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What Is The World Record For Beating Minecraft

Glitched In 2 Minutes 457 Seconds By Benchbotch

Minecraft World Record – BEATEN in 95 Seconds!? Analysis

Runner benchbotch brings us our first look at a glitched and seeded Minecraft speedrun. Two things largely differ these runs from the above glitchless. First, benchbotch is on a seeded run. This means they load up the same world every time and know exactly where key items are and what they need to do. Second, they have access to the various glitches within the game and can use them as they see fit. Beyond that, they simply need to execute the glitches, menuing, and gameplay better than anyone else to secure the best time.

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In this case, they travel to the nether to travel back directly on top of the End portal. The skill gap between top runners is extraordinarily small as they have to have near-perfect inputs for approximately three minutes of uninterrupted gameplay. Runner benchbotch entered the Nether within a minute of the run beginning if that begins to prepare you at all for the glitched speedruns to come.

Minecraft: Who Holds The Speedrun World Record

Speedrunning is the art of finishing a game as quickly as you can. With Minecraft, the game finishes when you defeat the Ender Dragon by going to the End Portal. A lot of gamers have mastered speedrunning, and often keep trying to break their own world records!

There are tons of categories for speedrunning records ranging from glitchless with a set seed or glitchless with a random seed. All these categories have their own sets of world records, all of which keep changing almost every day, since someone makes a new record!

In this article, we look at the speedrun record-holders in the Any% Glitchless with a Random Seed category in Minecraft 1.16. Lets hope that while youre reading, the top five list remains the same!

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Who Beat Minecraft The Fastest 2022

Who holds the world record Minecraft speedrun as of 2022? Brentilda holds the Minecraft speedrun record as of 2022 by completing the game in just 9 minutes 36 seconds. Before Brentilda, many players had tried to speedrun Minecraft but werent able to complete the game in under 10 minutes.

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Minecraft World Record Beaten In 95 Seconds Analysis

Official Site:

The WORLD RECORD for start to finish minecraft java edition is 95 seconds- Previous Video:

TheeSizzler is a Canadian Minecraft streamer, who has held a few speedrunning world records. In this run, he managed to beat Minecraft in 11 minutes and 20 seconds real time and 11 minutes and 7

Random Seed Any% Glitchless Version 116+ Category

[World Record] Minecraft Beaten in 23:53

The most popular category of speedrunning, random seed, any% glitchless, version 1.16+, has a world record time of 12 minutes, 15 seconds, and 783 milliseconds.

This record is held by TwoLetterName from Uganda. The record was set two weeks ago, and is always changing, so a new world record for this category can be set within days.

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Are Glitches Allowed In Speedruns

Glitches and sequence breaks were historically not allowed within speedruns, such as in Twin Galaxies, but more recently they have fallen into common use, with runs without glitches either being performed in separate “glitchless” categories. Some glitches, however, are still not allowed even in glitched categories.

Glitchless In 2 Minutes 3 Seconds By Rayoh

Ax3roth’s glitched run that seemed to be the fastest seed possible was obliterated shortly after it was set last year. Nearly two dozen new players have exceeded this record and gone on to set their own. The world’s fastest Minecraft completion is currently held by Rayoh, with a blistering run of 2 Minutes and 3 seconds.

In the time that it takes you to warm up your breakfast burrito, Rayoh will have entered the End and slain the Enderdragon with a quality selection of explosive beds. Roll credits.

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What Is The World Record For Beating Gta 5

The record time currently is 5h 56m 47s, which burhac recorded four months ago. Since a classic run does not involve mission skips, it is truly remarkable how players can complete it under six hours. On an average playthrough, GTA 5s story mode takes about 31.5 hours to complete.

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Guinness World Records You Could Easily Beat

Beating World Records in Minecraft

How cool would it be to become a world record holder? What an achievement to be the absolute, certified best at something, with your name written down in that collection of notables achievements. Thats right, were talking about the Guinness World Records. Just think of the bragging rights or the feeling of accomplishment that comes from knowing that however small, silly, or weird the record, you made an impact with your life.

Yes, all those things are on the pro side of setting a world record, which can easily dissipate into nothing when some other person comes along and does just a little better than you and snatches the record for their own. Well, good for them or good for you, because there are some world records that are essentially party tricks. In fact, you can get so good at these stunts with a little practice that the record can be yours. Here are some wacky Guinness world records that, with a little time and concerted efforts, could be beaten by a regular person.

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What Is The Minecraft Speedrun World Record Of 2022

Speedrunning Minecraft has been a challenge that many players have faced for years. Out of the thousands of players, only a few are fast enough to get their name on the leaderboard. In 2021, one player set the world record by finishing the game in less than 10 minutes.

