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How Much Is Realms On Minecraft

Why Is More Ram Better

Is Minecraft Realms Worth It?

RAM has multiple benefits, such as improving FPS, making games smooth, running additional software, and so on. So, it is evident that more RAM can make a big difference in gaming and make the Minecraft server smoother. More RAM does two important things on Minecraft, and they are:

  • It enhances the performance of the Minecraft server by delivering top-notch FPS and better rendering speed.
  • More RAM works to eliminate eros and crash-related issues of the Minecraft server, so if you have excellent Minecraft server hosting, but your game keeps crashing, then change the RAM of your system.

In case you are thinking about how much RAM you need, follow these six criteria to choose the right RAM for a Minecraft server.

How Much Ram Does Minecraft Server Need

Many people have the same question when setting up a Minecraft server, how much RAM do I need? You can run most small Minecraft servers on an average modern computer with enough processing power and memory. As we mentioned before, if you have a spare computer or laptop that you can run the world on, then that’ll do. However, the amount of Random Access Memory you’ll know can change a considerable amount because it depends on how demanding your world is and how much memory your server will be utilizing for the players.

For example, if you have done a lot of modifications and extra features, then it can increase the amount of RAM you’ll need to efficiently run the server without having any lag or unexpected crashes. Generally, the more players you have, the more RAM you’ll need to run a server effectively, so it is essential to have Minecraft server requirements. Based on the server player base, how much RAM do you need? It is good to have a typical vanilla world with players who actively participate in the game and use an average amount of memory, a gigabyte of RAM for every 20 users, is reasonable.

RAM’s size allows for the game to be played with minimal lag and without the game crashing out of nowhere. It also means that any sudden increases in demand for memory usage can be dealt with because there’ll be a RAM margin to spare.

Realms In Minecraft: Everything Players Need To Know

Minecraft Realms are an excellent way for friends to play together without going through the arduous process of setting up a server. For a low monthly cost, players have access to hours of content.

Players planning to play with friends can easily split the cost, resulting in the Realm being worth the price.

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How To Get A Free Trial Of Minecraft Realms

You can activate your Minecraft Realms Plus free trial directly from the game:

  • Start the game on your device
  • Click Play on the home screen
  • Select Try Realms Plus free for 30 days in the new screen
  • Hit Start 1 Month Free Trial
  • Fill out the Realm Name field
  • Check I agree once you read the Terms and Conditions
  • Click on Start 1 Month Free Trial below
  • Enter your personal information and provide credit card details in the pop-up window
  • Is Running A Minecraft Server Worth It

    Minecraft Realms for iPhone, Android &  More: What You Need ...

    Minecraft Servers also have many other advantages over a traditional Minecraft world set up with a local LAN multiplayer or purchasing your own Minecraft Realm from Microsoft. For example, while Minecrafts Player Realm option only allows you to bring on ten players onto your world, having a server has virtually no limit other than the computer power and memory you have on your device handling the number of users.

    Minecraft servers can also be modified , meaning you can add extra features and game functionalities, which arent typically in the game to make the game aesthetically appealing, or new storylines that havent been added into the classic game yet.

    With a normal LAN multiplayer world, you cannot do this, nor can you do it with the Player Realm feature that Microsoft and Mojang offer. It cannot be enjoyable if youre trying to create minigames or a particular server with adventure maps or something similar. Therefore, having a server that gives you a way to add mods into your Minecraft world and share them with your friends and strangers.

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    How To Join A Minecraft Realm

    Minecraft offers subscription-based personal servers called Realms. These are always online and designed for up to 10 players at a time. More than 10 can join, but only 10 can play at once. The always-online nature of a Realm means that anyone can play at any time, setting it apart from multiplayer games that require the host to be online.

    You can make a Realm of your own or join an existing one. If you regularly play with a set group of friends, a Realm is a great way to let everyone play when they want without requiring you to be online.

    Can You Get Your Money Back If Youre Not Satisfied With The Subscription

    Mojang Refund Policy page states that full or partial refunds for Minecraft Realms are not possible. In situations where you cannot access your realm due to an internal mistake, and if the developers cannot fix it, you might be considered for a refund.

    If you want to learn more about Minecraft refund policy for the game and check how DoNotPay can help even when getting a refund seems impossible, you can find additional information on this page.

    When you cancel a Minecraft Realms subscription, you wont have access to the packs or cloud storage anymore. Your world templates will be available for purchase and download for 18 months after stopping your subscription.

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    How To Load Content To Your Realm

    You can load content such as Minigames, Adventures, World templates, and Experiences. Its also possible to upload your single player worlds.

    Choosing a World Slot

    You can have up to three different worlds saved in slots to your Realm. Only one slot can be active at a time, but it is easy and quick to switch between them. This is useful when you want to switch between Minecraft Realms content.

