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How To Take Everything From A Chest In Minecraft Pc

How To Make A Shulker Box

How to Move Items Fast to a Chest in “Minecraft” for PC : “Minecraft” Tips

Shulker Boxes are portable containers. Like Chests, they contain 27 inventory slots. To make a Shulker Box, put a Chest in the middle of the Crafting Table, then put a Shulker Shell above it and a Shulker Shell below it.

You can change the color of your Shulker Box by putting dye next to it in the crafting grid.

Question: How To Craft A Chest In Minecraft On Pc

How to Craft a Chest in Minecraft Collect 3 Wood Blocks. Craft 12 Wood Planks. Make a Crafting Table. Place your Crafting Table on the ground and interact with it to open the 3X3 crafting grid. Craft your Chest. Place your Chest on the ground and open it to store items.

But Dont Keep Searching Needlessly

When you press the map button, a transparent version of the map will appear on the screen, and you can keep walking around to see your character icon move on the map in real time. However, as Eurogamer reported, you can actually hold down on the map button to open a larger version of the map that contains more information.

In the bottom-left corner of this screen, youll see the number of chests and secrets the level contains . If you see that youve already found all of the chests in a level, you can stop thoroughly searching each environment and move more quickly to the end!

For more information about Minecraft Dungeons, or to view the rest of our guides for the game, check out our previous coverage.

Disclosure: Xbox gave SuperParent codes for Minecraft Dungeons for coverage purposes.

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Chests: Safely Stashing Your Stuff

Whenever you head away from your secure shelter, there is always a reasonably high risk of death. Creepers, lava pits, long fallsthey can all do you in. Respawning is only a moment away, but the real danger here is that any items youve collected and carry in your characters inventory drop at the location of your untimely death and may prove impossible to retrieve in the 5 minutes you have to get back to them before they disappear forever.

Chests act as an insurance policy. Put everything you dont need in a chest before you embark on a mission, and those things will be there when you get back or after you respawn.

The natural place to leave chests is in your shelter, but you can also leave them elsewhere, perhaps at a staging point as you work away in a mine or even outside. Mobs will leave them alone, and the only real risk you face is leaving them out in the open in a multiplayer game or getting blown up from behind by a creeper in Single-player mode while youre rummaging around inside.

Chests come in two sizes: single and double. A single chest can store 27 stacks of items. Create a double chest by placing two single chests side by side. The double chest stores up to 54 stacks of items. Given that a stack can be up to 64 items high, thats an astonishing potential total of 3,510 blocks in a crate that takes just 2×1 blocks of floor space. If youve ever followed the Dr. Who TV series, consider chests the Tardis of storage!

Minecraft Xbox 360 Or Xbox One

How to Make a Chest in Minecraft

There are two versions of Minecraft that run on the Xbox – Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition and Minecraft Xbox One Edition. For both versions, you would use an Xbox controller to navigate through the game.

Here are the game controls to play Minecraft on Xbox 360 or Xbox One:

Xbox Controller

A Button
Fly Higher D-Pad or A button
Fly Lower
A Button
Drop/Throw Item
Change Selected Item in Hotbar LB or RB
Run Command D-Pad

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Is Keeping Your Inventory In Minecraft Cheating

Every player has a distinctive opinion on this matter. Some claim that to play Minecraft properly, nobody should use cheat codes as it distorts one of the games basic rules. On the other hand, others refer to cheat codes as a necessary tool to relax while playing, especially if theyre not using multiplayer mode.

If youre playing Minecraft with other players, keeping your inventory after death gives you an unfair advantage, and its considered cheating. But if youre messing around on your own, you can do whatever you want. If that means using cheat codes, most reporting players arent against it.

This Minecraft Mod Recreates The Whole Game In A Chest Sort Of

One inventive Minecraft player has boiled down the mechanics, gameplay, and very essence of the sandbox world builder into a whole new, simplified experience. They have recreated the game in a chest.

User SethBling has posted a video on YouTube showcasing his invention, Playable Minecraft in a Chest, which you check out further down this article. It can be accessed by approaching what looks like a normal chest in the game and opening it up to reveal the users creation: I shrunk down the entirety of Minecraft into a single chest. Sort of. It works by taking a slice of the players Mincecraft world and rendering it into the chest.

From what we can see in the video, the new mode is Tetris-like in its neat, geometric simplicity, with everything reduced into a nine-by-six square grid, plus an inventory grid below. The player is made up of two squares in the middle, one each for their head and body. You move around the environment by clicking the edges of the chests screen right or left to move about the environment, and at the top to jump. To jump to the side, you click the corners. Simple.

