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How To Locate Biomes In Minecraft

How To Find A Coral Reef

How To Instantly Find Any Biomes In Minecraft!(Very Easy Method) MCPE,PS4,XBOX,Windows10,Switch,Java

Coral reefs are a structure that can be found within the warm ocean biome. This is a variation of the normal ocean, with warmer waters. In the image above, you can see a coral reef in a warm ocean biome from above. The water’s color is considerably different and gives the area a ‘tropical’ feel.

Warm oceans will never generate directly next to land. This biome is always surrounded by at least a 32-block wide border of a lukewarm ocean.

Remember, there are many ocean variations that can be found. To easily find a coral reef, you can travel across the water on a boat or fly above with an elytra. The aquamarine color of warm ocean water will help you locate this biome quickly.

Locate Command In Minecraft Xbox One Edition

In Minecraft Xbox One Edition, the syntax to find the closest coordinates of a structure is:

/locate < feature> 


  • feature is a structure that you wish to find. The /locate command will return the coordinates for the nearest type of feature you select. It can be one of the following:

    buriedtreasure Nearest
    ruins Nearest Ruins
    shipwreck Nearest

How To Find Biomes In Minecraft

Every biome looks different from one another. Some biomes are full of sand, whereas some are full of ice. The availability of additional resources, villagers, animals, plants, and seeds is different in every biome.

Some Minecraft Biomes are so dangerous that you dont even want to visit them while you are in survival mode .

Its just like the real world where you cant survive in an Icy plain Biome for too long.

I know its tough to locate biomes in Minecraft without any external tools. But, keep reading because I narrowed down some steps to find biomes in Minecraft easily.

Here are the three easy ways to find Biomes in Minecraft:

Step 1. Use the Minecraft Biome Locator

This Minecraft tool shows 100% accurate result by providing the exact coordinates of the biome. One main feature of this tool is to filter the rarest biomes available for any Minecraft edition.

You need to know your Minecraft Seed. If you want all the biomes located at once, Select a seed and click on generate data.

And of course, you need to find the seed for a new world if you are playing in a brand new server..

Here are the steps to use Biome finder in Minecraft:

  • Find the saved game in the saves folder of your Minecraft installation and Enter the seed of your Minecraft generated world. You can either type it in manually, or you can load it from your saved game folder.
  • Select the exact Minecraft version of the game.
  • Scroll down and select any of the three dimensions to find the biome in that specific area.
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    What Is A Biome

    When you travel through the Minecraft world you will come across different environments, many of them similar to those that can be found here on planet Earth. These different landscapes are known as Biomes. There are temperate forests, featureless deserts, spectacular snowy mountains and beautiful plains.

    There are more than 60 different Minecraft biomes which can be setup on your server, and they can be put into five basic categories which well take a look at below. But before we do lets find out why it can be helpful to know which biome youre in.

    Locate Command In Minecraft Ps4 Edition

    How to Easily Find Any Biome in Minecraft

    In Minecraft PS4 Edition, the syntax to find the closest coordinates of a structure is:

    /locate < feature> 


    • feature is a structure that you wish to find. The /locate command will return the coordinates for the nearest type of feature you select. It can be one of the following:


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    How Do You Use Locate In Minecraft

    How to Enter the Command

  • Open the Chat Window. The easiest way to run a command in Minecraft is within the chat window.
  • How to Find your Coordinates. You can easily find your current XYZ coordinates in Minecraft with the following /tp command: /tp ~ ~ ~
  • Find a Woodland Mansion.
  • Teleport to the Woodland Mansion.
  • How To Find Mushroom Biomes In Minecraft

    Mushroom is another special biome in Minecraft. It’s also spawned in the Overworld like the Mesa biome. Players can find a large area of red and brown mushrooms growing on a series of islands. Besides, the land of this biome is also covered by mycelium.

    Mushroom is the only plant here. You cannot find any trees on these islands. The weather in Mushroom Biomes has average precipitation. So, it creates a wet environment for the growth of this creature.

    Apart from red and brown mushrooms, players can also exploit stone and many other standard blocks, such as stone and ores. This biome is very dangerous at night. That’s why you need thorough preparation to kill all mobs, such as spiders, creepers, skeletons, Endermen, witches, and zombies. In addition, you can only find Mooshrooms in Mushroom biomes.

    This is the completed guide on how to find biomes in Minecraft and some special biomes in this game. Let’s go to explore these biomes and mine necessary material for your crafting works.

