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How To Make Money On Minecraft

Training Needed To Get Paid To Play Minecraft

How to Make Money on your Minecraft Server

You do not need special training to get paid to play Minecraft beyond experience playing Minecraft. Competitions do not have background requirements.

To get paid to develop for Minecraft or research AI using Minecraft, you might need education in coding, game development, or advanced computer science.

Make Money Playing Minecraft Competitions

The most common way to get paid to play Minecraft is through competitions.

There are hundreds of competitions, from small-time local and online ones to much larger ones sponsored as educational pursuits or at conventions.

The pay for competitions varies from prizes to cash. Some prizes may even be experiences or internships.

Minecraft competitions are both individual and team-based.

Educational competitions often encourage schools to form clubs or teams to compete, fostering teamwork and cooperation.

Make Money With A Minecraft Server

If you have experience hosting Minecraft servers, you may be able to generate some revenue from your community of players.

While this might surprise you, theres actually a number of private servers on Minecraft where you have to pay to be a member or where you can buy in-game items and skins with real money.

Here are a few ways to make money with your Minecraft server:

  • Open a webstore.
  • Stream your servers gameplay.
  • Use a monetization software such as Tebex to sell digital products.

There are clearly tons of ways to monetize the server. The only real issue is actually getting people to play on your server consistently.

If you want to stand out, you need to create something that stands out in comparison to other servers.

Create beautiful architecture, invent new game modes, and keep things updated often.

On top of that, youll need to promote your server. Having a Youtube channel or Twitch stream could also help bring players over to you.

Be sure to register your server with all the popular server-finding websites and provide extensive detail as to what is included. This could make or break your chances of getting your server recognized.

But if you get your server up and running, this can turn into a great passive income source thats also scalable!

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Teach Others To Play It & To Build:

If you become a Minecraft expert, there are people willing to pay to be tutored in this.

In addition, Minecraft is even taught in some schools such as in groups during breaks and schools and other clubs may hire tutors to teach.

There are also things such as Minecraft summer camps, that will require people with high quality Minecraft knowledge.

However, youll probably make the most by offering services yourself online and being a personal tutor.

This way, you could potentially teach students from around the globe.

How To Attract Players To Your Minecraft Server

How to Make Money on your Minecraft Server

Everything is ready but where are the players? You need to tell them about your server to get their attention. It can take some time but remember the players dont take time to multiply as each one will most possibly invite his or her friends to enjoy playing with the person s/he is most comfortable with.

Minecraft server directories: To get the new players you need to add your server to Minecraft server directories. Be adamant and in a reasonable time you would be able to get the players. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Minecraft Server List: Add your server here:
  • Minecraft Server Directory: You can contact them to know how to add your server thereby visiting

Join Groups and communities: Creating your own group or community might be a bit difficult especially during the initial stage. It would be easier to join the existing communities and interact with the members. You can make valuable connections in these communities. Here are a few groups to start with. Please note that you are free to choose any group or community you like but you need to start from some point, right? So, these groups/communities can give you some idea, and they have a thriving helpful community of active members too:

  • Reddit:

As you have already purchased your own Minecraft server, created a website and build a community, we will now concentrate on different ways to earn real income out of it:

Affiliate Marketing

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How To Create A Custodial Wallet:

Go to NFTWorld site.

Sign in using your Microsoft account owning Minecraft.

And you are done!

Long string of characters starting with 0x is your wallet address, which is unique for every individual player and acts like an address for sending and receiving $WRLD.

Players can send and receive $WRLD using wallet address through NFTWorld dApp.

Pros of using a managed wallet:

  • Frictionless P2E experience for Non-Crypto gamers.

Cons of using a managed wallet:

  • Custodian has complete control over your assets.

Build Things For People

For all my genius Minecraft architects, listen up!

You can actually make money playing Minecraft if youre skilled at the game and know how to construct amazing buildings and maps for people who are willing to pay.

You can make decent cash building things on Minecraft for other people. All you need is a Fiverr account and Minecraft account to get started!

Take a look at some listings on Fiverr and see if your skills can compete with the top sellers. If you can, great! If not, it may be hard to get some sales.

Another thing you can do as a Minecraft builder is to pitch to Minecraft server hosts and see if they need any buildings made for their main lobby.

If youve ever seen impressive designs in a server lobby, chances are they were built by some guy that was hired to create all those beautiful buildings.

Most gigs average somewhere between $50-$100, but thats for basic builds. There is a guy on Fiverr that creates entire biomes for large servers and charges upwards of $300!

Pretty crazy since this is basically getting paid to build in Minecraft which is a pretty fun way to make quick cash.

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How To Make Money From Your Minecraft Server

Monetizing your Minecraft server is a great way to expand and promote a Minecraft network. Hosting a server can quickly get expensive between paying upkeep, developing plugins, and hiring builders, there are many associated costs. This guide will show you some popular methods to monetize a server without breaking Minecrafts Terms of Service.

Icipate In Ai Research

How To Make Money Playing Minecraft!

