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How Do You Make A Slow Falling Potion In Minecraft

Minecraft Potion Chart For 117

How to Make a Potion of Slow Falling! | Easy Minecraft Potions Guide

Here is a detailed Minecraft Potion brewing chart from the Official Minecraft Wiki which tells you how to create every kind of Potion:

The chart doesn’t tell you how to create Splash or Lingering variations, but you can do that just by adding Gunpowder and Dragon’s Breath to each finished Potion. This chart is also likely to stay up-to-date once Minecraft 1.18 releases.

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How To Make A Brewing Stand

To make a Brewing Stand, you must combine 1 Blaze Rod and 3 Cobblestone in a Crafting Table. Place the 3 Cobblestone in a row, with the Blaze Rod just above it in the centre, like so:

Place the Brewing Stand on the ground and right-click it to open the brewing window. It looks complex at first but it’s actually very simple:

  • The far-left slot is where you add Blaze Powder to fuel your brewing, just like putting Coal in a Furnace.
  • The bottom three slots are where you place the bottles of potions that you want to modify.
  • The top slot is where you place an ingredient that you’re using to alter the effects of the potions below.

Every time you add a new ingredient to a potion, it’ll take 20 seconds of brewing for the effect to occur. But with three potion slots at the bottom, you can brew multiple potions at once to save time. Just remember that you’ll need Blaze Powder to keep the Brewing Stand fuelled and working!

That’s really all you need in order to start making Potions. It’s not like enchantments where you need a whole room in your Minecraft house dedicated to enchanting tables and bookshelves. A single, simple Brewing Stand will do!

Brewing Every Minecraft Potion

The first thing players will need in order to brew anything is awkward potions. In order to get these, Minecraft players will need Nether wart, water bottles , blaze powder and a brewing stand.

Minecraft players can brew the water bottles into awkward potions, but will then need to change out the brewing material in order to make them into potions of whatever they need. The awkward potions can stay in their slots, but the Nether wart will need to be replaced with an item.

Sugar will make a potion of speed, and rabbit’s foot will brew a potion of jump boost. A glistering melon slice will create a potion of instant health, while a spider’s eye will create one of poison. Pufferfish are used to create potions of water breathing.

Potion of water breathing


Magma cream is used to create potions of fire resistance. A night vision potion is brewed with golden carrots. Blaze powder brews potions of strength. Ghast tears are the ingredient for potions of regeneration. A turtle shell makes a potion of resistance, and phantom membranes are used for potions of slow falling.

In order to make the potions last longer, redstone is used. This can extend some potions to eight minutes long. Splash potions are made when gunpowder is used. Dragon’s Breath will make the potions linger. Using a fermented spider’s eye will corrupt the potion, which can have positive and negative effects.

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Potion Of Night Vision

Wondering whats under the spooky cave?

Minecraft has many underground tunnels and caves that youll need to explore to find objects and materials along the journey.

But it may happen that you run out of torches while youre inside one of these frightening underground structures. That will not be a good moment of your journey as you may get lost if there are many ways or might hurt yourself and lose the energy and health points.

Potions of night vision are of great help in this case. It keeps your path lit and helps you to move around in the deep black caves that otherwise you may have trouble coming out.

Night Vision potions not only work in underground structures but also in underwater structures. You can use it together with a water-breathing potion and youll get 8 minutes of extra underwater exploration time to find out your desired objects or material.

The potion of Night Vision increases the light level to 15. It is perfect for dark places and omits enough light so you can run inside the tunnels and wont bump in any objects.

The duration of this potion is 8 minutes. Once activated it works for 8 minutes and emits enough light so you can see things clearly.

How To Brew Potion Of Night Vision?

Required material to make this potion

  • Redstone Dust
  • Potion Of night Vision
  • The process to craft the potion.

  • Open crafting stand
  • Add blaze powder in the far-left box to activate the brewing stand.
  • Put ingredients in the top box and potions are created in the bottom three boxes.
  • What Are The Recipes For Potions In Minecraft

    Potion of Slow falling : How to brew it and uses ...

    Tammie McKeownAll Minecraft Potion recipes

  • Awkward Potion: Water Bottle + Nether Wart.
  • Potion of Healing: Awkward Potion + Glistering Melon.
  • Potion of Poison: Awkward Potion + Spider Eye.
  • Potion of Harming: Potion of Healing/Poison + Fermented Spider Eye.
  • Potion of Regeneration: Awkward Potion + Ghast Tear.
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    What Does The Potion Of Slow Falling Do In Minecraft

    When you drink a Potion of Slow Falling in the game, it grants you the Slow Falling effect. This effect makes you fall slower than usual, and since you are falling at a much slower rate, you would not take any fall damage from falling.

