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How To Craft An Anvil In Minecraft

Renaming Items Through Anvil


Renaming an item using an anvil is easy. Just open the repair and name tools by tapping on the block and you should see a GUI like in the photo above. You should then put the item whose name you want to change in the first slot and enter the new name you desire on the upper box. It should not be more than 35 characters.

Renaming an item using an anvil will cost a single level, plus the prior work penalty of the item if any. The good news is you wont gain a work penalty for renaming an item as opposed to when you are fixing or combining something. Considering this, you may want to rename your items first before doing anything with them. Although renaming wont increase their work penalty, fixing or combining does, and that will be calculated as part of how much a rename will cost if you do it later.

You can also rename stackable items altogether and just pay for a single level and a single work penalty. However, renamed items wont stack with the same items but with different names.

Anvil Recipe In Minecraft

To craft an anvil in Minecraft, you need to follow these steps below:

  • Place three iron blocks on the top row of the crafting table
  • Then, place one iron ingot in the middle of the second row
  • Put three more ingots in the last row.

The recipe should look like the picture below. That’s how to make an anvil on Minecraft!

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What Can You Use Anvils For

Before you get to know how to make an Anvil, its necessary to understand the uses you can give to this block.

Keep in mind that anvils can become damaged over time, so it is normal for them to break after a while.

In that case, its important to mention that you can repair items with anvils, but you cant repair an anvil once it has been broken due to excessive use.

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How To Use An Anvil In Minecraft

Anvil, as we saw before, can be used to both repair or rename items

Anvils are used to create enchanted items in Minecraft. For example, in my previous articles, I showed you how to make an enchanted bow. You can find the link to that article at the start of this article.

Anvils do not just create stuff. They can also be used to repair various items in Minecraft that you wish repairing. For example: enchanted swords and bows.

Making Of A Crafting Table

How to Craft an Anvil in Minecraft: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

The very first step is to make a crafting table. In order to do so you will require to turn logs into wooden planks. Making of the planks will require you to place enough wooden logs in the crafting table as shown below. In the picture. Always remember that crafting table is an important thing to make cobblestones as well as the supplies you may need in order to make an Anvil as.

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Minecraft Anvil Recipe: How To Use An Anvil In Minecraft

Our guide on how to craft a Minecraft anvil and use it to repair and rename items

Looking for a Minecraft anvil recipe? Or how to use this handy block? An anvil in Minecraft is a great tool to have, you can use it to repair and rename items, as well as combine enchanted items.

The anvil is similar to a grindstone, however, any items used on the Minecraft anvil will keep its enchantments. An anvil can become damaged over time and has a 12% chance of damaging every time its used this doesnt affect the anvils function, but it will wear down until its eventually destroyed. Its not possible to repair an anvil, so youll need to keep the Minecraft anvil recipe to hand. An anvil can also be damaged and destroyed from falling, if an air block is below an anvil, it becomes a falling anvil and damages any player or mob it falls onto. It acts the same way as falling sand, gravel, concrete powder, and dragon eggs.

As well as mining for an anvil using a pickaxe, anvils can also be crafted using the following Minecraft anvil recipe.

How To Craft An Anvil In Minecraft

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Anvils can be used to repair tools, weapons and armor, or to enchant and name items. They are crafted using 3 blocks of iron and 4 iron ingots, or 31 iron ingots total.

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Anvil Projectile And Enchanted Books

You can add enchanted books to armor or weapons using an anvil! Whats more, you can even combine enchanted books with the anvil, creating a powerful item that will surely help you in your adventure.

Pro tip

You can transfer enchantments from one item to each other using an anvil! Besides, anvils are the only way to add enchanted books to items. Combining enchantments will grant you the victory!

Finally, you can also make an anvil in Minecraft to use as a heavy projectile. Have you ever seen this happening in cartoons, like Tom & Jerry? Well, it happens in Minecraft too!

This is a massive block – placing it above the sand, or other soft blocks will cause the anvil to fall.

You can create traps with an anvil in Minecraft, but its kind of an expensive block to make, so you might want to look at other options.

How To Use Anvil In Minecraft

How to Craft and Use an Anvil (Minecraft Tutorial)

Place the anvil and right-click on it to open its UI. The anvil can be used to combine enchantments together. Combining two enchanted books will combine the enchantments into the same book. Using an anvil on any item will cause this effect, so stacking all of your enchantments onto a book or tool will start to cost a lot of levels.

