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Minecraft How To Survive

How To Survive In Minecraft

Minecraft – Part 1: How to Survive the First Night

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Once you know how to play Minecraft, your next hurdle is to survive – and thrive. If you’re having trouble surviving your early days in Minecraft, here’s some help for you.

Creating A New World In Minecraft

The very first thing you need to consider when creating your new world is the settings. Some of these are set in stone, which means that, once you create the world, you cant change them. However, some settings, like the difficulty, can be freely adjustedsome of them even when youre in-game.

With that being said, once you create a new world, you can adjust many different parameters. Heres a quick explanation on what each of these does:

  • Name, Mode, and Difficulty: This is the basic information about your world in Minecraft. You can name it anything you want but refrain from using profanities or dirty language, especially if youre thinking of hosting the world in Realms. The game mode can be set to either Survival, or Creative, but were going with the former for the purposes of this guide. Lastly, the difficulty determines how tough it is to survive in the world. If youre not too fond of difficulty, you can simply set it to Peaceful, which turns off the hunger system and enemy spawns.
  • World Preferences: There are two main settings in this category Starting Map, and Bonus Chest. The former allows you to start your game with a crafted map, which lets you chart your world as you explore. Meanwhile, the latter option, if turned on, spawns a chest with a few goodies to get you started.

How To Survive Against Zombies In Minecraft

Zombies are one of Minecraft’s most common mobs. Zombies roam around in every biome of the Minecraft overworld with the exception of mushroom biomes. These creatures are both common and annoying.

Zombies prevent players from sleeping at night, and terrorize players down in the depths of caves. Zombies can be truly annoying, especially if they attack players in herds or on the hardest Minecraft difficulty.

This is why it’s important for new players to learn how to survive against zombies in Minecraft. Here is a step-by-step guide.

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Find A Nether Fortress

Since the Nether update this dimension has had a whole new lease of life, with lush biomes of warped trees, hostile mobs with weapons, and endless ashen scapes of rock.

Then there are Nether fortresses, which are large dark castles made out of Nether brick. Inside, tons of loot awaits, along with black Wither skeletons and fireball slinging Blazes. Blazes will drop Blaze rods, which are needed for potion making, as well as later on to find an End portal and eventually beat the game, so don’t destroy any of the Blaze spawners in the fortress. Blaze rods can be made into Blaze Powder, which when mixed with Ender Pearls form the compass to find the portal.

Use The Right Potions

Minecraft: Survival Mode Ep.1

You now have the resources you need to brew some potions. In that case, depending on what kind of work you need to do, prepare some potions so that your work becomes easier. Use water breathing potions to stay underwater for longer periods of time, fire resistance potions to stop yourself from going up in flames or a health potion to fix yourself up.

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Getting Sticks And Wood In A Desert

Wood won’t be in supply in desert biomes, but players can find sticks fairly quickly by breaking dead bushes which are usually scattered around desert biomes. For more wood, however, players will need to get a bit lucky and find a structure.

Players should look for a village, a pillager outpost that will be completely made out of wood, or take a risk and venture underground to find a mineshaft. Depending on how strict the player’s survival rules are, and where they spawn, they can also look for an ocean to find shipwrecks for a stash of wood.

Tips To Survive And Thrive In Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most successful and popular games of all time. It is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang. The game was created by in the Java programming language. Minecraft has been ported to several other platforms and is the best-selling video game of all time, with 200 million copies sold and 126 million monthly active users as of 2020. Game modes include a survival mode, in which players must acquire resources to build the world and maintain health. There are several top survival tips you absolutely need to remember to become a pro in Minecraft. With this list, weve got you covered. These points are in no particular order and each one of them is something you want to follow if you want to survive and thrive in Minecraft.

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Make Use Of The Most Efficient Mining Tools

Using an axe, pickaxe or shovel enchanted with Fortune III will allow you to collect more drops per block. This means that with a Fortune III Pickaxe, you can get multiple drops from a single block of diamond ore rather than a single drop per diamond ore. Similarly, the Efficiency Enchantment allows you to break down blocks more efficiently.

Farm Bunnies And Crops For Food

Minecraft Tutorials – 01 – How to Survive your First Night

Another key resource is passive mobs, and there aren’t many at all in the desert. The only mob players will find are bunnies, which do yield food when killed. If players are ready for a challenge, they can breed these bunnies and start a food farm.

