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Make Your Own Minecraft Server

Configure The Minecraft Server

How to Make your own Modded Minecraft Server 1.16.5 Super Easy & Quick 2021

After installing Java, Screen, and wget, you can set up the Minecraft server by following these steps:

  • Create a new folder to store all your Minecraft configuration files by running this command:
  • mkdir minecraft
  • Move to the newly created Minecraft server folder by entering:
  • cd minecraft
  • Run the Minecraft server properties file by entering the command below. If you want to use the graphical user interface, omit nogui.
  • java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.18.jar nogui
  • The server program will create a EULA file. To accept Minecrafts EULA, open the eula.txt file with the Nano text editor by entering:
  • sudo nano eula.txt

    Modify the eula value from false to true and save the changes.

  • Activate Screen so the server can run in the background. Feel free to change the server name based on your preference.
  • screen -S "Minecraft server 1"

    Important! As of writing this tutorial, the latest Minecraft server version is 1.18. Be sure to use the correct version number in your commands by cross-checking it against the official Minecraft website.

    Set Up The Commands To Run The Server

    After you set up your own Minecraft server, the additional steps will not be automatic. Players will need to manually prepare their own Minecraft server for hosting before itll be useful in-game.

    • Create a new text document by right-clicking and selecting the Text Document option from the context menu on your PC .
    • Double click the new text document and type in the following command: java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar minecraft_server.1.18.1.jar noguipause
    • Players can leave out nogui if they want the servers graphical interface.
    • Players can edit certain codes as per their requirements, provided that the file name in the code is the same as the downloaded jar. file.
    • Use the Save as option and save the file under the name start.bat.
    • Select All Files under the file type section, and save it inside the same folder as the server file.
    • Double click on the file you have just created .
    • This will launch a command prompt in Windows, and the server folder should have a few new files inside of it within a few minutes.
    • Once it finishes, you will see a EULA error.
    • You will need to read and accept the EULA guidelines in order to continue the process.
    • To view these guidelines, navigate to the eula.txt file located in the server and open the file.
    • False should be written next to EULA, and this will need to be replaced with true.
    • Save the file to continue.

    Connect Outside Your Network

    Any players youre inviting to play with you who arent on your local network connection will need the IP address of your server in order to connect to the game. Youll also need to port forward port 25565 to your server IP address so they can access the server. If you need help with this process, then check out

    Keep in mind that a lot of the Minecraft server is undergoing testing, so theres a chance bugs will arise now and then. However, the steps above will enable you to begin playing Minecraft on your very own server with your friends.

    Ready to get started? Youll need a dedicated server. Get yours now.

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  • Port Forward Your Server And Find Your Server Ip

    CREATE YOUR OWN MINECRAFT SERVER! Super Easy, Fast and Free! (NO CLICK ...

    Players wont be able to connect to your server unless you make it visible to the public. To make your server visible online, open the required server ports through your routers web interface. If you have trouble accessing your router:

  • Browse to PortForward, a website for troubleshooting port-forwarding issues.
  • Select your router model from the list.
  • Follow the instructions on how to access your router.
  • Go to port-forwarding settings.
  • UDP: 19132-19133, 25565
  • Players also need to know your server IP to connect to it. The easiest way to find your IP is by googling whats my ip and copying the number shown.

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    Modded Minecraft Server Vs Vanilla Minecraft Server

    You’ll also need to take mods into consideration. Modifications, better known as “mods” are what players use to turn Minecraft into basically anything they want.

    To use mods, you’ll need to download them from a trusted source. is a great place to start, but you can download them from other sites as well. Keep in mind that if you download a mod from an untrusted source, you risk getting a virus.

    Not using mods is also an option. You can create your own “modless” Minecraft server, better known as vanilla, that’ll only have the tools and features the original Minecraft has.

    A Brief Overview Of The Three Ionos Server Options

    A Dedicated Server with specially allocated hardware in our data center is an excellent solution for hosting individual applications. As a basis for server applications like a Minecraft server, this server model is ideal. Billing takes place per-minute with this package.

    We guarantee an external broadband connection of the server with up to 400 Mbit/s regardless of the chosen server model.

