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How To Record Minecraft With Obs

How To Record Minecraft On Windows 10/mac

How to Record Minecraft for Free with OBS (Tutorial)

Many people love to play Minecraft and;explore in the game, looking for resources and running from creepers. Sometimes, you may want to share your achievements and happiness in the game with your friends. If so, try the Minecraft screen recorders and make a video for YouTube or other social networks. Using the programs mentioned;on;this page, you can record Minecraft on PC and Mac with simple clicks. Follow those tutorials;and start recording.

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Editing And Sharing Your Videos

Recording your Minecraft gameplay is only one part of the process you still need to edit, save, and share your recordings. Since OBS doesnt provide any video editing tools, I recommend using Kapwing to edit your Minecraft videos, regardless of where you recorded them. Go to in your browser and click Start Editing to enter the Kapwing Studio. Here, drag and drop your .MKV recording file directly into the Studio window. If you recorded your video using Kapwing, your video and audio layers will already be on the canvas and timeline.

With your files uploaded, you can make any edits your Minecraft recording needs. Most likely, youll want to trim it, grab just the best clips, or add extra features like text and music. To trim your video and audio layers, drag and drop the ends of the layers in the timeline at the bottom of the Studio. ;You can also place the tracker anywhere on a video or audio layer and use the Split button to split it into two clips.

When youre done adding all the edits you need, click the red Export Video button in the top right corner of the Studio. Kapwing will start processing your video for longer Minecraft recordings, this can take several minutes. When it’s ready, click the Download button on the right and your video will be saved to your computer.

Record Minecraft Pe Using Apowersoft Tool

Here are few simple steps that you need to execute to record Minecraft PE using Apowersoft tool:

Step 1: Get your software tool downloaded on the personal computer.

Step 2: Choose your output folder.

Step 3: Now you need to connect your device as well as computer with same WIFI network.

Step 4: Switch to AirPlay Mirroring by simply swiping in upward direction from bottom of iOS device.

Step 5: Just start your game that you want to record and hit the record button available in red color on top portion of screen.

Step 6: When game finishes, hit the stop button and your video will be saved to desired output folder.

As soon as you have finished your recording process then you can view your recorded videos from file location that you have set earlier. You will be happy to hear that this application can record game videos with smooth frame appearances and it donât even need jailbreak to execute its processes.

Below are few details about two other popular mobile applications that can record Minecraft PE:

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How To Record Minecraft On Mac

If you want to find a simple but full-featured Minecraft recording software on Mac, OBS is a great choice. It is a free and open-source program for video recording and live streaming. With it, you can record everything that happens on your computer and record multiple sources.

How to:

  • If youre new to OBS, follow the on-screen instructions to set up OBS. If you see the main OBS Studio window, go to Tools>Auto-Config Wizard.
  • Click the + icon on the Sources window and select the Game Capture option from the list.
  • Open Minecraft and start the game that you want to record.
  • Hit the Start Recording button.
  • Once finished, click the Stop Recording button.
  • Features:

    • Real-time video/audio capturing and mixing
    • Set up an unlimited number of scenes
    • Multiple configuration options

    Obs Laggy Recording How Do I Make Obs Record Smoother

    How to Record Minecraft for Free with OBS (Tutorial)

    Last Updated on September 14, 2021 by Robert Jackson

    OBS is fairly a good example of a solution to a perfect home-made video, with its two representative components of recording and streaming, to those in need of screen recording and live broadcasting.

    Unexpectedly, albeit the high-quality recording capabilities, OBS causes quite a lot of troubles to its users with which people call it OBS laggy recording. The OBS laggy recording problem is intimidating that once encountered, your OBS or even your computer may freeze, and most of the time, the output video will be full of stutters and gaps that make the video total futility.

    To solve the OBS laggy recording problem, first, we need to understand why lags will occur. Then, we will focus on the solutions.

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    How To Make Obs Not Pick Up Discord Is It Possible

    Well, the first question that you might have in your mind and you should be asking is if it is possible for OBS to not pick up conversations or audio over a specific application such as Discord, and the answer to that is YES. It is absolutely possible for you to set the OBS in such a manner that it will not be picking up audio that is being transmitted over Discord. If you are unsure of how to do it, or you might be doing it for the first time and you are getting confused, here are the instructions that you need to follow.

    1. Change the Audio Recording Device on OBS

    Luckily, the OBS allows you to choose the devices that you want to record and leave out the others. This will be a great thing to have not only to stop OBS from picking up Discord conversations but you can think of much creative usage to this such as making some tutorial videos, screen recording for some people for official presentations, and a lot more.

    The bottom line is, make sure that you are recording on the audio device that you are not using for discord and that will allow you to filter out the Discord communication over the device without having any sort of problems and it will not be saved anywhere on your PC.

    2. Change the default audio device for Discord

    3. Mute the OBS

    Check Your Network Connection

    A stable and high-speed Internet connection is essential to avoid video lagging or freezing issues in OBS. Dropped frames means your connection is not stable. Check your connection speed using any speed test tool. Contact your service provider to fix the speed and network issue, if any.

