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How Do You Tame Axolotls In Minecraft

What Is Axolotl In Minecraft

How to Tame an Axolotl in Minecraft 1.17

Axolotl is an aquatic creature in Minecraft that attacks most other underwater mobs such as Fish, Squid, Drowned, and Guardians.

Axolotls need water to survive but they can survive on dry land for a few minutes. Beyond that, they start to dry out and take continuous damage until rehydrated and can die.

When Axolotls are fighting you or taking damage, they pretend to die and regenerates health. While playing dead, the Axolotls regenerate their health and during that time mobs are unable to target them.

Where To Find Buckets Of Tropical Fish

Wondering where to get the Buckets of Tropical Fish? These items can be purchased from wandering traders or can be found in oceans. If the player searches for tropical fish themselves, they will need a bucket of water. Upon finding the tropical fish in the ocean, right-click the tropical fish with the bucket of water equipped to scoop it up.

Axolotls Can Be Captured With A Bucket Or Lead

Axolotls are not very hard to capture at all. The difficulty is finding some in the first place. Grab a bucket or a lead if youâve found a spot where a bunch of them have spawned, and approach the axolotl.

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Using a lead on an axolotl will make it follow you around, but using a bucket on one allows you to transport axolotl easily even across dry land without exposing it too much to drought. If you need to bring your axolotl far away, make sure to use a bucket instead to avoid killing it. Leads are more useful when leading the axolotl to battle against guardians and elder guardians in an ocean monument.

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What Do Axolotls Eat

Axolotls eat tropical fish, which are generally found in ocean biomes. If you want to feed an axolotl, you’ll need to use a bucket of tropical fish rather than single ones you’ve previously caught.

As tropical fish tend to scare easily, they can be quite tricky to capture in a bucket, so patience is key. Otherwise, it’s worth checking to see if the Wandering Trader has a bucket of tropical fish for sale.

How To Tame Axolotls In Minecraft

Minecraft 1.17 Axolotl is a CHAD

Axolotls are very popular in Minecraft , and you have surely seen them more than once in the snowy and mountainous environments of this popular game. You should know that these can be raised and kept as companions, but the bad news is that you cannot tame them. These amphibians are a species of creatures that breed in groundwater and are more prevalent than they appear in Minecraft.

However, you have to know the trick correctly to be able to find and catch them, since it is not an easy task at all. To capture them you will only need a bucket, in the same way as with the fish in Minecraft. In order for you to attract axolotls both on land and in water, we suggest that you bring a bucket of tropical fish.

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Where To Find An Axolotl

The axolotl is an aquatic cave animal. This means that they would only spawn in total darkness or light level 0. There should also be a block with base_stone_overworld tag less than 5 blocks below the Axolotl spawning space. Base_stone_overworld tag includes blocks such as stone, deepslate, andesite, diorite, granite, or tuff.

On the plus side, Axolotl cave doesnt have to be too deep for them to spawn. You dont necessarily have to dig deep as axolotl can spawn below y:63. Its only around sea level or lower. And that is only for the 1.17 update.

Up until the 1.17 update, players are still lucky enough that Axolotl will spawn in any kind of cave in their world. In the upcoming 1.18 update, Axolotls can only be found only in the lush caves area. So before 1.18 update come around, be sure to gather an army of axolotl starting from now.

Axolotls come in five different color variants. These color variants are Leucistis , Wild , Gold, Cyan, and Blue. Blue Axolotl are extremely rare compared to Axolotl with other colors. You only have a chance to find blue Axolotl about 1 in 1200 of them.

So, dont get your hopes up if blue is your favorite color. But, you can always try anyway! Theres nothing more fun than having an adventure in the endless world of Minecraft.

Where Do Axolotls Spawn

Axolotls spawn mostly in underwater caves in any biome, so they’re not so rare that you’ll need to hunt for a specific Minecraft seed in order to see one. The exact rules for their spawning are as follows:

  • They must spawn in a water block below Y-level 63
  • There must be a solid block of some sort above where it spawns
  • They can only spawn in pitch darkness
  • They can only spawn within 5 blocks of a stone-type block .

This may seem like a fair few criteria, but Axolotls aren’t an uncommon sight in Minecraft 1.17, particularly if you’re in a very coastal location. Of course, if you really want to see one, you can always spawn one in Creative Mode using an Axolotl Egg. Just don’t expect to find any blue Axolotls using this method, because as I mentioned above, blue variants are only spawned through breeding since the 1.17.1 update.

That’s everything you need to know about finding, taming, and breeding Axolotls in Minecraft 1.17. Be sure to brush up on your knowledge of other 1.17 additions with our pages on how to find and use Copper, how to make Candles, and how to find and use Amethyst. Or take a look ahead and see what’s coming with 1.18 and the other half of the Caves and Cliffs update.