    However, to make a Minecraft server, the virtualized resources you rent with a vServer or Cloud Server are also perfectly suitable. Even if you dont get dedicated hardware components here, the selected performance is guaranteed at all times. When deciding between vServer and Cloud Server, the payment model might make a difference:

    If you are unsure when and how often you want to run your Minecraft server, a Cloud Server Package is the perfect choice, as here we only charge for the resources you actually need and use.

    If you rent a vServer, you pay a fixed monthly amount, regardless of whether your Minecraft server is running or not. However, if youre planning on continuous operation, you will get significantly lower costs than with a cloud server.

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    How To Setup A Minecraft: Java Edition Server

    Note: This guide shows you how to set up and configure a Minecraft Server. However, doing this requires changing your home network’s configuration and is not recommended unless you know what you are doing. If you wish to purchase a small private server for friends, check out Minecraft Realms. If you still wish to set up your own private server, do so at your own risk as we cannot offer support for home networks or privately made servers.

    Here is a guide to help you create a server so your friends can join and play together!

    As a prerequisite, you should make sure you have Java installed and up to date on the computer that will host the server so it can run .jar files.

  • Go to this website and download the minecraft_server.1.XX.X.jar file
  • After you have downloaded it, make a folder on your desktop to keep all your server files in. You can name it Minecraft Server.
  • Drag over or copy and paste the .jar file into the Minecraft Server folder.
  • While you have the file browser open, open command prompt from the start menu.
  • You can check if Java is installed in command prompt by typing without quotes java -version.
  • To start the server, you will need to change the directory to the location where you have the Minecraft Server folder and the .jar file located in it.
  • You can find the directory in Windows by simply clicking on the browser directory in file browser here. Copy this address to your clipboard.
  • This should look like cd C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Minecraft Server
  • Configuring The Minecraft Server

    How To Make A Minecraft Server in 2022
  • Configure the server by editing the file, the format for which is explained here. Be certain to edit the file with a text editor that does not add formatting , such as Windows Notepad. Additional configuration may not be necessary as many servers run fine from the default values.
  • To become or add an operator , type /op< targets> into the server console or gui. This adds the specified user’s username and UUID to the ops.json file. Operator status will not be changed if you change your username due to the use of UUID.
  • Administrators and operators may execute commands. In other words, operator privileges allow you to control certain aspects of the game .
  • ops.json contents:
  • If your is configured to enable whitelist, you can add a user to the whitelist.json by typing /whitelist add < player> into the server console or gui. Due to the transition to the UUID system, it is not recommended to directly edit whitelist.json.
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    Can You Make A Minecraft Server For Free

    Minehut allows you to host 2 Minecraft servers with up to 10 players for free. You can purchase credits if you want to allow more than 10 players or make more than 2 servers. Alternatively, you can host a Minecraft server for free using your own computer. You can do this for all versions of Minecraft.

    How To Make A Multiplayer Minecraft Server For Free

    Creating a multiplayer Minecraft server for free is a straightforward process. Heres the step-by-step guide.

    • Copy the jar file into a new folder
    • Double click the file to run it
    • Right-click inside your folder and select New > Text Document.
    • Name the document Run
    • In the text document, paste the line 1 cmd /k java -Xms1G -Xmx1G jar, followed by the name of the version of the server youre using
    • Save as Run.bat
    • Open the EULA and change the line eula=false to eula=true
    • Double-click the Run.bat file

    You can maximize this Minecraft server hosting free of charge by allowing multiple players to join. Heres what you need to do.

    • Run Minecraft and click multiplayer on the main menu
    • Enter your email address and preferred password
    • Copy the IP for your server it looks like
    • Go to Minecraft, paste your IP in the server address field, and join the server

    A possible disadvantage of Aternos is that the server shuts down after a few minutes of inactivity.

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    Enhance Your Minecraft Server Further

    Now that youve set up your own Minecraft server, all thats left to do is manage and improve the server.

    Here are some things you should consider to take your Minecraft server to the next level:

    • Port forwarding forwarding a port for your server allows users outside of your network to join the game youre hosting.

