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How To Get Every Dye In Minecraft

How To Get Dyes In Minecraft

How to get Every Dye in Minecraft – Java and Bedrock

To make most dyes in the game you can do so through flowers. There are seven primary colors in Minecraft used to make different shades of dye. Five of these colors can be made through flowers, black, red, yellow, blue, and white. You cannot find brown or green dye through flowers.

To get black dye you will have to hunt down squids to get ink sacs or as a more expensive option you can use wither roses to get black dye.

To get brown dye you will need to locate cocoa beans grown in jungles.

Finally, to get green dye you will need to smelt cactus.

Minecraft Achievement: Rainbow Collection

In order to earn the “Rainbow Collection” achievement, Minecraft Bedrock players will need to acquire one of every single piece of colored wool in the game.

White wool is the easiest to get, as it can be obtained by either killing or shearing white sheep with a pair of shears. Shearing white sheep is, by far, the more renewable choice between the two, as the sheep’s wool will eventually grow back. This means that players will be able to repeatedly get more wool from the same sheep.

However, sheep can also naturally generate with black, gray, light gray, brown or pink wool. This can be a great way for players with a bit of luck to obtain some of the extra colored wool required for the Rainbow Collection achievement.

Minecraft players can obtain a piece of colored wool by combining any color of dye with a block of white wool in the player crafting window or at a crafting table. To get the Rainbow Collection achievement, players will just need to do this for every single color of dye except for white.

That aspect of the achievement is simple enough, but getting every single color of dye is a bit trickier to do. Luckily, this is not a monumental task and will simply require a bit of game knowledge and time.

The sixteen types of dye that can be acquired in Minecraft are white, light gray, gray, black, brown, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, cyan, light blue, blue, purple, magenta and pink.

How To Make Black Dye In Minecraft

Going down, the next dye we are going to be explaining how to make is black dye. To start, you can make it with two items following a similar crafting pattern as the last one, meaning once you find these items, all you need to do is place them inside a crafting table to craft black dye.

Here are the materials you will need for black dye.

  • Ink Sac: If you want one of these, you will need to find and kill some squids they will be floating around in water sources like oceans.
  • Wither Rose: To get these flowers, you will need to wait until a wither kills a mob, shortly after a wither rose should drop.

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How To Obtain Every Dye Color In Minecraft Survival Mode

Part of the fun of Minecraft is definitely the building. And creating colorful builds, or dying sheep different colors is definitely a fun way to show off your creativity. In creative mode, every dyed block, item or entity is just a click away, but in survival mode, it takes time to gather every dye in the game. Here is how to acquire all 16 dye colors in Minecraft survival mode.

Note: This guide is optimized for Java Edition. Bedrock Edition is similar enough to use this guide for, but has the following discrepancies: Lapis Lazuli instead of Blue Dye, Bone Meal instead of White Dye and Ink Sacs instead of Black Dye

Where To Find Lime Dye In Creative Mode

How to get every color of dye in Minecraft
  • Java

Here is where you can find lime dye in the Creative Inventory menu:


Here is where you can find lime dye in the Creative Inventory menu:


Here is where you can find lime dye in the Creative Inventory menu:


Here is where you can find lime dye in the Creative Inventory menu:


Here is where you can find lime dye in the Creative Inventory menu:


Here is where you can find lime dye in the Creative Inventory menu:


Here is where you can find lime dye in the Creative Inventory menu:



  • Platform is the platform that applies.
  • Version is the Minecraft version numbers where the item can be found in the menu location listed .
  • Creative Menu Location is the location of the item in the Creative menu.

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How To Get Every Color Of Dye In Minecraft

Dyes in Minecraft are one of the primary ways to add color to the game world, by being used to change the natural color of a plethora of items, blocks, and mobs.

Minecraft is a game of opportunity where players are only limited by their own creativity and imagination. Throughout history, people have expressed their own unique individuality and preferences through their color choices.

Minecraft players have the same opportunity to do so with the use of dyes. Dyes are primarily used to recolor popular items such as beds, the collar of a tamed pet, stained glass, and more.

There are sixteen dyes that players can find in Minecraft, and this article will be showcasing how to get every single one.

Recommended Primary Color Sources

The best way to obtain these dyes are through Flower Farms, Squid Farms, Cocoa Farms, and Cactus Farms. Most flowers can be harvest from Flower Forests, Sunflower Plains, or Plains biomes. Applying Bonemeal to a grass block can sometimes result in flower that is found in that specific biome.

