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How To Use Enchanted Book Minecraft

Enchanted Books Give Minecraft Players The Ability To Apply Enchantments To Equipment Without An Enchantment Table Here’s How To Use Them

Minecraft – How to Use Enchanted Books *HD*

Enchanted books give Minecraft players the ability to apply enchantments to equipment without an Enchantment Table. Each book comes with at least one enchantment that players can carry around in their inventory.

Enchanted books are everywhere in the Minecraft world, but most likely in a Stronghold. On top of that, treasure chests and loot chests are also great places to look for enchanted books. If you’re really lucky, you may even find one in the village chest.

So, how can you tell which is an enchanted book? Quite frankly, they’re really hard to miss, thanks to the pinkish-purple glow. You should notice it right away.

Combine The Enchanted Books

Place a book in each of the first two slots. When you hover over the slot on the left, youll see that the output is a level higher version of the enchanted books inputted.

Once you click on the upgraded variation, your experience points are spent, and you can place the book in your inventory. You can now add the higher level enchanted book to your items through the anvil!

Can I Use An Enchanted Book To Add More Enchantments To An Already Enchanted Item That Was A Mouthful


A warning about anvil use:

Each time you use an item on an anvil, it’s repair cost doubles. A freshly enchanted item that has never been on an anvil will cost 2 levels .

The next time you repair that same item, it will cost 4 levels and so on.

If you combine two items that both have anvil use, the game will take the item with the highest number of anvil uses and add 1. So, if you have a sword with 2 repairs and a sword with 3 repairs, the game will take 3, add 1, and the next repair cost will be based on 4 previous repairs .

Why is this important to this topic? Because Books also keep this information. So, if you combine a ton of level 1 books, to finally get a level 5 book, you may not be able to ever repair that item.

Just something to keep in mind as you decide how to spend your diamonds.

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How To Enchant Items In Minecraft

There are three main ways to enchant items in Minecraft.

  • Go to a Minecraft enchanting table and exchange XP and lapis lazuli to enchant an item.
  • At a Minecraft anvil, combine an enchanted book with an unenchanted item this uses XP.
  • At an anvil, combine two enchanted items to create one item with two enchantments.

Alternatively, you can get enchanted items occasionally by trading emeralds with villagers. There is also a chance youll find an enchanted item while fishing, or as a drop from killing a zombie, drowned, zombie pigman, husk, stray, wither skeleton, or skeleton. Enchanted items can also be looted in the end city.

If you play on Bedrock Edition then you can get enchanted items by slaying pillager and vindicator enemies during a raid.

If you really dont want any hassle then you can use Minecraft console commands and cheats to get the job done.

How To Use Enchanted Books In Minecraft And Where To Find

How to Use Enchanted Books in Minecraft (with Pictures ...

Before going further to learn how to use enchanted books, we need to know where to find these books. We can do chest looting found in Jungle Temple and Stronghold. You can also find the books randomly in Dungeon, Mineshaft, Desert Temple, Pillager Outpost, Underwater Ruins, or Woodland Mansion.

Aside from looting, you can obtain enchanted books as a “treasure” item from fishing with a fishing rod as part of the “treasure” category. Librarian villagers also have a 50% chance to sell enchanted books as part of their trades which you can easily buy when the items are available.

Other than that, you can get the books from Vindicators and pillagers that spawn from raids since they have a small chance to drop an enchanted book.

Last but not least, you can barter with piglins by using or throwing gold ingots or even create your own enchanted book by enchanting a book on an enchantment table. To use an enchanted book, you must place an item in the first slot in an anvil and a book in the next.

You must have the required amount of experience to complete the enchantment. Bear in mind that using an enchanted book gets significant discounts at the anvil. Enchanted books themselves can be combined to create a single book with increased or multiple enchantments, similar to combining tools or weapons.

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What Are Enchanted Books

Enchanted books are exactly what they sound like. You can take normal books and place any enchantment onto them, to be used at a later date. This has several advantages for you.

  • Saving your levels. If you’re about to embark on a potentially dangerous journey and have a plethora of experience saved up that you don’t want to risk losing, you can invest your levels into a useful enchantment on a book. Then you can store the enchanted book for later use.
  • Saving awesome enchantments. If you’re prepping to build a sweet new piece of equipment, but aren’t quite ready to move forward, you can save any powerful enchantments you don’t want to throw on a random item or throw away by enchanting a book.
  • Gifting enchantments. Useful for if you’re playing with friends and family. You can enchant a book and then gift that enchantment to other players. New player not high enough level to enchant their new sword? Enchant a book and give it to them.

Books are enchanted precisely like anything else is, but they can be enchanted with pretty much every single enchantment. The only significant disadvantage with enchanted books is that you’ll end up spending significantly more experience in the long run with them. You’ll spend a bit to enchant the book, then another bit to use the book to enchant something else.