Speed running is a style of play in which players try to complete a game as quickly as possible. Thousands of Minecraft players have tried to speed up the game in different categories, but the title Any% Glitchless Random Seed, 1.16+ goes to one player.

Deserted Yet Scary Night:

Being lucky it was night time best to collect some ender pearls. He killed every enderman coming on his way. But he was lucky until he got slowness from the nearby witch. But he didnt give up and continued his journey. He grabbed up some milk from the nearby cow which helped him to overcome the slowness effect. He continued collecting ender pearls as much as he could.

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You Could Give The Longest Marathon Hug A Shot

At first glance, the record for the longest-lasting group hug seems like a snap a warm, fuzzy, and loving snap. On May 4, 2019 , four men from Ireland Stephen Rattigan, Brian Cawley, Nick Kearney, and Robert Tuomey all gathered in the Irish city of Castlebar to hug for quite a while. For exactly 30 hours and one minute, the group stayed locked in a full, fabulous foursome, enveloping each other with their arms, doing the thing to set a record thats often a thing that a person would do after they set any other record.

Getting four people together to hug is a more enduring endeavor than just two, for which Guinness World Records lists a record of two college students embracing for more than 32 hours in 2015. Setting the new record for duo hugging is probably much easier, if only because its logistically easier to get just one other person on board and over to the house to practice. But like any other act of physical endurance, long-term hugging has its own challenges that one has to get used to or eliminate before they become a problem. For example, arms get tired, and bad breath can make the whole thing miserable.

How To Speedrun Minecraft

IlluminaHD beating new world record is like: : Minecraft

There are 2 kinds of Speedrun in Minecraft, Any% Speedrun and Any% Glitchless Speedrun.

  • In Any% Speedrun, you can use whatever to complete the game, including bugs and glitches. As long as you kill the Ender Dragon.
  • In Any% Glitchless Speedrun, you cannot use bugs and glitches

As for the map, speedrunners must use a randomly generated seed instead of a set seed.

When you enter the randomly generated world, you will need to create your own tools such as a stone sword, shovel, ax, and pickaxe. The next part after this will depend a lot on your luck, which is essential in any world record speedrun.

You need to find a village or a desert temple. These places are the most crucial part of your Speedrun.

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Who Is The King Of Minecraft

YouTube gamer Callum Knight, a.k.a SeaPeeKay, is a knight by name, but also became king of the castle by achieving the Fastest time to build a castle in Minecraft creative mode . The attempt took place at Guinness World Records London HQ on 21 March 2018, when we challenged him to build the custom castle.

This Minecraft Speedrunner Broke The World Record Twice In 12 Hours

It’s been an exciting month for Minecraft speedrunning.

Not one week has gone by recently where something hasn’t happened in the world of Minecraft speedrunning. Whether it’s world records being broken, drama and cheating scandals , or new techniques being discovered that can completely change speedrunning tacticsit’s been an astonishing couple of months.

The popularity of Minecraft speedrunning shows no signs of slowing down, both from the runners themselves and from onlookers. It’s easy to get swept away with the tenacity of runners, smashing world records faster than moderators can validate them. It’s an exciting time to get into the scene. By the time I’ve finished writing this up, it’s quite possible that another world record will have been broken.

Even among all these record-breaking runs, however, there’s one that really stands out. A relatively unknown runner, TwoLetterName , managed to beat the world record twice in the space of twelve hours. It’s an astonishing featsomething that is unheard of in Minecraft speedrunningand the skill and optimisation shown off by TwoLetterName has left the community dazed.

Before the mods found the time to verify the first run, TwoLetterName submitted a second run of 12 minutes 9 seconds

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What Is The World Record For Beating Minecraft 2022

Who holds the world record Minecraft speedrun as of 2022? Brentilda holds the Minecraft speedrun record as of 2022 by completing the game in just 9 minutes 36 seconds.

Who holds the Minecraft speedrun record 2021?

What is the fastest speedrun in Minecraft?

Seed Code: 1967697203 Biomes: Desert Stronghold Village Coordinates: X: -424, Y: 70, Z: -968 Desert Temple Coordinates: X: -472, Y: 70, Z: -872 Outpost Coordinates: X: -536, Y: 100, Z: -776 Second Desert Temple Coordinates: X: -696, Y: 69, Z: -920

Seed: 8767524212631430171 In Minecraft Version 116

Testing Minecraft World Records To See How Hard They Are

This is also a seed that has been used in the past for claiming world records, and also has a shipwreck nearby, and the Nether Portal you build there will also spawn you close to the Nether Fortress. You should find a Bastion Remnant close once you gain access to the Nether.

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His World Record Speedrun

Brentilda’s speedrun began the usual way. He spawned near a village and lava pool. After looting the village, he got the necessary tools and resources and went to the lava pool. He built a Nether portal using a water bucket and headed into the Nether realm.