Your landscape is made up of simple tiles packed with sweet cubic representations of what its features and obstacles are made up of. One particularly cute example is a tree theres a ground tile below, two wood-block tiles stacked to depict the trunk, and four leafy squares around its top, leaving you in no doubt just exactly what it is. The chest mode even has a blue sky above.

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How Do I Find And Collect The Secrets In Minecraft Dungeons

With a bunch of weapons and armor to choose from, it’s best to grab all the loot you can get your hands on. Minecraft Dungeons has secret chests on practically every level for players to find. Some of them will be out in the open, and some will be hidden. Some will require parkour or mild puzzle-solving, while others will be easy to get to if you find them.

Here’s everything you need to know about finding and collecting secret chests in Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Chests can be pretty much anywhere. While a lot of chests may be hidden away off the beaten path, quite a few are out in the open, taunting you to take them. One of the first chests you run into is just sitting right off the path, over a small ravine.
  • Use the map to your advantage. Minecraft Dungeons features a map overlay that lets you survey the layout of the area. You can use the map to spot paths you might have otherwise missed, and make sure you’re not forgetting everything.
  • Explore every path. Using your map, scout out every possible path, and explore them. Most of them won’t result in a delightful hoard of treasure , but if you’re diligent, you’re bound to find one or two chests in every area.
  • Use the dash ability. Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t have a “jump” button, but it does have a dash that you can use to quickly evade the attacks of enemies, like creepers. It’s also surprisingly useful for traversing small gaps and cliffs that might otherwise prevent you from getting a chest. Aim carefully!

Ender Chests Are Unique To The Player

how to quickly take all similar items out of a chest- minecraft

When a player uses an ender chest, it is unique to that player. This means that each player accessing the ender chest has access to their own special items. For this reason, they are extremely valuable to store important items in a survival server. Players should always try to store any items that they need to access regularly in an ender chest.

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Soggy Swamp Secrets And Chests

As well as the following secrets and chests, theres also the new Soggy Cave location to find as shown in the below video from Dead Zpkies. Youll know if its spawned on your run through the level if the map says you have 2 secrets to find:

Soggy Swamp Chest 1

After you come out of the Enderman cave, go up the structure at the bottom of the path and roll over the gap to reach the golden chest.

Soggy Swamp Chest 2

Continue along the path towards the objective, and the second chest is in the middle of the area. Climb over the wall to get to the chest.

Soggy Swamp Chest 3

In the very next area, up on a ledge in the middle of the clearing.

Soggy Swamp secret cow level rune

Just to the right of the exit to the level, theres a hidden button that reveals and entrance. Remember to click the rune inside as well as the button.

It Grants Access To A Secondary Inventory Space

Before you start running after your friends or going surgical on Minecrafts many mobs, youll realize the main benefit to this mod is the ability to access more inventory space. All you need to do is take a moment of introspection and search deep inside yourself for an answer with the Chest Opener tool, that is.

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Once youve opened up your blocky chest you can reap the rewards of having a secondary inventory space. Sure it will be full of random organs but its probably safe to swap some of them out for something else that appendix was just using up valuable space anyway!

Extra room is extremely useful to have in Minecraft and its suitable that it comes at a cost. Although the main fun is to be had with replacing organs, your body can now be used for storage in desperate situations.

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Minecraft Dungeons: How To Find Every Hidden Chest

Follow these tips to collect all of the loot that you can!

Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon-crawling adventure game set in the blocky world of Minecraft. The game allows you to explore procedurally generated levels full of enemies to defeat and loot to collect. While enemies will sometimes drop loot when theyre defeated , you can also find lots of helpful items in treasure chests in each level.

Since the games environments are procedurally generated, this means a single level wont have the same layout even if you play it multiple times. That also means youll be able to find chests in different locations each time you play. Since thats the case, we cant create guides to help you find each chests specific location.

However, we can share a few tips that will help you find all of the chests scattered throughout each stage. Lets get started!

How Do You Carry A Chest In Minecraft

Quick way to put items into chest: Minecraft

To move items between the chest inventory and the player inventory or hotbar while the chest GUI is open, drag or shift-click the items. Holding Shift and double-clicking while holding an item moves all items of the type clicked on in or out of the chest, to the extent that space is available for them.

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Minecraft Chests Usability Shortcuts

There are several shortcuts which make the use of chests a lot easier. Shift clicking an item stack in either your inventory or the chests inventory will instantly move the stack to the first available slot in the opposite inventory.

Left clicking a stack will pick up the whole stack and while a whole stack is selected, right clicking will place a single item and left clicking will place the whole stack in an inventory slot. Right clicking a stack will pick up half a stack.

