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How Many Active Players Does Minecraft Have

Minecraft Active Player Figures: On The Rise

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In July 2011, Minecraft had 10 million registered users, which transformed into a staggering 241, 920,000 logins each month by the time the full edition came out in November 2012.

By January 2012, Minecrafts registered users doubled to 20 million, an impressive feat over just 6 months. Its popularity continued to rise throughout the years, amassing 100 million registered users in 2014, and then just that figure alone in China in 2017.

At this point, Minecraft was eight years old, and most other games at this stage would have seen a pretty sizable dip in popularity. However, Minecraft just seemed to get better with age, selling as many copies and bringing in as many players as ever before.

While theres no official way to calculate Minecrafts monthly active users or total playerbase , Microsoft does put out regular updates on the games current state and popularity.

The last time Microsoft spoke about Minecrafts monthly active users was in an earnings call for fiscal year 2021 Q3, and the results are pretty astonishing, to say the least.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, revealed in the earnings call that Minecraft has nearly 140 million monthly active users, climbing from 131 million monthly active users in the previous year. Thats roughly 4.3 million active players per day, or around 181,000 active players each hour.

From 10 million registered players in 2011 to almost 140 million monthly active players in 2021, Minecrafts bubble just doesnt seem to burst.

Is Fortnite More Popular Than Minecraft

Compared to how many people own Minecraft, Fortnite has more users , and it has a higher revenue .

Google Trends and Twitch data indicate that Fortnite is also more watched, but Minecraft is more searched for.

Also, we previously pointed out that the total playing time for Minecraft is more than 68 million years. The total Fortnite playtime is 10.4 million years, which is much lower.

League Of Legends Player Count In 2014 65 Million

Fast-forwarding two years into the future, Riot Games released another official statement giving details about the state of League of Legends. This time they had not come with any infographics but rather straight up information.

From the statement released by Riot Games, we understand that League of Legends now had

  • 65 Million monthly players
  • 27 Million daily players
  • 8 Million peak concurrent players

Although Riot didnt release as much information as before it was still apparent League of Legends was still growing. It had taken a lot longer than previously, but Riot had managed to double their monthly and daily players bringing the total monthly players to 67 million.

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Minecraft Social Impact Statistics

A hugely popular game as Minecraft is sure to carry with it social influence for better or worse. Here are some numbers that show how this game impacts children and young adults.

  • Harassment is the ugly side of gaming, and Minecraft is not without its share. Although harassment isnt as pronounced as in other popular games , Minecraft placed at 15th in terms of harassment rate as of April 2019 among select popular games: 1) Dota 2 2) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 3) Overwatch 4) PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds 5) League of Legends 15) Minecraft .

However, Minecraft has a positive impact, mainly on education. Schools in different countries use it as an educational tool for kids.

  • 98% of teachers who used Minecraft in their class reported that the number one skill the game teaches students is problem-solving.
  • Other top skills nurtured by Minecraft include collaboration, communication and decision-making skills, soft skills that 40% of jobs in growth industries require.
  • 80% of Minecraft students used coding to advance their education.
  • 71% of schools are using digital games as a learning tool reported improvement in student numeracy and computational thinking.

Minecraft Has No Creative Boundaries

Roblox News, Tips &  Quizzes: How well do you know Minecraft?

The fact that Minecraft is still going strong is nothing but good news for the world of gaming. Players are still pushing the game to its limits. There are so many creations that have come from Minecraft that are truly magical.

Having a really great time at MC Disney World!! #Minecraft#disneyworld


From Disney World to the Taj Mahal, there is no stopping the dedicated players of Minecraft. The time spent making these creations for others to enjoy has to be tasking. Regardless, the makers persevere and prove that there is really nothing quite like Minecraft.

So my wife went a little nuts in #minecraft and basically made a 1:1 model of the Taj Mahal

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How It Is Played

You may start playing after choosing the preferable mode. If you wish to increase the difficulty then you may do so. In the case of peaceful world mode you may even stop hostile mobs from spawning. Your building resources are mainly cubic blocks and fluids that you pick up in the game and place at places of your choice. This way, you start building things. On the other extreme of a very high level of difficulties, players starve to death.

You can play Minecraft either online or offline and that too as a single-player or multi-player. It is also not a shooting game and you have tools to destroy mobs and blocks. It is also a non-steam video. And the best of all is that Minecraft can be played on different platforms, whether PC or mobile and even cross playing on different devices.

While the game is on, players can get a Redstone material, which can create electrical circuits, logic gates and other mechanical devices.

