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How To Install Mods In Minecraft Java

Modloader Spawnlist And Friends

how to install mods | minecraft java edition
  • There are many mods that absolutely require other mods to work, because they use some of the commands these other mods give. These are also known as utility mods. These mods include ModLoader , and Minecraft Forge, which is a more advanced version of modloader. These mods that are required by some mods will need to be installed with the mod before Minecraft is run. Without them, the mod will not work and can even lead to Minecraft crashing.

Mod authors may give a configuration file to change item ID’s. Find the conflicting ID, and change it. Just remember that when an update for minecraft or for the mod comes out, you must use the same item ID’s, or suffer the crashes.Here is a video tutorial showing you how to install Forge Mod Loader for Minecraft:

Consider The Mods Source

OK, this isnt a step as much as it is a general warning. Be very, very careful who you get your Minecraft mods from. Although there are several trusted sites out there, all it takes is one bad egg to upload a mod with some sort of virus attached.;

The best way to check if something is safe is by reading the comments or checking out videos on YouTube uploaded from someone who isnt the mod creator.;

Its also worth checking to see how well known the creator is. Do they have loads of followers who will vouch for them? Would a virus ruin their Minecraft career?;

Always think before you hit download. No mod is worth wreaking havoc on your CPU because some clown wants to mine Bitcoin.;

Download Mods From A Trusted Source

You can download the Minecraft mods based on your own preference. But be sure that they are compatible with your Minecraft and Forge. And they are from reliable sources.

Here we recommend you go to these two notable Minecraft mods sites:

You can check each mod to know its features before you download it. And mind that you need to carefully track where your installation files are saved.

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How Do I Install The Minecraft Launcher For Minecraft: Java Edition Mods

Your first step to installing and playing with mods in Minecraft: Java Edition is, of course, to actually have Minecraft: Java Edition. In this portion of our Minecraft: Java Edition mods guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about how to purchase, install, and setup the Minecraft Launcher for Minecraft: Java Edition.

The Minecraft Launcher is not just for playing Minecraft: Java Edition with mods, either. You can participate in the latest Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot tests, play Minecraft Dungeons, and even go back to previous versions of Minecraft if you want.

If you want to purchase Minecraft: Java Edition, you can go straight to the Minecraft: Java Edition store page.

Launch Minecraft With Version Of Forge Loaded

How to install MOD in Minecraft java cracked version

Now its time to launch Minecraft with that version of Forge loaded as your profile.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed mod for Minecraft: Java Edition. And its time to begin playing with mods and enjoy better gameplay experience.

To ensure you have a smooth sailing, while you can run multiple mods, as theres nothing wrong with matching different types of mods. But if youre having issues with your game on multiple mods, try to disable the mods one at a time.

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How To Add Mods To Minecraft On Xbox One

  • The first step is to download the mods on a computer.
  • Compress the files into a zip file and host them in a cloud service.
  • Open File Downloader on Xbox and copy the download link.
  • Open Xbox One Smartglasson your computer, then paste the download link. Make sure that the file to be downloaded is named appropriately for ease of access.
  • Press Start to download the files.
  • Open the local storage folder.
  • Unzip the files, then select and copy all of them.
  • While outside the storage folder, right-click and select Paste.
  • Choose Your Minecraft Forge Download

    The main Minecraft Forge download page will have these two options at the top:;

    It’s probably best to pick the ‘Recommended’ box on the right. It might look older than the ‘Latest’ option but it will be the most stable thing to use. The Latest version will probably be fine but will be less tested and could cause errors and problems.;

    Once you’ve clicked on your choice you’ll then get an ad page with this message at the top:;

    When the timer runs down you’ll see a big red ‘Skip’ ;button appear next to the ‘Create Forge Server’ button. Click Skip and your download will start. You might get a message that the file could harm your computer, but assuming you’re downloading the official Forge file from the website you can ignore that warning. If you are downloading it from somewhere else… don’t.;

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    Installing Minecraft Mods On Consoles And Windows 10

    Unfortunately, mods dont technically exist for Minecraft on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Instead, players have access to add-ons. Unlike mods, these add-ons arent free and are heavily restricted compared to PC mods. However, theyre still better than nothing, and theyre incredibly easy to install.

    Step 1: Launch Minecraft on your console and select on the main menu.

    Step 2: Select a Skin Pack, World, Texture Pack, or Mash-up Pack.

    Step 3: Use Minecoins or a credit card to purchase the add-on.

    How To Install Forge To Use Mods In Minecraft


    Minecraft is the most popular open-world sandbox game with unlimited possibilities of how you play it. However, even that experience can become repetitive for some people. So today, we will explain how to install Forge to use mods in Minecraft and make your MC worlds even more interesting. From downloading Forge to running mods, we will cover everything you might be looking for to enhance your Minecraft experience. Now, lets get started and figure out how to install Forge in Minecraft.

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    How To Download Minecraft Forge

    The steps to download Minecraft Forge are fairly easy. But before we do, you need to make sure that you know the version of your Minecraft installation. The easiest way to find it is by launching your game and checking the version written on the bottom left corner of the screen.