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Squid farms involve large bodies of water designed to kill Squids for their Ink Sacs to produce Black Dye. Cocoa Farms require Jungle Wood and are easy to set up. Cactus farms require Sand and Cactus sourced from Deserts or Mesas.

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How To Make Brown Dye In Minecraft How To Make Brown Dye

This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft brown dye with screenshots and step-by-step instructions, In Minecraft, brown dye is a new dye item that has This is the Minecraft crafting recipe for brown dye.Wool is that element in Minecraft, which helps players make many things like threads and many more. It helps the players have some profits from wool by The wool comes from sheep, and if players know how to deal with a sheep, they can easily get wool.EWool is one of the primary items that players dye in Minecraft, because it is used to create the colored version of several other blocks. Heres how to get them and how to use them.

How to Apply Dye to Minecraft Items Dyeing wool and sheep. Wool can be dyed in two ways. The first is to place any dye and a wool block on the Redyeing Wool is an exception this is based on Vanilla Minecrafts white wool dye recipe.Many intersting facts and information about how to dye wool minecraft.How do you make Red Wool in Minecraft? There is no brown dye to dye wool brown, you just place it along with Cocoa Beans into your crafting slot, to make Brown Wool.Minecraft how to make string from wool? Wool Official Minecraft Wiki. University.

How To Get Green Dye In Minecraft

How To Make EVERY Color DYE In Minecraft (Minecraft Dye Tutorial)

The green dye in Minecraft plays a major role as it is considered the primary color in the game because most of the items are used to dye green. If players get the green dye, then they will easily make their surroundings more beautiful and also dont have to live in a dull environment.

You should know about this dye so that you can have it and learn how to make a beacon in Minecraft. It will help you to learn more with one element. Most of the players dont know how to get the green dye, which makes them lack behind from grabbing many benefits from it. The green dye is such an essential factor of the game that every player should know about it because it can be used for different purposes.

If you learn how to get this dye, you can easily take advantage of it and use it for multiple tasks. You should pay attention to all the important elements of the game so that you wont get into major trouble later on. If you want to know about the green dye, then you can consider the below information as it will help you understand how to get it.

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Minecraft Brown Dye Farm

You can make a large amount of brown dye for your future use. The best way to do this is to make a Minecraft brown dye farm. Here I will share a super easy recipe for building a Minecraft brown dye or cocoa beans farm. You will need to follow the steps to make your brown dye farm in Minecraft.

1. Collect the needed items

The very first thing that you will do is to collect all the required items. You need to collect:

2. 12 sticky pistons

How To Make Green Dye In Minecraft

Moving on, to make green dye in Minecraft, you will need cactus blocks you can find them in the desert and mesa biomes.

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When you find a cactus block, all you need to do is break it once broken, you will get the cactus you need for the dye. Once you get the cactus, bring it back to a furnace with some coal, and you will make green dye.

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What Are The Most Accessible Dyes To Get In Minecraft

There are sixteen dyes in Minecraft, but not all of them are easy to make. Some are very easy to make, some are moderately easy to make, and some are very tough. Out of all the dyes that you can make, direct dyes are the easiest to make.

I have written below a list of the most accessible dyes you can make in Minecraft. Here are the most accessible dyes that you can make in Minecraft:

  • White Dye. It can be made from Bone Meal or the Lily of the Valley flower.
  • Blue Dye which can be made from Lapis Lazuli/Cornflower.
  • Brown Dye which can be made from Cocoa beans that are usually found in the jungle.
  • Green Dye which can be made by smelting cactus.
  • Red Dye, which can be made from Poppy, Red Tulip, Rose Bush, and Beetroot.
  • Yellow Dye, which can be made from Dandelions and Sunflowers.
  • Black Dye can be made from Inc sacs or Wither Roses.

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Using Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the Valley is a common flower naturally found in the Flower Forest biome. You can craft White Dye using 1 Lily of the Valley. Firstly, open the crafting menu which has a 3×3 grid as shown below.

Now place the Lily of the Valley on any of the 9 slots. This will craft White Dye instantly.

Now drag the White Dye to your inventory. This is the first way to craft White Dye Minecraft.

Stunning Uses Of White Dye Minecraft

Colors have a significant impact on our life. It creates a certain atmosphere in the surrounding. Whether its warm colors or cold colors, they have their own feelings inside it. In Minecraft, there are a total of 16 wholesome dyes to start with. Ill explain to you everything about White Dye Minecraft. Look at this video, to acknowledge the power of colors in Minecraft.

