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Where Does Amethyst Spawn In Minecraft

How To Make Tinted Glass In Minecraft


Fancy adding that secretive look to your Minecraft builds? The 1.17 update adds tinted glass, which despite being translucent visually behaves like an opaque block that blocks light completely. Breaking the tinted glass block drops it as an item if broken, unlike other glass blocks.

Here is what you need to make Minecraft tinted glass:

  • Amethyst Shard x4
  • Glass block x1

To make the tinted glass at the crafting table, place the glass block in the centre square, then place an amethyst shard above, below, and on both sides of the glass block. Each time you do this, youll get two tinted shards.

And thats everything you need to know about Minecraft amethyst geodes. Since the spyglass requires it, youll probably want to know more about Minecraft copper and where you can find it. Once you have both ingredients you should have everything you need to make your own spyglass, peering out at the great beyond.

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Easiest Ways To Farm Amethyst In Minecraft

Amethyst spawns from 0 to 70 in Minecraft, making the game rather popular. However, players that dig straight down to find amethyst are not recommended. Try one of these approaches instead:

  • Build a mine: Carve your way into the underground down to level 12 or lower. This level offers a chance of getting not only Amethyst, but also Gold, Diamonds, Lapis Lazuli, Redstone, and more. You can speed up your mining process using minecarts.
  • Explore the surroundings: Amethysts geodes do spawn inside caves and ravines. Locate these in your world to skip the digging.
  • Visit the ocean: Amethyst can be found partially revealed on beaches or underwater.

Beware of my amethyst clusters when you are in the geode. Look for the mature amethyst buds growing on blocks of budding amethyst. When mined with a pickax, they should drop shards. No amethyst cluster will continue to grow if you mine the whole block. Mark the geodes to cultivate Amethyst later instead.

Make sure you have Fortune in a pickax.. At level 3 Fortune, from a single cluster you can get up to 16 amethyst shards. It took longer to build an autonomous farm and was not so effective, as only two shards were dropped by a cluster when a piston was broken.

Where To Find Amethyst Geodes In Minecraft 117

To find an Amethyst Geode in Minecraft 1.17, its best to just go underground and start mining. You dont necessarily have to go deep though: Amethyst geodes can spawn between y: 0 to y: 70. Amethyst Geodes are not that hard to spot either. These mineral structures are very big and often cracked, which means that you might see the faint glowing light from a distance.

Keep an eye out for smooth basalt while mining. This is the dark outer layer of an Amethyst Geode. Break through this first layer to find calcite, and then continue to find the amethyst. Inside, youll find Blocks of Amethyst, Budding Amethyst, Amethyst Buds, and Amethyst Clusters. Lets go over which is which:

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Minecraft 117 Caves And Cliffs Update Part 1 Has Arrived And The Players Wish To Learn More Learn Where To Find Amethyst In Caves And Cliffs And More Here


Minecraft is one of the biggest names in the gaming industry. This game became massively popular on the mobile platforms and was then released for consoles too. In Minecraft players get to envision and create almost anything they can imagine. The game also allows the player to enter PVE and PVP game modes. Players can also try and unlock new awards and resources in Minecraft. At the same time, the developers constantly update the game to provide new content and solve issues for the players. Many players wish to learn more about Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update.

What Can You Do With Amethyst In Minecraft

What difficulty do you play on? Why? : Minecraft

Theyre really pretty.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Minecraft adds more resources and items to the games as it continues thrive. Following the 1.17 update, the first part of the Cliffs and Caves update, Amethyst was added to the game. Its a difficult resource to find. You can only locate it inside of Amethyst geodes that spawn deep underground, around a black block, inside a dark purple center. When you discover resource and mine it, what can you do with the item?

There are several things you can do with Amethyst. If you want to pick up an Amethyst block, you can pick it up by mining it using an iron, diamond, or netherite pickaxe. The block will be added to your inventory, and you can place it down anywhere you want. The only thing it can really do is serve as decoration. Its not an item that operates on redstone, or can be used with anything else. For now, it can be a beautiful, purple block inside of your home, giving players plenty of creativity of how they can use it for decoration. Alternatively, if you mine Amethyst clusters for shards, you can use four Amethyst shards to create a block of Amethyst, which does the same thing.

These are all of the items you can craft using Amethyst shards.

  • Block of Amethyst

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Uses For Amethyst In Minecraft

Amethyst spawns underground in geodes. Geodes can spawn at all different levels, even as high as Y level 70. They are signified by their surrounding blocks. The amethyst is inside and usually not seen, though sometimes the random generation leaves it slightly visible.

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However, the amethyst will be surrounded by a shell of calcite which will be further ensconced in a shell of smooth basalt . If players come across these blocks, it’s a geode.