How To Build A Minecraft Enchanting Table

Youll need four obsidian, two diamonds, and a book to build an enchantment table in Minecraft. Open up your crafting menu and arrange three obsidian along the bottom row with a fourth in the centre of the grid.

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Place the Minecraft diamonds either side of the protruding obsidian and finish by putting the book in the middle of the top row. An enchanting table should now appear on the right, so simply drag and drop this in your inventory and there you have it.

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How To Use Enchanted Books In Minecraft Pc – Photo by

To know how to use enchanted books in Minecraft PC, simply follow this precious guide. After youve prepared the enchanted book, create an anvil by putting three iron blocks and four iron bars in the correct order into the crafting table. You can gain access to the crafting table in Minecraft PC by right clicking on the crafting table.

Once your anvil is ready, place it on the ground. Open the anvils menu by right clicking and add the desired item for enchantment. Add your enchantment book and select the item in the output box to add your enchanted item to your inventory.

What Is Enchanting In Minecraft

How to use and combine Enchanted books in Minecraft

Enchanting is a Minecraft game mechanic wherein players can add special abilities to armor and tools. Its like enchanting mechanics featured in other games, with a few slight differences.

Level and experience do play a large part in what you can enchant and how powerful the enchantment is, but you also need key components like Lapis Lazuli and an enchanting table. You can bypass the special crafting table, though, if you have cheats enabled in creative mode. Simply use the /enchant command to add special abilities to your items.

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Best Enchantments For Fishing Rod

Mending. Mending will allow your fishing rod to repair itself with the experience points you absorb.

Unbreaking III. Increase the durability of your fishing rod and save some resources.

Lure III. This enchantment will increase the speed at which fish comes for your bobble, allowing you to catch more fish and more treasure.

Luck of the Sea III. Luck of the sea will greatly increase the chances of finding treasures such as rare items and enchanted books instead of junk. Youll see a huge difference in the loot you get with level III of this enchantment.

How To Use An Enchanted Book In Minecraft

To use the Enchanted Book you will have to use an Anvil. Now, in the anvil, you will have to place the item that you want to enchant. In the next available slot, you will have to place the Enchanted Book. This will automatically enchant the item you want. However, to add a specific enchantment, you will need that specific book only.

Enchanted books can be found around the map in Minecraft. You will be able to find them as loot items, in chests, or get them from villagers. There is no way to craft an Enchanted Book.

Another method to apply Enchantments is to use the Enchanted Crafting Table. Enchanting tables are made and crafted by using four obsidian blocks, two diamonds, and one book. Once you make a crafting table you will need to look for lapis lazuli and enchantment levels. Once you have all these you can simply place the specific item and enchantment on the table. You will now have an enchanted item in the game.

This is everything that you will need to know about how to use and craft an Enchanted Book in Minecraft. While you are here you can have a look at all the best enchantments such as:

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Creating An Enchanted Book

  • 1Gather the necessary resources. To create an enchanted book, you will need the materials for the following items:
  • Crafting table – Four wooden planks, which come from one wood log.
  • Book – Three pieces of paper, which come from three pieces of sugar cane, and one piece of leather, which comes from a cow or horse – you kill it.
  • Enchanting table – Two diamonds, four blocks of obsidian, and a book.XExpert SourceZac ChurchillMinecraft SpecialistExpert Interview. 2 December 2020.
  • 2Open your inventory. You should see your crafting items here.
  • In Minecraft PE, you’ll tap the icon to open your inventory.
  • 3Craft a crafting table. To do this, you’ll use the four wood planks, which come from placing one log in the crafting grid.
  • On the PC version of Minecraft, you’ll click and drag each of your four wooden blocks into the two-by-two crafting grid at the top of your inventory.
  • On Minecraft PE, you’ll tap the tab above your inventory tab on the left side of the screen and then tap the crafting table icon, which resembles a box with lines on it.
  • On console, you’ll press the “Crafting” button , then select a wooden crate.
  • 4Place your crafting table on the ground. You’ll need to select it from the hotbar at the bottom of the screen to do so.
  • If your hotbar is full, you must first open your inventory and replace an item in the hotbar with your crafting table.
  • 5Open your crafting table. It will open to a three-by-three grid, along with the contents of your inventory .
  • How To Make An Enchantment Table

    How to Use Enchanted Books in Minecraft (with Pictures ...

    Making an Enchantment Table in Minecraft is pretty straightforward. The difficulty lies in the items youll need to create it with. Youll need one book, two diamonds, and four obsidian.

    The book can be made with three papers and one leather. The diamonds can be found by mining, and the obsidian is often found near lava or can be created by pouring a bucket of water into lava. The tricky part is that youll need a diamond pickaxe to be able to mine the obsidian.

