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How To Make An Automatic Farm In Minecraft

How To Create An Automatic Crop Farm In Minecraft

Minecraft Tutorials | How to make an Automatic Farm without Sticky Pistons

Like in real life, players can cultivate crops in Minecraft. Seeds can only be planted on tilled dirt blocks. After a seed is planted, it takes a certain amount of time to mature into a plant.

Minecraft players can automate and farm all types of resources efficiently. Automatic crop farms rely on villagers to plant seeds and harvest the crops. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to create an automatic crop farm in Minecraft.

How To Make An Automatic Farm In Minecraft

This section will take you to understand how to make an automatic farm in Minecraft. There are the top five automatic farms in this game. They are Wheat Farm, Hostile Mob Farm, Iron Farm, Honey Farm, and Slime Farm.

However, this article only focuses on the Wheat Farm and its process. For automatic farm, it is the most classic compared to the others. Now, let us see the step by step.

First, you have to start by entering your Minecraft account. You can continue from your existing game, or you can create the new one. Select which one you prefer.

Second, once you are inside your Minecraft world, you can begin the step. Before creating your farm, make sure you have to remove all the chicken. Clean your desired area from them.

Remember that it is a crucial part. Be sure you do it until all chicken away from your future farm. So, your farm area will have no chicken.

Third, you can build your farming. You can start by creating two platforms in the desired area. Make two with a similar measurement, which is 6×7.

Do not forget to give the distance between them. Separate your platforms with around three blocks.

Fourth, proceed by building the walls. Surround your platform with walls two blocks-high. Prepare the trench on the two sides of each platform.

Meanwhile, leave the other two sides with dirt. Once your walls and trenches are ready, you have to fill them with water. You can do the same things to all trenches.

S For Building The Farm

Step 1: Using the building blocks, create an 11-block long wall. Then create two walls that are 10 blocks long on two of the opposite sides as shown above. All three walls need to be two blocks tall.

Step 2: At the closed end, place water on each of the lowest blocks of the wall.

Step 3: Players then need to place 8 blocks of any type, one block above the ground as shown.

Step 4: Place a sand block with a cactus on top on all of the blocks that were placed in the previous step. After the cactus has grown on one block, players need to place a fence next to the top block of the cactus as shown in the above image. This way when the cacti grow, they will break because of the fence and drop into the water.

Step 5: Create a collection system in which the cacti go into the composter through the hoppers, which then gives out bone meal that is stored in the chest.

Step 6: Create a wall that is two blocks tall above the blocks on the edges using glass. This wall will prevent the cacti from falling outside.

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How To Build An Auto

In Minecraft, farms are an efficient and quick way to collect various resources. Players can farm different types of resources, including minerals, blocks, and crops.

Crops are a versatile resource in Minecraft, and players can use them to recover hunger points, tame animals, and trade emeralds with villagers. Both beginner and veteran players need an auto-harvest farm for all of their crop needs.

An auto-harvest farm uses water to harvest crops. Players can farm wheat, beetroot, potatoes, and carrots on this farm. However, it cannot produce pumpkin and melon.

This article is a step-by-step guide to make an auto-harvest crop farm in Minecraft.

Plant The Seeds And Bring An Unemployed Villager

Minecraft Automatic Wheat Farm Tutorial

This crop farm can produce four different crops: wheat, carrot, beetroot, and potato. Farmer villagers can harvest these seeds and replant them in Minecraft. After planting the seeds, bring an unemployed villager using a minecart. Make sure there is no way for them to escape.

The villager takes on the profession of farmer and is ready to harvest the crops. Now, players have to build the collection system.

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What Can Players Make With Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane can be formed into Sugar by adding one to the center square of a crafting table.

The following items can be made using Sugar as an ingredient:

  • Cake – 3 x Milk Bucket, 3 x Wheat, 2 x Sugar, 1 x Egg
  • Fermented Spider Eye – 1 x Brown Mushroom, 1 x Sugar, 1 x Spider Eye
  • Pumpkin Pie – 1 x Sugar, 1 x Pumpkin, 1 x Egg

Players can use Sugar at a brewing stand to make:

  • Mundane Potion – 1 x Water Bottle, 1 x Sugar
  • Potion of Swiftness – 1 x Awkward Potion, 1 x Sugar

Sugar Cane can be formed into Paper by adding one to each of the middle row squares of a crafting table.