Geodes are the only source of calcite and amethyst, so if the former appears, it has to be in a geode. However, amethyst blocks can also only appear in geodes but they will never be found in solo blocks.

Amethyst shards are the most useful items found inside a geode. These are dropped from amethyst clusters and can be used for decoration as well as light. Amethyst clusters give off a light level of 5. Apart from that, they can also be used for crafting.

Four amethyst shards will craft a block of amethyst. One shard and three copper ingots will craft a spyglass, while four shards and a block of glass will make tinted glass. Blocks of amethyst currently have no use other than as a decoration.

Amethyst blocks have a blast resistance of 1.5 and they are not flammable, which can make them a fairly useful building block.

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How To Get Amethyst Shards In Minecraft And How To Use It

If you’re wondering how to get Amethyst Shards in Minecraft, then you’ve clearly discovered Amethyst – one of the best new resources added in Minecraft 1.17. Its beautiful, it can be grown, and it can be used to craft a Spyglass or Tinted Glass. Before you start searching for Minecraft amethyst though, make sure you know what an Amethyst Geode is, how you can recognize one, and where the Amethyst Buds spawn.

Heres everything you need to know about Minecraft Amethyst in Minecraft 1.17.

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How To Get Amethyst Shards

Amethyst shards are dropped by fully grown amethyst clusters. These are born when an amethyst bud reaches its final growth stage and transforms into a cluster.

Depending on the type of tool you’re using to mine the crystal in question, you’ll receive a different amount of shards.

  • Iron or lower-tier pickaxe: two amethyst shards.
  • Diamond or Netherite pickaxe: four amethyst shards.

Having a Fortune enchantment on your pickaxe is highly useful, since it increases the amount significantly, up to an average of eight shards from one crystal at Fortune III.

How To Find Amethyst Geodes In Minecraft

How to Find Geodes and Amethyst in Minecraft Bedrock 1.17

Amethyst spawns in all its forms inside Geodes, which are a type of naturally occurring structure in Minecraft 1.17. Geodes spawn underground , and they can spawn inside any Overworld biome. You’ll find plenty of them in just about every biome in any Minecraft world seed.

Amethyst Geodes are fairly large and surprisingly common structures – as you’ll know if you’ve ever used Minecraft commands to enter Spectator mode and look through the ground at all the caves beneath. Geodes often intersect with and block off existing caves when generated, so the best way to find Amethyst Geodes is to find an enormous cave and start exploring.

You’ll know if you’ve found a Geode because it is surrounded by an outer layer of Smooth Basalt, followed by a middle layer of Calcite, before finally reaching the centre, which is made out of various types of Amethyst. Be aware also that a Geode is hollow and the light level generated by Amethyst Clusters is not enough to prevent hostile mobs from spawning inside it.

These are the different types of Amethyst in Minecraft 1.17:

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How To Get Amethyst Shards In Minecraft From Amethyst Clusters

If you mine amethyst in Minecraft 1.17, you get the Minecraft Amethyst Shard item. This is the type of Minecraft amethyst used for crafting. Amethyst Shards are dropped from the growing minerals called Amethyst Clusters. These are found growing inside the Amethyst Geodes.

Its important to only mine the fully grown ones, as the smaller Minecraft Amethyst Buds wont drop any Amethyst Shards. There are three growth stages before an Amethyst Bud becomes an Amethyst Cluster. Take a look at the picture above to distinguish them!

Amethyst Clusters drop two Minecraft Amethyst Shards when broken with a random tool, and four when mined with a pickaxe. The number of Amethyst Shard drops can further increase by using the Fortune enchantment.

How To Make A Spyglass In Minecraft

There are several things you can make from mining Amethyst geodes but the handiest is the spyglass and here is how to do it.

You will need one of the amethyst shards and two copper ingots to make this. Once you have them, open up the crafting table and pop the shard in the centre square at the top and then the ingots below it so they descend.

Now craft and you will have the spyglass and you will now be able to look far off into the distance while using it.

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How To Get Amethyst Shards In Minecraft

Beautiful shards.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Amethyst Shards in Minecraft can be difficult to locate. You have to find them in budding Amethyst blocks, which spawn alongside Amethyst geodes. When a budding Amethyst creates a bud, that bud needs to reach its full maturity to become an Amethyst cluster, you can then mine these specific spawns to obtain Amethyst shards. The real difficulty youre going to encounter will be finding these budding Amethyst blocks and ensuring you receive the most Amethyst Shards you can when you encounter them.

You can find budding Amethyst blocks spawning in Amethyst geodes. The geodes will appear underground. We were able to locate our first one when exploring underground water caverns and stumbled upon a large black dome. The dome contains the Amethyst right in the middle, which has a distinct dark purple coloration. You can find them below y=70 and bedrock, so you need to be prepared to dig deep into your Minecraft world to find them.

