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What Do Villagers Eat In Minecraft

What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft


Horses eat a variety of food in Minecraft. Food helps horses to heal, grow faster and maintain the energy for all the tough tasks that it performs to help the player. Food may change the behavior of the horses and restore their health if dealt with damage. Foul growth time is reduced by 4 minutes if fed once. But what does a horse eat in Minecraft?

Horses eat sugar, wheat, apple, golden carrot, golden apple, and hay bale. All these food items replenish a horses health and provide it enough energy to run and transport the players load. To feed a horse in Minecraft, hold the food in your hand and press use the horse.

Different food affects the behavior of horse differently. Food items can heal it, speed up its growth process, or increase the temper. Golden carrot and golden apple are used to induce love mode on the two horses for breeding.

Horses are strong and stocky animals. They can run fast, jump high blocks and carry loads for longer distances. If you want to move from one place to another at a faster speed, horses are the best option to do so. Theyre considered the fastest mode of transportation in the game.

The speed of the horse can be 4.74 blocks/sec to 14.10 blocks/sec compared to the players speed of 4.32 blocks/sec. They can also jump a lot higher than a player. An average horse can jump up to 5 block heights compared to 1 of that of the player.

What Professions Can Villagers Have In Minecraft

Most of the villagers have professions and supply certain goods. They have a different appearance that helps to identify them. Armorers will trade various iron, chainmail, and diamond armor for emeralds. You can get emeralds and meat from butchers. Cartographers trade maps and banners for emeralds and compasses.

To get gemstones, visit a cleric villager. Fletchers will help you to get crafting and hunting tools. Other villager professions include farmers, fishermen, leatherworkers, librarians, shepherds, and more. Some villagers are unemployed they look like a plain villager model without any additional details.

You can find them a job by building a new job site. Another non-trading villager type is Nitwit. They wear green coats and shake heads if you attempt to trade.

Why Do You Want Villagers

Villagers can be traded with, and the more of them there are in an area, the more you can trade.

They can also be given jobs using a composter or a blast furnace, among other things. They’re a really helpful part of any world, and having them will only benefit you.

The jobs they can have and the blocks you need are:


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Some Wander And Travel

Most villagers are extremely attached to their homes, and for a reason. It’s tough to survive out in the wild, and many of them need their primary source of income, which is often tied to the village itself. There is, however, one exception to this tradition.

The Wandering Trader is a special type of villager, who will appear near the player at regular intervals. They offer exotic trades of a large variety of items, and will often have two llamas along as protection. At night time, the Wandering Trader protects themselves by drinking a potion of invisibility.

Where Can You Find Villages


Villages come in all shapes and sizes and can now be found in a number of different biomes. Namely, plains, sunflower plains, savannas, deserts, snowy tundras, and many different taiga biomes including normal taigas, taiga hill biomes, and their snowy variants.

In order to find these villages, you simply need to explore. Then explore some more. Villages can generate pretty much anywhere inside compatible biomes, so the closest village could be just over that next hill. You can potentially shave time off by grabbing a horse or boat , or skip the wait entirely by choosing a world seed that starts you next to a village.

Most of the biomes also have their own unique design language for villages, lending a bit of credibility to them. There is one fault with the method Minecraft uses to spawn villages, and that is the fact they can be generated pretty much anywhere. What this means is that if there are any crevices or caves, villages will just spawn bits of dirt or sand on top of it, or carve pieces out of holes. This leads to some awfully strange landscapes around villages.

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How To Breed Villagers In Minecraft Pe

You can use villagers for many purposes in Minecraft. They are very beneficial to some extent. To breed villagers in Minecraft or Minecraft PE, you need to locate a village, isolate two villagers in a room without a door, build them three beds and feed them until they produce a baby. Then, you have to wait for the baby villager to grow up.

Here is the full guide on how to breed villagers in Minecraft PE.

Ways To Fix Villagers Not Breeding In Minecraft

Minecraft is one of those crazes that doesnt seem to be going anywhere.

Though it has been around for ages, there are still millions of us who pick it up regularly and play it.

Our best guess for why this is the case is that the game is kind of timeless in its own strange way.

Yes, the graphics are a little primitive, but in many regards, the gameplay and entertainment factors are still there in abundance.

Minecraft also seems to give the players a level of control that is rarely seen in any other games out there.

You get to create your own world, and for the most part, you also dictate what happens in that world.

For us, one of the most fun things to do is to create your own village and try to make it work perfectly.

However, doing this isnt always that easy, and there are a whole host of little problems that can pop up to hold you back.

Of these problems, the one that a lot of people seem to struggle with villagers not breeding in Minecraft.