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Get A Bucket Of Tropical Fish

Axolotls will breed only when they eat tropical fish. You can get tropical fish in two ways:

  • You can catch them in your water bucket in the ocean biome
  • You can purchase a bucket of tropical fish from wandering traders for 5 emeralds

Whichever way you choose to get the bucket of tropical fish, bring it to the pool with your axolotls, and let them eat the fish.

How To Tame An Axolotl In Minecraft

How to Tame Axolotl in Minecraft!

In order to tame an axolotl, you must pick them up in a water bucket by interacting with them with a bucket in-hand. This fills the bucket with the Axolotl, which you can then rename by putting the Bucket of Axolotl into an Anvil.

A Bucket of Tropical Fish can cause an Axolotl to mate with another, spawning a child and allowing you to breed them. If an Axolotl is conscious and in your party when you defeat an enemy, they give Regeneration I for 100 game ticks and remove Mining Fatigue should you help them in combat.

Axolotl die without water, though they can last for five minutes on dry land. If you want your new friend to stay alive, keep a water bucket on-hand, or built a water-filled habitat for them to stay in.

Axolotls fight aggressive mobs naturally, though usually only in the water. On land, they prioritize survival over mortal combat.

Breeding an Axolotl can be extremely fun. Babies have a 1/1200 chance to be the rare blue color otherwise, theyll take a parents color. This can be fun to farm for, but requires buckets of tropical fish And that can be a chore to farm up!

There are two achievements based on Axolotl farming: The Cutest Predator only requires you to carry a little fella in a bucket. The Healing Power of Friendship is acquired when you help one of them in a fight and gain the Regeneration effect.

Love Minecraft and want to learn more wacky things about it? We have a few guides which can help you out!

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What Do Axolotls Eat In Minecraft 117

Axolotls eat the Tropical Fish. It is inspired by real-life behavior. They love to eat fishes even the fishes are dead or alive. You can breed them just by feeding them a lot of Tropical Fish in the game.

We have explained the complete information regarding how to tame Axolotls In Minecraft 1.17. You can stay tuned with us for more information. As soon we will get any information regarding Axolotls, we will be the first to inform you.

Can I Tame An Axolotl With Minecraft

Technically speaking, you cant tame a Minecraft Axolotl. Unfortunately, we know.

However, Tropical fish bucket Get closer to them and they will be in your hands. This allows them to be enclosed to some extent and gives them the freedom to guide them to their chosen location.

You can also attach the axolotl to the lead. If you want to transport more, you can also pick them up in the bucket of water. The picked up axolotl never despawns, so you can use this method to effectively get your pet.

Being able to flock axolotl is also very helpful in breeding them.

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How To Tame An Axolotl

To tame an Axolotl, all you have to do is have a bucket. In fact, taming Axolotl is as easy as dipping your bucket at the right time to capture them. Then you empty the bucket in a cavern near your Minecraft home. You can create your own personal Axolotl environment, and breed them by feeding them tropical fish.

Minecraft Axolotls: How To Find Them

How To Tame Axolotls In Minecraft 1.17: Where to Find ...

To reiterate what is mentioned above, you can only find axoltols in Minecraft if you’re playing on one of the pre-release versions of the game, because they haven’t been added to the full release yet. This will change with the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update though, and we’ll update this guide when it does.

Once you’re playing on the correct version of the game, the Minecraft axolotl spawn location will only appear in Lush Caves biomes. These are a new form of cave biome that feature much more greenery and plant life than you’d usually expect to find underground, and this is the only place in Minecraft that axolotls can spawn naturally, without mods of course.

Within Lush Caves, axolotls can only spawn in water blocks that are below sea level and in total darkness. They can spawn in groups of one to four at a time, and come in five colours: blue, cyan, gold, wild , and leucistic .

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Axolotls Come In Five Different Colors

In Minecraft, axolotls appear quite similar to their original real-life appearance. They also come in a variety of five different colors:

  • lucy

The most common colors youâre likely to see in the wild are lucy, wild, gold, yellow, and cyan. These are also reportedly based on actual axolotl colors, whereas blue isnât a real color for these amphibian creatures.

What Is The Use Of Raising Axolotls

Axolotls are a good companionIn addition, these amphibians will attack squid, guardians and other fish. It is quite peculiar to observe the great diversity of colors in which they are presented. Of course, you must bear in mind that not everything is capable of spawning. The blue axolotl is the only one that cannot spawn, as it is the strangest type to find in Minecraft. They only appear as a cross of the axolotls.

Although these can survive on land, they can’t do it for long. Additionally, axolotls become dehydrated and damaged while out of the water for a long time, so keep that in mind so that you don’t dehydrate them too often and suffer damage.

Another interesting fact is that when taking damage, axolotls can play dead. Therefore, while in that position, they can regain their health and it is not possible for them to be attacked by other kinds of creatures.