You can use these shards to craft a variety of objects, such as a block of Amethyst, a spyglass, or tinted glass.

What Can You Craft With Amethyst

[Minecraft] Purple spawn Minecraft Map

You can make the spyglass and the tinted glass with the Amethyst shards you mined. These are highly sought craftable items, especially the spyglass, which lets you zoom in on specific locations.

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I dont usually tweet about minecraft but I was playing in the new 1.17 update and I found a seed with a exposed amethyst geode near spawn for bedrock edition !! The seed is 1822822386

Marco¡! JOSH DAY

Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I is available on pretty much all platforms, including PC, macOS, Linux, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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But What Are Amethyst Clusters And Buds

Minecraft amethyst comes in various blocks types, and this can seem pretty confusing at first. But once you realise that these mainly refer to the different growth stages, it all becomes a little clearer.

  • Budding amethyst: The ‘base’ block found inside amethyst geodes. You can’t mine these.
  • Amethyst bud: Refers to the first three stages of amethyst growth found on budding amethyst. You can obtain these by mining with a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe.
  • Amethyst cluster: The fourth and final stage of growth. These yield amethyst shards when mined.

How To Find Amethyst Shards In Minecraft

Unfortunately, you’re not going to find it lying around just anywhere. Instead, you’ll need to hunt down an amethyst geode first. The good news is, these are reasonably easy to spot. Geodes are large, spherical structures with an outer layer of basalt. They can usually be found between the bedrock and Y=70, though you might get lucky and see one partially exposed on the surface.

Once you’ve located a geode, break through the first two layers to located the amethyst inside. Mining amethyst clusters will drop four amethyst shards with an iron pickaxe or better.

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What Are Amethyst Clusters And Buds

Aside from the solid walls of the geode, you’ll notice there are large clusters and small buds growing on the walls, floors, and ceiling inside.

The small pieces are called amethyst buds, and they have three growth stages: small, medium, and large.

The final growth stage turns them into amethyst clusters and is the only stage that actually drops amethyst shards, unless you mine the clusters with a Silk Touch pickaxe.

When mining for amethyst, make sure to always check that the cluster you’re mining is the largest possible cluster and not a large amethyst bud. Ignore the small clusters that are still growing.

How To Get More Amethyst

how to spawn amethyst golem in minecraft

While the geodes can provide a nice supply of amethyst for more casual means, they might not be enough to totally supply some builds. Luckily there is a way to grow more amethyst through the use of the Budding Amethyst Blocks mentioned before. As long as there is open space next to these blocks, they have a chance to start growing more clusters of amethyst on each face of the block. Over time these clusters will grow and can then be harvested for more shards, which can then be crafted into full amethyst blocks. The process is slow, but does provide a fully renewable source of this new item.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.


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Where To Find And How To Get Amethyst In Minecraft Caves And Cliffs

How to find and recognize Amethyst geodes?

By Iyane Agossah

The Caves & Cliffs Part 1 update of Minecraft was released, most notably adding Copper and Amethyst to the game many players are wondering how to find Amethyst blocks and are struggling to find any, so here are some tips to help you out.

The first and most important thing you need to know is how amethyst can only be found in amethyst geodes, which are underground structures in the overworld. If you find the amethyst geodes, youll find amethyst.

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Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I Official Trailer

Where To Find Amethyst Geodes In Minecraft

There are many different new items to find in Minecraft’s newest content update. This guide shows players how to find and use Amethyst Geodes.

For the first time in nearly a year, Minecraft has received a major content update that has reinvigorated the decade-old title. The Caves and Cliffs update adds a wealth of content for players to experiment with, like new enemy types to fight, new blocks to build with, and new items to add to the player’s collection. To top it all off, only the first part of the update has released, and there is more on the way.

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One of the more interesting additions in the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update is the new resource Amethyst. These Geodes can be found in many places throughout the world, and players are able to do many different things with this resource. Players must first find Amethyst Geodes to begin crafting with them in Minecraft. This guide shows players how to locate Amethyst in Minecraft, and how to use it.

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How To Mine Amethyst In Minecraft

To mine a Budding Amethyst Block, youll need a pickaxe that is enhanced with Silk Touch. Using any other tool or using a pickaxe without the aforementioned enhancement will result in the block being destroyed whereas you can use a normal pickaxe to mine an Amethyst Block.

Large crystal formations of Amethyst a.k.a Amethyst Clusters can be mined using any pickaxe which gets you 4 Amethyst Shards, using any other tool will get you 2 shards only.

Amethyst Buds are smaller forms of Amethyst Clusters, these buds go through multiple stages before evolving into clusters. Mining them will get you nothing as theyre still growing.


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