  • Access your Realms configuration menu.
  • Select the world slot you want to switch to and confirm. In the following image the switch is from World 1 to World 2.
  • Minigame

    A Minecraft Minigame is free community-made content available to any Realm owner. Loading a Minigame temporarily replaces the content currently loaded on your Minigame slot.

  • Select Minigame to switch the loaded content on your current world slot to a Minigame.
  • Choose a Minigame in the list and load it by selecting the Select
  • Adventures / World templates / Experiences

    By selecting the Reset World button, you can load content to your current world slot. Note that resetting a world slot deletes the current world unless you save a backup first. The following steps will show you different types of available content:

  • Select Reset World.
  • Choose which content you want to load.
  • Adventures, World templates, and Experiences will present you with a list of available worlds. Choose the world you want to load and click Select.
  • Upload World

    Minecraft Realms Review: Infinite Procedural Fun Held Back By Weak Admin Tools

    How to Subscribe or Buy Minecraft Realms Plus or Realms Subscription

    Minecraft is an unprecedented title in various ways, most recently pioneering some of the most pervasive cross-play systems in the industry. This is Minecraft Realms.

    Minecraft Realms is an unprecedented feature in gaming that doesn’t really get enough praise. Through Realms, Minecraft can connect players from Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, VR platforms, Android, and iOS .

    For a small fee, you and up to ten friends can play together on a shared dedicated world, crafting, adventuring, and building together. No other game has achieved anything this pervasive as of writing, although many are moving in that direction, most notably Fortnite, which allows Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile cross-play. Of course, Minecraft is, of course, a completely different sort of game, which revolves around co-operative play in infinitely random worlds. The rentable Realms feature is still relatively new, however, and is missing a frustrating amount of features.

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    Minecraft Realms Plus Free Trial Explained

    Realms Plus is available for users who play Minecraft on the Xbox One consoles, mobile devices, Windows 10 PC, and Nintendo Switch. The features include:

    • Access to more than 50 Marketplace packs, including mini-games, maps, and character skins
    • Fresh content every month
    • Ten-player Realms server
    • 24/7 online Realm

    Mojang Studios, the company behind Minecraft, offers a 30-day free trial of Minecraft Realms for first-time users if they sign up for a ten-user subscription. The free trial gives access to all features included in the paid subscription. You will need to provide the credit card details when you sign up.

    Realms Plus users can play with one another regardless of the device they use. The friends who you invite to your Realm dont need Realm Plus subscriptions.

    Realm owners have special privileges including:

  • Switching between game modes
  • Promoting other members to the Operator status
  • You Can Add As Many Players As You Want

    Even though there are some limitations to how many players a server can host, thats still a big number. Minecraft is all about creativity and exploration. With more people, the game becomes more interesting and intriguing to play. Your virtualized server can greatly help with that. Thus, to invite all your friends to join you in Minecraft, renting your server is the best idea.

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    What Is A Realm

    A Realm is a multiplayer world that anyone can join if they have a link to it.

    Realms are located on the cloud, which means that the server owner does not have to create it themselves and instead pays a small monthly fee.

    Before Realms, players would have to download the server files and spend hours going through the steps for the server to run. Realms can now just be purchased and the hosts can send the link to it to friends.

    Since Realms are on the cloud, they will automatically save, allowing the host not to worry about losing their progress.

    Minecraft Realms are available on the following platforms:

    • PC

    Subscription Service Minecraft Realms Will Let You Host Worlds Online For Friends

    Minecraft Realms Alpha can now be activated and played ...

    Mojang says it could make more money than game sales.


    There’s a Minecraft subscription service on the cards.

    Dubbed Minecraft Realms, it will let you pay to own an online Minecraft world that your friends can join free of charge. The monthly fee, reported GamesIndustry International, will be between $10 and $15.

    Hosting an online Minecraft world at the moment is a tricky business. You need to run Minecraft server code on a computer, which other computers connect to. This requires strong internet capabilities, strong processing power and relatively strong computer know-how. It’s not for everyone.

    That’s why a cottage industry of third-party Minecraft servers has sprung up. Minecraft Realms is a way for Mojang to bring that industry in house and make money from it.

    The benefits of private, controlled servers will be particularly felt by parents, according to Mojang CEO Carl Manneh. One person can subscribe, set up a secure world and have their children and their children’s friends connect free of charge. And schools could do the same sort of thing. Or, a group of friends could share a Realms sub and have their own world.

    The slightly greedy side to this – what sounds like a nice and needed service – is that Mojang stands to make loads of money from it. In fact, Carl Manneh thinks Minecraft Realms will be “the biggest source of income in the future, and bring in more money in total than the game itself”.

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    Is Minecraft Realms Plus Worth It

    If youre a Minecraft fanatic with an insatiable urge to explore and create, youre probably asking yourself: Is Minecraft Realms Plus worth it? The premium subscription service has Minecraft developer Mojang host a private server for you, which can then be managed in any way that you see fit from within the game itself. This makes things supremely accessible and ensures that any and everybody can take their Minecraft experience to the next level.