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    When Will Lush Caves Be In Minecraft

    Lush caves should be available as a regular biome in normal Minecraft seeds in the 1.18 update, which will be Caves and Cliffs Part 2. This update is not expected until Q4 of 2021. Until then, players will have to create new seeds with single biomes in order to experience everything that Lush Caves have to offer.

    Minecraft is available for all major platforms.

    How To Identify Your Current Biome

    How to Find Any Biome Easily in Minecraft 1.16! (With or Without Cheats/Commands)

    If you want to know what biome you are in at any point in the game, there is an easy way to find out. Have you pressed the F3 button yet? If not, try it. Youll get a sort of Heads Up Display with lots of information.

    The biome name is over on the left, one or two lines up from the bottom. Youll see Biome: followed by the biome name, for example, Biome:Forest or Biome:Jungle.

    Even if you are underground and all you can see is rock, this method will tell you which biome is directly above your head at that point. The same will happen if you are flying. F3 will reveal which biome is directly under your feet, even if you are too high up to see it.

    Now, lets take a look at the different biomes, and the mobs and structures you will find in them.

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    Ocean And Deep Ocean Biome

    Ocean and deep ocean cover about 60% of the Minecraft worlds surface. The ocean can be up to 15 blocks deep, and you can wade in the shallows, swim, or use a boat to cross it. The deep ocean is up to 30 blocks deep. The seawater fills up to level Y:63, so breaking through rock into the bottom of an ocean while mining can cause a player to drown. It is always worth checking which biome you are in if you have travelled a long way underground.

    There can be islands in the sea which can make secure bases free from mobs, and the best way to travel to and from these is by boat. Swimming makes you hungry and takes a long time, increasing the risk of starvation and drowning. While swimming you may also be attacked by guardians. Guardians and Elder Guardians are hostile ocean-dwelling mobs who swim close to Ocean Monuments to protect them. They make an eerie sound and will attack if you get too close to the structure, but if you swim away they will not follow you.

    The ocean has lots of good things to offer, which balance out the risks of drowning. You can harvest ink from a squid, and go fishing for food. Clay and sand are plentiful here, and lots of loot can be found in ocean monuments. For diving, consider making a Potion of Waterbreathing. This will allow you to spend longer underwater but you will need to find a Pufferfish to make the potion.

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    What Is A Biome Finder

    A biome finder is a tool to find any type of biomes in Minecraft within a certain span. The radius is within 14,000 blocks. You have to recognize your Minecraft seed to use this tool. Biome Finders help reveal structures as well as essential treasure maps within a Minecraft server.

    You can easily locate unusual products and towns using this energy. Continue analysis, As Ill discuss all the information to navigate the rarest biomes offered in your Minecraft Edition.

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    Why Do Biomes Matter

    Its useful to understand Biomes in Minecraft so that you know what to expect, especially if you are playing in survival mode. For example, if you decide to travel across a desert biome, you wont find many trees, and sand is difficult to build with. If you want to build a shelter with a roof to spend the night in, you are going to have to take some wood with you.

    It might be your greatest wish to make a bed so that you can sleep and not have to listen to creepy zombie noises in the darkness of the night. If so, youre going to need to find some sheeps wool. For that you need sheep, and they like to hang out in the biomes with trees. Biomes can contain generated structures like jungle temples or witches huts. Some of these are filled with goodies, but beware there may be mobs guarding the treasures, so tread carefully. Well tell you more about which structures you can find in which biomes below.

    Being able to check which biome you are currently in can also save your Minecraft life. There are times when you might be underground and lost the way back is blocked by hostile mobs. Youve run out of torches, youre scared and you really want to get home to your pet chicken.

    So, understanding your biomes means you get to know what materials you should be able to find, and what stuff you are going to have to haul in with you. It can also save you from a grisly end. But how do you find out which biome you are in?

    How To Find A Village In Minecraft

    How to: Find Every Biome in Minecraft 1.12 Survival ...

    Minecraft villages are some of the most recognisable landmarks of a player’s Minecraft world. Ranging in size, style, and the types of welcome you can expect to receive from its inhabitants, these villages are well worth seeking out – and our Minecraft village guide will show you exactly how you can go about finding the nearest villages in any Minecraft game.

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    How To Find The Jungle In Minecraft Ps4

    If you play the Bedrock version of Minecraft on consoles like PlayStation 4 , mobile devices, or PCs running Windows 10 , this part of the guide is for you.