Universities use Minecraft to study complex artificial intelligence problems. They pay people to play Minecraft in gift cards and other rewards.

Artificial intelligence trains agents to perform tasks from data about more general or similar tasks.

The actual task the agent is learning is not already in that data, but scientists expect AI to learn the new task from that data and add to the data.

University research reveals that AI agents fail to learn Minecraft tasks as quickly as humans. Even young children learn faster than AI.

Therefore, to improve AI, universities pay people to play Minecraft while the scientists make observations on why humans learn faster than AI.

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Why Get Paid To Play Minecraft

Why not, right?

Especially when you really love playing the game!

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie. You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions.

No doubts about it, Minecraft is more than a fun pastime. The immersive gaming experience inspires creativity and imagination. These experiences should be encouraged.

Even though the game has been public for many years, new users discover the game every day. You can get paid to encourage their learning.

Moreover, experienced users still appreciate new content for their Minecraft gaming.

Finally, Minecraft has an interesting role in developing new Artificial Intelligence techniques that could impact real-world applications.

Minecraft has nearly 140,000,000 players worldwide. After more than 10 years of gameplay, many people have found ways to get paid to play Minecraft.

This article covers some of the best ways, along with some creative ways that you may not have considered.

Choose A Lucrative Game

You need to remember the principle of demand and supply. You can only generate revenue from something people want. Naturally, the best place to start is finding a lucrative game. Minecraft, Space Engineers, and Starbound are currently some of the most profitable PC games.

If you already have your sights set on a game, but dont know if its profitable or not, here are two tips that can help. Firstly, find out how many people love the game. This includes people that play it and talk about it on social media. Secondly, you need to know if people are willing to pay for the game. You can do this by looking for influencers in the field

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How To Make Money Playing Minecraft

These 8 ideas can potentially lead you to a small side hustle or even a full time job, if youre a bit lucky.

Keep in mind, some of these ideas will require you to have a decent understanding of Minecraft as well as some impressive skills to outweigh any competition.

Additionally, a few of these are achievable with a partner or multiple friends, so dont hesitate to involve the people you play with on a regular basis.

Stream Your Gameplay On Twitch

How To Make Money In Minecraft No Mods

If youre into Minecraft, chances are youve watched a few Twitch streamers. After all, thats where most players get their inspiration from.

Every gamers dream is to make money on Twitch, but its not for everyone and you cant immediately earn money from it. Streaming requires a lot of things, such as a decent computer, a good mic and camera setup, and, most importantly, entertaining Minecraft skills.

Growing a fan base on Twitch can take a very long time. But if you stay consistent and enjoy streaming, definitely try it out.

Making money streaming your gameplay on Twitch can come in a few ways, such as:

  • Promoting your creations on the Minecraft Marketplace.
  • Selling your channels merchandise.

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Making Money With A Minecraft Server

In many ways, Minecraft is one of the most surprising pop culture successes to hit the Internet in the past few years. Remarkably simple yet highly addicting, the cloud-based gaming environment draws its fan base from all walks of life. What few burgeoning entrepreneurs realize is that you can actually make a fair amount of money by hosting your own Minecraft server. Potential profits can run into the thousands of dollars per month if you play your cards right. Best of all, its incredibly easy to get started.

How Does Minecraft Make Money

The Minecraft business model

Heres what you should know:

  • What is Minecraft, and how does Minecraft work?
  • How does Minecraft make money?
  • Sale of Minecoins
  • Video Game Sales
  • Minecrafts profit and revenue
  • What is the Minecraft business and revenue model?
  • Minecrafts funding and valuation

How does Minecraft make money? Here is a full, in depth, breakdown of their five revenue streams and the different products and services they offer, as well as the Minecraft business model, their year over year revenue, and how Minecraft works.

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Why Monetize A Server

Minecraft servers arent cheap to host or to maintain, and keeping a large server up with your own pocket money isnt a viable long-term option for most people.

Consider the expenses of hosting a well-developed Minecraft server: theres the actual hosting itself which, depending on the amount of servers on your network and their specifications, can add up to quite a bit just on its own. But for large servers, there are so many more. To list but a few examples:

  • custom plugin development
  • advertising

And thats not nearly all of them. New expenses will crop up all the time, unexpectedly, adding up to quite the sum at the end of the month. This is exactly why server monetization isnt just a good way to earn income on the side it can be vital to a servers survival.

Theres a huge number of ways towards monetizing a server, and while not each is viable for every type of server, this guide will cover the most important ones.

How To Create A Non

Minecraft Money Scoreboard Tutorial – Working Currency system and Shop

Setting a Non-Custodial wallet for NFTWorlds can be done in 4 steps:

  • Create Metamask Wallet.
    • Metamask chrome extension for PC is available here.
    • Open and create a New Wallet.
    • Agree T& C.
    • Set Password and Create Wallet.
    • Write down the Secret Recovery Phrase and keep it somewhere safe. .
    • Confirm Secret Recovery Phrase.
    • Congratulations!