You can use these books to enchant weapons or tools. This can also be used as a way to upgrade your enchantments. Combining two of the same enchantment together will upgrade the enchantment to its next level so long as there is another level for the enchantment to reach. If you combine a Sharpness IV enchantment with another enchantment, either from a tool/weapon or a book, it will upgrade to Sharpness V.

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Repairing Normal And Enchanted Items

This is the main use that Minecraft players can give to anvils. You can repair weapons , a piece of armor, and even an iron pickaxe if you want.

There are two main ways to repair items with an anvil in Minecraft. First, you will need a damaged item. Then, lead to the anvil.

Option 1: Place the item you want to repair + the same undamaged item in the crafting grid as shown in the image below:

You can do this with weapons, turtle shells, pickaxes, and more.

Option 2: Place the item you want to repair + the materials used to create such an item in the crafting grid. For example, imagine you need to fix a diamond axe:

Place the axe plus the diamond in a row, and the axe will be repaired in the blink of an eye!

As you might guess, repairing items with an anvil is not free – it will cost you some experience points depending on the specific item you want to fix.

What Does An Anvil Do In Minecraft

Once you have created an anvil in Minecraft, you can place it wherever you like and then interact with it to open the anvil menu. With this menu open, you can rename an item, enchant an item, or repair an item as long as you have the necessary prerequisites. This is especially useful with rare items like the elytra that are difficult to find, because it allows you to repair them before they break.

Here’s what you need:

  • To repair an item: Two damaged versions of the same item, like two damaged diamond swords. You can also use materials. For example, you can put an ‘iron sword’ in the left box, and some ‘iron ingots’ in the right box. Same for stone with stone tools, diamond, etc.
  • To edit a name tag: A name tag.
  • To enchant an item: An item you want to enchant, and an enchanted book.

Here’s how to repair an item with an anvil:

  • Open the anvil menu.

  • Place a worn item in the leftmost box in the anvil menu, then place a second worn item of the same type and material in the box immediately to the right of that. You can also enter a new name for the repaired item at this time.

  • Move the repaired item from the leftmost box into your inventory.

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    How To Repair Anvil In Minecraft

    Anvils themselves cannot be repaired. Using your anvil will cause your anvil to degrade, so try not to use the anvil unless you really want to. You will need to make a new anvil if your old anvil breaks.

    To use an anvil to repair an item, place the item you want to repair in the left-most slot and another of the item in the right slot. If you are repairing an iron pickaxe, you can place another iron pickaxe to repair it. If the tool is iron or better you can use the same type of material to repair it.

    Repairing will cost some levels, and the next subsequent repair will cost more levels for the same tool or armor.

    Where To Find An Anvil In Creative Mode

    How to make an Anvil in Minecraft
    • Java

    Here is where you can find an anvil in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find an anvil in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find an anvil in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find an anvil in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find an anvil in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find an anvil in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find an anvil in the Creative Inventory menu:



    • Platform is the platform that applies.
    • Version is the Minecraft version numbers where the item can be found in the menu location listed .
    • Creative Menu Location is the location of the item in the Creative menu.

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    Minecraft Anvil Crafting Recipe

    1) Gather 31 iron ores

    Iron ore is most commonly found in bedrock. Just dive deep into the ground, and youll find iron ore in no time. One way to find iron ore is to pick up your pickaxe and go into a cave. Mostly, a cave is going to have iron ores waiting just for you.

    I hope you get the idea. But, if you dont get the idea, here is an article for you thatll help you locate iron ores.

    Make sure to collect at least 31 iron ores if you want to make an anvil.

    Now, let us see whats next?

    2) Craft 31 iron ingot

    After you have gathered 31 iron ores, it is time to go back to your furnace and craft 31 iron ingots. Collect some coal and put in the furnace along with iron ores.

    3) Make 3 iron blocks

    How to make iron blocks in Minecraft? Making an iron block in Minecraft is pretty straightforward. Fill up all the spaces in the crafting table with iron ingots. This is how you will get an iron block. An iron block typically takes nine iron ingots.

    Ensure you have crafted three iron blocks before you proceed to the next and final step of making an anvil.

    4) Crafting recipe of Anvil Minecraft

    Okay! It is finally to reveal the crafting recipe of anvil in Minecraft. Are you excited?

    Go to your crafting table and place three iron blocks in the first row. After that, put iron ingots at their respective places, as shown in the given image.

    Congratulations, you have crafted you first ever anvil in Minecraft.

    How To Create An Anvil

    Time needed: 15 minutes.

