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How To Duplicate Maps In Minecraft

How To Keep Maps In Frames

How to copy maps in Minecraft PE

Creating a map wall is useful if you have lots of newcomers to your realm, or if you simply want to keep track of the Overworld you’re building in.

First, you want to craft some frames using sticks and leather.

Next, you want to place the frame on your wall by right-clicking with the frame in your hand.

With initialized map in-hand, right-click the frame to post the map. You can do this multiple times to create a mosaic of maps.

What Can You Do With Cloned Maps In Minecraft

Cloning a map allows you to share with friends. You can also place a cloned map into a frame and carry the other clone with you in your inventory both maps will update at the same time despite one map remaining at home. You can place extra empty maps alongside your initialized map to create more than one clone.

Usage Of Recipes In Minecraft Cartography Table

It has been amazing since the Minecraft Cartography table has been in the game. It has made cloning, making and forming it super easy. Before when you wanted to resize a map you needed to combine 8 paper, but in the Minecraft Cartography table now you just need to put the map in one slot and put one paper in 2nd slot and combine them to get a bigger map. You can see the preview of that in the middle of the screen as you combine them. You can resize the map to make it bigger up-to 4 times, which means you will have a bigger space to explore.

Once you are done resizing you can explore the map and you will see that map extending as you move more and explore it. Now, if you dont want your map to get messed up and generate new things. Simply lock it, for locking the map in the Minecraft Cartography table you can use a recipe that combines your map and glass pane that will lock your map. So now you can explore as much as you want and your map wont be generating anything new. Also, it will never generate again thats the thing about it once its locked its locked forever.

Now, If you want to clone your existing map before you lock it in the Minecraft Cartography table because you do want a map that you can explore even if it messes up. So you can simply put the explored map in one slot and in the 2nd slot put your empty map and you will get a cloned map.

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What Is The Minecraft Cartography Table

Basically, its a block that is used to explore, lock, zoom out, and to clone the map. Minecraft cartography tables are usually found in villages in a cartographer house and can be obtained by players hands or anything. Although obtaining by mining with an axe is definitely a quicker way.

The Cartography table is used with the help of some recipes that let you clone, zoom, explore, create and lock maps.

What Are Explorer Maps

Minecraft 93 Duplicate maps

Explorer Maps are special types of maps which work differently to regular maps. Explorer Maps show an area where there is a rare structure type: either a Buried Treasure, a Woodland Mansion, or an Ocean Monument. The rare structure will always be marked somewhere on the map by an icon.

Explorer Maps cannot be crafted. To get one, you have to trade Emeralds and a Compass with a Cartography Villager .

Explorer Maps often show areas far away from the player, but you’ll always be able to see where you are in relation to the map by looking at the player marker. If you’re outside the boundaries of the map, your player marker will be small and appear somewhere on the map border. As you approach, the marker will get larger. Once you pass the map boundary, you’ll begin to explore and fill out the map, just like a normal map.

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Clone Command In Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

In Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, there are 2 syntaxes for the /clone command.

To clone a source region to a destination region:

/clone < begin> < end> < destination>   

To clone only a specific block in a source region to a destination region:

/clone < begin> < end> < destination>  filtered < normal¦force¦move> < tileName> < tileData> 


  • begin is the starting x y z coordinate for the source region to clone .
  • end is the ending x y z coordinate for the source region to clone .
  • destination is the x y z coordinate for the destination region. Use the lowest x,y,z values for the destination. This will be the bottom NorthWest corner of the destination region.
  • replace is optional. It will clone all blocks, including air .
  • masked is optional. It will clone only blocks that are not air.
  • normal will clone the blocks from the source region to the destination region .
  • force will force the clone if the source region and destination region overlap.
  • move will clone the blocks from the source region to the destination. Then replace the cloned blocks in the source region with air .
  • filtered will clone only blocks that match the tileName.
  • tileName is the name of the block to clone.
  • tileData is the data value of the block to clone.

How To Duplicate Banners Minecraft Bedrock

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Minecraft How To Make A Map Or Map Wall

Learn how to make a Map & Map Wall in Minecraft with our easy to follow guide! We’ll run you through the step-by-step process of creating Maps and creating a nice Map Wall for decoration. If you want to know where you’re going and where you’ve been, then creating these is going to be important to your adventuring.

