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How To Make A Small House In Minecraft

Why Do You Need A House In Minecraft

Minecraft: How To Build A Small Modern House Tutorial (#14)

Before we move to the building process, lets first understand the need for a Minecraft house in the game. A house serves the following functions:

  • A safe house that protects you from hostile mobs.
  • The perfect storage location to keep all your resources and items.
  • An easy to manage space for automatic Minecraft farms and mob trapping.

Top 5 Easiest Minecraft House Tutorials For Easy Builds

For players new to Minecraft, or for those who are not building experts, finding ways to make easy but nice looking houses can be hard.

Building a house, or some sort of base, in Minecraft is vitally important, especially in the early stages of the game, as it will protect players from dangerous mobs, as well as provide a place to store all items safely.

Because building might not come naturally to some players, watching house building tutorials is the best way to find easy yet beautiful house builds. Listed below are the top 5 easiest Minecraft house tutorials, all of which are decently small, compact and easy to build.

The Coziest Hobbit Hole You Can Imagine

As part of PixlRiffs ‘One Chunk’ series it’s hard to believe that so much detail can be packed into just one Minecraft chunk. If you’ve ever wanted to live the cozy hobbit life inside a gorgeously appointed and lushly decorated hole in the ground, this is the inspiration for you.Check out PixlRiffs here.

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Wood And Stone Brick House

Another easily buildable house for any survival mode Minecraft player, above you can see a small but attractive home made out of wood and stone bricks by One Team on YouTube. There’s nothing particularly fancy going on here – just a well-designed little house brimming with charm. Sometimes less is more.

What Is The Best House To Build In Minecraft

Minecraft: How To Build A Small Survival Starter House Tutorial (#2 ...

It depends on your needs, really. If youâre looking for a functional house, then something like the survival farmhouse is a great choice. It is made from materials widely available in most survival biomes. The original plan uses oak and birch wood blocks, but you can use whatever wood is around you at the time.

The farmhouse has everything you need to thrive in survival mode, including a farm and all the workbenches and stations you could possibly ask for. In creative mode, the best house is going to be the one that challenges your building abilities. The flashier and fancier, the better, really!

We love the Japanese style house because it presents a few challenges. Getting the shapes and aesthetics of Japanese architecture exactly right is not easy, after all.

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How To Make A House

To make any building in Minecraft, youll just need to place blocks to make walls. Place blocks on top of each other to build up some walls, and make a roof by placing blocks side-by-side on top.

Most blocks will work for a preliminary house, whether its Dirt, Wood, or Cobblestone. Sand and Gravel will also work, but they cannot be used to make a roof, as they will fall down. Keep in mind that using wood-based blocks will make the building susceptible to fire, so we recommend using stone or other mined blocks.

Make sure to put some torches in your house, as monsters will spawn in the darkness. Youll also want to add a door, which you can make by arranging planks in a 2-by-3 form on a crafting table.

After putting all this together, you should have a simple area to hide from monsters at night.

Construct The Walls & Tower

Image Source:

Now were going to create our walls with smooth sandstone. Fill in all the gaps by placing sandstone two blocks wide and four blocks high.

To make a tower, start placing the same smooth sandstone blocks in the empty space. Put them around in a square shape and raise them until theyre nine blocks high in total. This will look something like this:

If you want to add a balcony, put some spruce slabs on one side of the house. Now youll see some gaps are left behind. Fill all of the remaining gaps with spruce logs.

Image Source:

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House With Storage Space

Uploaded by Zaypixel.

The main section of the house design doesn’t do much to improve on the box with a roof design that most players will have already built. However, the extra features around this house are what make it much nicer to look at.

Raising the main section of the house makes it nicer to look atand safer from Creepers, not to mention it gives lots of space underneath. This space below can be used to keep animals, store lots of items, or as a bedroom for a 2nd player. It allows the space around the house to be extended for other purposes, as shown in the image, which has attached a stable and a couple of farms.

However, be sure to light up this space below, otherwise, mobs will spawn in great numbers if left unchecked. Though, this doesn’t mean that players will have to stick a bunch of torches all over the place. Utilizing fenceposts and lanterns, players can illuminate this natural outdoor basement in a visually pleasing manner.

Adding The Doors & Windows

Minecraft: How To Build A Small Survival House Tutorial (#5)
  • Doors and windows can be made with the help of Crafting.
  • You will need six to seven planks of any building materials.
  • You need to place the planks in formations, and the same you need to follow for forming the windows, just instead of using planks, you need to use the glass.
  • This is the basic necessity for the formation if you want to use more based on the resources.
  • You may keep the doors and the windows utmost simple, or you may even make them fancy according to the resources available to you.

