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How To Build A Cruise Ship In Minecraft

Things To Have Onboard

How to build a cruise ship in Minecraft! Part 1- The Bow
  • Cabins for persons to live on the cruise ship. You may have different classes for cabins – ranging from ones with nothing but a bunk bed to suites with balconies and king-size beds. More expensive cabins tend to be placed on upper decks.
  • Swimming pools
  • Waterslide
  • Engine Room: A ship cannot function without an engine. Engine rooms are huge, with tons of complex machinery. Building an engine room may be tricky, as many have never seen one.
  • Car Deck
  • Bridge: Any ship needs some form of a command. Build a glorious, wide bridge from which the Captain can lead the vessel.

Below are some tutorial videos from YouTube, sorted partly from 1-30, click “Show” to view those, and clicking “Show” will view all videos, but they are collapsed to prevent them from loading or crashing this page. Click “Show” on a specific video to view it.

How To Build A Boat In Minecraft

While building a boat is a lot more manageable than building a ship, the size restriction creates quite a few challenges which make it difficult to build these smaller boats.

I tend to always use the same base of this boat, but I change the top to make each boat look more unique. This base is quite easy to make and is quite easy to remember, so you wont have to use an example picture a lot.

The full instructions are pretty much all covered in the image below, you can click on it for a large version. Note that not every picture is another step, some of the pictures just show you a different angle of the boat, to make it easier to understand what I changed.

I usually dont create sails on small boats like these, as its very difficult to make the sails look good on a small scale. However, diagonal sails will usually look decent and banners work quite well too.

I personally think these boats look best in larger groups, especially when theyre part of a small harbor or perhaps a small war fleet.

How To Install Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship

  • Make sure that you have the Java application installed.
  • Inside there is a folder with the source map. Additionally, you can also find various folders that contain alternative data packs and resource packs.
  • Select the latest version of the Source folder that matches the game version.
  • Please note that some releases may contain bugs, custom data packs that are incompatible with other modifications, and in some cases may cause conflicts within Forge, Fabric or Optifine. To fix this, install a previous build or change the version of the game.
  • Move the Source map folder to the Saves folder.
  • This folder is located at the following path:

    Mac OS X:/Users/Your Profile Name/Library/Application Support/minecraft/Quick way to get there: Click on the desktop and then press the combination of Command+Shift+G keys at the same time.Type ~/Library and press the Enter key.Open the Application Support folder and then Minecraft

    Windows 11, 10, 8, 7:C:\Users\Your Profile Name\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\Quick way to get there: Press the Windows key and the R key at the same time.Type %appdata% and press Enter key or click OK.

  • The Saves folder is created automatically after creating at least one new game world, but you can always create it manually.
  • Open the launcher and select the desired game version.
  • Find a new map in the list of created worlds.
  • Start the game and enjoy new adventures.
  • Ready!
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    Piloting Cruising Rotating Maneuvering Releasing & Man Overboard

    Piloting Sign

    To pilot your ship, or steal another, Right click the ships control sign with an empty hand, You will be greeted with a message saying you have successfully piloted the ship.

    The Pilot sign is how you tell if you have built your ship correctly as this will give you feedback.


    Cruising Sign

    To cruise use the Cruise: OFF sign.

    The cruise sign should be facing in the direction you wish your ship to cruise in, usually facing forward to the front of your ship.

    To cruise, create the Piloting Sign and the Cruise sign, Pilot your ship, then right click the Cruise sign with an Empty hand, the OFF on the sign will change to ON nd you will start moving! This sign works as a toggle to stop cruising too.

    Cruise can also be used from commands /cruise once piloted to cruise in the direction you are facing and /cruiseoff to stop cruising.

    You can adjust course once we are Cruising by using the sign or rotate commands.

    Cruise signs need to be put onto full block, no half blocks or stairs.

    Cruise: OFF


    Create a sign on your ship with on the first line, Right click with an empty hand and this will turn into a wheel

    Rotate by right clicking the sign with a empty hand to rotate clockwise and left click with an empty hand to rotate anti-clockwise, this will cause your whole ship to rotate.

    \ || /

    / || \

    Maneuvering block by block


    Man overboard!

    Quantum Of The Seas Cruise Ship

    Planet Minecraft  View topic

    Ahoy! Today Im super excited to release a project that has been in the works for a very, very long time: Quantum of the Seas! this is a 1:1 scale replica that includes a full interior including all entertainment areas, crew areas, and all staterooms aboard the real Quantum of the Seas.

    How about a bit of history? Quantum of the Seas was announced in February of 2011, as the next generation of Royal Caribbean cruise ships. She was completed in 2014, and she spent her inaugural cruising season sailing out of New Jersey. She features never before done at sea features including an observation tower, a bionic bar, a skydiving simulator, and even bumper cars.

    Stats: Beam: 41m waterline, 49m at the bridge Draught: 8.8m Propulsion: two ABB Azipod XO units

    I hope you guys enjoy, this project has taken a lot of time to complete

    Also, huge thanks to everyone who helped me complete the build, including CharlesGoldburn, jga620, Thor_IAD, Vohon and more that Im likely forgetting :s

    Additional Credits: Built by: ProdigyzMined

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    Build Your Own Custom Working Minecraft Ships On Piratecraft

    You can create your own completely custom ships on PirateCraft without mods! Pair your ships with Cannons you can fire in collective as you sail!