Can I Get Hacked On 2b2t

Minecraft Bedrock – Craft, Scale, Connect, & Copy Maps Tutorial (Xbox/MCPE/Windows 10 / Switch)

2builders2tools is a Minecraft server founded in December 2010. As the server has virtually no rules or authority, griefing and hacking are common amongst players, with no risk of getting banned. The server is permanently set to the hard difficulty, and player versus player combat is always possible.

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Track Maps Relative Positions

It’s helpful to keep track of the relative positions of the maps. A useful method of displaying the map set is to craft 10 Item Frames and place them on a wall in a 3-by-3 square with the tenth atop or beside the square. Place the zoom-level 4 overview in the tenth item frame. Place the nine maps in their appropriate positions in the 3×3 square. A sign can be added which identifies the origin and perhaps the corner coordinates. You could also duplicate any of these which you wish to carry with you while fully exploring an area. Information added to one copy will be automatically updated to all other copies.

Set of maps in item frames before 1.8

In the illustration, the sign provides the map # of each of the maps shown. Map #127 is the center map. Map #185 is the map to the north, #189 to the right of that, and the numbering continues clockwise.

As another option, use a chest, and store the maps in slots in the chest that correspond with their in-world positions. If you use this trick, be careful to put them back in the right place once done with them.

You could also craft a Book & Quill in which you can write descriptions of what the map-set covers. This is a useful place to make notes of interesting spots found on those maps. That Book & Quill can be placed in an item frame next to the map set.

Another trick is to name maps on an anvil. You can name a map for its center or its position relative to other maps, i.e. at the origin of your mapping, one map east of the origin.

How To Download And Install Maps In Minecraft

Minecraft has been one of the popular game for many years. It is a sandbox game where you can do anything in the game that is on your mind. The game has three different modes that you can play single player or multiplayer with friends. There are many custom maps created by users to enjoy different environments with different modes. However, most of the users dont know how to install these maps for their Minecraft. In this article, we will show you the methods of installing custom maps for Minecraft on different platforms.

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Does The Map Hinder Exploration

While using it, the map isnt held right in front of your screen. If you look down, the map will go full screen and give you an in-detail view. However, if you look up, the map gets brought down. It works similarly to how looking at a map would work in real life. Bear in mind, though, that using the map does hinder the activities that involve using various items in the world.

Can You See The Players Buildings

How to copy maps in Minecraft PE

Yes, the buildings that you create in Minecraft will be visible, as long as the location is explored. However, if a building is below the 16×16 blocks minimum, they wont show on the map. If you happen to make any changes to the structure, they wont show on the map until you revisit the location with a map in the avatars hand.

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Using A Cartography Table

In some versions of Minecraft , you can also use a Cartography Table to create a map. First, create the table:

Once you’ve got that setup, just put in a single piece of paper into the bottom slot! That’s it, you’ve now created an Empty Map. Here’s some other stuff you can create:

  • Map + Paper = Expanded Cleared Map
  • Map + Empty Map = Cloned Map
  • Map + Glass Pane = Locked Map
  • Map + Compass = Locator Map
  • Empty Map + Compass = Empty Locator Map
  • Paper + Compass = Empty Locator Map

How To Make A Map For Minecraft

Lee StantonRead more December 3, 2020

In any game, maps are there to help you navigate the world. In Minecraft, the maps do the same thing. Theyre handy,particularly in the games multiplayer and survival modes.

The maps in Minecraft dont do anything special they show you the surrounding area and help you find yourway.

However, like any other object in Minecraft, maps are crafted. Yes, youre the one who needs to do it. Whetherwere talking about the PC, Xbox 360, PS4, or any other platform, crafting maps in Minecraft is done in the same way.

Heres a basics guide for Minecraft Maps.

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How To Copy Banners In Minecraft

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How Do You Make A 44 Map In Minecraft

Minecraft How To Duplicate Maps

Once you have at least one piece of redstone dust and four iron ore blocks, smelt the ore into four iron ingots with a furnace. Then at a crafting table, place the four ingots in four spaces adjacent to the center block, where youll place the redstone dust. Once you have your materials, you can finally make a map.

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How To Initialize And Use Maps

Maps won’t begin to fill in until you initialize them, allowing you to transport blank maps to new, undiscovered locations.

