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How To Get Rid Of A Raid In Minecraft

What Is A Pillager Outpost

Minecraft 1.14 How To Fix Raids

The Pillager Outpost is a structure that is made mostly from wood, cobblestone. The Outpost can be spotted near villages. They naturally spawn near villages and hold Pillagers inside them, this includes a Pillager leader that can give you the Bad Omen effect.

The outpost looks like a watchtower with a viewing area of the area around the tower that also has a roof protecting it from above. Whilst at the outpost scattered around it you can find, few small tents, targets, logs, and cages. Inside the cages can be Iron golems. At the top of the Outpost, you will find a chest. The chest can obtain certain items such as bottle oenchanting, tripwire, carrots, hooks, crossbow, dark oak logs, and wheat.

What Are The Pillagers

A pillager is a form of illager, meaning a mob that has the appearance of a villager but is typically hostile in nature and has different behaviors. The pillager joins the vindicator and the evoker as the only illagers currently in the game naturally.

The difference between pillagers and other illagers is that pillagers are quite common in Minecraft, and can be a regular threat to both the player and to any nearby villages. You can spot them by their grey skin, leather gear, and menacing scowls. They also come equipped with crossbows, a slower and more powerful version of an ordinary bow, that can strike you from up to 8 blocks away.

Found in pillager outposts, out on patrol at night, and during the hectic and violent raids against villages, players can run into pillagers quite often. They’re almost always aggressive and are particularly hateful towards villagers. Definitely keep an eye out for these grouchy hostile mobs.

Finding The Two Other Elder Guardians

The other two Elder Guardians are always located in roughly the same positions, on each extreme side of the monument, the parts that extended forward on both sides of the entrance. It might take a bit of time to swim around and fine them, but the Elder Guardians won’t stray;far from their locations.

The Elder Guardians don’t have unique abilities from the regular guardians. They’re simply larger and deal a lot more damage when beaming the player. Again, the best way to take them down is to stay out of the line of sight when they attempt to beam, and then quickly kill them with a sword.

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What Does Bad Omen Do How Long Does It Last

You didn’t think you were done with the illagers, did you? It is an omen after all.

Bad omen lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes ; you’ll;spawn a raid if you enter a village while under its effect.

It can also be stacked. If you slay multiple raid captains, you may increase the potency of your bad omen. The higher the potency of your bad omen, the worse the raid spawn is going to be.

Preparing For The Raid

3 Ways To Fix Minecraft Raid Not Ending

The best way to stop a raid in Minecraft is by defeating the raid. Raids are difficult to tackle and, if care is not taken, could lead to the death of many villagers. The player defeats the raid by successfully taking down the waves of the mobs. Defeating a raid requires adequate preparation. Some of the ways the player can prepare for the raid include:

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Find A Pillager Outpost

First, you need to find a Pillager Outpost in Minecraft. A Pillager Outpost is a structure that spawns naturally in the game near a . Because the Pillager Outpost generates near a village, it can appear in any biome that a village can.

Here is a picture of what a Pillager Outpost in the Taiga biome looks like:


Trade For An Ocean Explorer Map

Alternatively, if there’s seemingly no large ocean nearby, or the oceans by the player have already been explored, finding a village is the next best step. Once at a village, a cartographer can be traded with to unlock the Ocean Explorer map, which will lead the player to a nearby monument.

If there’s no cartographer in the village, the player can craft a cartography table, break one of the existing work stations in the village, and place down the table to change the occupation of one of the villagers.

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What Does The Illager Banner Do

You cannot currently create an illager banner as of 2020 however you can obtain one as they are dropped by the Pillager leader when killed.

The banner will be placeable like any other banner and have no side effects. You will only gain the Bad omen effect when killing the Pillager Leader thats the only negative you will get from obtaining this item.

What Does Bad Omen Do In Minecraft

Tips to Beat a Village Raid in Survival Minecraft

The Bad Omen status effect causes a raid to happen when a player with this status effect enters a village. When a raid occurs, the village will be attacked by Illagers. The raid wont stop until all the villagers have been killed or the beds belonging to the villagers are destroyed.

If you decide to help defend the village there a few things you should know. Depending on what level the Bad Omen effect is, it will cause more waves to occur in raids. The number of waves increases by two depending on difficulty, as well as the number and types of enemies that attack. ;But the loot from killing these enemies will also increase, with some even dropping enchanted weapons.

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When Will The Raid Expire

The raid in Minecraft will come to an end when the entire village has been destroyed with all villagers dead if players can’t defeat it.