    This is incredibly useful when you are high up somewhere, such as in the mountains, or if you are exploring caves with tricky cliffs. It is also very useful in End Cities because shulkers can attack you and give you the Levitate effect.

    When you are under the effects of a shulkers levitation, you can go high up into the sky. When it wears out, you can fall to your death. With the Slow Falling effect, you can avoid this death as you slowly drift back to the ground. Furthermore, when this effect is active, you can sprint then jump across a gap of almost six blocks. It is an incredibly useful feat when exploring caves and the Nether.

    Another side effect of drinking the potion is that you cannot destroy crops when you jump on them. If you are travelling on an extremely large farm and you are surrounded by crops everywhere, the Potion of Slow Falling can be your ally if you do not want to destroy these crops.

    The Slow Falling effect from the Potion of Slow Falling lasts for one minute and 30 seconds, so be mindful when the effect fades away. If Redstone dust is added in the brewing process of the potion, the effects will last much longer, extending to four minutes.

    Craft A Brewing Stand

    If you dont already have one, youll need to craft a Brewing Stand. These are easily craftable, requiring 3 Cobblestone and 1 Blaze Rod.

    The image above shows the recipe. Youll need to place 3 Cobblestone alongside eachother, with a Blaze Rod in the upper middle slot. Once crafted, place the Brewing Stand down in your world.

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    How To Make A Potion Of Slow Falling In Minecraft

    This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft a Potion of Slow Falling with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

    In Minecraft, you can brew a Potion of Slow Falling and add it to your inventory. When this potion is drank, it will give you the for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

    Let’s explore how to make this potion.

    A Potion of Slow Falling is available in the following versions of Minecraft:


    * The version that it was added or removed, if applicable.NOTE: Pocket Edition , Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 Edition are now called Bedrock Edition. We will continue to show them individually for version history.

    Further Modifying Your Potions

    How to Make a Potion of Slow Falling in Minecraft! 1.14.4
  • 1Add the modifier ingredient to the potion you want to change. You can change the potions you create using additional ingredients to affect them in a variety of different ways, including creating all-new potions. See the chart below to see how to modify the potions you just created: Modified Positive Potions
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    How To Get A Water Bottle

    To get a water bottle, you need to make a glass bottle first. To do so, you need the following items:

    • Three glass blocks

    Next, follow the steps below.

  • Go to your crafting table and open it.
  • Put the two glass blocks on the center-left and center-right tiles.
  • Put the last remaining glass block on the bottom-center tile.
  • Drag the glass bottle from the output tile into your inventory.
  • Then, find a water source. Hold your glass bottle and fill it with water using the water source.

    Potion Of Swiftness Ii

    Like to enjoy the swift speed? Or if youre a fan of Usain Bolt and ever dreamt of running fast like him, this potion is of great use for you.

    The potion of Swiftness increases the speed up to 40%. So if you want to reach any place quickly or are trying to escape a swarm of the mob, then this potion can take you miles away from them.

    The duration for which it lasts is 1.30 minutes. To make haste to a place, zoom out a place in your map and run as fast as you could.

    It can significantly reduce the time spent on moving from one place to another. If you have lesser time for completing a venture, this potion will work magic for you.

    How to Brew potion of Swiftness?

    The following items are needed for brewing the Potion Of Healing

  • Redstone Dust
  • Brewing Potion of Swiftness requires the following process:

  • Open crafting stand
  • Add blaze powder in the far-left box to activate the brewing stand.
  • Put ingredients in the top box and potions are created in the bottom three boxes.
  • Add Redstone Dust to top box
  • Place Potion Of Swiftness in bottom boxes.
  • Youll get Potion Of Swiftness
  • This is the simple method of brewing the Potion Of Swiftness. It helps you run faster and reach a place in a lesser time.

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    How To Get A Phantom Membrane

    A phantom membrane can be dropped as mob drops from phantoms. Phantoms are hostile mobs that will appear and attack the player if they do not sleep for three or more in-game days.

    When killed, they can drop a phantom membrane, but there is also a chance that it will drop nothing at all. So, the first thing you need to do is not sleep for three or more in-game days, then wait for phantoms to spawn and attack you. Kill them and collect the drops.

    If your weapon has the Looting enchantment, the maximum number of phantom membranes you can obtain rises by one for each level of Looting. For example, if your weapon is enchanted with Looting III, you can obtain a maximum of four phantom membranes.

    Potion Of Water Breathing

    How to Make Potion of Slow Falling?

    If youre ever trapped under the sheet of eyes and youre not a mystical monk, this potion will certainly make you one.

    The potion of Water Breathing increases the time period for which you can hold your breath. Its a useful potion for exploring underwater structures and creatures in Minecraft. Just like you carry an oxygen cylinder under the ocean to breathe for longer, this potion helps you do the same thing without any heavy cylinder to carry on your back.

