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What Versions Of Minecraft Are There

What Is Minecraft Classic


Minecraft Classic is the free version of Minecraft, but there are limitations with it that rule it out of being a consideration for avid players.

You can explore the Minecraft world here and do so with up to nine friends, but any progress you made or anything you do in the game will be lost as soon as you close it.

Mods will not work in this version of the game either, you will not be able to buy any of the many Minecraft skins, and realms are non-existent. Its a basic version of Minecraft that is there to show you what it is all about, rather than one you will sink any serious time into.

‘java Edition’ Is Exclusive To Pc Mac And Linux

Firstly, if you’re planning on playing “Minecraft” on anything other than a computer, then you’ll be playing “Bedrock.” There’s no choice there the “Java” version is only available on computers.

However, “Bedrock” isn’t available on Mac or Linux. This means that if you’re playing on one of those systems, “Java” is your only route.


Should You Buy ‘java Edition Or ‘bedrock Edition’

As noted above, if you’re playing on anything but a PC, you don’t have a choice.

But if you’re on a PC, we recommend the “Java” version. You get the same great gameplay, as well as thousands of mods to enhance your experience, and the massive multiplayer community. It’s the original way to play “Minecraft,” and still the best.

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Minecraft Chaos Edition Or Chaoscraft

I recently came across a video that has a new mystical version of it Minecraft Chaos Edition or ChaosCraft now I’ll tell you.

First, opening it, a rather creepy Mojang loading screen appears and after a couple of seconds we get to the main menu, you can see that the place name for minecraft has been replaced by the ChaosCraft logo from a hellish stone, another menu button is just two settings and play, the buttons are shaking, don’t understand what.

While creating the world you will come across a lot of crosses made of hellstone.

The sun and Moon turned red.

The friendly mobs have creepy textures and they can attack the player I advise you to prepare a sword.

After a while, a chat message will appear with a sharp cow sound and Steve will appear with black red eyes.

Steve doesn’t attack the player, but if you kill him or not, Steve will explode like a creeper.

After a while, it will take your hearts away.

After a while you have all things thrown out with a sharp pig sound.

After a while, a record with creepy music will turn on.

But most importantly, after a while there will be a bloody Steve without a hand will kill you to the end and minecraft will fly out.

This is probably all that I could say the download link I will leave at the bottom.

if the first link doesn’t work try this link:

ÐдеÑÑ ÑоÑно кÑо-Ñо еÑÑÑ! – ÐиÑÑиÑеÑÐºÐ°Ñ Ð²ÐµÑÑÐ¸Ñ Chaos Edition – Minecraft

Top 10 Minecraft Versions

The Evolution Of Minecraft Versions

It has a lot of pros, like:A lot of servers use it, so you have to change of version lessIt fixes a lot of bugs, and it is very stable!Has cool features

This is the version I use the most and can user mods without lag.

Plenty of content but not too modern.

This is legend

A good update to first start minecraft in.

The first version that I played.

Best version I have ever played yet.this feels like real Minecraft

This feels like real minecraft, the minecraft notch intended

3Minecraft Beta 1.8 “Adventure Update”

Just as god intended. Pure perfection.

4Minecraft 1.7.2 “The Update That Changed The World”

A BUNCH of biomes were added as well as amplified option for world generation. Basically a lot of the worlds you have has changed in this update.

1.7.x I have to agree is one of the best set of versions with 1.7.10 having so many mods created for. I stopped playing MC when 1.8 came out and the combat mechanics changed then came back to 1.7.x after a few years to play some good old mods. Nostalgia man, who needs 100 different types of coral block or whatever.

Its one of the largest updates since 1.0,It added savannas, dark forests, mega taigas, etc.

Restored the awesome terrain generation from beta 1.7.3 but with many new biomes. Before 1.8 which added so many items and blocks that the original intent and minimalist were gone.

5Minecraft PC Edition

This minecraft edition is the best version because it has data packs ,great active servers and thousands of mods


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Main Differences Of Minecraft Versions

Finally, theres a bunch of Minecraft versions that you dont even need to pay for. Or are very cheap, considering youre still in school and are reading this blog post, for some reason. The first free Minecraft version is that for China. You can only be from China and play it in the country, otherwise, you cant access this version. It can be played on Windows, Apple or Android devices.

The other free version of Minecraft is the one designed for the Raspberry PI devices for learning. The PI edition was designed for teaching and tinkering and is available at no charge all over the world. Lastly, Minecraft: Education Edition is priced at 5-12 bucks US and is developed for schools, camps and clubs, aimed at creating and delivering lessons no matter the subject at hand.

The Bedrock Edition Limits Modding

While the Bedrock Edition does have add-ons, it features more paid content to add to the game, whereas the Java version lets you install mods for free.