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    Recommended Computer Requirments To Record Minecraft With No Lag:

    Recommended pc requirement for playing and recording Minecraft

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB or higher
  • GPU: XFX AMD Radeon RX 560
  • SSD: 4G
  • Well, in general, Minecraft is not that resource-intensive given the blocky graphics and less demanding video rendering than those mighty 3D online games. If you still suffer lags while playing and recording Minecraft, its very likely to do with the settings.

    How To Record Minecraft Online For Free

    How to record Minecraft using OBS

    If you dont need professional screen recording features, you can use Blu-ray Master Free Online Screen Recorder to record Minecraft video up to 24 fps. WMV is the only output video format. You can screen record Minecraft gameplay as WMV video. By the way, you can adjust video recording quality options from the lowest to lossless. There is no maximum recording length. Thus, you can feel free to record your screen on Minecraft for free.

    Step 1Click Launch Free Recorder in the main interface. Follow the on-screen instruction to download its launcher quickly.

    Step 2Use your mouse to drag with the red-dotted line. You can record Minecraft game video in full screen or custom region.

    Step 3Set the input audio source and webcam.

    Step 4Click the gear Settings icon on the lower right corner. Here you can change hotkeys and video output settings.

    Step 5Click REC to start the Minecraft recording process. When you stop recording, the program will save the recording file automatically.

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    How To Record Minecraft Gameplay On Pc In 2021 Solved

    • Reddit

    Summary :

    Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang. As a Minecraft user, have you ever thought about sharing your achievements with your friends? If so, just check this post. Here, we are going to show you how to record Minecraft gameplay on PC with the best Minecraft recorder software, such as;MiniTool Video Converter.

    Quick Navigation :

    When playing Minecraft, you may want to record the gameplay for sharing with your friends or uploading to gaming video streaming platforms. Luckily, this guide will show you the best Minecraft recorder software and how to use them to record Minecraft gameplay on a PC. Lets get started.

    Faqs Of Recording Minecraft

    How to record Minecraft PE?

    Minecraft PE is the pocket edition for mobile phones. You can record Minecraft on iPad and iPhone via iOS 11 screen recording. As for Android users, you can record Minecraft on Android via third-party screen recorder apps, such as AZ Screen Recorder, DU Screen Recorder and more.

    How to record Minecraft on Xbox?

    To record Minecraft gameplay on Xbox, press Xbox on the controller. Later, you can set up capture options in Game DVR on your Windows 10 computer. You can click the Record from now circle to record Minecraft gameplay on Xbox.

    How to record Minecraft with OBS?

    You can record Minecraft with OBS on Mac and Windows for free. If you have installed OBS on your computer, just launch the program and navigate to its settings. Manage the output video settings and other preferences. Click Start playing to record Minecraft on PC with OBS.

    You can use the above game recording tools to record gameplay from Minecraft and more. Both Minecraft YouTubers and novices can record Minecraft on PC and Mac with ease. You can get not only basic recording functions, but also other advanced editing and managing tools. If you still have questions about Minecraft recording, you can feel free to contact us.

    More Reading

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    Record Minecarft Pe On Android Or Ios Device:

    Apple poses restrictions on most of the screen recorder applications but you can still find a solution to get your games recorded with high quality results. Apowersoft iPhone/iPad recorder is best tool for all your game capture needs and it works perfectly on Mac and Window devices. Recorded videos can be saved in popular file formats like AVI, WMV and MP4 etc.

    How To Record Minecraft On Pc And Mac Losslessly

    How To Record Minecraft Using OBS! (2020)

    If you want to record a video while playing Minecraft, Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder can be your good choice. You can record HD game videos up to 60 fps. The program reduces the CPU usages with the advanced hardware acceleration. Thus, you can record Minecraft game video without lagging. The hotkey controls allow users to start and stop recording PC Minecraft game instantly.

    Furthermore, you can add your face and voice into the Minecraft recording. It is also supported to take a screenshot while playing Minecraft. In addition, you can add callouts, mouse effects, captions, highlights and many other editing tools during recording. The tiny and intuitive interface is friendly to beginners. Even though it is the first time you record Minecraft videos, you can still edit and record gameplay video with ease.

    • 1. Record Minecraft gameplay of full screen or specific window.
    • 2. Record yourself and add your voice into the Minecraft recording video.
    • 3. Control Minecraft game recording with customized hotkeys.
    • 4. Trim unwanted parts before exporting your Minecraft recording file.
    • 5. Wide range of real-time drawing tools.
    • 6. Schedule Minecraft recording tasks with custom time, date and recording length.
    • 7. Share Minecraft videos to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more directly.

    Step 1Free download Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder as your Minecraft game recorder. Launch the program after the installation. To record Minecraft on Windows, choose Video Recorder in the main interface.