The following items can be made using Paper as an ingredient:

  • Book – 1 x Leather, 3 x Paper
  • Cartography Table – 2 x Paper, 4 x Planks
  • Empty Map – 9 x Paper
  • Banner Pattern Thing – 1 x Enchanted Golden Apple, 1 x Paper
  • Banner Pattern Skull – 1 x Wither Skeleton Skull, 1 x Paper
  • Banner Pattern Flower – 1 Oxeye Daisy, 1 x Paper
  • Banner Pattern Field Masoned – 1 x Bricks, 1 x Paper
  • Banner Pattern Creeper – 1 x Creeper Head, 1 x Paper
  • Banner Pattern Bordure Indented – 1 x Vines, 1 x Paper

Players can also produce a Firework Rocket with one paper and one gunpowder. The gunpowder can be increased up to three, which will cause the firework to fly higher into the air before exploding. They can also add up to five firework stars to cause different explosion effects.

How To Make An Automatic Wheat Farm

Wheat farms give you very important edible items that are wheat. You can easily set a full wheat farm by using a bit of redstone. This will be an automatic wheat farm, you just have to sit back and get wheat automatically.

In this guide we will let you know how to make a wheat farm. The farm is fully AFK and requires very little red stones. You will need some specific items with certain quantity:

115 rail

One composter

One hopper minecart

First of all, lets start with a collection system. Choose a smooth place of your choice and dig a 13*13 holes using a shovel and also make it 2 blocks deep.

See the image below to check how the hole will look like after digging it two blocks down.

Now go to the middle of this hole and dig out 2 blocks deep.

After that add a line of redstone torches at the base of the tube that you have dug.

Now cover up the torches with dirt blocks.

Then add powered rails above the redstone torches placed before. Add 4 rails per row and make sure they all get turned on.

Now go in any corner of the hole and place down the redstone torch and powered rail. Dig 2 blocks and place a turned on redstone torch then cover it up by a dirt block like before.

Now also place a powered rail in the opposite corner. Then start connecting the railway with regular rails as shown below.

Clear out some blocks now for the redstone and chests, something like shown below.

Now add a comparator running out of the hopper and a block with a redstone torch.

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Minecraft Beehives: How To Make An Automated Honey Farm

Honey is a valuable resource in Minecraft, so having a automatic honey farm can give players a huge boost. Here’s how to get started and automated.

All good Minecraft players know it’s better to work smarter than to work harder. From using dispensers for handing out cooked food to creating full-blown computers using Redstone, players have made all sorts of farms – automated and otherwise – to help them achieve their in-game goals. Here’s how to make an automatic honey farm with Minecraft beehives.

Like their real-world counterparts, bees in Minecraft collect pollen from flowers and deposit it within their hives. Over time, that pollen is turned to honey. Eventually, the hive fills with enough honey that it can be harvested. Once full, using a bottle on the hive will grant honey bottles, while using shears will grant honeycombs. From there, honey can be used to craft various products or act as a cure for poison. Honey is quite handy, and bees rank highly on the list of most useful Minecraft mobs because of it.

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The first step in creating a Minecraft honey farm is to gather bees. Bee nests, which are the naturally occurring versions of beehives, typically spawn on oak or birch trees near flowers. Once players have found a nest, there are a few ways to go about starting up a honey farm.

S To Make An Automatic Sugarcane Farm

How To Build a AUTOMATIC FARM in Minecraft (Simple)

First, you will want to lay down 5 dirt blocks in a row. Leaving a row next to the dirt empty, surround the 5×2 space with your building block.

Above, you can see what it should look like. The sugarcane will not place on the ground without a water source. However, you can see it in the image above for reference as to where it will go.

Dig a hole in the middle of the foundation, directly next to the dirt for sugarcane. Extend this outwards underneath the building block, removing 3 dirt blocks. You should have a 4×5 build, with a 3×1 ‘trench’ leading to the side. Check the image above for reference.

Once the hole is dug, place a chest on the outside. The chest should be in the center of the 5 blocks facing you. Feel free to clear an area for easy access. From the backside of the chest, attach 2 hoppers. Hold shift when attaching to chests and hoppers so you won’t interact with them. The example above has a removed building block so you can see the layout of both hoppers.

Place two water sources on opposite ends of the empty 5×1 space above the hopper. The water should flow and meet at the hopper in the center.