If youre planning on modding the heck out of your game and dont want to be limited by Microsoft-approved mods, youll want to go with the Java Edition.

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Unfortunately Nikita Berg Never Gave Us The File

ÐайнкÑаÑÑ ÐÐ ÐÐÐÐÐСТР– File â563 ð¨ ÐÐÐÐÐÐÐ ÐÐ ÑкаÑивай ÑÑÐ¾Ñ Ð¶ÑÑкий Ñайл Ñ ÐÐÐ ÐÐÐТ – СÑÑаÑное видео

  • Below is 100% true believe it or not, I myself have never believed in paranormal things in cubes
  • I confirm all I saw and faced it, there will be more proof and video as possible
  • P.S do not ask where to download the version of alpha_v1.1.1x too late it disappeared and mine has been updated at release moment 1.7

Errorbrine Or Alpha 126 01

Minecraft… And Its Many Versions… Explained!

But now itâs no laughing matter. Errorbrine or alpha 1.2.6_01, immediately from a low start, they will start to terrify your eyes, after the game in just an hour the amount of mysticism just rolls over, and a mysterious creature with a disfigured Steve skin will literally follow you. crosses from bedrocks, a tablet with threats, pyramids of Cheops, red torches and the hellish stone of the upper world – all this adds an eerie atmosphere, this release should not have taken place, they said, but this version is already among us, having entered the world, you are welcomed by the Errorbrine record, well, and then it rushed.

These were the words of Nikita Berg, now I will explain that this terrible version may be happening.

Imagine that you are entering the world when the Errorbrine record suddenly turned on and you were frightened and there seemed to be no sound of the record and you decided not to pay attention, you go to cut down a tree and craft wooden tools and you see a stone you are mining made stone tools and you come across several tablets with threats to you it seems someone is threatening it is not clear who?

You go to get food to cook fried food when suddenly you come across obsidian crosses at once and a few more lightstone and even a few pyramid from a bedrock and you feel uncomfortable and you left this damned place.

I hope you like the link I will leave at the bottom.

this version contains a very strange creature called Bluebrine.

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Minecraft: Java Edition Vs Windows 10

ByWesley Copelandpublished 31 May 18

Which is the best version of Minecraft? Thats not an easy question to answer. For the majority of players the answer is whichever version youre used to. But what about new players or players looking to jump from a different platform? Thats where things get a little more complicated. Two games, similar features, an ocean of difference. Is the original Java Edition the definitive version? Can Windows 10 Editions updated tech slay an unbridled behemoth birthed five years prior? With the help of cutting edge science , lets compare and contrast to see which version is right for you.

What Are The Different Versions Of Minecraft

There are several different versions of Minecraft, each with their own functions and updates, which can often make it difficult when looking for help. Here we’ve broken down the various versions, and included a list of devices that they’re played on so you can quickly identify which version you’re playing!

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Minecraft Java Edition Beta Version

Theres a little bit more thats in the current Java snapshot version, as its the only version at the moment with all the new mountain biomes.

To get into the Minecraft beta on Java edition on PC, youll need to follow these steps:

  • Install the Minecraft Java client by logging into your account and downloading it.
  • After opening the client, click Minecraft, then click the installations tab.
  • Make sure Snapshots is checked. Youll then see the latest snapshot version appear on the list of versions.

And those are all of the instructions you need to access the Minecraft beta snapshots. For those who are looking to mod the game a little, weve got a list of the best Minecraft texture packs and the best Minecraft shader packs to upgrade the games visuals. We also have plenty of Minecraft ideas for your next project if you want to express your creative side.

Get involved in the conversation by heading over to our and pages. To stay up to date with the latest PC gaming guides, news, and reviews, follow PCGamesN on and Steam News Hub, or download our free app for Overwolf.

Dave is partial to a bit of Halo, Dark Souls, or Monster Hunter and if he’s not playing fighting games, you’ll find him taking out enemies with his beloved pets in Diablo.

Which Minecraft Edition Is Right For Me

Minecraft Latest Version Pc

Minecraft is the PC hit sandbox title built from the ground up by indie developers at Mojang. In 2014, the studio was acquired by Microsoft. Since then, the game has added plenty of editions and versions for the gamer to divulge in. Minecraft expanded its reach from PC gamers to targeting a broader audience between young to the young only at heart. From your home to your phone to your child’s school to virtual reality and even beyond, Minecraft has become almost hard to avoid in any app store and retailer.

While we all love choices, an oversaturation of Minecraft editions begets the ultimate question: What version is right for me?

Mostly, it boils down to which gaming device you have the most time with. If you’re always busy at home but need something to do on your mobile phone, then Pocket Edition would be perfect for you. On the contrary, you people that are so busy that you never have time to sit down until you’re on the desktop, then you might want to consider the PC or Windows 10 editions. And, of course, those like me that have way too much time on your hands, deciding on which device to purchase Minecraft can become quite the conundrum that can only come by weighing out a meticulous list of pros and cons. But who has time for that? So I did it for you!

