when a game server is down. we notify you in case of any scheduled or unscheduled maintenance that is performed by server administrators. This is what differentiates us from others. Another great feature of isdown.io is its simplicity. You just need to search a website or Game name in the search box and click on GO button you will get to know about the current status instantly.

    GPORTAL offers you the best private game servers and is your central gaming platform for all matters. And that’s not all because you can use the game server web interface for many other games without any further download. When you rent a Game Server, you are someone who loves the comfort and individual control. With GPORTAL you get your own administration panel where you can configure your server very easily and at lightning speed with just a few clicks to meet your individual needs. You and your friends can play at any time on your own game server without long waiting times. You can use our website to check g portal server status instantly anytime and anywhere.

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    Einfache Minecraft Server Administration Mit Gportal

    Mit Minecraft Server Hosting von GPORTAL hast Du die Möglichkeit, zusammengestellte Modpacks einfach zu installieren und auszuprobieren. Mit wenig Aufwand und ohne ausgefeilte Server Kenntnisse kannst Du Deinen Minecraft Server einfach verwalten und hast so mehr Zeit zum Minecraft spielen. Steuere Einstellungen, Modpacks und vieles mehr über unser Webinterface, ganz ohne Kommandozeile oder Code. So gelingt es jedem Minecraft Spieler, einen Server zu mieten und direkt zu zocken. Dank der unbegrenzten Slots, die Dir bei GPORTAL zur Verfügung stehen, kannst Du jederzeit mit all Deinen Freunden Minecraft spielen. Dabei sind Deiner Kreativität kaum Grenzen gesetzt.

    Unendliche Server Slots

    Neben einem performanten Server erhältst Du bei GPORTAL auch unbegrenzte Serverslots. Statt den üblichen Server Hosting Modellen, bei denen Du nach Slots bezahlst, bekommst Du bei uns so viel Slots wie Du brauchst und das jederzeit. Egal ob Du allein, mit ein paar Freunden oder in einer Community-Runde Minecraft spielen willst, bei GPORTAL bist Du genau richtig. Wähle Deinen passenden Minecraft Server RAM aus und schon kannst Du direkt mit dem Spielen loslegen.

    Deine Vorteile mit einem GPORTAL Minecraft Server auf einem Blick

    • Sofort online
    • SSD Serverhardware und High Performance

    Spotlight On Dell Technologies

    Minecraft Server auf Handy Joinen nicht möglich? (Computer, Technik ...

    In 2016, industry giants Dell and EMC joined forces in the largest technology merger in history to become Dell Technologies, which provides organizations and individuals with a broad and innovative technology and services portfolio that spans from edge to core to cloud. Today, Dell Technologies unites seven technology leadersDell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, Secureworks, Virtustream, and VMwarein one company with the power to drive digital transformation and generate real results every day.

    Dell EMC PowerEdge rack servers combine a highly scalable architecture and optimum balance of compute and memory to maximize performance across a wide range of applications. Intuitive tools work together to deliver automated, repeatable processes to make management effortless. Integrated security offers protection from unauthorized changes and cyber-attacks. Organizations can future-proof their data centers with the worry-free PowerEdge rack portfolio.

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    Wanted: Affordable Reliable Performance

    Most of the popular online games available on the market today are hyper-optimized for single-threaded execution. Usually running at 60 frames per second , these games also require high core frequencies to ensure the low latency gamers expect. If latency climbs, gamers experience video jitter, delayed command response and time-outsall of which wreak havoc on the gaming experience.

    Gaming servers must be able to manage multiple users in parallel, handle numerous games on one system, and interconnect users. With up to a million gamers on their systems, each performing several transactions every minute, its clear that GPORTAL needs server infrastructure that has plenty of memory, high-end compute capability and high-9s availability. On the other hand, in the online gaming world, server rental pricing is a major factor when gamers choose one hosting company over another. To accommodate an ever-growing customer base and more complex games, GPORTAL needed to modernize its infrastructurebut what was the right combination of technologies?

    Rate Limit Exceeded When I Join My Own Gportal Server

    I recently created a gportal server in order to play pixelmon with a few of my friends, and me and someone else have been setting it up and adding all of the mods and plugins that we needed to add. All of the plugins have finally been set up and are working, and my friend is able to join absolutely no problems every time. But when I try to join the server it says that the rate limit has been exceeded and I get kicked or it doesn’t let me join at all. I can’t find any way to increase the rate limit on my server, and would really like help if anyone could provide some insights, thankyou in advance.

    can you give details on how your server is set up and configured?