In the quest to get some baby villagers to increase your population, there are quite a few things you will need to check off the list before it can happen.

These things can be tough, especially if you are new to the game.

So, to help you along the way, we decided to put together this little guide to breeding your own villagers.

Really, the only tricks you need to know are what things they need to begin breeding. So, without further ado, here is how it is done!

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Why Do Villagers Stare At You

Villagers are known for running around and either interacting with other Villagers or exploring their small towns. If a player runs within a certain distance of a Villager, the Villager will stare at the player and until they are chased off by a zombie, when the night cycle begins or when it starts to storm.

Villagers Eating In Minecraft

How to feed the Villagers – Minecraft

Villagers don’t appear to eat anything regularly. They don’t hunger and therefore don’t need to eat food to remedy that. They do, however, breed, and that requires them to “eat.”

No, it’s not the same as eating for a player, and actually, when players give villagers food, it just kind of disappears. Still, that’s the only time villagers currently eat.

Breeding villagers requires players dropping 10 or so food items to a villager and then about the same to another villager. That usually starts the breeding process, though the numbers are highly variable. The good news is that if a villager has too much food, he will give it to another villager to entice them to breed. The breeding process is marked by the appearance of hearts in the air, like other mobs.

As far as what will get villagers to breed, it’s not everything. Players can try to drop rotten flesh or poisonous potatoes to use up what items have little value, but it won’t work. Even cooked food like steak or beef won’t work, either. The official Minecraft information describes food that comes from crops, so something that comes from potatoes, carrots, beetroots or wheat.

Bread is the best food to use, though beetroots, carrots and potatoes work too. Bread is the easiest to come by and actually can be traded from villagers. A farmer villager gives 6 bread for an emerald.

im breeding villagers and the way babies crowd around their oldest sibling is so cute

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What To Feed Villagers To Breed Them

There are four kinds of food that you can feed villagers to let them breed, including 3 loaves of bread, 12 potatoes, 12 beetroots, or 12 carrots. You can collect those foods and throw them into the trap room or grow those foods and build a house covering the garden. You can pick up potatoes, beetroots, and carrots from the village gardens.

Alternatively, the breeders can pick up food by themselves if you place the room on a garden of breeding foods. Each villager has an inventory to store food and other items. They can collect food and do breeding works. It’s also a way to breed villagers automatically.

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How Do You Summon Iron Golems

Iron golems are massive passive mobs that exist solely to defend villagers and ward off the scarier mobs like zombies and skeletons. Most villages of medium size or greater will spawn with one iron golem of their own, but for true defensive power it’s always a good idea to summon more.

To summon iron golems, you’ll need:

  • 4 iron blocks. You can craft iron blocks by combine nine iron ingots in a crafting table. Expensive, but worth it.
  • 1 carved pumpkin. Pumpkins spawn naturally around the world. You’ll need 1 to summon your own iron golem.

Once you’ve gotten everything together, you’ll need to:

  • Place the iron blocks in a “t” shape. They can be in any orientation you want, but each corner needs to be air.

  • Place the carved pumpkin on top. This needs to be the last step. Place your carved pumpkin on the iron “t” to become the head.

  • Witness your creation! It’s probably best to summon the iron golem outside or only in tall buildings, since they are significantly taller than most mobs.
  • You can summon a lot of iron golems if you desire, just keep in mind the costs of doing so. I’d also recommend building a wall of some kind around your village as well, since iron golems that are summoned rather than naturally spawned tend to wander a bit more.

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    They Sometimes Forget About Their Village

    As mentioned before, villagers are extremely attached to their villages. Simply being outside of the protection of their hometown is scary enough to send them quickly running back home as quickly as possible. Unless a villager is kidnapped on a boat, it’s impossible to persuade them to leave their home.

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    However, once villagers are past 32 blocks from their home, they sort of forget about their village and will stop trying to return to it. Similarly, they will also lose any occupation that they once had in the village, as they’re no longer close enough to their work stations.

    How To Breed Villagers In Minecraft Version 116


    With the new version of the game, the villager breeding process has changed slightly. Follow the instructions below to grow your village population in Minecraft 1.16:

  • Find or build a village. A couple of buildings close to each other are already considered a village.
  • There should be three times more doors than adult villagers in your village.
  • Ensure that the building where your villagers are going to breed has at least three beds with two or more empty blocks above them.
  • Trade at least once with your villagers.
  • For the villagers to breed, ensure that there are three loaves of bread, 12 carrots, 12 potatoes, or 12 beetroots in the inventory per one villager. Feed it to your villagers.
  • Leave two villagers alone in a building.
  • Check the building in about 20 minutes a baby villager should appear.
  • Tip: Be aware of new villages they may be inhabited by zombies, pillagers, vindicators, evokers, or illusioners.