Minecraft is both offline and online-based game. Offline is you can play it without having an internet connection. Online is where you play it with friends and play with other gamers worldwide. Developed by Mojang. You can enter a Minecraft world where the developer set rules how to play it. The game is pretty much like Roblox.

Most Played Games Ever

Warframe has been around for some time, and its been quietly gaining more and more momentum as one of the industrys most-played free-to-play shooters.

In fact, developer Digital Extreme celebrated Warframes fifth birthday back in March 2018 with some stunning announcements.

Notably, Warframe had been played by nearly 40 million players since launch, with 8 million having arrived in 2017 alone.

As for concurrent players, well, we only have Steam data to work with, but the numbers are still pretty impressive.

Two months ago, Warframe recorded its highest concurrent players on Steam ever with 129,002. Youd have to imagine that number would be significantly more with what we assume is a pretty substantial console community added to the equation.

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League Of Legends Vs Minecraft

Minecraft is the worlds most popular video game on many different gaming platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming. In 2021, Minecrafts player base has risen to a whopping 125 million active monthly players, which is only 10 million more than the League of Legends player base. These stats really put a good perspective on how big League of Legends really is.

How Many People Play Minecraft Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Minecraft Player Base Increment In The Users Last Stats And New Stats Read More

Minecraft – How To Change The Amount Of Hearts The Player Has

Released in 2011, Minecraft has been growing massively over the period of time. The game has a unique interface which helped it to gain a lot of love from players worldwide. But, do you know how many people play Minecraft? This is actually what many players are wondering. If you are curious about the number of users on Minecraft, then do not worry, here is all you need to know about it.

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League Of Legends Player Count In 2011 115 Million

This is the year Riot Games first announced an official statement with the number of players they had. It showed us in a cute little League of Legends player count graph

What we understand from that graph is that League of Legends in 2011 had:

  • 32.5 Million registrations
  • 4.2 Million daily players
  • 1.3 Million players playing at the same time.

But League of Legends wasnt the only thing that had grown during the period, Riot Games the Developer of League of Legends had also grown five times their size to 300 total employees.

They had also included cool nifty stats such as how many minions were killed, how many champions were killed, how much gold was earned etc. as you can see in the infographic below.

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On Google Play Us Minecraft Is The Top Paid Game The Top Paid App In General And The Top Paid Game Making It An All

  • In Germany: It is also an all-kill in those three categories with the game ranking #1 everywhere.
  • In Brazil: Another all-kill for Minecraft!

Not much can be said here as numbers are pretty loud. Minecraft is a golden child for Android users, who tend to establish a trend from one country to another. The game snatches first place in most categories, if not all!

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League Of Legends Player Count In 2018 75 Million

As to how all games have, League of Legends also had its drop in its player count. But not to worry as League of Legends has gained back its position in 2020 because of the number of Events they held and the amount of marketing that had been done. By now, we had amazing cinematics and also music by many popular creators such as Linkin Park.

Minecraft Dungeons Has Now Surpassed 10 Millions Players

5 best Minecraft players in the world in 2020
  • The final boss of the game has been defeated 5,934,629 times.
  • The Redstone Monstrosity has been defeated 7,044,521 times, but 19,511,994 attempts were made to do so.
  • More than 1.1 billion health potions have been used to heal the players.
  • Players have used more than 13 billion items.
  • A total of 6,660 years has been spent fighting enemies and players have accumulated 114 years in Camp.

Switching its gears completely, Dungeons is a Diablo-like ARPG and nothing like the main game. It still has its charm, though. The game has been doing well for itself since its release in 2020. Players are highly invested in it, as suggested by the astounding numbers compiled: consistently scoring in the millions. Mojang takes good care of it by adding updates and patches pretty often.

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Ii By May 2020 200 Million Minecraft Copies Had Been Sold Globally

Minecraft is already ranked among the top video games of all time. CS: GO was another old-but-gold video game that garnered a lot of attention in 2020. In January 2021, more than 23 million individuals played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, according to the most recent Counter-Strike data. The trick is always in the variety of settings and the regularity with which the developers plan updates. They continue to extend the Minecraft universe, and players continue to return for more.

Minecraft: Education Edition Was Launched In 2016

Minecraft player activity was so high that it led to the idea to launch Minecraft: Education Edition. This learning platform based on the game was introduced on November 1, 2016.

According to data from 2020, the platform is used by 35 million students and teachers in 115 countries around the world.

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How Many People Play Minecraft In 2021

Still striking diamonds?

Back in 2009 when Minecraft was first released, some thought it was an overly simplistic, buggy mess, with just 32 blocks to build with . It certainly wasnt something youd think in a million years would turn into the best-selling game of all time.

