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What Are Honey Blocks Used For In Minecraft

How To Get Honey From A Beehive

The BEST Ways to Use New Honey Blocks in Minecraft!

You can tell that a hive is ready to be harvested when it’s dripping honey. Use a glass bottle on the full hive to get yourself a Honey Bottle. Consuming that restores 6 Hungerand lasts a quarter longer than normal foodand cures you of poison, but you can still drink it when your Hunger meter is full.

Where To Find Bees In Minecraft

These critters are easily found in flowery forests and grasslands. Bees always appear close to their hives, which can accumulate up to five levels of honey and are used as a method of communication between them.

As in real life, the smoke calms them down, so if you place a fire near the hive, you can access the honey and combs without problems. If you want to move a hive, you have to make sure you have a touch of silk; otherwise, you will break it. Also, Read Microsoft updates the requirements for Windows 11.

Where To Find Bees In Minecraft And How To Extract Honey Sweet Delicacy

The bees in Minecraft are cute, abnormally large, and dangerous if they are treated carelessly. They are considered neutral creatures, well, but apart from attacking you if you attack them, when they bite you they lose their stinger and die oops! In other words, as in real life, bees must be protected and cared for.

Lets see, but you are not going to stay all your life looking at them and being careful with them, because they are an inexhaustible source of honey, delicious and sweet honey. All they need is sun, calm, and flowers to pollinate, of course. But do you know where to find them? How to take care of them, extract the honey? Then you are in the right place. Keep reading, bzz!

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How To Use Minecraft Honey Blocks

Honey blocks in Minecraft have a wide range of uses, heres our list of everything we know about honey blocks in Minecraft:

  • Reduces fall damage: Honey blocks reduce fall damage significantly
  • Reduces speed: Sprinting across honey blocks will greatly reduce speed, not just for you, but items skimming the side of a honey block wall
  • Sticks to other blocks: Honey blocks stick to all other blocks, even Minecraft slime blocks
  • Reduces jump height: Youll still be able to grace the air, just not quite as high you wont be able to jump up a standard block
  • Transportation: Yes, thats right, you can use honey blocks to create a working conveyor belt. If a honey block is pushed by a piston, youll stick to the block. This also applies to mobs.

If you place a honey block in a 1×1 hole, any unsuspecting mob that falls in wont be able to jump out thanks to the gooey substance at their feet even if the honey block is concealed by carpet or a trap door. We can think of several potential ways to trick our friends with this trap, but its also a great method to stop mobs such as villagers and livestock from escaping and wandering around when we need to keep them in one place.

More Minecraft blocks: A guide to Minecraft Netherite

Fun with honey doesnt end there several creative players have madeMinecraft parkour maps with honey blocks, using the blocks sticky qualities to deftly slide across walls of glutinous amber at high speeds.

How Do You Make A Beehive In Minecraft

Minecraft 1.15 : Interesting uses of the Honey Block ...

Youll need three pieces of honeycomb and six Wooden Planks to create a beehive. However, youll need to bring some bees to their new home though: do that by using a flower to attract them, or just leash them and bring them with you. We hope you go for the more humane choice. Plus, you can get bees to breed by giving them a flower, which is kind of cute.

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How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft Even When Getting Attacked

So, lets guide you through on How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft. Just as it is in real life, bees are sweet little insects that are the only true source of honey. The game mechanics of the Minecraft game is designed in the same way!; It is important for a Minecraft to know that honey is a very important item in the Minecraft biome.

In the course of this article, we would take you through a practical guide on how to get a honeycomb in the Minecraft game. What to do with Honeycomb, and how to make a beehive in the game. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

What Can A Player Do With Honeycomb In Minecraft

To be able to harvest honeycombs in Minecraft, a player would a nest or a hive. It is from nests and hives that a player can get from 1 to 3 honeycombs in the game.

All the same, harvesting them from bee nests might give off a buzzy experience and make the bees to be very hostile. That is why, as stated earlier, you would need to keep a campfire under the hive. You need to ensure that this campfire is the type that cannot burn the bees.

Honeycombs are used for 2 interesting things in the Minecraft game, and they are; to make honeycomb blocks and for crafting beehives. To be able to make a honeycomb block, the Minecraft player would need at least 4 piece of honeycomb.