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Why Do My Axolotls Keep Dying In Minecraft

One reason why Axolotls die in Minecraft is if they stay out of water for over 5 minutes. Since they are underwater creatures, they cant last long on land. Axolotls will also play dead if they are attacked by other mobs, so double check first if they are really dead.

Thats all there is to know about these new passive mobs in the game. We hope that this guide helped you tame an Axolotl in Minecraft. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, and well do our best to answer them.

Can You Tame Axolotl In Minecraft

How to tame axolotls in Minecraft 1.17 (Caves and Cliffs Update)

Unfortunately, Axolotls cant be tamed in Minecraft. These creatures work a bit differently than others weve seen so far. Theyre amphibious, which means they spawn in water but can survive for a limited amount of time on land. This means that although players cant tame them, they can be lured out of the water moved over land. However, after a few minutes out of the water, they begin to take damage until theyre rehydrated.

Axolotls can be transported in one of two ways:

Axolotl in Minecraft also have a few peculiar traits that set them apart from other mobs. They are passive against players but will attack all aquatic mobs except turtles and dolphins . Suppose the player kills a mob that an Axolotl is in combat with. In that case, itll bestow Regeneration I on them and remove Mining Fatigue. When Axolotl are attacked underwater, they have a chance to play dead for 10 seconds. When playing dead, Axolotl gain Regeneration I, and hostile mobs will ignore them.

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Taming The Axolotl Step : Get A Bucket Of Axolotls

Take a bucket of water from your villages fish chest and visit the local cave. Use your flashlights to make your way through the darkness until you reach a cave-like body of water where at least one or two axolotls are sure to be. Use the water bucket on the axolotls to make a bucket of mobs. It takes at least two axolotls to reproduce. Take them to your village and release them into a pool of water.

How To Breed Axolotis Pieces In Minecraft

Their love of tropical fish is what you will need to take advantage of to get them breeding! Feed a bucket of fish to two axolotls and and the result will be some baby axolotls and you get between one and seven experience points for doing so!

They tend to breed every five minutes which sounds exhausting and baby ones will become adults after 20 minutes.

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Where Do You Find Axolotl In Minecraft

Axolotls prefer staying in total darkness. You will find them in pools that are inside lush caves . The caves are not too deep, and to find them , look for any Azalea tree on the surface.

As far as appearance goes, the axolotls come in these colors:

  • Gold
  • Wild
  • Blue

The colors are usually drawn from those of the parents. Blue is the rarest with a 1 in 1,200 chance of spawning. Their beautiful appearance is part of the reason Minecraft players cant resist the urge to tame them.

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Minecraft: How To Tame And Breed Axolotls

How do you tame an Axolotl in Minecraft?

Axolotls were announced back in 2020 and are finally added to Minecraft 1.17 update. If you dont know about these cute little creatures, Axolotls are aquatic passive mobs that attack most other underwater mobs except turtles and dolphins.

Axolotls can be found in five different colours, and you can find them in a group below y63 level in caves with water having no light. Once you find them, you will instantly want to tame and breed them by just looking at these cute mobs. So, to help you with it, we have prepared a complete guide for you on how you can tame and breed Axolotls.

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Taming Axolotl In Minecraft

Technically, Axolotls cant be tamed, but theyre not hostile towards any players. With this, you can easily scoop them into a bucket with ease. If you wish to, you can carry Axolotls around with you or re-home them in a makeshift pond or lake near your base.

You can also attach a lead to an Axolotl if you dont have a bucket in hand. However, keep in mind that it will die after five minutes of being out of water. If its raining, you can carry around your Axolotl for as much as you want.

Minecraft Axolotls: Where They Spawn

Real life axolotls have only been found in the wild in two lakes in Mexico, one of which no longer exists. So even though Minecraft’s axolotl population has some specific restrictions determining where they’ll spawn, comfort yourself with the knowledge that they’re still much easier to find than in the real world.

Axolotls will only spawn under the following conditions:

  • They can only spawn in water and below Y-level 63.
  • They can only spawn in perfect darkness .
  • Their spawn location must be within five blocks of a stone-type block, and there must be a solid block above their spawn location.

Because of these restrictions, they are almost exclusively found in underwater caves, especially in coastal areas. However, due to the fact that they can spawn in any biome if the area meets their criteria, they aren’t actually all that rare.

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There Are Also Different Colors Of Axolotls In ‘minecraft’

The game currently has five different colors of the little in-game amphibians: cyan, pink, gold, brown, and blue. Blue is super rare, and there’s only a 1 in 1,200 chance that the baby axolotl you’ve coaxed out of your tropical fish-induced love frenzy will be blue. Usually, the tiny beings will take on one of the colors of their parents however, you might get lucky and find yourself with a blue one.

Whether you keep it as one pet among many, your personal bodyguard, or a companion through thick and thin: lifes axolutely better with an axolotl by your side!Prepare for your underwater adventures with a breathtaking axolotl tale:


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