    To make an anvil in Minecraft you will just need three blocks of iron and four iron bars! While this is relatively simple, you will need quite a stock of iron to make it happen!

  • Obtain Iron Ore

    We’re going to need a lot of iron ore, which can be found pretty much anywhere there’s stone to be mined. Both caves and ravines are great places to find the ore. Any space that’s opened up which gives you a lot of surface area to explore makes it easier to spot it. You also might see it in the side of a mountain or hill. If you can’t find it that way, mine your way downwards, and you should eventually come across it. It’s one of the more common ores you will find in the game.

  • Create Iron Bars

    We need 27 iron bars to create the blocks of iron we need, and we’re going to need an additional four iron bars for the base of the anvil. So, start smelting with a furnace. This will be a long process, so you might want to get a few furnaces going to get it done quicker!

  • Create Blocks of Iron

    As mentioned, we need three blocks of iron which require a total of 27 iron bars. Fill up your Crafting Table with the bars to make a full block of iron.

  • Create the Anvil

    Now that we have all the iron we need, we just need to place it in the Crafting Table in the right shape! The recipe for the Anvil is three blocks of iron across the top, three iron bars across the bottom, and one iron bar in the middle!

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    How To Make A Gun In Minecraft

    To craft a gun, you will need:

    • 6 blocks
    • A lever
    • Arrows

    First, Position your dispenser, a Redstone dust behind it, and 2 blocks behind that. Position a block above your rear blocks and put Redstone torches on the bottom of the rear blocks and dust on top. Finally, place a lever on the back of the rear, and it will turn on the machine.

    How To Make An Anvil In Minecraft Xbox 360 Ps4 And Pc

    MINECRAFT | How to Make an Anvil – 1.14.4

    How To Make an Anvil in Minecraft? Well, if you are a Minecraft player with a fresh world, anvils can be expensive. It is necessary for players that want to upgrade armor, tools, and weapons to have the best enchantments. An anvil that is falling can actually harm any player that it hits. This means that they are used as projectiles in the Minecraft game. In the course of this article, we would be learning how to Make an Anvil in Minecraft. Anvils in Minecraft can cause up to 20 hearts of damage should they fall from a height of 40 blocks.

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    What Is Anvil In Minecraft How To Make Or Craft It

    This Minecraft guide explains how to make or craft anvil in minecraft.

    Minecraft is all about blocks, everything you do in the game is co-related with the blocks. Thats why, Minecraft features a huge list of Blocks that are used in the game for various purposes such as crafting items, repairing items, rename items, and combining enchantments, etc. One such block in the Minecraft game is Anvil.

    Anvil is one of the many blocks in Minecraft that allows players to repair, rename items, and combine enchantments on them. You can also use Anvil in Minecraft to rename your tools. So, how would you get or craft an Anvil block in Minecraft? Simply check out the post below to get your answer.

    Where Can You Find An Anvil For Free In Minecraft

    If you do not feel like crafting an anvil out of the iron you mine yourself, then there’s a place in Minecraft where you can get one for free. The anvil will spawn naturally in the Forge Room of the Woodland Mansion in the Dark Forrest or Dark Forrest Hills biomes.

    These structures are visible from far away, but do look out for the mobs that inhabit there. You will be fighting a lot of creatures inside the mansion to get to that anvil. Therefore, if you don’t have the adventurous spirit in you, we recommend crafting one instead.

    In case you don’t want any of the hassles, just hop into Creative Mode and pull an anvil out of the Creative Menu. It’s free to grab there!

    That’s everything you need to know about how to make an anvil in Minecraft. Remember, it takes 31 iron ingots to craft one. So, if you don’t have enough iron, keep on mining! For more information, tips, and tricks regarding Minecraft, visit our website at

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    How To Obtain Iron Ingots And Blocks In Minecraft

    To make iron ingots and blocks in Minecraft, you need a furnace, iron ore, and fuel such as coal, charcoal, or wood. If you’re primarily interested in making an anvil, you will need a total of at least 31 iron ore to get the job done, but you may want to gather some extra in case you accidentally make too many iron blocks, or if you want to make some armor, weapons, a shield, or tools.

    Here’s how to make iron ingots and blocks in Minecraft:

  • Mine iron ore.

  • Open your furnace menu, and place your ore and fuel.

  • Wait for the iron ore to finish smelting.

  • Move the iron ingots into your inventory.

  • Open the crafting table menu.

  • Place iron ingots into every slot of the crafting table like this.

  • Move your iron blocks into your inventory.


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