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How To Update Minecraft Education Edition

Microsoft Releases Minecraft Education Edition For Chromebooks

How to download Minecraft Education Edition onto a laptop.

Microsoft is updating the education edition of Minecraft across platforms and rolling it out for the first time on Chromebooks in time for back-to-school.

Microsoft is making Minecraft: Education Edition available for Chromebooks as of today, August 10. Microsoft also is simultaneously updating the education edition of Minecraft for Windows, Mac and iPads for remote and hybrid learning support, officials said today. Microsoft officials said Chromebook, iPad and Windows users will automatically be upgraded to the latest version of Minecraft: Education Edition. Mac users will need to install the updated version manually. The Chromebook edition, according to Microsoft, offers the same set of features as the other versions, including multiplayer with other platforms. Educators also have the option of deploying Minecraft to a fleet of managed Chrome devices. Currently, Minecraft: Education Edition requires a Microsoft account to log in, but officials said they are working on enabling users to log in with a Google account, as well “in the near future.” Schools with Microsoft 365 for Education already have access to Minecraft: Education Edition. The Education Edition is licensed via yearly subscriptions which can be purchased through the Microsoft Store for Education via volume licensing agreements and/or through partners.

Internet Play With Minecraft: Education Edition Is A Game Changer

The awesome team at Minecraft: Education Edition made an announcement last week, providing both free resources for remote learning AND free access to Minecraft:EE through to the end of June 2020 check out this announcement here.

If youre new to Minecraft:EE I suggest you check out my Ultimate Setup Guide to Minecraft:EE that will include all the information you should ever need to get up and running.

As students and educators come to terms with self-isolation and remote learning, Id also like to call attention to The Mindful Knight world and lesson plan:

Minecraft Education Edition Great For Students

This Game Is Totally Good For Students To Learn I Reccomend New Starters Should Download It, Teachers Can Teach, Help Students Learn, And They Can Play It Too The Only Thing That Is Really Bothering Some People Is That First, The Students Have To Sign In With Their Password. Second, Students Get Logged Out When They Sign In With Their Password. But I Totally Understand That You Guys Are Trying To Fix That Promise But I Reccomend Students Should Learn From This This Game Is Awesomeness But I Still Have One More Quote About This Game And How You Guys Can Get More People To Get It And For Teachers Too 1, Add Foxes 2, Add Dolphins Grace So You Can Swim Faster And Mine Faster UnderWater 3, Last But Not At Least When Noobs Make a Dirt House Transform It To A Nice House But I Understand You Guys And Mojang Are Trying To Fix The Problems But All You Guys Should Remember Is That You Guys Keep Trying Hard And Remember You Guys Are Awesomeness People!

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How To Update Minecraft Education Edition Easily: Step

Minecraft players who are new to the community may not know that there are several different editions of the game. There is a Bedrock Edition, Java Edition, and the Education Edition.

The older Minecraft players may remember there being a fourth Minecraft edition called the Legacy Edition, but that version of the game was discontinued at the end of 2019.

Inferred from the name, the Education Edition of Minecraft is basically an educational version of the game. This is the only version of Minecraft that is designed for classroom use.

There are several things exclusive to the Education Edition of Minecraft. The Minecraft chemistry update is something that was added to the Education Edition of the game that can teach players about the basics of chemistry.

Players can use this update to learn more about science and chemistry and make very cool items that cannot be seen in other editions of the game, such as balloons, for example.

There have been multiple more updates for Minecraft that players can download. It can be a little tricky to download updates for the Education Edition of the game, but if players just follow a step-by-step guide, it shouldn’t be so hard.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to update the Minecraft Education Edition to the latest version.

Update August 10 2020 Minecraft: Education Edition Is Now Rolling Out To Chromebooks In Full

How To Update Minecraft Education Edition / You Can Now ...

After a few weeks of testing in beta, Minecraft: Education Edition is now rolling out to Chromebooks, and is available to install for all schools and learning institutions. On top of being available for Chromebooks, Minecraft: Education Edition is also getting a fresh update on other platforms that improves remote learning experiences. The Chromebook version of the Education Edition supports all of the edu features teachers can take advantage of, including cross-play with other platforms and tons of admin tools. You can learn more from the official website for Minecraft: Education Edition.

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How To Download And Install New Minecraft Education Edition Update

Thankfully the official Minecraft Education Edition website details how to update both versions of the game. Check out the details below:

Desktop Version

If is not blocked by your network, Minecraft: Education Edition updates automatically when the user logs in. To prevent automatic updates on your device, follow these steps:

  • From the Windows Taskbar, search for Task Scheduler.
  • In the left menu of the Task Scheduler, select Task Scheduler Library.
  • In the list that populates, right-click Minecraft Education Edition Automatic Updater and select Disable.
  • Windows 10 Store Version

    Minecraft: Education Edition updates automatically. To change how updates are managed on your device, see the Turn on automatic app updates article in Windows support.