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    How To Recording A Zoom Meeting With Obs

    If you want to record Zoom meetings and store them for later, you can achieve great results without any third-party tools. The only things youll need to install are OBS and Zoom. Heres what you need to do:

  • Launch Zoom and OBS.
  • In OBS, under Sources, click the + icon and select Display Capture. This will work best if you have more than one monitor for your PC, but it will still function if you only have one.You can use the Window Capture option and select Zoom.exe as your source, but this might not always work.
  • Name the capture whatever you want, then click OK. You can use the name of the monitor youre using for Zoom to keep it simple.
  • Choose the monitor to display the video from the dropdown list. The preview will show the monitors current feed.
  • Uncheck the Capture Cursor box.
  • In OBS, click on + under Sources again, then choose Audio Input Capture.
  • Rename the capture source if you want to keep it separate from the other source and avoid confusion, then press OK.
  • Select your input device from the dropdown list, then press OK. Youll now see a new audio input in the Audio Mixer screen below the video preview showing you the capture from the microphone.
  • Add another source . Select Audio Output Capture.
  • Rename the source if you want, then select OK.
  • Choose the output device from the list. To avoid doubling sounds, we recommend using headphones. Press OK. Youll now see the second line in the Audio Mixer section.
  • What Are The Steps To Stream Minecraft Videos Using Obs

    It is recommended to use GPU for Minecraft game capture, especially with mods. Follow the steps below to stream Minecraft gameplay with OBS.

    • If you are using a Windows 10 laptop or all-in-one system with GPU, go to Windows 10 settings .
    • Select classic app / Desktop app in Choose an app to set preference and hit Browse.
    • Look for the javaw.exe, and after adding Minecraft/javaw.exe, click Options and choose High Performance.
    • To stream, Minecraft gameplay with OBS, launch both applications with Minecraft running in the background.
    • In OBS, add a scene and provide an appropriate name to it.
    • Add sources such as Audio Input Capture for using devices such as a mic for recording.
    • Then add the Game Capture, Window Capture, or Display Capture, depending on if you want only the game or the whole screen of the computer to be captured. If the Window Capture option is used, Minecraft will appear as an option if it is running in the background.
    • Reposition and resize the window as per requirement and add the webcam as a device to the scene.
    • Select the service , copy and paste the stream key from the platform.

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    Apps4rent Can Help With Minecraft Livestreaming

    Apps4Rent is a pioneer in offering GPU-enabled virtual desktops customized for live streaming with encoders such as OBS. These virtual desktops use Microsoft and Citrix technologies in servers in our top-tier SSAE 16 level datacenters and Azure.

    As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent can also offer Office 365 Education licenses with Minecraft: Education Edition to educational institutions along with virtual desktops for empowering the next generation. Call, email, or chat with our virtualization consultants for assistance.

    How To Record Minecraft Videos On Mac

    How To Record Minecraft With OBS

    If you want to find a lightweight but full-featured Minecraft recording software on Mac,;EaseUS RecExperts for Mac;is a great choice. Its flexible screen recording function gives you the ability to select the recording region freely. Whether you want to capture the whole screen or;record part of the screen, it can perfectly satisfy your needs.

    Sometimes, you may want to record the whole course of a game and export it as an MP4 file to upload to websites like YouTube. As this recorder supports both GIF and MP4;formats, you are;capable of choosing the most appropriate target format;based on your;demands.

    How to Record in Minecraft on Mac:

    Step 1. Download and launch EaseUS RecExperts on your Mac computer. Click on the “Screen” button in the Video tab.

    Step 2. Click on the “Size” option to choose the recording area. Here you can record your full screen or capture part of the screen by clicking the “Custom” button. You also can select the quality of the recorded video in advance or configure some basic options, like the shortcut and location.;

    Step 3. If you want to capture screen and audio simultaneously, you can click “Audio Sources” to select an audio source. Besides, you can adjust the volume by hitting the sound icon at the bottom.

    The iOS Screen Recording function of;EaseUS RecExperts for Mac enables you to mirror;iOS screens to Mac so that you can play Minecraft on an iOS device while simultaneously record the gameplay on a Mac.

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    Faqs About How To Record Playing Minecraft

    There are some frequently asked questions about;recording Minecraft videos. If you need to learn more about this topic, those answers may be helpful.

    1.;How do I record my Minecraft gameplay?

    How to record while playing Minecraft? You can use a great;Minecraft game recorder to do that, such as EaseUS RecExperts for Windows.

    Step 1. Install this Minecraft screen recorder on your computer and launch it.

    Step 2. Click on the “Full Screen” or “Region” button to select the recording area.

    Step 3. You can also select the microphone and camera you want to use in the recording.

    Step 4. Click on the “REC” button to start recording, and click on the “Stop” button after;recording the video you need.

    2.;Does Minecraft have a built-in recorder?

    Although Minecraft doesn’t offer you a built-in gameplay recorder, you can use the Xbox Gamebar to record your Minecraft videos. This built-in tool offered by the Windows system helps you capture the game easily. You only need to search it in the Windows search box and launch to use it.

    3. Which is the;best screen recorder for Minecraft?;

    Best Minecraft Recording Software Free on PC and Mac:

    • EaseUS RecExperts for Windows


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