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    How To Create Enchanted Books

    To create enchanted books, youll need three items:

    • Enchantment table

    You can make a book at your crafting table using:

    • 3 Paper
    • 1 Leather

    Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled when youre out fishing. Many players obtain books randomly that way as well.

    Once you have the basic three items, go to your enchantment table, and place the Lapis Lazuli in the upper-right box, to the left of the enchantment options. Place the Book in the box to the left of the Lapis Lazuli and choose your enchantment.

    You can only enchant one item at a time, though, so if you plan on stockpiling enchantments, youll need to repeat the process.

    How To Enchant In Minecraft: A Complete Guide To Enchanting In Minecraft

    The blocky world of Minecraft gives players an unparalleled amount of freedom to do as they wish. The game takes full advantage of its sandbox nature by providing the player with all the tools available to create the experience they desire.

    If you love to create and let your imagination run wild, you can make countless builds and projects to keep you busy. If you prefer to engage in combat, then there are plenty of enemies and dangerous areas to explore. If you want to lay back, relax and see your farm grow, you can do that too.

    With so many different mechanics to learn, its easy to get lost in the noise and get confused about what to do to reach your goal.

    Minecraft doesnt tell you what to do or how to do anything most of the time. This level of freedom, while great, can lead to dead ends and frustrations when you want to upgrade your tools and dont know how to do it.

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    How To Use Enchanted Books In Minecraft: A Helpful Easy Guide – In Minecraft, an enchanted book is an item that allows players to add enchantments to certain items using an anvil. This will be really helpful to level up your tools, especially weapons. For instance, Unbreaking enchantment on shields can only be obtained by using enchanted books as the method, resulting in an impregnatable shield to defend yourself during an attack.

    Thats why, in this tutorial, youll learn how to use enchanted books and some tips related to these amazing items.

    How Do You Get Better Enchantments On Minecraft

    How to make and use enchanted books EASY in Minecraft PS4!

    To obtain the best enchantment in a category in Minecraft, you must first gather the materials needed for your enchantment, build and place bookshelves, an enchanting table, and an anvil , and make sure that your experience level is at 30 before you begin enchanting. You can then enchant and re-enchant a book until it reaches the top-tier enchantment level, after which point you can apply the book to an item.

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    Required Materials You Need To Have

    Before you start to use the enchanted book, make sure if you already have a book that is already enchanted. However, you should make sure if you understand and know how to create them.

    To start creating the enchanted book try to prepare all of the required materials. Prepare for 3 lapis lazuli and 1 book. With this material you can have the best enchanted book on your game.

    How To Enchant With An Anvil In Minecraft

    This Minecraft tutorial explains how to enchant an item using an anvil with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

    In Minecraft, you can add powers to an item by enchanting it. Enchantments can be added to items using an , , or .

    Let’s explore how to enchant an item using an anvil and an enchanted book.

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    How To Build An Enchanting Table

    An enchanting table is your tool for enchanting everything you own, so if you’re interested, it’s imperative that you craft one of your own. Not only that but just crafting an enchantment table isn’t enough. You’ll need to feed your enchantment table the sweet, sweet knowledge that only books can afford.

    To craft an enchantment table, you’ll need:

    • 4 blocks of obsidian. Obsidian is created when water hits a lava source block. As one of the strongest blocks in Minecraft, it can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe.
    • 2 diamonds. One of the rarest materials found in Minecraft, diamond ore is only found near the bottommost levels of the Overworld. You’ll need an iron pickaxe or better to mine them.
    • 1 book. To craft a book, you’ll need three pieces of paper and one scrap of leather .

    Once you’re done, you’ll need to combine everything in a crafting table, as seen above. Enchantment tables are placeable, just like crafting tables, furnaces, and more.

    Whenever you’re deciding where to place your new enchantment table, it’s best to leave space all around it. A 2 block gap on all sides is your best bet that way, you have room to upgrade your enchantment table as needed. Oh? You don’t know how to upgrade your enchantment table? It just so happens the next section covers precisely that.

    A Word About Bookshelves

    How to use an Enchanted Book

    You dont necessarily need bookshelves to start enchanting, but its your interest to craft a few a soon as you can and place them around the enchantment table. Bookshelves can raise available enchantment levels and increase the likelihood of getting powerful enchantment options while crafting.

    Without nearby bookshelves, the minimum experience level never goes over eight. Consequently, youll have a hard time getting enchantments that coincide with your experience at higher levels.

    To craft a bookshelf, you just need Planks and a Book. Place up to 15 bookshelves around the enchanting table to maximize your options. Just remember to keep a one-block buffer zone between your shelf borders and the table.

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