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It’s Still Daytime How Do I Prepare Better

  • You have time to work, so find an open spot to build and then go and gather up some wood logs, cobblestone, and a bunch of dirt.
  • You want at least a 3 block by 3 block footprint for the interior of the floor, so build a 5 block by 5 block outer wall for your house that is about 4 blocks tall and then seal the top in with a 3 block by 3 block roof, preferably you want to use dirt for the walls and roof to save wood and cobblestone.
  • Pick a side for your entrance and then break a 1 block by 2 block entrance from your wall.
  • Create and place a crafting table on the inside of your house, and then use the crafting table so that you can create and place a furnace inside too.
  • Make a door using the crafting table and use the door to seal your entrance.
  • If you still have time you can cook logs in the furnace to make charcoal which you can then use to craft torches to place inside and outside.

Two Story Quick House

This two-story house is one of the quickest, easiest houses to build in Minecraft. This two-story quick house by RainbowGamerPE is perfect when you are shifting from the stone age to advanced life.

To start, make a square out of your wooden planks. Then, use iron to craft an iron door for the front. Finally, add a roof by stacking some planks slabs. You can also craft an external balcony and decorate it with plants.

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Mob Xp Farm/drop Collector

An experience farm uses water currents to push most mobs into a central area. With mobs in the nether, pistons are used. Use a piston crusher or a long drop to get the mobs to a ½ heart. Mobs can be killed by hand or with a splash potion of harming to get XP. Note: This is more efficient with multiple spawners, as more spawners mean more spawning opportunities. You also obtain drops from each mob killed. This can also be done with large dark rooms with platforms. The mobs spawn and fall into water currents, where you can choose what happens to them once they are out of the spawning chamber.

Break The Golden Rule

Minecraft: How To Build A Survival Starter House Tutorial (#4 ...

When you’re desperate, you can break the golden rule of minecraft . Dig three blocks down, and put a block above you that is not sand/gravel. Congrats, you just made the fastest shelter in Minecraft possible. Since you probably don’t have an in-game clock yet, you may want to use a real-world clock to time the night . If you have dirt or stone next to you, you can dig out a couple of blocks there, and place your crafting table and furnace. Sometimes keep the hole in the ground as a base. A torch makes your little hidey hole feel a little less like a tomb.

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Your First Desert House

Many players like to build their Survival houses in grassy biomes, forests, and even marshes and cliffs. But Minecraft players notoriously shy away from building their bases in deserts.

The reason why is simple. It is a lot harder to make your house look good when it is yellow and surrounded by yellow. Between sand, sandstone, and sandstone bricks, there doesnt seem to be much of a difference visually.

But check out this idea for an awesome desert house from YouTuber Julious. It implements aspects youd expect to see in high-quality grassland builds, but adapted for the vast Minecraft deserts.

Try it out and let us know how you get on.

Roomy House With A Basement

Uploaded by Greg Builds.

There are no fancy building techniques for constructing this house. However, it still manages to look fairly interesting, which is mostly thanks to its shape. It’s rectangular, but the way it dips inwards and outwards gives the impression of several rectangles stuck together, making for a great house idea in Minecraft when combined with the solid roof design.

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The basement layer is well done too. The small amounts of stone poking out through the leaves add some color variation without overwhelming it with grey, and the windows make it visually interesting both inside and outside.

If players want to kick this already awesome roof’s design up a notch, they can use even more stairs in strategic spots. When placing stairs, the kind of stair block that appears will depend on the surrounding stair blocks. For example, by placing a stair block to connect two existing ones that are diagonal to one another, players can create a corner stair block. This can be done to give the corners of rooves an even more refined appearance.

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Where To Find Shaders And Resource Packs

For shaders, resource packs and much more, you may find the site CurseForge to be super helpful. They have hundreds of resources for you to download and enjoy.

The thing that I love about Minecraft is that there are endless possibilities for what you can create. You can build anything from small to huge structures, go on adventures with your friends and family, enjoy the beautiful scenery and more.

I hope these Minecraft house builds have given you ideas for creating your own houses on the game. Remember to have fun and be creative!