Can You Move A Full Chest In Minecraft

Doyou canmoveentirechestMovingchestmovechestchestchest

. Keeping this in view, can you move a chest in Minecraft?

The only way to “move” a chest is to simply take everything from the previous chest, add it to your inventory, then replace it in the new chest.

what happens if you break a chest in Minecraft? If the chest contains items, the items are also be dropped when the chest is broken. If one half of a large chest is destroyed, the corresponding items from the destroyed chest are dropped and the remaining half continues to function as a small chest.

Also question is, how do you move your whole inventory to a chest in Minecraft?

To move all items of one kind into a chest from your inventory , pick up any item, hold Shift, and double click one of the items of the items you want to move.

Can Pistons push chests?

Can you push chests with pistons. Minecraft Bedrock/Pocket: Yes, you can push chests with pistons. There’s even a duplication glitch using this mechanic. Minecraft Java/PC: No, you can‘t push chests with pistons.

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How To Keep Inventory When You Die In Minecraft

When youre playing Minecraft on a default play scheme, one of the most frustrating aspects of the game is losing all your inventory upon death. For some players, the fear of death makes the game more enjoyable, while others find it downright annoying.

If you want to die and keep all your possessions, but youre not sure how to go about it, keep reading. In this guide, well explain how to use cheats to improve your gaming experience.

How Do You Transfer Your Whole Inventory In Minecraft


If you have many items, clicking on each item will take longer, but you can move all the items simultaneously. Press and hold the shift key and left-click on one item in the inventory, drag that item, hover it on another similar item in the inventory, and click on it. All the items will move to the chest at once.

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How To Use A Chest In Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains how to use a chest with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

In the game, you can store your valuables in a chest to keep them safe. Even though you can only craft one type of chest, there are actually two sizes. Let’s explore how to use both a chest and large chest.

How To Use A Chest

Once you have a chest and it is selected in your hotbar, you need to put it somewhere in your world. Position your pointer on the block where you want to place the chest. You should see the block become highlighted in your game window.

The to place the chest depends on the version of Minecraft:

  • For Java Edition , right click on the block.
  • For Pocket Edition , you tap on the block.
  • For Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press the LT button on the Xbox controller.
  • For PS3 and PS4, press the L2 button on the PS controller.
  • For Wii U, press the ZL button on the gamepad.
  • For Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button on the controller.
  • For Windows 10 Edition, right click on the block.
  • For Education Edition, right click on the block.

You should now see your chest appear.

Now, let’s open the chest so that you can put items inside. To open the chest, position your pointer on the chest.

The to open the chest depends on the version of Minecraft:

  • For Java Edition , right click on the chest.
  • For Pocket Edition , you tap on the chest.
  • For Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press the LT button on the Xbox controller.
  • For PS3 and PS4, press the L2 button on the PS controller.
  • For Wii U, press the ZL button on the gamepad.
  • For Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button on the controller.
  • For Windows 10 Edition, right click on the chest.
  • For Education Edition, right click on the chest.

The Chest menu should appear.

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Minecraft Chests Properties Of Chests

Chests are placed facing the player and are opened by right clicking them. Placing 2 chests next to each other will create a large chest, which allows you to place up to 54 stacks of items in it. Destroying the chest will only destroy one side and spill out the corresponding items.The top 3 rows in the large chest belong to the half facing north or east. The bottom 3 rows belong to the half facing south or west.

Chests can only be opened if the block above it is either air, a half block , lava, water, leaves and small transparent blocks .

How To Use The Chest On Your Boat

How to make a Chest in Minecraft &  How to Use It

The usage of the boat with a chest is the same as a regular boat and a regular chest, at least in normal circumstances. When you sit in the boat, it moves normally, and you cant access the chest directly while you are inside the boat. Instead, you have to press your inventory key to see the chests components.

But if you are on the outside, you can hold the crouch button and access the chest without sitting on the boat. In that situation, the chest works like a regular chest. With the basics out of the way, here are a few more common properties of this new feature in Minecraft:

  • When you destroy the boat, its chest gets automatically destroyed dropping all the items from its inventory.
  • The chest doesnt affect the speed of the boat in any way. Nor does the items in the chest.
  • If you have a chest on your boat, you cant have two riders on it. It takes up the slot of the second rider.
  • Other mobs and players can also ride the boat with a chest. So, if the seat is filled, you cant ride that boat unless you kill that entity or break the boat.

Boat with Chest and Hoppers

As you already know, a boat with a chest is an amazing way to store and transport items. But you can even use the same boat with a chest to send stored items into a hopper. You simply have to make the boat move on top of a hopper. Then, the hopper will automatically suck the items and move them into a chest.

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