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How To Find The Jungle In Minecraft

Gravelly Mountains And Gravelly Mountains+

How to Find a Jungle in Minecraft!


photo source: Official Minecraft Wiki

While Mountains and two of its other variants are common, Gravelly Mountains and Gravelly Mountains+ are rare. The top few layers of Gravelly Mountains feature Gravel instead of Stone and Grass. Since these Mountain variants have less grass, trees spawn less often.

Gravelly Mountains+ are nearly identical to the regular Gravelly Mountains biome. However, Gravelly Mountains+ feature much taller peaks, similar in height to those in the Wooded Mountains. This biome typically generates as a standalone biome when a Desert Lake is bordered by a Snowy biome.

Shattered Savanna And Shattered Savanna Plateau

Rarity: Type: Temperature:

photo source: Official Minecraft

The Shattered Savanna and Shattered Savanna Plateau are rare variants of the common Savanna biome. Unlike the calm, mostly flat terrain of the regular Savanna biome, the Shattered Savanna has a more chaotic look. This biome features extremely steep and erratic mountains, Coarse Dirt patches, bright green patches, and Stone patches. Shattered Savannas also have enormous overhangs, floating islands, and huge waterfalls and lavafalls, with higher and rougher terrain than even the Mountains biome.

The Shattered Savanna Plateau is almost identical to the regular Shattered Savanna, but is gentler. However, both the regular Shattered Savanna and Shattered Savanna Plateau are dangerous places to explore because of how high and sharp the cliffs are.

How To Find The Jungle In Minecraft Pc

To get started, Ill consider Minecrafts Java Edition for PC . In any case, the jungle biome can be found both without tricks and through the latter.

To find this biome without resorting to the use of commands , you simply have to explore the map and search for it. If you are wondering where the jungle is in Minecraft , a useful clue lies in the presence of trees of greater width than usual and with lianas , so you will surely notice when you find yourself in front of this biome, which usually is generated near forests or deserts .

However, you must know that the jungle is a rare biome within Minecraft. In fact, you may encounter it a few times in the course of a common game, at least compared to other biomes. For the sake of completeness, there are several variants of the jungle biome, which may also contain unique elements.

In short, it may not be exactly easy to find what you are looking for without going through tricks. For this reason, there are not a few players who decide to use the latter, in order to find the jungle immediately.

To do this, you just need to enter a game with the commands enabled , press the T button on the keyboard, type the command /locatebiome minecraft:jungleand give Enter .

Perfect, now your character will be teleported directly into a jungle and you can safely explore that biome.

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Example In Xbox One Edition

To find the coordinates of the nearest Pillager Outpost in Minecraft Xbox One Edition:

/locate pillageroutpost

To find the coordinates of the nearest Buried Treasure:

/locate buriedtreasure

To find the coordinates of the nearest Ocean Ruins:

/locate ocean

To find the coordinates of the nearest Woodland Mansion:

/locate mansion

To find the coordinates of the nearest Pillager Outpost in Minecraft PS4 Edition:

/locate pillageroutpost

To find the coordinates of the nearest Stronghold:

/locate stronghold

To find the coordinates of the nearest Shipwreck:

/locate shipwreck

To find the coordinates of the nearest Abandoned Mineshaft:

/locate mineshaft

What Is Ph Test

[Top 10] Best Minecraft Adventure Seeds

The pH test is the evaluation examination organized by eLitmus. Companies use the pH test to recruit employees. There are three parts of the test Quantitative section, Verbal section and the Reasoning section.

Results are reported in two formats: percentile score and total score. Companies call respondents for interviews based on the pH score and their own criteria.

The first pH test was conducted on April 24, 2005 in 12 cities in India and was taken by 930 candidates. This value increased to more than 62,000 candidates who took the test in 2011 in more than 37 cities in India.

Many major IT companies such as Accenture, Collabera, McAfee and Novell, IBM, CGI, among others, have used the eLitmus pH score on numerous occasions to recruit candidates.

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What Does A Bamboo Forest Look Like In Minecraft

Now you have learned how to find jungle biomes and bamboo forests, but if you failed to identify these when it appears then you could waste a lot of time.

The bamboo forest is mostly flat with large patches of Podzol and Grass blocks. Bamboo grows very tall, mostly around 20 blocks or higher. The ground will be covered with grasses, dense oak shrubs, and ferns.

Here are images of how a bamboo forest looks like.

What Should I Do If I Cant Play Minecraft

If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. My name Udisen. On my channel you will always find the latest guides, reviews, cheats, secrets, tips and similar stuff on Minecraft.

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Village In 3 Biomes And More

The final entry on our list of best Minecraft jungle seeds is a rather interesting one. We spawn in the plains biome facing a village, but as we get near the village, we notice that it spreads across three different biomes, including plains, desert, and the forest. If you choose to look at the opposite side of the village while spawning, you will notice a ruined portal located close by.