    With that out of the way, lets check out the steps to install Minecraft Forge on your PC:

    1. Once you know your game version, go to the official website of Minecraft Forge. Here, you need to select your game version from the left sidebar by clicking on it. Then, you need to click on the Installerbutton in the middle of the webpage.

    2. As soon as you click the Installer button, you will see a skippable advertisement. Then, wait a few seconds for the Skipbutton to appear in the top-right corner, and click it to proceed.

    3. Skipping the ad will initiate the download. Since its a .jar file, you might be warned by your browser that it can be harmful. Select the Keep option when prompted. And dont worry, this is a tested, scanned, and popular software among the Minecraft community.

    Minecraft Forge: Faq & Potential Errors

    Q. Is Minecraft Forge Illegal?

    Answer: Forge has been running alongside Minecraft Java edition for years, and the games easily available source code makes it only viable for modding. So yeah, Forge is just acting as a bridge. It should be safe to assume that even though its not officially recommended, Minecraft Forge is legal for personal usage.

    There can be some servers that might not allow you to use it. Please check server rules to avoid getting banned in such scenarios. Similarly, mods are usually restricted in Minecraft gaming tournaments, so practice caution there as well.

    Q. Is Minecraft Forge Dangerous?

    Answer: As long as you are downloading it from the official website and using it with mods that are virus-free, Minecraft Forge is completely safe. I have been using it on my PC since its release with no problems at all. You can learn how to download Forge the right way by reading this guide.

    Q. Are Minecraft Mods Illegal?

    Answer: As long as you are not making or using Minecraft mods for money, modding the game is legal and permitted. Its officially mentioned in Minecrafts end-user license agreement or EULA, so you dont have to worry.

    Q. How to Fix JNI error while installing Minecraft Forge?

    Answer: The solution to all the JNI errors is the same. You need to manually update the Java on your PC by downloading it from this link. Download and install the Windows x64 version of Java to fix the JNI errors while installing Minecraft Forge.

    Q. Are Minecraft Mods Free?

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    Move The Mods Into Your Mods Folder

    Installation of mods require that Minecraft has run on your computer at least once to finish installing the necessary files.

    If the folder isnt inside your .minecraft folder, simply create new folder and name it mods. The mods you download will have to be moved to this new folder.

    Now that the mods are in your mods folder, you can simply launch Minecraft with the version of Forge loaded on your profile.

    How Do I Prepare For Mods In Minecraft: Java Edition

    How to install minecraft Forge Mods (1.12.2

    Mods in Minecraft: Java Edition can massively expand the possibilities of play. You can even create your own mods for Minecraft: Java Edition if you’re so inclined. Before you can begin installing and playing with mods, though, there are a few things for which you’ll need to prepare.

    Before we begin, let’s go over the minimum and recommended specs to run Minecraft: Java Edition. The minimum and recommended specs for Minecraft: Java Edition include:

    • Minimum:

    • Storage: At least 1GB for game core, maps, and other files
  • Recommended:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz, AMD A10-7800 APU 3.5 GHz, or equivalent
  • GPU: GeForce 700 Series, AMD Radeon Rx 200 Series with OpenGL 4.5, or equivalent
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 4GB
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    Installation For The 16 Launcher

  • Open the 1.6+ launcher and make sure the version of Minecraft the mod requires is already installed.
  • Go into the subfolder “versions”.
  • Rename the folder for the version you require to something else. In this example, rename “1.8.3” to “1.8.3_Modded”.
  • Open the 1.8.3_Modded folder.
  • Rename “1.8.3.jar” to “1.8.3_Modded.jar”.
  • Rename “1.8.3.json” to “1.8.3_Modded.json”.
  • Open “1.8.3_Modded.json” with a text editor and replace “id”:”1.8.3″ with “id”:”1.8.3_Modded”, save the file and close it.
  • Open the jar file so you can see all the files in it. You can do this by changing the .jar to .zip and unzipping it. You only need the new jar folder and the json so delete everything else on that directory. No need for WinRAR or 7-Zip. Copy-paste the mod files into the “1.8.3_Modded” new jar folder.
  • File extensions may be hidden by default, so you may need to tell your File Explorer to not hide them. In Windows 10, simply click View near the top and locate and check the box that says “File Name Extensions”. In older versions of windows you will need to go to Organize to locate the box.
  • Delete META-INF .
  • Start the 1.6+ launcher.
  • In “Use Version”, select “1.8.3_Modded”.
  • Login and play as normal.
  • What Are Minecraft Mods

    Minecraft mods are small programs that are installed to alter the game experience. It can be simplistic like changing the color of a block or can be complex like adding a whole new element to the game.

    There are different types of modes with different functionalities and enhancements, but thats for another discussion. Lets take a look at the installation procedure of Minecraft mods!

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    How To Add Mods To Minecraft On Mac

    Adding Minecraft mods to Mac is similar to the Windows 10 process.