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Otherwise, players only need one wheat seed, carrot, potato, or beetroot seed to start farming. Villages, mineshafts, pillager outposts, shipwrecks, and buried treasure can all be found in or near desert biomes and can yield such loot. Killing zombies can also sometimes yield potatoes.

Alternatively, if players manage to find some string or kill spiders for string, they can craft a fishing rod and fish for food and loot. This only works if the desert biome isn’t landlocked, however, as organizing an underground fishing farm requires players to have access to skylight.

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Minecraft How To Survive In Desert Biome

Minecraft worlds have a ton of diversity thanks to the many biomes players can visit. However, sometimes it’s interesting and challenging to limit survival to just one biome, and one of the hardest ones to do this in is desert biomes.

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Desert biomes lack most of the basic resources that other, lush and temperature biomes have, such as an abundance of trees for wood and passive mobs for food. That’s why players will need to get a bit crafty and follow these tips if they wish to survive exclusively in a desert biome in Minecraft.

My First Crafting Table

In order to get your first crafting table, youll first need to collect wooden planks, which you can process from wooden logs. This is where the fun starts as your first course of action should be to punch trees. Yes, you read that right: You can destroy trees with your fists in Minecraft by punching their trunks. Each section of the tree will give one block of logs, and youll need every last one of them. Try punching enough trees until you have an entire stack of logs in your inventory. This should be more than enough to get you started on your first shelter.

Once you have enough logs, go to your crafting menu and place the stack in any of the slots. This simple recipe will result in 4 units of wooden planks per unit of logs. In this sense, your 64 logs should result in 256 planks, all of which will be used shortly.

After youve processed your logs, lets go ahead and create a crafting table. For this recipe, you need to place a unit of wooden planks in every slot of the grid. You can either do this by manually placing the planks on the slots, or by using the crafting shortcuts in the crafting menu by pressing LB.

After creating your crafting table, go ahead and put it down anywhere and notice how your crafting grid expands from 2×2 to 3×3, allowing you to create many additional items than with your bare hands. Your crafting shortcuts have also expanded to reflect this.

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Preparing For The Nether

Before entering the nether, Minecraft players should prepare so that they have the necessary tools to survive. Most of these tools are optional. However, they are highly recommended for the players who need some extra help.

Players who constantly find themselves on fire should bring a cauldron and a water bucket, which they can jump into on fire. This is a loophole around the fact that water is not allowed in the nether.

Players should also bring plenty of food, as it is quite scarce in the nether. Tools, weapons, and a shield are also absolutely necessary.

For players who have already been to the nether and extracted some resources, potions of fire resistance are highly recommended.

Make Torches Start Smelting

The Ultimate Minecraft Beginners Guide!

Once you have some coal and cobblestone in your inventory, you can really start to build a stable base to work from. Craft torches to light your shelter, which will keep enemy monsters from spawning in the dark corners. Next, construct a furnace to start baking things like glass, cobblestone, and, of course, food to keep you alive.

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Where Is The Deep Dark & Why Go There

Luckily for miners, the Deep Dark doesn’t spawn everywhere. It’s most commonly found under biomes with a heavy amount of erosion, such as mountains and plateaus. Players are usually safe whenever they see stone, as the Deep Dark will typically only spawn in areas below Y=0, which is when deepslate replaces stone. While the Deep Dark is a terrifying challenge, it’s also one that can be avoided by cautious players.

With how deadly the Deep Dark is, many players might be wondering what exactly the point of traveling there is. The main draw is the new Ancient Cities that can be found deep underground. These cities are infested with Sculk, but they also contain loot that simply cannot be found anywhere else. These cites are more than worth braving, so long as players are prepared to deal with the unique dangers presented by Minecraft‘s most terrifying update so far.

Build A Nether Portal

There’s a ton of exploration to be done in the overworld, but those wanting to progress in the game will eventually want to make their way into another dimension known as the Nether. To get there, it’s best to have diamond gear, just to be on the safe side.

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To build a portal into the Nether, the player needs to mine out ten blocks of obsidian, which can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe. Then place them in a two by three doorway. Corners can be any other block. The portal needs to be lit up with a flint and steel, which is made by combining an iron ingot and flint, gained from shoveling gravel.

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How To Survive In Survival Mode In Minecraft

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 13 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 43,176 times.

Survival Mode in Minecraft is no walk in the park. With the elements and enemies out to get you, you need to know some tricks and strategies for survival.