However, the full edition, which officially launched on November 18, 2011, is a game you could see raking in players and revenue by the millions and thats exactly what it did.

Before its full edition launch, the game received significant updates and changes, and also amassed a devout following. After this version came out, though, it just sort of exploded in popularity.

Its no secret that the game was a massive critical success at the time, but its now over a decade old, and a lot can change in that amount of time.

So, how is the current state of Minecraft today? Lets do some digging to see just how many people play Minecraft in 2021.

Iv 36% Of All Minecraft Players Belong To The Us

How To Play Minecraft On Oculus Quest UPDATED | Virtual Desktop & Oculus Link

Its a well-known truth that video games are popular in the United States. However, the game swiftly gained popularity in China as well a year after the games introduction in China, there were already more than 100 million downloads. The educational game is popular among children all across the world, including China.

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% Of Boys Between 6 And 8 Years

The Minecraft world-building is famous among the younger audience. In fact, its so famous that almost 70% of boys between 6 and 8 years of age play Minecraft. The game offers a one of a kind world to explore your creativity and its kids-friendly.


Lets dig in some interesting Minecraft facts to spice things up, shall we?

Minecraft Stats And Player Count

Here are a few of the most interesting Minecraft statistics and facts I was able to find in my travels including how many people play Minecraft and much more. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

Launched in 2011, the three-dimensional sandbox game Minecraft quickly gained a large, loyal following and won accolades for its ability to cross over between the worlds of video games and education. Over the years, it has amassed 250 million registered users and earned its developer, Mojang, a $2.5 billion payday from tech giant Microsoft in 2014.

I recently sat down to see what Minecraft statistics and facts I could dig up. With that many users, there is much about the game that can be measured.

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The Largest Prize Pool In A Tournament Reached A Total Of $100000

  • It was the prize money for the Dream vs Technoblade Minecraft Tournament organized by Mr Beast.
  • Mr Beast is also the one behind the Minecraft Monday events and their $10,000 prize.
  • The total amount of the prize money awarded in Minecraft tournaments amounts to $429,539 with the US earning $239,775 out of that grand total.
  • Mr Beast is behind a lot of events/tournaments in the Minecraft community.

The community is doing well to provide exciting tournaments and contests. Mr Beast, the Minecraft YouTuber known for his bottomless pockets, is also an important figure as he keeps organizing huge events that always have prize money involved. But it is not just him: Skeepy held the Last One to Leave the Server challenges at one point too. France or Japan even have their own tournaments, and there are Twitch Rivals events for Minecraft.

Minecraft Live Player Count:

Minecraft Download Java Mac

Above is an estimate on Minecraft Live player count we have compiled these numbers using the most recent data from various online sources. Minecraft live count player count is the number of players currently playing Minecraft. This counter changes as you refresh this page since Minecraft players worldwide started sessions and ending gaming session.

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Minecraft Revenue Statistics 2020

Minecrafts income is still increasing after a decade on the video game market, and it remains one of the best-selling video games of all time. The games user base is continually rising, and as a result, it produced more money in 2020 than ever before. Look at this:

Minecraft Statistics And Facts 2021

Released in November 2011 to no big fanfare, Minecraft is a sandbox game allowing the players to experiment and interact with the game however they see fit in an environment made of extractable blocks.

Like SimCity or The Sims, Sandbox games do not take the players hands to guide them via a series of specific instructions and goals. Instead, they let them use the gameplay and environment in a way that relies on their creativity. Hence the name sandbox refers to how kids play with sand differently. Minecraft uses those mechanics well by throwing the players into a massive 3D world full of resources to mine or extract. As suggested in the name, crafting takes an essential place in gameplay. The players will exploit their resources, therefore changing and influencing the world and their character .

The game has different modes that are still rooted in the sandbox mechanics: you can have access to unlimited resources to create what you want, explore the randomly generated world while interacting with NPCs and monsters to live your own adventure, play on maps created by other players, watch other players doing their things or be a daredevil with the hardcore mode and its permadeath. The freedom given in Minecraft and its environment centered around building has given rise to extraordinary user-generated creations in-game, such as whole castles being built or reproductions of real landmarks. The franchise is even used to teach kids certain subjects.

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How Much Money Does Minecraft Make A Month

1 Minecraft generated $415 million revenue in 2020, mobile revenue accounted for $110 million 2 Over 130 million people play Minecraft once a month in 2020 3 Minecraft has been sold in all formats over 200 million times 4 Minecrafts Chinese edition, which is a free game, has been downloaded over 400 million times


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