  • Locate the Minecraft directory. There are several ways to go about this:Option 1: Open Finder and select Go on the menu bar. Then, press the Option key to access the Library. After that, select Application Support and then trace Minecraft on the pop-up list.Option 2: Use the keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + G.
  • Create the mods folder in Minecrafts directory. For convenience, name the folder mods.
  • Move the mods you downloaded earlier into the mods folder.
  • Close the mods folder and run Minecraft.
  • Finding Or Creating The Mods Folder

    How To Download & Install Java for Minecraft (Get Java for Minecraft Mods & Servers!)

    If you’re already familiar with navigating your computer and don’t need the step-by-step, the exact address for the “mods” folder is: C:\Users\”username”\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft

    To find or create the “mods” folder for Minecraft: Java Edition mods, follow these steps:

  • On your computer, navigate to and open the File Explorer application to find the mods folder.
  • Open the View tab in the upper left-hand corner of File Explorer.
  • Inside, make sure Hidden Items is selected.

  • Now, navigate to Your PC in File Explorer.
  • Open Local Disc .

  • Find and open Users folder.

  • Open your user folder. Mine is boddy.

  • Open the AppData folder.

  • Find and open the Roaming folder.

  • Find and open the .minecraft folder.

  • Look for the mods folder.
  • If the mods folder is not present, right-click with your mouse, highlight the “New” menu, and click the “Folder” option.
  • Once the new folder is created, name it “mods” without the quotation marks.

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    How To Prepare Before Modding Your Game

    There are quite some few things youll need to do before modding your game, because the mods exert more demand on your computer than the base game would, so it requires a little of know-how to safely work with mods. These simple checks will help to get you started:

    • Check your PCs storage: As said before, mods take up additional space on your computer, therefore it requires PC with amble storage.
    • Your PCs graphics: Make sure your computer can handle mods, as a modern laptop or desktop computer with medium to high graphics should be just fine.
    • Ability to change file names and downloading external programs: Make sure youre comfortable doing these on your computer.

    Finally, you should note that this guide is based on Minecraft Java Edition, as mods dont work with the Bedrock version of Minecraft, so youll need the original program installed on your computer to make the mods work. You can get it directly from Mojang for $27, that is, if you dont have it already on your computer. But first, youll need to create account with Mojang.

    Cautions About Using Mods In Minecraft

    Before you decide to mod your copy of Minecraft, it is very important to understand what you are doing or you may end up messing up your copy. Let me repeat that for you: If you mod Minecraft, you may break your copy of the game as well as any worlds that you play in. Because you are doing something that is wholly unsupported by Mojang, they won’t be able to help you.

    Due to how modding works, updating the Minecraft client will break your mods. That is, with each update of the Minecraft client, you will have to obtain updated mods and re-install them. However, the worlds you created will not be destroyed .

    Additionally, the authors of the mod make no guarantees as to whether or not the code works, much less any guarantees of support.

    Nearly all mod packs have auto-installers that make adding mods to Minecraft extremely easy for the beginner Modder. You can search for mod packs on the Mods page.

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    How To Install ‘minecraft’ Resource Packs

    You can also install resource packs to mix up your Minecraft universe. They won’t alter gameplay, but can change how blocks and buildings look, as well as add fun cosmetics, unique sounds, and alternative languages to the game.;

    You can find resource packs at familiar sources like, or other sites, like Here’s how to install one in your game:

  • Open “Minecraft: Java Edition,” and click “Options,” then “Resource Packs.” The resource pack menu is in the “Options” list. Emma Witman/Insider
  • Select “Open Pack Folder” and copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop the zip file into the folder. If you don’t see the resource pack listed right away under “Available,” go ahead and restart “Minecraft.” It should appear.

    Move the .zip files as they are, without opening them. Emma Witman/Insider

  • Move the resource pack from “Available” to “Selected.”

    Drag the mod from the “Available” box to the “Selected” box. Emma Witman/Insider You’re all set. Depending on the resource pack, you might see changes right away.

  • Minecraft: Best Visual Mods

    How to Install Mods to Minecraft (Java Edition)

    This is a list for the best visual mods for Minecraft and how to install them.

    Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world, having sold over 176 million units. Initially developed by Markus Persson, better known as Notch, the game was handed over to Mojang who served as publisher developer for several years before being bought by Microsoft in 2014.

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    Allowing players to build however they wish, this blocky low-res game has maintained a level of charm over the years that will allow the game to persist into 2020. But for some players, a visual upgrade would be appreciated. So below is a list of visual mods that will enhance the world of Minecraft.

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    Find The ‘minecraft’ Mods That You Want

    There are dozens of sites that offer “Minecraft” mods for free. Two of the most popular are and If you can’t find the mods you want there, you can always try searching for them on Google.

    However, whatever source you use, do some research. Like all third-party downloads, you’ll want to dig a little to be sure the mod download is safe and won’t cripple your game with bugs or do worse, like install malware.

    Also make sure that any mod you download is compatible with the specific version of “Minecraft” that you’re running.

    Both these sites have search features and comment sections, which let users report any issues they’ve had from a mod download.

    Curseforge also lets you sort by and opt for mods that already have millions of downloads.


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