    Is that really worth $7.99 a month, though? In this guide, well give you the information you need to decide whether or not Minecraft Realms Plus is the right purchase for you.

    What Is Minecraft Realms

    As mentioned, Minecraft Realms is a private multiplayer server that you can set up, with a cost that we will come to shortly, so you can play the game with your friends and without the possibility of anybody else joining its all done via invite only.

    You can either add an existing world to Realms or you can create a whole new one and the server will be online for as long as you are paying for it so just because you disconnect does not mean that the world will be inaccessible to anyone you have invited. And you have the power to kick anyone out who may be becoming a problem so it is a safe space for younger gamers.

    Other than the Java Edition, Minecraft Realms is crossplay so it doesnt matter what console or device someone is playing the game on as they will still be able to join you.

    The only slight negative is that new mods cannot be created to be used but our fingers are crossed that this feature will be added in some form at a later date.

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    What Is A Minecraft Realm

    Minecraft Realms are Mojangs answer to hosting a Minecraft server. Playing Minecraft with friends over the internet has never been easier. For a fee of $7.99 per month or a one-time payment for 30-, 90-, or 180-day plans, Mojang sets up and hosts a private, always-online server for you and your friends. Only people you invite can play in your world, and your friends play for free in your realm.

    Each server has the functions you usually find in a typical Minecraft experience plus more. All of Minecrafts various game modes are available. In addition, mini-games supported by Mojang are preloaded onto the Minecraft Realms setup.

    The Minecraft Hardcore Mode is not currently available in Realms.

    Factors That Impact Minecraft Server Costs

    What Are Minecraft Realms? And How Do They Work?

    You can choose from a wide range of servers, and that will affect the price. You may have thought about running it on a computer in your house. However, it’s a good idea to run the host server remotely.

    This can actually reduce costs for you because you won’t need to power your home computer 24/7. A remote server also gives you a faster, more improved performance – no more lagging! Your server will be online and accessible round the clock if there’s a 100 percent network uptime guarantee from the server company.

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    Can I Install Mods/add

    Yes, you can install as many mods/add-ons as you want. When you enter the world of Minecraft, you will want to install mods/add-ons to make your game more creative. After all, thats what Minecraft is all about. You can learn how to install Minecraft mods/add-ons with our given guide.

    If you have any other questions regarding our cloud performance server hosting, get in touch with us via our contact page, and well get back to you ASAP.

    Other Hosting Services

    The Pros Of Minecraft Realm Play

    A major plus of using Minecraft Realms rather than a third-party server is convenience. When optimizing a third-party server, you usually need to go onto a website to adjust settings, hoping to find the perfect setup.

    With Minecraft Realms, everything is optimized in the Minecraft client itself. If you want to invite a person to your server or switch to a mini-game that Mojang has provided, upload your own world, or customize anything else, you do it all in the client.

    A significant downside to using Realms is the lack of support for mods. As modifications to the game are a huge part of the Minecraft experience, this can cause problems for gamers who want to play something like the Aether Mod, for example, with their friends.

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    Minecraft Realms Plus Monthly Subscription Service Is Now Available

    Minecraft Realms, the games monthly subscription service, is dead. Here to replace it is the similar Minecraft Realms Plus, the new monthly subscription service that gives players access to their own private server, as well as Minecraft Marketplace content and more. The subscription service is now live for players who want to sign up.

    Existing Minecraft Realms subscribers who are signed up for the 10-player realm will automatically be upgraded to the new Realms Plus plan for free. Other Realms subscribers wont be automatically upgraded, however, because Mojang said that it ran the numbers and offering these customers this perk wouldnt be good for the companys bottom line.

    All varieties of Minecraft support the new Realms Plus plan. More than 50 pieces of Marketplace content will be available to players under this plan, as well as the private server space for up to 10 people to play together. Subscribers can expect mini-games, skin packs, various worlds, and more.

    The company promises that Realms Plus subscribers will get access to new content on a monthly basis details about each months new additions will be provided on the website. Players within the subscribers private realm will get access to the content for free.

    Minecraft Realms Platform Compatibility

    How much does a Minecraft Server cost?

    Two versions of Minecraft Realms are available from Mojang:

    • Minecraft Realms version for mobile devices, consoles, and Windows 10 platforms
    • Minecraft: Java Edition for PC, Mac, and Linux platforms

    The two versions are incompatible, so players using Minecraft: Java Edition on a Mac or pre-Windows 10 computer can’t play with players on a mobile device or console.

    Overall, Minecraft Realms are a worthwhile and official answer to creating and managing a server for Minecraft if you want a simple gaming experience. Hosting your own server provides a user-friendly alternative to third-party server hosts.

    However, Minecraft Realms are not for everybody. If youre into the scene of modding, you should stick with a host that allows those adjustments.

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