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Bedrock Is Better For Cross

The Bedrock Edition allows for cross-platform multiplayer on consoles, mobile devices, and Windows 10. The Java Edition is only for PC, and it will only allow you to play with other Java players, which is a lot more limiting.

Do keep in mind that if you want the Bedrock Edition on different platforms, youll have to rebuy it on each console. That said, purchases of add-ons will carry over from other platforms.

Minecraft Bedrock Beta Version

To get into the Minecraft beta on Bedrock edition on PC, youll need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Microsoft Store app and search for the Insider app. Its free to download.
  • After opening the app, click on the Previews tab. If you own Minecraft Bedrock edition, you should see the Minecraft for Windows 10 beta programme. Click on this and read through the disclaimer.
  • After reading the disclaimer, confirm that you understand the terms and conditions and youll automatically download the beta version of Minecraft via the Microsoft Store.
  • Open the newly downloaded version of Minecraft and click to start a new game. Youll know you have the correct version if the title screen says beta.
  • In the world options, make sure that you scroll down and enable the Caves and Cliffs option to see the new features.

Its highly recommended that with each snapshot, you start a new world. This is so that you can see any new biomes in the world generation, such as the Minecraft Lush Caves.

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Signs And About This Bluebrine

Bluebrine knows how to throw out all the player’s items, then for a minute staying in this version you can open the inventory of the used workbench, the structure in the form of a netherite with a red torch can appear in front of you Bluebrine himself next to you, but he disappears, playing the disc 13, decreasing the hp, a plate with the inscription Let me put you back together then take you apart all over again Russian translation: Let me put you back to tear you to pieces over and over again “

How Do I Switch To An Older Version Of Minecraft

These Versions of Minecraft are LOST!?

You can customize the game by clicking the Installations link on the launcher start menu, then clicking the New button. Youll need to choose the title for the installation and the version of the game in the Choose a new installation box. To save the change, click Create and then click Play on the top-right.

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Devices: Microsoft Windows Apples Macos Linux

Minecraft Java is the oldest version of Minecraft with the game released in this format in 2009. This version runs in Javascript, a system that is used to run various games on Windows, Linux and Mac computers

Requiring a Mojang account to play, Minecraft Java has its own launcher where players can alter which version of the game they’re playing. It has a lot of technical features not yet implemented in other editions and is the most accessible version to modify, making it essential for players who wish to create and develop modifications in Minecraft.

Minecraft Java Edition Or Minecraft Windows 10

I know, were still picking which Minecraft we want! Were nearly done, though.

The next choice you have to make is which version do you want to download: the Java Edition of Minecraft or the Windows 10 version?

If you opted for the Windows 10 game youll be transported to a version-specific Minecraft page with a buy button. Click buy and youll then move to the Microsoft Store where you can purchase that version of the game and install it right away.

Note: If its the Windows 10 version you were after, youre all done now!

If youd like to download Minecraft Java Edition, however, click on that version, on the left, and when the next page loads, click buy.

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What Is The Bedrock Version Of Minecraft

Whats the difference between Minecraft and the Bedrock edition? Well, the classic version of Minecraft gives you limited things, whereas Bedrock blows the doors off and allows you to do everything.

Bedrock allows the game to work across PC, consoles and mobile, and you will get Creative, Survival and Adventure mode thrown in too. This version also includes survival elements including hunger and brewing, and the Nether and the End dimensions are there too.

You will find too that there are mobs, blocks and items that behave differently and some of them will look different too.

So, can you play Minecraft Bedrock on Xbox One? Yes, you can! This is the main paid version of the game youll find on Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as PC.

The Many Different Versions Of Minecraft

Downloaded the first version of Minecraft I ever played ...

Although the base game of Minecraft is the same on all fronts, there are many different versions of the game that are based on the platforms theyre played on. Minecraft can now be played on literally any platform. This was not the case just a few years back, but thanks to the advancements in recreating games on different platforms, it is now a totally different situation for Minecraft fans regardless of their preferred method of gaming.

The most famous and common version of Minecraft is the Java Edition. This edition can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux devices. It is the official and original version of the game, with all of the after upgrades, naturally. You can find this version at and the cost of the game at the time of writing this article is $26,95. This version is not suitable for cross-platform play with the Bedrock edition.

Minecraft for Windows is the next version of the game. This version can be played on all Windows 10 and above devices, as well as with a VR headset if you have one. The game can be bought online from the Microsoft Store in Windows 10 for $29,99. The main difference here from the original Java edition is the cross-platform capabilities of gameplay with all other Bedrock versions.

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