    Your wallet is ready.

    How to add Polygon Mainnet:

    There are two ways to add Polygon Network to Metamask:

  • Manually adding the Network
  • Method 1

    Head over to Polygonscan and click on the Add Polygon Network button seen on bottom right corner.

    Approve the network add notification received on Metamask.

    Method 2

    Head over to Metamask, open settings, navigate to networks and click on Add Network.

    Insert the following into their respective fields.

    Network Name : Polygon Mainnet

    Successfully added Polygon Network!

    How to Import $WRLD Token:

    Simply head to using Metamask browser, this will add $WRLD as a tracked asset on Polygon Mainnet.

    Make sure you are on Polygon Mainnet, click on the Import Tokens button seen at the bottom.

    Copy $WRLD Token contract address:


    Paste the contract address you copied in the Token Address field.

    Token Symbol and Token of Precision are automatically updated just after pasting the address. Now proceed and Import!

    You have successfully imported $WRLD Token!

    How to Connect Non-Custodial wallet to NFTWorlds:

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    What Is The Best Paid Minecraft Server

    Minecraft server owners now need to comply with new rules that preventpay-to-win schemes from forming. As far as Mojang is concerned, Minecraft videos are the only way players can turn a profit from the game so far although developers have never closed down servers that used payment systems they found objectionable.

    What Can I Do With A Server To Make Money

  • Dedicated Servers: How To Make Money. A dedicated server can be used to generate revenue in numerous ways.
  • With Your Own Dedicated Server, you can host your own website…
  • A Dedicated Server Will Allow You To Provide VPN Services To Your Clients…
  • We sell virtual private servers with dedicated servers.
  • I’d like to sell the backup server…
  • Brief summary.
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    Charging A Membership Fee

    As an extension of the server access fee, you can charge a membership fee for a fixed access duration. It could be weekly, monthly, or yearly.

    Again, Mojangs gameplay rules applied. No player has an advantage over others. Every player should be treated the same. A membership fee has a great potential to turn into a recurring online income for you.

    Business Rigmarole & Paperwork

    Earn money from Blocks and Mobs in Minecraft with Money Hunters Plugin ...

    Before going any further, its important to mention the business and legal ramifications of running any digital enterprise. Technically speaking, youre required to pay taxes related to your operation in your jurisdiction no matter where you live. In actuality, its difficult for most governments to enforce their tax laws on all-digital businesses. Use your own best judgment as far as taxes and regulation go in your state, province or country. For increased protection, incorporate and seek professional advice regarding taxes.

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    How Do Minecraft Servers Make Money

    Minecraft does not allow selling in-game benefits for real-world money.

    However, if you host a Minecraft server, you could accept donations or sell merchandise related to your server.

    You could also host YouTube videos playing on your server. You could auction off videos where you let players join you live.

    You could also list affiliate links and get paid every time someone buys something through the affiliate link.

    Build Stuff In Minecraft

    Would you believe us if we told you that you can make money by building in Minecraft? Sounds impossible, isnât it?

    If you ever played on a Minecraft game server hosted unofficially, you’ve probably seen jaw-dropping creations, like buildings, structures, or entire cities. There’s a big chance that those creations were built by “hired hand” because they require so much creativity, knowledge, and time, to name a few.

    If you have what we mentioned above, you can also become a Minecraft builder, build things to improve the Minecraft server for other people, and start making money from it.

    Depending on the task’s difficulty, you’ll be able to make between $30 and $100 per gig, but some of the more advanced ones that include massive biome revamping may earn you over $500!

    Similar to teaching Minecraft classes, you can offer your building expertise on freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork, but make sure to post some of your previous creations and use them as a portfolio, so that your potential clients may know what to expect from you.

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    Making Money In The Long Term Building Multiple Income Streams

    My primary goal long term, is essentially to earn a full time income from several different income streams.

    Ive learnt the hard way that if you only rely on ONE income stream, you run the risk of that stream drying up.

    If youre earning from different ways, you know you can still have an income coming in from another source.

    So, if youre just focusing on Minecraft you could build up income streams in a multitude of ways, via.

    • Having a blog where you could earn from affiliate marketing paid advertising, sponsorships and email marketing.
    • Having a YouTube channel that focuses on Minecraft or gaming link to your blog earn via affiliate marketing, sponsorships & Ads.
    • Selling Minecraft related products via Fiverr.
    • Potentially tutoring others to play Minecraft.
    • Setting up a Minecraft Server and more.

    Of course, you want to focus on one thing at a time initially.

    If you try and do ALL THE THINGS in one go, you will just get overwhelmed and probably quit before youve made any money at all.

    Work on generating some income from one source first ideally, before you start on another and if you can, outsource some of the more mundane or time consuming tasks to someone else!

    For example I sometimes pay a freelancer to write content for me, so that I can focus onmy other side hustles!

    If youve had any success selling Minecraft related services Id love to hear about it in the comments below!


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