However, as soon as Brentilda entered the Nether, things became exciting. He spawned close to a fossil and a house bastion, the best bastion-type to come across while speedrunning. Brentilda bartered with piglins to get ender pearls and then went back to the fossil.

There are many technical tricks beyond the knowledge of regular players. Brentilda used a trick called Divine Travel to find the stronghold using the fossil’s coordinates. He blind traveled in the Nether and created a portal.

The portal spawned him right inside a stronghold near the End portal. This is probably the luckiest thing that can happen to a speedrunner. He went straight for the End dimension, and then everything was a piece of cake for him. Brentilda completed the speedrun in 9 min 36 seconds.

For detailed guides, walkthroughs, tips & more, check out SK Minecraft Wiki

Try Going For The Most Eggs Cracked With One Hand In One Minute

Ross McCurdy currently holds the record for cracking eggs 32 in one minute. And on June 16, 2011, the Washington state native did all that with just one hand. Granted, hes got something of an unfair advantage over any potential competitors, past, present, and future, as he owns a diner specializing in breakfast which means hes been working on his now world-class egg-cracking skills for years while on the job. Still, its not an impossible record to beat.

Of course, cracking even one egg is an annoying kitchen task. It has to get hit just right to break, and it has to break without spilling all over the place or leaving difficult-to-retrieve shell fragments in a pan or bowl. Per Guinness rules , no piece of eggshell can land in the bowls or cups used to collect the raw eggs. So if a person wants to make a metaphorical omelet, theyre going to have to crack a few eggs but literally. After all, many eggs will be required in order to figure out the perfect way to open and empty them all in one movement.

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How Cube1337x Set The Minecraft Speedrun World Record

Like others, Brentilda started his Minecraft speedrun in the 1.16 version of the game. He entered the world and quickly found a village, which gave him a head start. He gathered all the items he could get from the village like food, beds, wood, and iron.

Like every other speedrun, Cube1337x spawned on a random world in the 1.16 version of the game. They quickly found a shipwreck, looted several iron ingots and quickly made a set of tools. With the boats wood, they made a boat and started exploring more of the ocean. Soon enough, they found a cluster of magma blocks in a deep trench. They swam down the trench and instantly made a nether portal to enter the hellish realm.

They were quick to find a Bastion Remnant and gathered all the Piglin mob in a hole to barter with them. This process is essential in the speedrun since players get loads of items, including ender pearls that are important to progress further. Once enough ender pearls were gathered, they started searching for a Nether Fortress. They quickly threw a few ender pearls to teleport from place to place and finally landed on the structure.

After they built another nether portal to head back into the Overworld, they were shocked to see that the portal directly teleported them inside the stronghold. This is an extremely rare occurrence that saves a lot of time in a speedrun. Cube1337x quickly went to the end portal room and filled all the eyes of ender to enter the End realm.

Minecraft Speedrun World Record Holder

How To Speedrun Minecraft 1.16 Correctly

Twitch streamer reignex set a new record for the Minecraft 1.16+ any% glitchless category on January 30th, 2021. Reignex was able to beat the game in 14 minutes 10 seconds and 600 milliseconds. They are one of four speedrunners who has completed this category in less than 15 minutes, and they currently hold the record by a margin of 10 seconds. Cutting any more time off of this run would take immense luck, as getting lucky plays a major role in each run.

This run was also a part of the random seed category which means the runner has to generate a new Minecraft world every run. Instead of being able to map out their runs beforehand, the runner must act on instinct to beat the game as quickly as possible. Essentially, the player is attempting to beat a never-before-seen world every single run. The player also has to rely on mob drops and building generations, which is another factor of the run where luck plays a large role. This means that even players who are as good at Minecraft as Dream can spend several days trying to generate a seed that will net a good run.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ Shiny Rates Might Ruin Scarlet & VioletAbout The AuthorZackerie Fairfax

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How Long Does It Take To Beat Minecraft

With all of these factors being considered, there are quite a few world records for beating Minecraft, which will be discussed in this article using the statistics from The most popular category of speedrunning, random seed, any% glitchless, version 1.16+, has a world record time of 12 minutes, 15 seconds, and 783 milliseconds.

Best Minecraft World Records In 2020

In the world of Minecraft speedrunning, there have been many impressive world record times earned in 2020.

Like American football, speedrunning can be a game of inches at times. A few seconds or even milliseconds can mean the difference between a world record, a high placement, or even finishing the game at all.

It takes time, dedication, skill, and, frankly, a great deal of luck to be successful at speedrunning Minecraft. The Random Seed category, for example, sees runners needing to play exceptionally well and relying on getting lucky blaze rod drops, piglin trades, and a convenient End Portal.

Having a world record is a massive accomplishment, and holding on to one for a set period is another feat unto itself.

This article lists five of the top world records currently held for Minecraft this year.

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