In case gamers decide to abandon the raid, the Pillagers will follow the players for some distance. The raid is set to expire in 2 or 3 nights in Minecraft before all the Pillagers are despawned.

Ways To Fix Minecraft Raid Not Ending

Theres a lot of cool things that have been added to Minecraft over the years since its release and its safe to say the game is no longer just a place for you to build things. There are many different things to do in the game now and there are a lot more challenges to face as well. One of these challenges is fending off raids, which occur whenever you walk near the vicinity of a village or a villager while being under the influence of a specific negative effect. But theres one big problem that might occur during these raids, and this problem causes the raid to never end.

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Minecraft: Removing Bad Omen

For players who may have Bad Omen currently affixed to their character, there’s little to worry about as long as they’ve got a bucket. The two most straightforward methods to remove Bad Omen in Minecraft are to either drink milk or die.

Since most players don’t want to die and lose their experience and items, simply taking a bucket to a nearby cow or Mooshroom will do the trick. Using buckets on them should provide players with enough milk to drink and remove the status effect.

Milk has often been used to remove unwanted status effects such as weakness or wither, and Bad Omen can be removed the same way since it is a status effect instead of a curse.

This is a drastic method compared to simply drinking from a bucket of milk, but it may be necessary in certain difficult circumstances.

Regardless of what method players choose, Bad Omen is a fairly easy effect to remove. If it was a curse similar to Curse of Binding or Curse of Vanishing, then the steps would likely be much more complicated.

Fortunately, Mojang doesn’t want to harass players and villagers with raids too often and has kept the effect as is.

How To Defend A Village From A Pillager Raid In Minecraft


To defend a village, start by finding a bell in your village and ring it to cause your villagers to head inside their houses. If they don’t head inside, try changing the time in Minecraft to night time with;/time set night.;

Be careful doing this as monsters will most likely spawn, so you will need to defend your villagers while they are heading inside. But hopefully, your villages will head inside as usual if you ring the bell in the village.

Once the bell is rung and your villagers are inside their houses, block all doors and windows with blocks, and then prepare for the raid by equipping your strongest armor and weapons.

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It’s also recommended to make a bow with powerful enchantments and fight the mobs that will spawn from range. You can also make huge towers to get a view of the entire village and shoot at any mobs that spawn as well.;

Making a few golems can also help in defense of your village. To make golems, you will need four blocks of iron and one Jack-O-Lantern. Make the necessary preparations, and you will be able to defend your village and stop a Pillager Raid in Minecraft.

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Find Any Deep Ocean Biome

The first thing to know about Ocean Monuments is where exactly they generate. If there are any large bodies of water around the player, that should be the first place to start looking. That being said, not every body of water can house such a large monument.

The key is to find deep ocean biomes. There are several different kinds, and it doesn’t really matter which one the player goes for, as long as they’re deep enough to generate a monument. Going around on a boat is a great idea, since these monuments generate fairly frequently in the wild.

How To Stop A Raid In Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know

A raid is an in-game event where waves of mobs, mainly illagers, spawn and attack a village. The raid starts when a player with a bad omen enters a village, and although this negative effect does not affect your abilities or hurt you in any way, it can affect the villages health if care is not taken. A player can also start a raid by use of commands. Perhaps you are already familiar with what a raid in Minecraft, but do you know how to stop a raid?

A raid in Minecraft can be defeated by killing the last remaining mob in the raid. The player that defeats the raid gets the Hero of the village effect, which lasts for 3 in-game days. The player also gets a bunch of gifts thrown at them for defeating the raid.

Stopping a raid comes with a hugely positive effect called Hero of the village. You can even reduce trade prices in the village by stopping a raid, but how do you go about becoming the Hero of the village? Does a raid ever stop in Minecraft? How long does a Minecraft raid last? And what happens if you lose a Minecraft raid? Simple: read on for answers to these and many more!

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What Is A Bad Omen In Minecraft

The Bad Omen Effect appears when you kill a Pillager Leader, the Bad omen effect will cause a raid whenever you enter or get to close to a village, spawning multiple enemies to face. The monsters will charge at the person that has the bad omen whilst also attacking the villagers.

You can get different levels of the Bad Omen ranging from 1-7 in roman numerals. The higher the numeral the more waves and harder it will be, so make sure you come equipped with a weapon and some Armor, you will need it.

How To Disable Raids In Minecraft

Minecraft Bad Omen: How To Remove Bad Omen In Minecraft?

Minecraft raids are incredibly hard, especially when youre not geared up appropriately or dont have enchantments. There are multiple waves to a raid too, so even if you can do the first half, you might struggle with the next half.