    Celebrate 5 years of #MinecraftEdu with the GOAT Update! Were excited to bring you new blocks, items, mobs, and features for this momentous anniversary. Thank you for playing with us we can’t wait to see what you build in the next 5 years!

    Minecraft: Education Edition

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    So What Needs To Be Configured

    As per the video above, simply sharing the Join Code is sufficient for the guest user to enter the world, however the host does need to take some steps to allow this. The official M:EE blog has some guides here, but it all comes down to something called port forwarding honestly, its not as scary as it sounds!

    To allow Minecraft:Education Edition to communicate across the internet, the host needs to allow their Minecraft application to forward port #19132 across the internet, thus allowing the guest to join to their world. The slightly tricky part here is:

    • Every student/teacher will likely have a different router at home which will have its own configuration methodology.
    • Never fear! The great website PortForward has step-by-step guides for just about every router under the sun, including my FritzBox!
  • You will need the administrator username/password for your router to make these changes.
  • You only need to make the change once, and then it should be fine for that device (if you intend to host worlds on multiple devices, youll need to configure the port forwarding for each device.
  • So what does this look like?

    Here is the setting on my FritzBox:

    The numbers in red ink above correspond to:

  • My device name this is my Surface Laptop and is what Im configuring the port forwarding for
  • My internal IP address associated with my Surface Laptop these can change from time to time, so if it stops working, you may need to set the rule up again
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    Why Do You Need To Update Minecraft Windows 10

    As you know, Minecraft is a famous and popular game. And the game developers also release new editions to give better game experience to users. To fulfill the demand of multiple game players, Minecraft creates many editions.

    Given to that fact, many users are confused about which edition should they choose. One of most heatedly discussed issues is Minecraft Windows vs Java. If you have the same doubt, you can refer to this guide and them make a decision: Minecraft Windows 10 VS Java Version: Which One Should You Buy?

    Minecraft: Windows 10 edition is a special version of Minecraft, which is highly optimized to run on Windows 10 computer. Minecraft latest update will be available for every few months and many people would like to obtain the update.

    What benefits can these updates bring you? As you know, each version has some bugs or in-perfect places. Hence, you can update Minecraft Windows 10 to the latest version to obtain higher stability and more game contents.

    Though the Minecraft Windows 10 can update itself in most time, here are chances that it wont update by itself. In this case, you are required to update Minecraft Windows 10 by yourself. Here comes the question – how to update Windows 10 Minecraft.

    Explore Lesson Plans And Worlds

    Minecraft: Education Edition Movement Tutorial

    Students can tap into the power of iPad to build monuments and swim through coral reefs with the Update Aquatic, bring creative stories to life with Book and Quill, and experiment with the Chemistry Resource Pack. There are over 500 lesson starters created by educators that bring to curriculum to life in Minecraft.

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    How Do I Update My Version Of Minecraft: Education Edition

    Windows PC:

    • Desktop app : Will look for updates when a user logs into their computer as long as is not blocked by your network.
    • Store app : Will give a store notification when the update is available. Automatic updates can be configured in store settings


    • Chromebook: Updates are configured in the managed Play Store. Guidance can be found here


    • Mac app: Will need to manually install from our


    Note: If a device does not auto update, it may be because your organization has blocked automatic updates. If you have install permissions, you can always download the latest version from our.

    How To Download Minecraft Education Edition

    In order to download the game, potential players will need to ensure that their Minecraft account is eligible. They can do that at this website.

    However, even if the account doesn’t qualify, the learning possibilities aren’t completely cut off. Players can still download the game and complete the log-in free “Hour of Code” lesson.


    On that same website linked above, there is a download button that will start the to the device they are using, if eligible. After that, it’s just a matter of when it finishes downloading and when players open the game.

    Players can also ensure they’re using the most up-to-date version of the game by checking on the game’s update settings. They can also check by simply visiting the website again and downloading it. Downloads don’t require that much time, so it is a quick way to ensure that the version they are using is current.

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    Update Your Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

    To update your Minecraft Windows 10 edition, just follow the steps below:

  • Run the Microsoft Store.
  • Click the three dots on the top right corner and select .
  • Click Get updates.
  • After doing this, Microsoft Store will check and install the latest updates for all the apps you have through the store, including Minecraft.


    What to do if your Minecraft windows 10 edition wont update? Read on to find how.

    Back To School Update Now Available For All Users

    How To Update Minecraft Education Edition To 1.16

    We are excited to bring you the Back to School Update for Minecraft: Education Edition, now available for all users. The update was first announced at ISTE, and over the past month we ran a beta program to collect feedback from thousands of educators across our global community. This new set of features further supports student-centered learning and improves the in-game experience, just in time for many of you to return to the classroom!

    We have integrated Immersive Reader, added a Single Sign On option for one-click authentication, improved the user interface and multiplayer experience with join codes, and more. These features are available for download on all Minecraft: Education Edition supported platforms .

    Windows and iPad users will receive an automatic update at the next login. MacOS users will have to reinstall Minecraft: Education Edition to access the updated version . If you have any issues, please fill out our product feedback form.