Trading For Rare Items

HOW TO Survive Your First 100 Days In Hardcore Minecraft

Deserts are extremely lackluster when it comes to loot, so players should focus on setting up some trades to get their hands on necessities like leather and paper, which will allow them to build an enchantment table set up and access endgame parts of Minecraft. While paper can be crafted easily, leather is trickier to get in a desert biome.

Players can try to find a village and do their trades there, or they can head into the Nether, which shouldn’t be a difficult task even in a desert biome. In fact, desert biomes can often spawn lava pools, which can be used to make Nether portals so long as the player has an iron water bucket. Moreover, players can get lucky and find Ruined Portal structures quite frequently in desert biomes.

It’s also possible to mine underground and find lava pools and obsidian below. Once in the Nether, players should try to find Piglins and barter with them to get access to leather and string, as well as Ender Pearls.

Another important trade to consider is the wandering trader who appears regularly where the player is. It’s possible for him to carry saplings, which means eventually even the unluckiest players living in a desert biome will have access to trees if they wait for him long enough. He will return multiple times with different trades as well, so keep an eye out for him.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and many other platforms.

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How Do You Prepare For Your First Night In Minecraft

If you’re a newcomer to Minecraft, initial impressions may be a tad intimidating. It’s no over-exaggeration to imply that Minecraft has a mind-boggling number of mechanics to master, so that first time getting started can be rough. There are a few things you might want to at least skim before diving in, so it’s lucky that we here at Windows Central do our best to have all the biomes covered.

The first thing you’ll need to do in Minecraft is to create your own world. World creating is really quite simple, but there are a ton of options and settings you can configure to get the perfect blend that you desire. If you want to know more about how to manage your worlds and create new ones, check out our comprehensive guide on the subject.

Next stop is the mechanic that quite literally makes up half of “Minecraft:” crafting. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of recipes to choose from, all requiring different ingredients, placements, and more. Out of all of these recipes, however, there are a few that are essential to success, and recipes that every Minecraft player should know by heart. You guessed it, we also have a fantastic guide that tackles exactly that, complete with all the ingredients you’ll need and pictures to show you how.

Gather Resources For The Shelter

Now that you’ve found your area to hang out for a while, it’s time to gather some resources and supplies. You want to be prepared for the first night at minimum, but it doesn’t hurt to get a little extra to help get a head start for the future. This means making sure you have the ability to build and light your shelter, sleep through the night, and have food to prevent you from starving.

You’ll want to look for:

Cobblestone, coal, and iron can all be found in the same places, and may even be in the shelter you chose. Cobblestone and coal can both be mined with a wood pickaxe, but before you hack away at that iron, be sure to use your crafting table and some cobblestone to build yourself a stone pickaxe â otherwise you’ll get nothing.

Wood can be found in trees. You can never have too much wood, but you also don’t want to spend too much time mining it. It might be worth using your crafting table to craft a wooden or stone axe to speed things up, but two or three trees will probably do the trick.

Finally, food and wool can also be found in the same places. Cows drop beef and leather pigs drop pork, chickens drop, well, chicken and feathers and sheep drop mutton and wool. Sheep will probably be the most efficient since you need three pieces of wool to build a bed. Use your sword to hunt things down.

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Minecraft Guide: How To Survive Your First Night In Minecraft

Surviving the first harrowing night.

Despite Minecraft being in the hands of well over a hundred million people through a long decade of success, the game continues to grow at an astounding pace. That means a ton of new people who are unfamiliar with Minecraft’s survival mechanics coming face-to-face with the dreaded first night. This is our guide on all the tips you’ll need to conquer that first night, and all those to come in Minecraft.

Preparing To Fight A Zombie


Let’s face it, eventually, Minecraft players will have to fight zombies. The best way to fight a zombie is with the proper weapons and armor. Any armor or weapons are better than none, but diamond and netherite armor and weapons are the best to use.

Newer players may not have access to this high leveled armor or weapons, and if that’s the case, the easiest and best type of weapon to obtain are stone weapons. Stone weapons can be made with cobblestone, a very easy resource for new players to obtain.

As for armor, the easiest armor to get is iron armor. Iron armor is made from iron ingots, which can be smelted from iron ore. Oftentimes, players will find iron ingots insiof village chests, giving players a headstart with their armor set up.

The best weapon to fight a zombie with is a sword, but if this isn’t available, it’s recommended to use a bow and arrow or an axe to attack the zombie.

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