Next, plant 5 sugarcanes on the dirt, and then use your building blocks behind the sugarcane to place 7 blocks in a row.

On top of the building blocks, place 5 pistons. Pistons are a bit tricky to place, so you may have to use a few temporary blocks to adjust the pistons until they face outwards, towards the sugarcane.

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How To Build The Automatic Cooked Chicken Farm

To begin, place your chest wherever you’d like your collection point to be and attach a hopper to the back of it. To do this, crouch, and face the back of the chest. To know if your hopper is attached to the chest, check the funnel underneath it.

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Place a slab on top of the hopper. This slab is what the chickens will be dying on, and because it is only a half-block, items that sit on top of it can be collected through the block.

Place two glass blocks on top of the chest, the dispenser behind the slab, facing into it, then a hopper on top of that dispenser. Don’t bother placing the glass to the sides of the slab just yet.

The hopper is where the chickens will be standing, so box it in with some glass so they aren’t able to run away. Place some more glass around where the lava will be , then place lava by right-clicking on the top of the slab with the bucket.

Automatic Wheat Farm Minecraft 117

Wheat Farm is a very important farm in the Minecraft 1.17 game. With the help of this farm, you can get wheat that you can use to make a cow farm. You need something to feed your cow so a wheat farm is important. Apart from this, you can also use Wheat to craft and bread and use it as a source of food.

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One: Get The Resources

Shown above are the resources you’ll need to need to make this melon/pumpkin farm. If you wish to make a pumpkin farm, replace the 40 melon seeds in the image above with 40 pumpkin seeds. Alternatively, you can make a combination of 20 melon and 20 pumpkin seeds to make a farm that harvests both of them almost equally!

With this farm, you need plenty of rails, pistons, and observer blocks. You’ll rarely be able to make an automatic farm without these. The reason you need so many pistons and observer blocks is that melons and pumpkins grow into blocks that must be smashed rather than produce that can be broken and moved by water.

How To Make An Automatic Gold Farm In Minecraft

How to Make a Semi

Admittedly, making a gold farm is a bit expensive, but it will do more than pay for itself once its up and running. Here are all the materials you will need for the build:

  • 56 obsidian blocks
  • Two and a half stacks of inflammable blocks
  • A stack and a half of glass

It should be noted that you really only need one bucket to build a gold farm, but you will need two water source blocks and two lava source blocks. The glass is also optional, as stone can be used in its place, but the glass helps with monitoring your farm.

To begin building a gold farm, youre going to want to build a 15×15 Nether Portal frame six blocks up off the ground. You do not need the blue and yellow blocks as shown they are just there to show how high up the obsidian begins. Dont bother with lighting the portal quite yet.

In the two upper missing blocks on the right, place a dispenser facing into the portal, and then an observer facing away from it. Surround the contraption with three-high wall of glass , then place a single water source on the far left. If everything is set up correctly, the water should stop just before the hole. Build a two-block deep funnel at this hole as the picture below shows.

Now to the opposite side of the portal. Build a small 3×3 wall with an observer in the bottom to the side of the dispenser as seen below. Directly in front of the dispenser, build a small bowl.

With your gold farm set up, you will never need to mine again! Well, for gold at least.

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Automatic Sugar Cane Farm

An automatic farm for sugar cane is fairly easy to make, but you will need to use some redstone for this one. Since sugar cane constantly regrows you dont have to worry about re-planting at all.

The harvesting of the sugar cane is handled using observers, pistons, and redstone. An observer is a block which sends a redstone signal as soon as a new block appears in front of it. In our case, the redstone will turn on when the sugar cane grows three blocks tall and this will activate the pistons to chop off the second sugar cane block. This will leave the bottom block intact and allow the plant to constantly regrow.

Once broken by the pistons, the sugar cane falls onto the dirt and a hopper minecart will vacuum these up as it travels back and forth . To get the minecart to travel back and forth, you just need to place the minecart onto a powered rail above a redstone block. For longer builds, you will need to add multiple redstone blocks.

This kind of farm works with other similar growing crops as well .

Ive built a sugar cane farm to show you how it works and feel free to copy this build into your game. Note that the build can be expanded as far as you want in each direction and it can also be mirrored to be double-sided if youd like. The build I have in the photos is four blocks deep, excluding the chest in the front.

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