    Once the Potion of Water Breathing is consumed you can remain underwater for a period of 8 minutes. That is enough time to look at the amazing biodiversity under the water or find some old lost treasure.

    Swimming across the oceans is a great way to look for tools or materials to build strong weapons. There are many hidden objects under the ocean and Potion of Healing will help you get those for your benefit in Minecraft.

    Also if youre stuck underwater or under ice then its a boon to have a potion of water breathing because it can save you from breathlessness and gives you ample time to come out of it.

    How to Brew potion of water breathing?

    The following items are needed for brewing the Potion Of Healing

  • Redstone Dust
  • Potion Of water breathing
  • Brewing Potion of water breathing requires the following process:

  • Open crafting stand
  • Add blaze powder in the far-left box to activate the brewing stand.
  • Put ingredients in the top box and potions are created in the bottom three boxes.
  • Add Redstone Dust to top box
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    How To Make A Splash Potion Of Slow Falling In Minecraft

    This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft a Splash Potion of Slow Falling with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.


    In Minecraft, you can brew a Splash Potion of Slow Falling that is extended to last longer than a regular . This potion can be thrown at a player or mob to give them the for 4 minutes.

    Let’s explore how to make this splash potion.

    Potion Of Slow Falling Requirements In Minecraft

    Version needed to make the Potion of Slow Falling:

    • Version 1.13 or above

    Requirements to make the Potion of Slow Falling:

    • One brewing stand
    • One phantom membrane
    • One Redstone dust

    This guide is organized into sections to assist you in acquiring the necessary resources. So, if you already have certain materials but are lacking some, look for the parts that will direct you to where you may get the necessary goods.

    For example, if you already have a brewing stand, a nether wart and, and a water bottle, but you do not have the rest of the ingredients, then you can find the guides on obtaining the missing ones here.

    The following sections presume you already own a crafting table and that you know how to do basic actions such as mining and attacking mobs. Follow the instructions below if you still do not have a crafting table.

  • Find a tree of any variety.
  • Break the wooden logs from the tree.
  • Open your inventory. Once you do, you will see a 2×2 grid that is your crafting grid. Beside the grid is a single tile that is the output of the crafting grid.
  • Put the wooden log in the grid.
  • Get the four wooden planks from the output tile by dragging the stack to your inventory.
  • Using the four wooden planks from the previous step, fill the 2×2 crafting grid with said planks.
  • Get the crafting table from the output tile by dragging it to your inventory.
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    Splash Slow Falling Potion

    How to Make Potion of Slow Falling in Minecraft 1.16 (MCPE/Xbox/PS4/Switch/Windows10)

    The usual Slow Falling Potion works only on the players who consume it. On the other hand, the splash Slow Falling Potion is something you can throw at your enemies or another mob in the game, and it would not only affect you but them as well.

    Just like the regular Potion, you can have an extended version of this too.


    Brewed Potion of Slow Falling

    Gun powder


  • The gun powder and the brewed Potion of Slow Falling are placed in the items slot, respectively.
  • Once you are done with this, the splash Potion will be brewed and added to your inventory.
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    How To Make Potions In Minecraft With A Brewing Stand

    Want to learn how to make Potions in Minecraft? You were right to look for guidance: potion-making can be a startlingly complex endeavour in Minecraft depending on the kind of Potion you want to create. You can only start brewing Potions once you’ve collected various different resources from the Nether, but after that you can use this guide to find out how to make Potions of all kinds in Minecraft 1.17.

    Potion Of Fire Resistance

    Want to dive in the pool of lava?

    Nether fans will love the Potion Of Fire Resistance. It is full-proof protection from melting lava or any kind of fire that a player can come across during his Minecraft venture. If you love to play with fire but were lacking the necessary skills then youll love this.

    The Potion of Fire resistance allows you to touch the fire and stand on it. Basically, you can play with fire without burning your skin. This potion is very useful for going into the Nether. There are many adventurous places in the Nether that have fore protection, but this potion gives you the benefit of not worrying about it.

    It gives immunity against all the heat damages in Minecraft. A player must not worry about burning after this potion is consumed. There are many magic tricks that other potions can do but Potion of Fire Resistance makes you infallible against the flame of fire.

    This potion works for full 8 minutes after consumption.

    For those eight minutes, you play with fire, shrug any blaze attacks and cross the Nether by swimming in the pool of lava without causing yourself a pinch of pain.

    This is the advantage of Potion of Fire Resistance. It lets your inner pyromaniac do all the things that arent possible otherwise.

    How to Brew Potion of Fire Resistance?

    The following items are needed for brewing the Potion of Fire Resistance

  • Redstone Dust
  • Potion of Fire Resistance
  • Brewing Potion of Fire Resistance requires the following process:

  • Open crafting stand
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