    Sail instantly after joining, you will be able to unlock larger ships as you /rankup

    Or Bypass all ranking and inherit all ships and cannons by getting a Contributor Rank.

    How To Build A Ship In Minecraft

    Building a ship in minecraft can be one of the most difficult things to build. Their rounded shapes are very difficult to recreate with large blocks, without making it look weird.

    Im by no means a ship building expert and I dont claim this guide is the best way to build a ship, but hopefully itll help people, especially beginners, design and create their own ships.

    Just a note, the difference between a ship and a boat is that a boat is smaller. You could say a boat fits into a ship. Though the difference doesnt really matter, as most people use both terms for the same thing anyway.

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    How Do I Get My Ship Featuerd In The Ship Galleries

    It’s as simple as naming the file correctly and uploading it to the Media Forums! Don’t use an external host like imgur, use the build in uploader, under Attachments click Browse to upload the image from your computer.

    Each ship image needs to have its filename include the ship type, if you do not include this it will not be added.

  • Ship image filename: Shiptype_Builder_Shipname_ID for example: Manowar_zRomichWR_Tulipan_01.jpeg
  • Create a new thread & Upload to Media Forums
  • Tag Media staff member in the forum post or DM them on discord with the forum link and filename to request your image be added to the gallery.
  • Protecting Locking & Useful Information

    How To Build A Cruise Ship In Minecraft! | ep.1 | The Bow

    Ships are not tied to Pirates, So unprotected ships can be stolen unless you protect and lock them!

    You will need to use the land claim system and claim around a ship to protect the blocks from being broken, but as ships can be moved people could still steal them in protected claims, you will also need to lock your ship by placing a piston on it.

    Ships vary in size, speed, materials required, how easily they can be sunk an required blocks.

    Ships can sink, each ship has its own sink percent. If the ship drops below that percent of its required blocks it will sink to the bottom of the ocean. The ship has to be piloted for it to sink, you cant go around sinking peolpes docked ships!

    When Sailing around the world ships have no extra protection, they will burn, holes can be blown into them using cannons, TNT or louring creepers aboard!

    If you fall off your ship or die when piloted the ship will automatically be released from piloted control. Killing a captain will release their ship, ready to steal. There is a 15 second release timer when a player leaves/falls off a ship, you can quickly teleport back onto your ship with /manoverboard

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    Cruise Ships In Creative Mode

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    If you are showing a cruise boat you made, you may use this format if you would like to:Name of Boat:Time it took to build it:Server which you built it on :People who helped :Number of rooms on the boat:Places, Restaurants, and Theaters on the boat:Waterparks/Pools/Waterslides:Anything else you want to share about your Cruise:

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    Quote from FREE-BEEAm I the only one in this topic so far building their own design? That one ship I talked about that took 3 hours – it’s trashed now. I didn’t know about the height restriction so I can’t build the other four decks. Oh well. And the one I made a video of – I deleted the video and realized I didn’t really finish the stern . By time I realized that, I already had the cabins built.And now I am building a larger ship than that one I completed. It’s still smaller than the one I can’t finish, even as it sits. It too is in water. I still need to fill in the main deck. And then I get to build the upper decks and, finally, the cabins. I am ready to quit, but, as I just said, I’m still far from done. I also have to get rid of some bats.

    Ideas For Building Ships

    < My boat

    So you want to build a big ship/boat in Minecraft? Here are some ideas I have come up with from experience.

    First, you should set the world type to superflat, click customize, and use the preset water world. This will start you off on an endless ocean. Build a stack of blocks up from the bottom to the surface of water so you can start building. I first built the hull out of wooden planks, put you can use something else . You might want to build the hull part underneath the water and part above water, but its up to you. I made the mistake of building my whole hull underneath the water, so the boat doesnt look realistic. Whatever. To clear water out of the hull, I used the mod Worldedit and set the water to air. To make it look real, make the edges of the hull slant a little inward. At the top, make a point at the front of the ship.

    Once you have completed the hull, its time to work on building the structures on the surface of the boat. I built a large box-like place closed in on the middle of the ship, and another on top of that. On the front tip of the boat, I put another closed in area and made it the control area . I also made three sails. I build three sets of two, tall wooden poles. Between the wood, I built a huge wool wall, going out from the poles a little, for sails. I also built a fence going all around the hull so nobody falls off.

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    How To Build

    Start off by looking at existing working ships at /warp ships all ships require 2 ingredients wood & wool .

    Each ship type has its own requirements listed in the Ship Types section. If you have just joined you will be a and will only be able to build a Dhow, take a look at the Dhow Spec Card.

    All ships have to be built on or partially in water and not touching any docks or land.

    Once your ship is built you turn it into a ship by adding the Ship control signs, Put a sign on your ship with Dhow on the first line and right click it.

    You will get feedback on your ship, if its too big/small if you are missing required blocks or if you have built in on land instead of water!



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