    How To Create A Minecraft Server In Java Edition

    Minecraft Server on Google Cloud

    Before you get started, make sure you are running the latest version of Minecraft Java Edition. Usually, the game launcher automatically keeps updating the game if you have a reliable internet connection. With that said, lets get started:

    Update your Java Version

    For a server to run smoothly, it has to run on the latest version of Java. To update Java on your PC, follow these simple steps:

    1. Open the start menu by pressing the Windows key and type Configure Java. Once the search completes, click on the top search result and open the Configure Java app. If you dont see the Configure Java in the search, which is unlikely, you can install the latest version from Oracles website using this link right here.

    2. Within the Java control panel, move to the second tab called Update. Then, click on the Update Now button at the bottom right corner.

    3. On the new pop-up window, click on the Update button.

    4. The app will then ask you to remove any existing versions of Java. If you are not sure what other software uses Java on your PC, you can leave it as it is. Now, click on Update and then the Install button. The app will automatically download and install the new version of Java.

    Set Up Commands to Run the Server

    Once you have downloaded the Minecraft server file, its time for you to prepare it for hosting. Heres how.

    2. Then, open the new text document by double-clicking on it and type the following command in it:


    Host Minecraft Server on Your Windows PC

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    Download The Minecraft Server

    The first step in downloading a Minecraft server is to download the Server.jar file from the Minecraft website.

    Optional: If you want an older version, you can find a list of Minecraft versions below. Be sure to click the Server jar on the version you want to make sure you have the Server.jar required for the next step.

    Once on the page, click the Download Minecraft server jar link as shown.

    Note: You may have a different version number than shown in the picture. This is okay as the latest version of Minecraft is constantly being updated.

    Your computer may notify you that the file could be harmful to your computer. This is because any .jar file is treated as harmful when downloading in most browsers and computers. Just click Keep as this is an official Minecraft server .jar file we can trust.

    Before we run this .jar file we want to create a folder for it that will hold all of the files. A common practice is to create the server folder on your desktop. To do this, go to your desktop and right click on an open space. Go to New > Folder and click to create a new empty folder.

    Once it is clicked it will let you change the name of the folder, so name it something so you know it is your Minecraft Server.

    Now return to your Downloads folder the same way we did earlier and right click on the Server.jar to copy it as we will paste it into the new folder we made in the next step.

    How To Host A Minecraft Server

    Setting up a server in Minecraft on ones hardware could be tricky for people unversed with Java or networking. However, the process has gotten simpler. We have listed down the step-by-step guide on how to host a server on Minecraft Java Edition.

    • Make sure Java is fully up-to-date on the system that will host the server.
    • Make a folder where the server files will be stored.
    • Copy the downloaded .jar server file to the server folder.
    • Copy the file path of the server folder to the clipboard.
    • Type cd in the command prompt and then paste the file path to the server folder.
    • Then type Java -jar name of the jar file.jar and hit enter.
    • The failed to load properties and failed to load eula should appear.
    • Back in the Minecraft server folder, open eula.txt with the preferred text editor.
    • In the eula file, change eula=false to eula=true and save the file.
    • Open the file in the same folder with a text editor. Also, make note of the query.port setting, because the player will need it later for port forwarding.
    • Players will get additional settings for PvP and allow dimensions.
    • Repeat steps 6 and 7 and the server should be online.
    • Finally, make sure to forward the port outlined in the query.port setting in the server properties file.
    • Visit NoIP to understand how to forward a port on their hardware.

    Get the latest from by following us on , and .

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    Adjust The Settings Of The Minecraft Server

    As a server owner, you can make numerous settings for your Minecraft world. This is done primarily via the file. You can set the number of players , change the difficulty level , enable or disable PvP and make many other modifications. To do this, enter the desired number in the respective line or change the command to true or false.

    For an overview of the various settings options, see the article about the file on the official Minecraft wiki.

    Make a statement with your own .gg domain and let the games begin. Register your own .gg domain now with IONOS.

    Learn how to update the version of Minecraft Server running on your Linux server, without losing any data or overwriting your world file. When Mojang issues a Minecraft update, Minecraft server administrators need to manually update the version of Minecraft running on their servers.

    After you get your Minecraft server up and running on a Cloud Server with Linux, there are many ongoing tasks to perform and changes you can make. Learn how to perform management and administrative tasks on a Minecraft server, including how to start and stop the Minecraft server, change the map seed, and use console commands.

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