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    How Do You Make Villagers Happy

    There are two ways to make villagers willing to breed: trade with them, and make sue they have plenty of food. Trading with a villager for the first time will make it willing after that, there is a 1 in 5 chance each time you do a repeat trade. The other thing that makes villagers willing is having plenty of food.

    Why Are My Villagers Not Taking Jobs

    The most common reason that your villager can’t change their profession is that you have traded with them already. For some odd reason, trading with a villager will permanently lock in their profession. … Once you find one, you can then switch over their profession in the normal way without any hassle at all.

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    What Desserts Can You Make In Minecraft

    You can craft food items in Minecraft such as apple, carrot, potato, melon, bread, cake, cookies, golden apple, golden carrot, baked potato, pumpkin pie, mushroom stew, rabbit stew, steak, cooked porkchop, cooked mutton, cooked chicken, cooked rabbit, cooked fish, milk, water bucket, melon seeds, or pumpkin seeds.

    Crafting Beds For Villagers

    What to feed Villagers – Minecraft
  • 1Gather the materials. In order to craft one bed, you will need three wooden plank blocks, and three blocks of wool. You will also need a crafting table. Use the following steps to obtain the materials you need:
  • Wood planks: To gather wood walk up to a tree and attack the trunk with your hands until the trunk blocks break apart and drops a small wooden log block. Walk over the wood block to pick it up. Then open the crafting menu and craft wood plank blocks from the wood.
  • Wool: Wool can be obtained by either killing sheep, or sheering them with a pair of sheers which can be crafted from two iron bars using a crafting table.
  • 2Craft a crafting table. In order to craft a crafting table, open your crafting menu and place 4 wooden plank blocks in the crafting grid to the right of your character. Then drag the crafting table to your inventory.
  • 3Place the crafting table and open it. To place the crafting table, place it in your hot bar at the bottom of your inventory and equip it. Place it by aiming at the ground where you want the crafting table to go. Then right-click or press the left trigger button to place it.
  • 4Craft a bed. To craft a bed, open the crafting table, and place three wool blocks in the top row of the 3×3 crafting grid. Then place 3 wooden blocks in the middle row below the wool blocks. Drag the bed into your inventory.
  • You can also craft different color beds using dyes.
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    Are Butchers Useful In Minecraft

    Butcher villagers will offer one emerald for 15 coal, which is a slightly worse trade. But, this is pretty good for new players since coal is readily available in Minecraft. It is one of the most abundant ores in the game. Coal can also be dug up with low-level pickaxes like wooden and stone pickaxes.

    How To Fix Villagers Not Breeding In Minecraft

    Essentially, there are only 5 things that your villagers will need to begin breeding. Once you have all of these sorted, you will have baby villagers in no time at all!

    1. Have They Got a Bed?

    The first thing, and probably the most important thing to take care of, is that your villagers have enough beds.

    For example, if you have 10 villagers in the same place but only one bed, there is literally zero chance that they will breed.

    Instead, you will need to make sure that there is at least one bed for every two villagers that you have.

    For a better chance of success, it is also a good idea to put these beds in separate houses.

    At the very least, these beds should be in separate rooms one for each couple.

    2. Have They Got Proper Food?

    The list of needs doesnt end with just having enough beds to go around.

    You also need to make sure that you have enough basic resources to keep your villagers happy.

    Of course, one of the first things that real-life people need for that is enough food.

    In Minecraft, the story is the same. Your villagers are far more likely to breed if they have the right food and plenty of it! In this one way, Minecraft is actually pretty realistic.

    For the best results, make sure that your villagers are getting enough carrots and fruit from the village. If you can do that, you are sure to have baby villagers being born soon enough!

    3. Have They Got a Little Privacy?

    There is also a pretty good chance you never thought of it.

    4. Are They in Mating Mode?

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    How Do You Get A Villager To Move Out

    How to Get Villagers to Leave From Neglect. One of the best methods for getting the point across that a villager is no longer welcome is flat out ignoring them. Think social distancing to the extreme. Dont talk to them, dont fulfill requests or tasks for them, dont even ask them what theyre building.

    What Increases Chances Of Villagers Breeding


    When you throw the food on the ground near the villagers, they will run over and try to pick up the food. Once they have enough food in their inventory, their willingness to breed will increase. Villagers become willing by either having 12 carrots, 12 potatoes, 12 beetroots, or 3 bread in their inventory.

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