Dyes change the color of blocks, armor, wool, glass, concrete, beds, and many more things. White Dye is one of these dyes to paint your things with white color. White Dye Minecraft is made up of Bonemeal or Lily of the Valley because these are the only item with proper white color in Minecraft. In this in-depth post, Ill show you all the white dye uses and crafting methods thatll help you in playing Minecraft. Im sure your coloring skills will improve by reading all of these methods.

  • Gray Dye
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    How To Make Magenta Dye In Minecraft

    To make a long story short, you can make magenta dye with a ton of other dyes and two flowers. Below we will show you which dyes you will need to combine and what flowers you can use to make magenta dye.

    This list is all items you can use to create magenta dye keep reading for how to place and combine the dyes in the crafting table.

    • Red Dye
    • Blue Dye
    • Pink Dye
    • Lilac: To craft magenta dye with lilacs, all you need to do is place it inside a table like normal. If you want to find lilacs, just search any biome with grass blocks eventaully, you will find one.
    • Allium: Same deal with allium to craft the dye with it, just place it inside a table. To find this flower, you will need to search the flower forest biome.

    Magenta dye crafting recipe one

    To make magenta dye with red, blue, and white dye, place them as arranged in the image below. You will need a total of one blue dye, one white dye, and two red dyes using this method will also net you four magenta dye.

    Magenta dye crafting recipe two

    For the second magenta crafting recipe, you can make the dye with one blue dye, one red dye, and one pink dye check the image below for how to arrange them in the crafting table. Using this method will net you a total of three magenta dye.

    Magenta dye crafting recipe three

    Now for the third crafting recipe, you will need one pink and purple dye. Place them how we did in the image below, and you will get around two magenta dyes.

    What Are The Uses Of White Dye Minecraft

    Minecraft Dye Guide: Getting Every Colour Dye

    Just like any other dye, White Dye Minecraft can be used to dye objects. Apart from it, it can also be used to craft other Dyes. Its one of the 7 Primary Dyes used to craft the other 5 Quasi Primary Dyes. As mentioned in its wiki, the dye can also be used in many other ways. Ill list all of the uses below

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    Required Items For Crafting Purple Dye

    Before we are going to the steps, the very first thing you should do is checking the inventory. For crafting a purple dye, you need at least one blue dye and red dye.

    Both are two important items that should be in your inventory before crafting the purple one. If you have not got this one, you can crafting both items first or find the items around.

    How To Make Purple Dye In Minecraft Java

    Minecraft java edition allows you to make a purple dye for your gameplay. Here, I will explain the procedure that you can follow to make purple dye in your Minecraft world. It is a step-by-step guide to craft a purple dye in Minecraft Java Edition. With this recipe, you will be able to get two purple dyes at the same time.

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    What Are Dyes Used For In Minecraft

    Dyes are required to make a number of items in Minecraft most of these items are recolored decoration blocks, some are banners, and others are unique firework items.

    That said, there are a lot of dyes in Minecraft, and if you keep reading, you will find how to craft them all. If there is a specific dye crafting recipe you after, check our table of contents below to jump to it

    How to create all Minecraft Dyes

    How To Make Dye In Minecraft: All Dye Colors Explained

    How to obtain every dye color in Minecraft survival mode ...

    There are 16 Dyes in Minecraft that can be used to change the colour of many items. They can be obtained through crafting from various plants and flowers, through smelting the plants of flowers, or from a Wandering Trader.

    The dyes can change the colour of the following items:

    • Wool

    Primary dyes can only be crafted from ingredients that spawn naturally:

    Lily of the Valley

    Quasi-primary dyes can be both crafted from sources found naturally or by combing other dyes.

    1 Blue Dye + 1 White Dye
    Light Gray 1 White Dye + 1 Gray Dye2 White Dye + 1 Black Dye
    Lime 1 Green Dye + 1 White Dye
    Magenta 1 Purple Dye + 1 Pink Dye1 Red Dye + 1 Blue Dye + 1 Pink Dye2 Red Dye + 1 Blue Dye + 1 White Dye
    Orange 1 Red Dye + 1 Yellow Dye
    Pink 1 Red Dye + 1 White Dye


    Secondary dyes can only be created by combing other dyes.

    1 Green Dye + 1 Blue Dye OR Lapis Lazuli
    Gray 1 Black Dye OR Ink Sac + 1 White Dye OR Bonemeal
    Purple 1 Red Dye + 1 Blue Dye OR Lapis Lazuli

    If players collect all 16 dye colours they can gain the Rainbow Collection achievement!

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