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Using Honey Bottles To Collect Honey In The Minecraft Game

When a Minecraft player uses a dispenser to collect honey from a beehive with a glass bottle, there would be a honey bottle that would be placed in the inventory of the player.

For a Minecraft gamer to be able to extract the honey bottles from the dispenser, they would need something called an item sorter. You would need to fill up to 9 slots of the dispenser with glass bottles.

The more glass bottles that the player can load into the dispenser, the longer the system can run honey without any need or restocking.; To be able to free up bottles for reuse, the player would need to pick up the bottles and craft them into honey blocks.

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How To Get Honey

20 Creative Ways to use Honey Blocks in Minecraft 1.15!

Finding the stuff is the hardest part when it comes to honey in Minecraft.

Bee nests will spawn in densely wooded areas. So biomes like Flower Forests are the best place to find them.

If you see a bee just follow it and it will eventually take you back to its nest.

EMBRACE THE SUN: Create your own flowery, buzzy, world

Once there you can collect honey by clicking on the nest while holding an empty bottle.

The bees won’t be too happy with you so be ready to run! You can fight them off but given their scarcity killing bees isn’t ideal.

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How To Breed Bees In Minecraft

Like most passive mobs in Minecraft, you can breed bees and create your own little farm.

To get bees to follow you or mate you’ll need flowers. basically, any flower will do.

READY TO HARVEST: A dripping hive means you can extract golden goods!

Make sure you have a beehive ready at your base once you’ve drawn bees in. To make it you’ll need six wood planks and three honeycomb.

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You don’t need to breed bees for a hive, as an empty one will be used as a home by bees in the area. However, its better to bring some with you if you intend on living away from a forest.

Where To Find Bees In The Minecraft

The bees are found in mainly three biomes very commonly- The flower forest, plains and sunflower and the plains biomes. There are bee nests on the trees and they spawn near them. ;These bees are usually found in the same region as one sees the Bees. These bees have the ability to communicate with the fellow bees in the game. The Honeycombs will be found on two types of trees Oak and Birch tree.

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How To Harvest Honey And Honeycomb At A Bee Farm

Bee Farms are useful for harvesting both Honey and Honeycomb, which are two resources that have different purposes.

To harvest Honeycomb, you’ll need to use Shears on a Beehive or Bee Nest that has reached a “honey level” of 5.

Honeycomb is used to create Beehives and Candles, and it can also be used to “wax” various kinds of Copper blocks.

To harvest Honey, right-click on the Beehive or Bee Nest with an empty Glass Bottle. This will fill the bottle with Honey.

Honey can be placed in a crafting window to produce 3 Sugar, or you can put 4 Honey in a 2×2 grid to create a Honey Block, a block which deters and slows mobs, and lowers fall damage for anything that lands on it.

Make sure you place a lit Campfire under any Beehive or Bee Nest that you’re about to harvest Honey or Honeycomb from, as this will stop the Bees from attacking you when you do so.

To make a Campfire in a Crafting Table window, fill the bottom row with 3 Logs, place 1 Coal in the middle of the grid, and then place 3 sticks above and to the left and right of the Coal, as you see below:

Bees may be dangerous under certain circumstances, but I’ve always found them to be a beautiful outdoor sight while exploring new Minecraft worlds. If you have the itch to explore and discover new lands, be sure to check out our list of the best Minecraft seeds. And if you really want to make your new world pop, be sure to check out our page on the best Minecraft shader packs.

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In The Latest Major Update To Minecraft Players Can Now Encounter Bees And Utilise Sticky Honey Blocks

Minecraft 1.15 Snapshot 19w41a Honey Block! Honeycomb ...

Image Source:;Minecraft YouTube

Released on 11 December to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of Minecraft, the major update Buzzy Bees has brought swarms of bees to the ever-popular game to wreak havoc upon villagers and players alike. Well, only if theyre provoked.;

The update, noted as Java Edition 1.15 and Bedrock Edition 1.14.0, brings in many fixes to existing bugs as well as a load of new blocks, items, and, of course, a new mob: bees. While the bees are the main attraction, Minecraft players will undoubtedly enjoy experimenting with the almighty honey blocks.;

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How To Keep Bees In Minecraft

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 13,082 times.

Bees are a mob introduced in the 1.15 Update. They fly around, pollinating flowers and producing honey. Keeping bees can be confusing, but this article will explain exactly how to do it.