    What exact details would you need? I’m very new to servers and looking through log files. Thankyou for your response!!

    • PSN:That_Welsh_Git

    just what I asked for ie for configuration how much ram is allocated to the server CPU details operating system etc and how your server is set up ie: server version is it an vanilla or modded or a custom jar any plugins used what java arguments used how often the server restarts as well as any special tweaks to the config files also paste bins of the log files will help

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    Enhanced Privacy And Security

    Many hosting providers empower you with a control panel using which you can control your server to restrict who is entering your server. Hence, you can enjoy better privacy and enjoy your game without hassle.

    You also get full network protection to mitigate online attacks like DDoS. So, you can enjoy a secure network without risking your data.

    Spotlight On Gportal Inc

    GPORTAL Minecraft Server How to upload your own world

    With 12 data centers located across the globe, GPORTAL supports 100 million players per year, on 50,000 game servers. Currently the company offers customers a choice of more than 90 online games and provides access to games on a variety of platforms . Thats quite a tall order for a company that was a two-person startup just seven years ago. Headquartered in Germany, GPORTAL has been doubling its customer base every year and is poised for further growth in years to come.

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    What Exactly Is Minecraft

    Minecraft is not just another video game it is much more. It is an adventure game, also known as a sandbox video game, created by Swedish developer Markus Persson and Mojan Studios. The video game was released in 2011, and since then, its popularity has risen exponentially.

    Minecraft allows the players to mine several blocks they can use to build 3D constructions the way they want. You get so many play modes combat mode, exploration mode, building mode, or a combination of different modes.

    You can demonstrate your creativity while exploring, gathering resources, crafting those cubes, and combating. Verge report says Minecraft has sold 200 million copies and has over 126 million active players.

    Enjoying Minecraft on your device requires a dedicated and secure server to get better control of the game and greater customization options. It also allows you to host multiplayer game modes without exhausting your computer resources.

    Hence, going for a specialized Minecraft server hosting platform is better than building by yourself.

    Dont just go by the words, read on to find why.

    Easy Minecraft Server Administration With Gportal

    With Minecraft server hosting from GPORTAL you have the possibility to easily install and try out compiled modpacks. With little effort and without the need for sophisticated server knowledge, you can easily manage your Minecraft server and have more time to play Minecraft. Control settings, modpacks and much more through our web interface, without any command line or code. This way, any Minecraft player can rent a server and start playing right away. Thanks to the unlimited slots available at GPORTAL, you can play Minecraft with all your friends at any time. There are hardly any limits to your creativity.

    Unlimited server slots

    In addition to a high-performance server, GPORTAL also provides you with unlimited server slots. Instead of the usual server hosting models, where you pay by the slot, with us you get as many slots as you need – at any time. Whether you want to play Minecraft alone, with a few friends or in a community round, GPORTAL is the right place for you. Choose your suitable Minecraft server RAM and you can start playing right away.

    Your benefits with a GPORTAL Minecraft server at a glance

    • Immediately online
    • SSD server hardware and high performance

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    V Rising Announces Server Hosting Through Gportal

    Looking for a server?

    The upcoming open-world survival crafting title V Rising has announced they have partnered with GPortal, which will provide server hosting. Additionally, players can reserve servers ahead of the title’s release.

    This news came via the official V Rising Twitter. Stunlock Studios, the developer behind V Rising, also suggested that hosts should set the maximum number of players to 40 on their server. Otherwise, they may face instability. GPortal lists various settings to choose from when setting up your private server.

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    Stunlock Studios also detailed that public servers would be available for those who do not wish to reserve or play on a private server. As V Rising includes both PvE and PvP, what server you are can determine your experience in the game.

    Since the title’s launch, fans have been wondering how servers would work in V Rising. You can play with just your friends or those invited to the server with private servers, reducing the risk of griefers and other trolls interfering with your fun.

    With the V Rising Early Access coming on May 17th, we’ve partnered with @gportalint to allow players to reserve private servers to go live on launch! #vrising#games


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