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How To Make Horses Mate In Minecraft

How To Breed Horses And Mules In Minecraft To Start Your Own Farm

How to Mate Horses in Minecraft [Re upload]
  • You can breed by feeding Golden Apples or Carrots to two tamed horses.
  • To craft the Golden Apples or Carrots you need, you’ll need Gold Ingots or Nuggets.
  • You can also breed a horse with a donkey to produce a mule, which can’t be bred further.

You can be almost anything in Minecraft. A powerful warrior, a fearless cave-diver or even just a simple farmer. And if you want to build a farm, you’ll need some farm animals .

Horses are one of a few animals in Minecraft that you can tame and breed. This means that as long as you start with two horses, you can end up with hundreds. You’ll just need enough apples and carrots to feed them all, along with a lot of gold.

Here’s a guide to horses in Minecraft, including how to take care of the baby foal once it’s born.

Minecraft Horses: What Do They Do

It’s all well and good learning how to breed horses, but why would you want to?

A tamed horse can be saddled and ridden, with the player able to control the horse’s movements. The world of Minecraft is huge and horses can travel quicker than your running speed, so they provide a good vehicle for exploration.

You can also farm horses for resources. Adult horses drop leather scraps and experience points when killed .

They’re also super cute and with up to 35 different varieties of coat markings getting an example of every horse added to your stable is a challenge all of its own.

Donkeys and Mules

Horses aren’t the only equines in Minecraft: you also get donkeys and mules.

Horses, donkeys, and mules are nearly identical. They can all be saddled and used as transportation in exactly the same way they have the same maximum stats and if you decide to kill one it will drop the same resources. However, there are just a few key differences:

Selective Breeding Is Effective

Now that you know how to breed horses in Minecraft, you can repeat the process as much as you need to yield the best horses. It might take a while, but the results are well worth your time. Youll have a sturdy, speedy, and strong horse to accompany you for adventures.

Do you have a particular favorite color or marking for your horses? Which of the three animals do you prefer riding? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Things To Do With Horses

If you have collected any saddles you can strap them onto a horse to ride them anywhere you want. They will still wander aimlessly so try to keep an eye on them or a lead tied to you so they do not get lost or stuck in a hole. To equip a saddle to a horse, hop onto its back and open your inventory, there will be a slot for you to place saddles and a set of horse armor.

You can also breed horses with donkeys to have mules. Mules can be ridden across your lands just like a regular horse, but they come with the additional benefit of holding a chest. Breeding a horse and a donkey is identical to just breeding horses, keep a horse and a donkey close by and feed both of them a golden carrot to make a mule.

You cannot breed mules. Once you have the offspring of a horse and a donkey, the resulting mule cannot be bred with any mules, horses, or donkeys. You can have the mule hold a chest by right-clicking on the mule with a chest selected in your Hotbar.

If you want your horse to move incredibly fast and jump as high as possible, it is best to find a horse in the wild that has the stats you are looking for. Breeding two horses oftentimes result in a slower horse or a horse that cannot jump as high. This is due to the formula in the game mechanics of taking an average of both parent horses stats. Unless both the parent horses are near perfect in their stats, the offspring will likely not be as fast or be able to jump as high.

How Do You Breed Horses In Minecraft 2020

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Breeding Horses in Minecraft

Feed a Golden Apple or Golden Carrot to each of the two horses to begin breeding. The horses will enter Love Mode causing them to mate and produce a foal. The foal will most likely have the same color and markings as one of the two parents.

Likewise How do you breed a horse in 2021? In order for two equines to breed, they need to be in love mode. To get your tamed animals into this amorous frame of mind, you need to feed them each either a golden apple or a golden carrot. These cant be grown and are primarily gained through crafting .

Can you breed fast horses in Minecraft?

Also Is it worth breeding horses in Minecraft?

Breeding horses works like many other animals in Minecraft you need two adults, and you must feed them both to get them in the mood. The price is steep, but a horse with the right stats is worth it. So cute! When two horses in breeding mode are near each other, a little foal is born!

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Create A Horse In Minecraft

If you want to breed more horses than youll need two horses to be the parents. Any two horses will do it doesnt matter what color they are, unless youre trying to obtain a specific color with the foal.

The only exception to this are Skeleton Horses and Zombie Horses. Neither of these variants are capable of being fed so they cannot breed whatsoever. The only way to obtain more of these horses is to use a spawn egg or find Skeleton horses in the wild.