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The Chocolate Buttercream Frosting that I used on this cake is a real winner. Its thick and rich and delicious.

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The chocolate buttercream frosting is applied between each layer of the cake and also around the bottom of the Minecraft grass block.

The green frosting on the top of the cake is traditional buttercream that I dyed green using Americolor Gel Color Food Dye. I made it extra thick so that the grass on top of the cake would stand up a bit.

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Making Honey Blocks In Minecraft

As one would expect, the material needed for crafting a Honey Block is Honey itself. This sweet substance is found in bee nests the randomly generate throughout their world, primarily in Plains and Forest Plains biomes. In order to procure it, players will need to right-click the nests using an easily craftable glass bottle. However, Bees guard their hives and can defeat the player with their poison if theyre not careful! To gather honey safely, simply place a campfire underneath the hive and the bees will calm down. These hives do not yield infinite honey though, as the Bees living there must supply it with pollen. There are 3 Bees per have, and the process can take a while, so procuring enough honey for several honey blocks can take a while. To expedite the honey gathering process, players can build and farm their own beehives. Just place 3 honeycombs, obtainable by shearing a bee nest , in between 3 wood planks in a crafting table. Now, honey can be harvested from bees much quicker to make more and more Honey Blocks!

With enough honey, players can start to craft Honey Blocks to their hearts content. As noted, honey is gathered using glass bottles. Once players have acquired 4 bottles worth, they can make a single Honey Block. To do so, place the 4 bottles in a crafting table to make the new block. The bottles are reused after each block is made, so players wont have to craft new ones repeatedly.

Using Honey Blocks in Minecraft

New Additions To Minecraft With The Buzzy Bees Update

22 Minecraft Honey Block Build Hacks!

The first thing that Minecraft players need to know about the update is the behaviour of the bees. They are a new mob, but they are passive creatures in the game. That can change very quickly, however, if theyre attacked. One bee can call upon a bunch more bees to seize their new foe, using potentially fatal attacks.;

On medium and hard difficulty, players can get poisoned if stung by a bee. When the bee stings you, it leaves its stinger and then dies, but doesnt drop any loot so theres little sense in trying to beat up a bunch of bees. They can be commonly found in flower forests, with trees used to house their homes and the activity of the bees being centred around finding flowers, collecting pollen, and then returning to their homes.;

Bees will avoid water, including the rain, and wont come out at night. While they are out and about, they spill pollen where they fly, which can help to grow crops. In Minecraft, bees can be housed by crafting a beehive and bred by using flowers.;

The new bee nests are the naturally generated blocks that house bees in the wild, which can fill up with honey. Other new blocks to the game are the decorative honeycomb blocks, the player-crafted beehives, and honey blocks which well get to shortly.;

Bees are great, but the most exciting aspect of the Buzzy Bees update in Minecraft is the honey blocks.

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You Can Now Do Parkour In Minecraft With Honey

Minecrafts progression over the past few updates has mostly made sense. We got bees in Minecraft, then we got honey. Naturally, the next step was honey blocks. Then, of course, honey blocks make parkour. Yeah, that last bit might seem like a bit of a stretch, but players have found that honeys sticky benefits can turn you into a veritable Prince of Persia.

The Minecraft honey block hit the game in last weeks snapshot update, craftable by bringing together four honey bottles. The blocks, then, can be used for construction. You can stick to honey walls even in midair, and you keep your momentum after getting sticky so players have already started building parkour courses with the new mechanics, as Kotaku notes.

Players have been doing ad hoc parkour for ages using Minecrafts ladders, but it looks like the physics of honey will give us much more fun, nuanced movement mechanics. You can even cover up the honey blocks with wall tiles for better aesthetics, though you will perhaps spend more time than you like listening to that gross squelching sound.

The possibilities range from the simple

What To Do To Collect Honey

Whenever you see a hive overflowing with honey, its your time to come up with an empty bottle to fill it up. These bottles allow you to create sugar, your own artificial hive, or honey blocks. Then there are the combs, which are obtained using scissors on the complete combs.

A hive will fill up when the bees can move around and work on their little flowers without hassle or fright. The best way to know if a hive is complete is to wait for those drops of honey to appear. Also, Read Top 5 Cheats for Township Video Game.

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    And as an added bonus, I made the Minecraft grass block a little taller and more square thanks to the extra frosting.


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