    Obviously the indications I gave in the previous chapter regarding how to find the jungle biome without tricks remain valid, but what changes is the way in which you use the commands .

    In fact, once you have entered a game with tricks enabled , you have to press the right arrow button of the controller , type the command /locate templeand confirm .

    After that, coordinates will be returned to you . So use the command /teleport and press Enter . At this point, you will be teleported to the nearest temple .

    Unfortunately, in the Bedrock version of Minecraft it is not possible to directly locate a biome. If, therefore, you are near a temple of another type , for example that of the desert, your character will be teleported to that place.

    In case you fail to find the on the first attempt, you will have to go through a method that requires a little more patience, but which will still lead you to the desired result.

    The latter consists of entering Creative mode and perform a double jump , in order to start flying with your character , moving quickly through the air.

    This will allow you to search the jungle biome much faster , keeping an eye on all available areas from above. By searching around forests and deserts , after some time you should have no particular problems seeing trees that are wider than usual with lianas .

    Example In Java Edition 111 And 112

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Woodland Mansion in Minecraft 1.11 and 1.12:

    /locate Mansion

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Village:

    /locate Village

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Abandoned Mineshaft:

    /locate Mineshaft

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Pillager Outpost in Minecraft PE:

    /locate pillageroutpost

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Woodland Mansion:

    /locate mansion

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Village:

    /locate village

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Stronghold:

    /locate stronghold

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    How To Find Any Biome In Minecraft

    There are two ways to find every biome in this sandbox game, by using console commands and using an online biome finder. You can use these two methods to locate both normal and rare biomes, including mesa biomes, jungle biomes and mushroom biomes.

    However, make sure you understand the features of each special biome before finding them, which is elaborated in the second part of the article. Do check it out.

    Example In Nintendo Switch Edition

    How to Use the LOCATE BIOME COMMAND! – Minecraft 1.16 Update

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Pillager Outpost in Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition:

    /locate pillageroutpost

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Shipwreck:

    /locate shipwreck

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Abandoned Mineshaft:

    /locate mineshaft

    To find the coordinates of the nearest Village:

    /locate village

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    What Are The Most Accurate Biome Finders

    The most accurate biome finders in Minecraft are AMIDST and Chunkbases Biome Locator. These two locator tools show 100% accurate results. Make sure you are playing the Minecraft JAVA Edition while using these tools.

    I highly recommend using the latest version of a major browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. These locator apps support Minecraft JAVA version and Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

    Get this Useful VPN to locate lucrative biomes easily with less effort.

    AMIDST: AMIDST is a Minecraft biome tracker and it renders an overview of the world with the help of the Minecraft Seed. Seed is always a number up to around 20 digits. This app is able to fetch the seed from your savegame folder.

    Some awesome features of AMIDST are:

    • Displays slime chunks, biome information, and end islands.
    • You can save an image of the map.
    • Use the Slider to zoom in and out of the map and add the marker marker by double clicking to locate valuable points easily.

    Chunkbases Biome Locator: This locator allows you to easily view different map features and find points of interest in your Minecraft world with just your map seed. You can also Enable Touch control and use your finger to navigate the treasures, spawn chunks, and ruins. It is a best tool if you want to find all the hidden structures at once.

    Some awesome features of Chunckbases Biome Tool are:

    • Version support variability

    Also check out the best Minecraft Music Bots and the Best VPN for Minecraft.

    How To Find Jungle Biome: Jungle Biome Facts

    If you know some facts about the Jungle biome, youll be able to locate this biome faster and more easily in Minecraft. Check these out:-

    • Ocelots, which you can use for chasing Creepers away, spawn only in jungles.
    • The Jungle biome is the only place where youll find cocoa beans, which are useful for making brown dye and cookies.
    • You can easily get melon seeds from jungles because melons spawn a lot in this biome.
    • There are Jungle Temples inside this biome, where you can get several useful resources.
    • In a jungle, trees have the ability to grow up to a height of 30 blocks.
    • Since these trees are covered with vines, you can easily climb them.

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    Prepare Yourself For The Mushroom Biome Search

    While Mushroom biomes are tough to find, they’re a very interesting place to live in and experience. Definitely try finding your own little enemy-free safe haven and enjoy yourself in a world full of toadstools. Remember to prepare for a long trip between the mainland, the ocean, and your destination. Dont be afraid to stop at islands along the way to replenish your supplies.

    How Can I Find Specific Biomes

    How to Use the LOCATE BIOME COMMAND!
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