    Here is a summary of what the Back to School Update brings to Minecraft: Education Edition:

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    Settings For Office 365 A3 Or Office 365 A5 Customers

    Schools that purchased these products have an extra option for making Minecraft: Education Edition available to their students:

    • Office 365 A3 or Office 365 A5
    • Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 or Enterprise Mobility + Security E5
    • Minecraft: Education Edition

    If your school has these products in your tenant, admins can choose to enable Minecraft: Education Edition for students using Office 365 A3 or Office 365 A5. On your Office 365 A3 or Office 365 A5 details page in Microsoft Store for Education, under Settings & actions, you can select Allow access to Minecraft: Education Edition for users of Office 365 A3 or Office 365 A5.

    When this setting is selected, students in your tenant can use Minecraft: Education Edition even if they do not have a trial or a direct license assigned to them.

    If you turn off this setting after students have been using Minecraft: Education Edition, they will have 25 more days to use Minecraft: Education Edition before they do not have access.

    Bring Minecraft To Your Classroom With Ipad

    Educators in more than 100 countries are already using Minecraft to transform their classrooms, and now schools powered by iPad can access Minecraft: Education Edition. With features designed to engage students in project-based learning and help educators manage their classrooms, Minecraft: Education Edition is the perfect back-to-school teaching tool.

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    Way : Get The Update From Microsoft Store

    How to update Windows 10 Minecraft? You can try updating it via Microsoft Store with the steps below.

    Step 1: Click on the Windows icon on the desktop to find and click on Microsoft Store.

    Step 2: Click on the three dots at the upper right corner of the Microsoft Store and click option from the pop-up menu.

    Step 3: Then, click Get updates. After that, Microsoft Store will check for update and install the latest updates for applications you installed on the Windows 10 system.

    How Is Minecraft: Education Edition Different Than The Game Minecraft

    Minecraft: Education Edition Interact Tutorial

    Minecraft: Education Edition is a special version of the game developed specifically for educational use. This version adds features and controls for classrooms, specialty blocks and communication tools, and a tutorial for first-time educator use. Check out the Features of Minecraft: Education Edition, and bookmark our What’s New to see what changes, updates, and fixes have been added lately.

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    Get Ready To Deploy Minecraft: Education Edition

    If your school is licensed for Microsoft Office 365 for Education, you may already have access to Minecraft: Education Edition. Talk to your IT administrator to download the app onto iPads in Fall 2018. Minecraft: Education Edition is licensed via yearly subscriptions that are purchased through Authorized Education Partners, or directly from the Microsoft Store for Education. Learn how to obtain a license or download a free trial below.

    Add Minecraft To Your Microsoft Store For Education

    You can start with the Minecraft: Education Edition trial to get individual copies of the app. For more information, see Minecraft: Education Edition – direct purchase.

    If youâve been approved and are part of the Enrollment for Education Solutions volume license program, you can purchase a volume licenses for Minecraft: Education Edition. For more information, see Minecraft: Education Edition – volume license.

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    Bonus Tip: Update Your Drivers

    To get a better gaming experience, its recommended to update your drivers. Take graphics card as an example.Graphics card manufacturers like Nvidia, AMD and Intel constantly release new graphics drivers to fix bugs and improve the gaming performance and experience.

    If the graphics driver on your PC is outdated or corrupted, you may not be able to enjoy the optimal gaming experience, and sometimes you may run into the Control crash issue.

    To prevent and fix issues, youd better update your drivers.

    There are two ways you can update your drivers:

    Manual driver update You can update your graphics drivers manually by going to the manufacturers website for your graphics card, and searching for the most recent correct driver. Be sure to choose only drivers that are compatible with your Windows version.

    Automatic driver update If you dont have the time, patience or computer skills to update your video and monitor drivers manually, you can, instead, do it automatically with Driver Easy.

    Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for your exact graphics cards, and your Windows version, and it will download and install them correctly:

  • and install Driver Easy.
  • Run Driver Easy and click Scan Now. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.
  • Driver Easys support team

    Hope this post could meet your need. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave your comments below. Well try our best to help.

    Configure Automatic Subscription Assignment


    For Minecraft: Education Edition, you can use auto assign subscription to control whether or not you assign a subscription when a member of your organization signs in to the app. When auto assign subscription is on, people from your organization who donât have a subscription will automatically get one when they sign in to Minecraft: Education Edition. When auto assign subscription is off, people from your organization will get the trial version when they sign in to Minecraft: Education Edition. This allows you to control which people use the trial version, and which people are assigned a full subscription. You can always reassign subscriptions, but planning ahead will reduce time spent managing apps and subscriptions. By default, automatic subscription assignment is turned on.

    How to turn off automatic subscription assignment


    The version of the Minecraft: Education Edition page in the Microsoft Store will be different depending on which Microsoft Store for Education flight you are using.

  • You’ll see Minecraft: Education Edition product page.


  • Slide the Auto assign subscription or click Turn off auto assign subscription.

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