Horse Colour And Markings

If you’re breeding two horses, then the colour and markings of the offspring are likely to each be taken from one of the parents, but there’s also a low chance of the baby having completely random markings and colouring:

  • Chance to have random colour: 11.11%
  • Chance to have random markings: 20%

If you’d like to inject more variation in the looks of horses, donkeys, and mules, then your best bet is to find a good Minecraft texture pack that does the job for you.

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Find Two Nearby Horses

The first thing youll need to do to breed horses in Minecraft is to find two nearby horses. Youll most likely find them in plains and savanna biomes in herds of two to six. They can sometimes also spawn in villages, where youll find them contained in stables.

Youll need these parent horses to be close to one another when theyre breeding, so you might want to build a fence around them to keep them in one place. You can easily do so by pulling them along with a lead. Note that theres no need to tame a horse first before attaching a lead on them.

You can also replace one or both of the horses with donkeys if you prefer. Just like horses, donkeys also spawn in groups of two to six in Minecrafts Bedrock Edition. However, youll only find them in plains.

How to Summon a Horse in Minecraft

Horses are fairly rare in Minecraft, so if youre having a hard time finding two to breed, you can use a cheat to summon them. If you currently dont have cheats enabled in your world, youll need to create a new world first, toggle the cheats option on, and tap on Continue. Once youve done that, you can then use the summon horses cheat in the world that you just created. Heres a step-by-step guide on how you can do so in Minecrafts Bedrock Edition:

  • Launch Minecrafts chat window by tapping on the chat button in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Hit enter to apply the command.
  • A horse will then appear in your exact location .
  • What Is A Minecraft Horse

    How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

    Horses are part of friendly mobs in Minecraft. They allow us to ride them when tamed. When riding, they allow us to climb mountains faster, jump up on the fences, and even help our expedition. This power of horses tempts us to be faster.

    These creatures are extremely helpful in traveling around the world in Minecraft. As there are very few means of transport in default Minecraft, horses serve as a primary transport source. In other Minecraft SCP servers, there are other traveling utilities like cars, bikes, etc. But in the default version, you have to stick with your horse.

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    How To Craft Or Obtain Golden Apples In Minecraft

    The process for crafting a golden apple follows the same steps as crafting a golden carrot. However, instead of placing a carrot in the middle of the grid, place an apple. In addition, youll need eight gold ingots instead of eight gold nuggets.

    Golden apples can also naturally generate in some parts of the Overworld and the Nether. Theyre usually contained in chests, just like golden carrots. Youll definitely find a golden apple when you go to an igloo, but the chances of finding one are much lower when you go to other places like strongholds, mineshafts, and desert temples.

    What Is Needed To Raise Horses

    To successfully breed horses, players need the correct specific food resources. For this, having two golden apples or golden carrots will suffice. Players can get apples through random drops from any Oaktree, while carrots come through drops from zombies or farms.

    The apple or carrot can then be combined with eight gold bars or gold nuggets to get their corresponding gold counterpart.

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    How To Tame Horses In Minecraft

    You dont need any ingredients to tame a horse, but you do need some patience and some good luck. Horses can be found in plains and savannas, and they usually dont run from you. You can even attach leads to wild horses and they wont protest.

    Heres how youll go about taming wild horses:

  • Approach the horse you want to tame.
  • Press the use button on the horse.
  • The horse is most likely going to buck you off, but dont be scared.
  • Repeat until hearts start popping up.
  • Now you can saddle the horse or breed it.
  • Feeding the horse apples, wheat, Golden Apples, Golden Carrots, or hay bales can also help tame your horse sooner. However, these foods are completely optional and you dont need to have them to tame a horse.

    Horses have a temper stat, which can range from zero to 99. The first time you mount a wild horse, a random temper number is assigned to it. If you have a number above 95, then youve instantly tamed it.

    If you dont tame it instantly, youll be bucked off, but the temper value will rise by five. Keep persevering until it reaches 100, which is when the hearts start appearing.

    Since youre going to try and breed horses, you need two of them. Alternatively, you can replace one horse with a donkey. Donkeys are technically horse variants, and theyre found in herds of two to six donkeys just like horses.

    Donkeys spawn in plains and savannas just like horses. Both horses and donkeys also have a 20% chance of spawning as a foal.

    How To Craft Or Obtain Golden Carrots In Minecraft

    How To BREED HORSES In Minecraft (Step

    To craft a golden carrot, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your 3×3 crafting interface.
  • Place a carrot in the very middle of the crafting grid.
  • Place eight gold nuggets in the boxes surrounding the carrot, like in the photo below: Photo from
  • Once a golden carrot has appeared in the box next to the crafting grid, drag it to your inventory.
  • You can also obtain golden carrots by engaging in Minecraft villager trades or looting chests. Theres a 50% chance that a master-level farmer will trade you three golden carrots when you give them three emeralds.