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Add The Frame To Build Minecraft Medieval House

Minecraft: How To Build A Small Modern House Tutorial (#11)

Image Source:

Now lets begin building the upper level. On the top of the structure, add upside-down spruce planks on the sides and one regular block or spruce slab in between them. Now place four spruce slabs in the middle of each side, so theyre level with the corners. Now, add six strip spruce blocks on the top to make a raise. Dont forget to connect the top of the pillars with the same spruce blocks. .

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How To Build An Underground House In Minecraft

Thanks to the recent Minecraft 1.18 update, the cave exploration in this game is at its peak. Because of the update, its now more important than ever to either have an underground room or a complete underground house to explore the caves. Heres how to build an underground house in Minecraft

1. For a cave or underground house, the best locations are mountainside caves. These are relatively easy to find, and you can use their opening to quickly escape the cave biomes in case of emergency.

2. Unlike above-ground houses, you will find the building materials on the location itself. Just dig out an open field of at least 6-8 blocks in every direction to make a reliable base area. You can use a pickaxe with some of the best Minecraft enchantments to make things easier.

3. Then, add ladders and a trap door if you want your house to havean entry on its top. In case its located on the side of a mountain, a regular door will also work. Dont forget to add lights around this time too as caves are prone to mob spawning.

4. Finally, to complete the house, add a bed, a crafting table, anvil, and chests with food in them. Just like a regular house, you can expand and improve on it as your progress with your Minecraft journey. The main purpose of the house is to offer you shelter and a storage location while mining.

Landing And Takeoff Platforms

If playing with flying enabled you can create platforms at the same height on multiple buildings for easy flight between the upper levels of different locations. This works great in tree-forts, cities, and anywhere that multiple balconies are otherwise unconnected. Since 1.11.2, firework rockets have allowed the player to have a propelled flight with elytra, so these platforms should have water to slow the impact due to how fast players can fly, if these are meant for elytra.

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Minecraft House: How To Build A Starter House

Before you can jump into building a palace of your own, you’ll have to focus on surviving your first nights in Minecraft’s cubic landscape. Wandering the trees and fields of night without shelter is a surefire way to end up dead, so what’s the fastest way to get yourself protected? The answer really depends on how much time you have, so let’s take a look at the options:

Build The Best Minecraft House

(#1) Minecraft: How To Build A Small Wooden Survival House Tutorial ...

The wonderful world of Minecraft houses might be a lot less confusing than our world’s real estate, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be an expert craftsperson overnight.

While you won’t have to pay for lumber or negotiate building codes and zoning laws, your Minecraft house does have to protect you against the hordes of zombies, skeletons, creepers, and other nasties that show up when the sun dips below the horizon. But effective protection is only one part of the equation showing off your personal style accounts for the rest. Putting your creativity on display can be hard work though, and utilizing Minecraft’s palette to express yourself is no exception, whether it’s with Minecraft skins or a new house.

Sometimes the wheels of invention get stuck, and the only acceptable grease to get them moving again is to seek out new inspirations for your next Minecraft build. For some people, inspiration can strike from nature, from experimentation, or from real-life architecture and art but if you’re like me, sometimes you need the extra helping hand of other Minecraft creators to jump-start you. Thankfully, there are options aplenty out there, with countless examples.

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Obsidian City In The End

Minecraft doesnt officially have an end. But when you get as far as defeating the Ender Dragon you get the sense that you should start thinking about making a new Minecraft world.

But stop! Why would you quit before you have made good use of The End? Its an often neglected but incredibly fertile bit of space to build something truly impressive, and I have some ideas if you dont know where to start.

Minecraft: How To Make A House

Minecrafts variety of biomes and blocks allows you to be highly creative with what you create. From building huge farms to making entire cities, there are endless possibilities to what you can create in Minecraft. One of the first things you will likely make, especially when starting, is a house. By the end of this guide, you will learn how to make a house in Minecraft.

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Easy Minecraft House Ideas

A Minecraft house or a base is essential for your survival in the game. Its normally where you move your spawn point, keep materials that youre collecting, and where you craft, brew, or enchant items. You may, or may not create a Nether portal near it but having a spot to return to, and a place that can keep out monsters is crucial.

Make Another Base In A New Location


Having more than one base helps if you need to travel farther to get resources. A base next to your spawn point is helpful if you built your main base far away and you died at night. A base in a desert can provide sand, and a base in a tundra can provide snow. A base hovering in the sky can provide entertainment, especially if mobs spawn on the edge of it. A great idea is to connect them with nether portals that have a secure hallway in the nether.

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