Maybe you would like to disable raids until you have modified a village to have strong defences. Or changed the layout of the village so its less open and more compact, which is something I tend to do.

Raids will mostly start when you enter a village with the Bad Omen effect. After killing a Raid Captain at an outpost, you will receive Bad Omen which means upon entering any village, a raid will start. You can remove Bad Omen by drinking a bucket of milk.

Whilst the Village & Pillage Update was a great addition to the game, the raiding mechanic isnt for everyone. Luckily, with the use of commands, you can disable it all together.;

To disable raids in Minecraft, enter the /gamerule disableRaids true command. After doing so, any raid currently active will end, and no more will take place. Obviously, you will need to have cheats enabled to enter this command.

If youre playing a single-player world, you can go to the options, choose Open to LAN and turn on Allow Cheats. That way, you will be able to enter the command without having to start a new world or editing your game file.

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How To Remove A Bad Omen In Minecraft

A bad feeling about this.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You want to watch out for several negative effects in Minecraft that can cause disastrous effects to your character. One of these is the Bad Omen. When this effect happens to your character, a raid appears when your character enters a village. In addition, youll receive the Bad Omen status effect when you defeat an illager captain or if your tamed wolf defeats one. So how do you remove a Bad Omen once you have it?

There are multiple ways to remove Bad Omen, making it fairly easy to manage, so long as youre quick on your feet and capable of avoiding any nearby villages. Essentially, any method you can consider to remove a status effect will remove Bad Omen, such as drinking milk or having your character die. These are the best methods, and to keep yourself from having to find your dead body, we highly recommend you chug a bucket of milk to remove Bad Omen safely.

You can receive a bucket of milk by milking a cow or a goat. These are of the best animals to have nearby in your base, especially if you ever find yourself consistently being hit by small status effects. We did attempt to use a bottle of honey to see if this would remove Bad Omen for your character, but it does not. A bucket of milk or dying is the best method to quickly remove it and avoid having a raid occur while visiting a village.

Does A Raid Ever Stop In Minecraft

Yes, it does! However, there are several ways a raid could come to a stop. Some of the common ways are:

  • The player failing to succeed in a raid when all villagers in the area are dead and all claimed beds are destroyed. This is when the attacked village no longer registers as a village. The raid bar will display a RaidDefeat message, and all of the hostile mobs participating celebrate.;
  • The raid expires. This occurs when the player does not fight a raid for several days and nights. When the raid expires, the raid will automatically cancel itself with the message in the chatbox appearing as: This raid has expired.
  • If the game is unable to find a spawn location, the raid will stop.
  • ;If the player is successful in taking down the waves of the mobs

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How To Fight The Raid

In general, your task is to locate all raiders and eliminate them as fast as possible.

Ring the village bell to inflict the Glowing status effect on nearby raiders and find their location. Prioritize;ravagers, evokers and witches. Witches heal other mobs while ravagers destroy crops and evoker firing highly damaging vexes.

Repeat this process until all waves are defeated. Once the raid is over, any player in the boundary of the village will get the “Hero of the Village” advancement and status effect. It lasts for 3 in-game days. The buff reduces trading costs and makes villagers gift you items.

Types Of Enemies And Number Of Waves In A Minecraft Raid

Minecraft Bad Omen Cure

It’s not just the Bad Omen status effect that affects the nature of the raid. Your world difficulty will have a significant impact on the number of waves you need to defeat, as well as the type of enemies included in each wave.

  • Easy: Three waves

Several different mobs can make an appearance depending on your difficulty and the wave. As the raid progresses, tougher enemies will be more abundant. Here’s what you’re likely to face:

  • Pillager: The easiest enemy, and most abundant across all waves. They will use crossbows to fight.
  • Vindicator: A tough, fast-moving enemy armed with an axe, and most common towards the middle and end of the raid.
  • Witch: They throw potions and heal the Illagers and Pillagers. Witches only appear in Normal and Hard towards the middle and end of the raid.
  • Evoker: The toughest Illager with the ability to summon Vexes and perform magic. Evokers only appear in Normal and Hard towards the end of the raid.
  • Ravager : The mount of the Illagers, Ravagers deal huge amounts of damage and appear on all difficulties towards the end of the raid.

Each difficulty also has an additional feature, where there’s a chance of the raid spawning one more additional Illager during a raid. For Easy, this likelihood is only one out of four, while for Normal and Hard it’s a fifty-fifty chance, making the fight even more difficult.

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