Now, moving past the village will get you to the Jungle biome. And if you go a little deeper, you can find a huge bamboo forest taking over this Minecraft world. Its the largest I have seen in any seed. If you keep exploring, you can also find a Jungle Pyramid. So yeah, theres not only a lot of variety but also a lot to explore in this seed.

  • Seed: 1970945029
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 232, Y: 63, Z: 159
  • Village Coordinates: X: 230, Y: 55, Z: 47
  • Bamboo Forest Coordinates: X: 431, Y: 63, Z: 432
  • X: -218, Y: 65, Z: 879

Locate Command In Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition

How To Find A Jungle Biome | Minecraft Survival – Part 24

In Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition, the syntax to find the closest coordinates of a structure is:

/locate < feature> 


  • feature is a structure that you wish to find. The /locate command will return the coordinates for the nearest type of feature you select. It can be one of the following:

    buriedtreasure Nearest
    ruins Nearest Ruins
    shipwreck Nearest

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Alternative Ways To Find Bamboo

Bamboo can also be obtained by killing pandas, they release 0-2 bamboo when killedThere is a 51% chance of finding bamboo in ancient temples.

There is also the chance of obtaining bamboo while fishing in jungle biomes as a junk item

But remember these are the hard way of obtaining bamboo because you only get a very small amount.

The best way is always to search for the bamboo forest in jungle biomes or start a bamboo farm after obtaining at least a single piece of bamboo.

Knowing where to find bamboo is awesome and relieves some stress. But continue reading to know more about

  • Where to find jungle biomes in Minecraft
  • What does a bamboo forest look like in Minecraft?
  • Finding bamboo in shipwrecks?

Why Do Biomes Matter

Its useful to understand Biomes in Minecraft so that you know what to expect, especially if you are playing in survival mode. For example, if you decide to travel across a desert biome, you wont find many trees, and sand is difficult to build with. If you want to build a shelter with a roof to spend the night in, you are going to have to take some wood with you.

It might be your greatest wish to make a bed so that you can sleep and not have to listen to creepy zombie noises in the darkness of the night. If so, youre going to need to find some sheeps wool. For that you need sheep, and they like to hang out in the biomes with trees. Biomes can contain generated structures like jungle temples or witches huts. Some of these are filled with goodies, but beware there may be mobs guarding the treasures, so tread carefully. Well tell you more about which structures you can find in which biomes below.

Being able to check which biome you are currently in can also save your Minecraft life. There are times when you might be underground and lost the way back is blocked by hostile mobs. Youve run out of torches, youre scared and you really want to get home to your pet chicken.

So, understanding your biomes means you get to know what materials you should be able to find, and what stuff you are going to have to haul in with you. It can also save you from a grisly end. But how do you find out which biome you are in?

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Where Are All Of The Mods In Minecraft

The dead volcanos of creeper lands biome with lot of zombies and generated structure zombie house. The weird looking creeper hills. No structures and vegetation are there. The grassy hills biome. You can find lot of sheeps there. Alps edge in middle, Alps on left, alps forests on right and high mountains in background.

Elitmus Companies And Packages

Jungle  Official Minecraft Wiki

Companies Recruiting fresher through eLitmus exam 2020

Company Name In eLitmus Package
Fresher to 1 yr exp
Motorola Mobility India Pvt Ltd. 14 Lakh +
HARMAN International Pvt. Ltd. 5 Lakh +
Piping Rock India Private Ltd 7,00,000 9,00,000 2 Years to 4 Years
Apostek Software LLP
Piping Rock India 7,00,000 9,00,000
L & T Infotech 2-4 Lakh + Fresher/Exp

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Locate Command In Minecraft Pocket Edition

In Minecraft Pocket Edition , the syntax to find the closest coordinates of a structure is:

/locate < feature> 


  • feature is a structure that you wish to find. The /locate command will return the coordinates for the nearest type of feature you select. It can be one of the following:

    buriedtreasure Nearest
    ruins Nearest Ruins
    shipwreck Nearest

Structure Of Jungle Temples

The Jungle Temples are made out of cobblestone, mossy cobblestone and vine blocks. A single jungle temple consists of three floor and have an abundance of traps inside it.

Puzzle Corridor

Upon entering the Temple, players may find themselves in the Puzzle room. The puzzle consists of three levers, which will open a hidden trapdoor if solved properly. This room will have a Chest with Loot items.

Dispenser Traps

Moving forward from the puzzle hallway, players will find themselves in a corridor with a chest and two tripwire hooks with a string attached in the middle. Triggering this will prompt the dispensers on the ends of the room to shoot out arrows at the players.

The Dispensers are hidden behind vines and can be difficult to notice. Players can get shot to death if they are not careful and a safe way to access the Chest is to use a Shear and cut the String safely so as to not trigger the trap. Players need the Shears as cutting it with anything else, triggers the trap.