To initialize a map, place an empty map in your hotbar the bottom row of your inventory then right-click with it in your hand. The empty map will turn into a drawn map. As you walk around, the map will fill in. If you explore past the boundary of the map, your indicator will stay along the border without filling anything in. In this case, it’s time to zoom your map out, or create an entirely new map and initialize it in the new area.

Pc Vs Console Versions

In the PC version of Minecraft, a single map cannot possibly display the entire world, as a Minecraft world is potentially infinite. However, in the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions, a single map can cover the entire world. In all versions except Pi Edition, the map will display any and all players in the world and their locations. This feature was first introduced in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and was later added into Minecraft Java Edition via update 1.5, and Also has been added to Bedrock Edition.

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How To Make A Copy Of A Map In Minecraft

Screenshot by Gamepur

When youre playing on Survival mode in Minecraft, it can be pretty easy for you and your friends to lose yourselves in the world. The maps are beneficial to show where everyone is in the world and how far away you are from important landmarks and waypoints. However, if one of the players goes exploring, standard communication is slow for players to describe where they went and what they found. A good way for you to share information about where youve been with your friends is to create a copy of your map, and theres only one way you can do it.

You can create a copy of your map that other players can use by placing it on a cartography table. If you need to make a cartography table, these are all the ingredients you need.

  • 2 Paper
  • 4 Planks

Alternatively, you can also find cartography tables inside a cartographers home in a village, but having your own made for your base is a far more reliable method unless you set up close to a village.

Clone Command In Minecraft Java Edition

How To Copy A Map In Minecraft

In Minecraft Java Edition 1.13, 1.14, 1.15 and 1.16, the /clone command has different syntaxes depending on what you want to do.

To clone a source region to a destination region:

/clone < begin> < end> < destination>   

To clone only a specific block in a source region to a destination region:

/clone < begin> < end> < destination>  filtered < tileName> < normal¦force¦move> 

In Minecraft Java Edition 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 1.11 and 1.12, the syntax for the /clone command is:

/clone < x1> < y1> < z1> < x2> < y2> < z2> < x> < y> < z>     


  • begin is the starting x y z coordinate for the source region to clone .
  • end is the ending x y z coordinate for the source region to clone .
  • destination is the x y z coordinate for the destination region. Use the lowest x,y,z values for the destination. This will be the bottom NorthWest corner of the destination region.
  • < x1> < y1> < z1> is the starting coordinate for the source region to clone .
  • < x2> < y2> < z2> is the ending coordinate for the source region to clone .
  • < x> < y> < z> is the coordinate for the destination region. Use the lowest x,y,z values for the destination. This will be the bottom NorthWest corner of the destination region.
  • maskMode is optional. It tells the command whether to filter the blocks that are being clone. The default behavior is replace. It can be one of the following values:
  • replace – Clones all blocks, including air.
  • masked – Clones only blocks that are not air.
  • filtered – Clones only blocks that match the tileName.

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How To Clone A Map Using Cartography Table

Left: Java | Right: Bedrock

Cartography Table also can be used to clone/copy a Map.

To do this, put your Map into the first slot and Empty Map into the second slot.

Then, you can get your original Map and copied Map.

You can clone any type of Maps, even Locked Maps using a Cartography Table.

Tip: You can also clone/copy Map through Crafting Table . The method is no different than using Cartography Table. However, you can clone Maps more efficiently since it has more slots. See the video below.

Cloning Maps using Crafting Table

Cloning A Map Using An Anvil

To copy a map using an anvil, players will need an empty map of the same type. For example, to clone a locator map, they will require another locator map that is empty. Only one clone can be created at a time.

Once the player has the same type of map, they have to place the map that needs to be cloned in the first slot of the anvil and the empty map in the second slot. Two identical maps can then be collected from the third slot.

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How To Make A Minecraft Map: Maps Cartography Tables And Explorer Maps Explained

Minecraft maps are a great way to track your exploration through a magnificent and unique new world. But thanks to additions such as the Cartography Table in recent times, using a map in Minecraft is a slightly more complex and interesting task than it once was.

Learn how to make a map in Minecraft below, along with details on how to make and use Cartography Tables, the differences between Explorer Maps and regular maps, and powerful third-party mapping tools.


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