    If you prefer looting chests, however, you can try your luck in bastion remnants or ruined portals . Around these structures, youll usually find chests that might contain anywhere between four to 17 golden carrots. However, the chance that these chests contain golden carrots is only around 7% to 13%.

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    How Do You Tame A Minecraft Horse

    The way to tame it is, while not holding an item, . The Horse will most likely buck you off. You need to repeat this until hearts appear, but you can also feed the Horse Apples, Wheat, Golden Apples, Golden Carrots, Wheat, or a Hay Bale to help tame it.

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    How To Check Your Horses Stats

    To determine how much Health your Horse has, all that you need to do is mount them and their Hearts will appear above your Hunger Meter. If you want to check your Horses Speed and Jump Height, however, you will need to ride them around and gauge them manually.

    For Speed, measure a stretch of flat land spanning 100 blocks and then mark its beginning and end. Then, ride your horse from one point to the other and count the seconds. After that, divide 100 by the time in seconds that it took you to travel the marked distance to get your Horses blocks per second Speed.

    To measure your Horses Jump Height, build various platforms of increasing block height. Use full blocks and slabs to build these platforms at incremental heights. Its recommended to increase each platforms height by half a block for the most accurate results. However, you should make the smallest platform 2 blocks tall, as the minimum Jump Height stat for Horses is 2.2 blocks high. And, accordingly, make the tallest platform 5.5 blocks high, as this is the maximum Jump Height stat for Horses.

    After building this setup, try jumping on each platform to determine your Horses Jump Height.

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    What You Need To Breed Horses

    Even though there are 6 items total that you can feed to a Horse, the only 2 that matter for breeding are Golden Apples and Golden Carrots. Both of these foods will allow a Horse to enter Love Mode. Simply use a Golden Apple or a Golden Carrot on a Horse to make it enter Love Mode. You can tell that a Horse has entered Love Mode when you see red hearts appear above its head.

    How To Put Armor On A Horse In Minecraft

    How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

    Much like how you shouldnt leave your starter base to go adventuring without some armor on yourself, you shouldnt expect your horse to survive without it, either. So if youve got really attached to your latest pet, youd better craft it its own gear. Yes, this you can craft .

    Horse armor will, much like your own armor, go some way to protect your horse from harm. So if youre likely to come into contact with the likes of Skeleton arrows and Creeper blasts, some nice, shiny horse armor could go a long way to keeping your faithful steed alive.

    To craft horse armour, place Leather into a crafting table in the shape of an H. However, you can only do this with leather, and any other horse armor will need to be found in a chest. You have a chance of finding Iron, Gold and Diamond horse armor in chests in the following locations:

    • Desert Temple
    • End City

    You may also come across Gold Horse Armor in chests at Ruined Portals.

    To equip a horse with its armor, simply mount the horse, then click E on PC/Y on Xbox/Triangle on PS to bring up its inventory. Then, just pop the Horse Armor in the armor slot. Horse armor, unlike player armor, doesnt have durability, so will remain on the horse until you take it off, or the horse is killed, in which case it will drop the armor.

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    How Can Players Breed Horses In Minecraft

    Since wild horses cannot be bred, Minecraft players will first need to tame two adult horses in order to breed them. Taming a horse is actually a relatively quick process, as players will need to continually attempt to ride the animal until it is tamed.

    Horses will constantly buck off Minecraft players until their trust has been earned. Players will just need a little perseverance, and the horse will be tamed with enough attempts at riding it. Red hearts will appear floating from the horse once it has been successfully tamed.

    Once a player has two horses that they have tamed closeby, the breeding process can be started. Players will need to use golden apples, enchanted golden apples, or a golden carrot.

    It is not recommended that Minecraft players expend enchanted golden apples to breed horses, as they are a rare and valuable item. It would be more cost beneficial to use golden apples or golden carrots instead.

    Golden apples can be found already-generated from chests inside of igloo basements. There is a 100% chance that golden apples will be in one of these chests, so if a player has quick access to a biome where igloos can be generated, it would be worth taking the time to look for them.

    Otherwise, golden apples can be crafted by surrounding a single apple with eight golden ingots in a crafting table.

    Golden carrots can be crafted by surrounding a single carrot with eight gold nuggets. This item can also be bought from a master-level farmer villager for three emeralds.


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