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Best Way To Locate A Jungle Biome

  • #1Jul 9, 2015
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I’m sure it’s probably “go on an adventure across the map” but just wanted to see if there’s an easier way…

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Quite sure you would be correct with that haha, look for similar biomes, they tend to be near deserts due to the heat and swamps. snow biomes is totally the wrong way. This should be correct with the latest biome spawning rules due to the updates

Quote from Sparkz_828»

I’m sure it’s probably “go on an adventure across the map” but just wanted to see if there’s an easier way…

Get your seed by typing “/seed” then…

Plug your seed into a mapping ap like one of these:

ON EDIT: You can also get your seed and use it to create a duplicate of your world in creative mode and then fly around looking for a jungle. When you find it, hit F3 and jot down the coordinates.

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Those are good ideas! AndI didn’t know there were spawning rules lol. Thanks! I’ll post if I find one XD

  • Posts:8
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I found a Jungle!!! Along with a few villages and several Extreme Hills! I’ve got the coordinates, now I’ve just gotta get the gear for a weeklong ingame hike…

Get your seed by typing “/seed” then…

Plug your seed into a mapping ap like one of these:

ON EDIT: You can also get your seed and use it to create a duplicate of your world in creative mode and then fly around looking for a jungle. When you find it, hit F3 and jot down the coordinates.

Quote from Rotasizxjump

Huge Jungle With Jungle Temples

Minecraft Survival – How to find a Jungle Temple [44]

If you love the wilderness, you are going to love this jungle seed in Minecraft. It spawns you right in the middle of what seems like a Jungle-only biome world. Even if you go a few hundred blocks away from spawn, you will only see Jungle everywhere. Even further, other than one direction with a desert, all the remaining directions have more Jungle, which then extends into the forest biome.

This jungle seed is the best Minecraft world for a base in the woods. Further, to make things even interesting, you can easily find two Jungle temples less than 200 blocks away from your spawn. Make sure to avoid the booby traps while exploring them.

  • Seed: 573398763507649
  • 1Coordinates: X: 109, Y: 64, Z: 69
  • X: -154, Y: 75, Z: 127

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What Is A Biome

When you travel through the Minecraft world you will come across different environments, many of them similar to those that can be found here on planet Earth. These different landscapes are known as Biomes. There are temperate forests, featureless deserts, spectacular snowy mountains and beautiful plains.

There are more than 60 different Minecraft biomes which can be setup on your server, and they can be put into five basic categories which well take a look at below. But before we do lets find out why it can be helpful to know which biome youre in.

How To Find A Jungle Temple In Minecraft

The Jungle Temple is one of the rarest naturally generated structures in Minecraft. This is mainly due to the fact that it is located in the densely wooded jungle biome, which are quite rare in their own right. While these temples do not look very spectacular, their loot may convince some Minecraft players to begin the search for one.

As stated above, the jungle temple is extremely rare, which will make it quite difficult for players to benefit from their loot. Luckily, Minecraft players have a few techniques that they can utilize to help them find these tricky structures.

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Tips For Finding Jungle Temples

Since jungle temples can be randomly scattered in large jungle biomes in the main world, it will be difficult for players to find them.

As mentioned above, the jungle biome is one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft. The first challenge will be to find this hidden biome. After the player finally discovers the jungle, they are now ready to find the temple.

The jungle biome is very dense, even if Minecraft players are right next to the temple, they may not be able to see it. This is where fire becomes very useful.

As Minecrafts fire spread quickly, Minecraft arsonists would be more than happy to try this technique. Basically, the player will want to ignite a fire, hoping to find a jungle temple in the end .

Due to the dense jungle, the fire will spread quickly and quickly become uncontrollable. Before implementing this technique, players should confirm that they are willing to burn most jungle for one or two temples. Nevertheless, it is always fun to burn things in Minecraft.

The next technology that players can use is flying device/elytra technology. If the player builds a simple flying device set to fly slowly over the jungle biome, they will have a lot of time to search the biome from above. This can obviously be done with elytra, but elytra may be too fast to search the jungle temple effectively.

this The video above provides some useful facts and statistics about the jungle temple in Minecraft.

Jungle Near Mineshaft Jungle Pyramid & Mountain

Minecraft Biomes Explained: Jungle Biome!

This interesting seed has various hidden elements to offer. When you spawn, other than the scenic crossover of the Jungle and Mountain biome, the seed feels pretty normal. But if you move just a few blocks towards the mountain and start digging down, you will first find a huge cave and then a mineshaft.

Once you are done there, you can start going deeper into the forest to find a Jungle Pyramid. If you choose to explore the mountainside in this world, you can find a Ruined Portal on the side of a mountain. Finally, if nothing works out, you can head beyond the Jungle to the Taiga biome. It has a village with a weaponsmith, shepherds, and farmers awaiting you to trade valuable items. This is another one of the best Jungle seeds that you should definitely try out in Minecraft.

  • Seed: 928443074804576
  • X: -250, Y: 70, Z: 31
  • Village Coordinates: X: 230, Y: 75, Z: 552
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: -414, Y: 97, Z: 264
  • Mineshaft Coordinates: X: 132, Y: 19, Z: -175

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