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Minecraft On Raspberry Pi

Configure Your Minecraft Server

How to Install Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi

Now, its time to configure the Raspberry Pi 3 Minecraft server. There are 2 configuration files including Nukkit: nukkit.yml and

Step 1. Open the Configure files with your preferred text editor and then run the sudo nano nukkit.yml or sudo nano command on Raspbian.

Step 2. In the Configuration file, Change the max-players to 10 if you are on Raspberry Pi 3. If you are running on an older Raspberry Pi, you can set it lower than 10. Also, you can make various changes based on your needs from here, such as pvp=on, difficulty=1, etc.

Step 3. Once done, press Ctrl + X keys to save changes and exit, then run sudo java -jar nukkit.jar to restart the Minecraft server software.

Connect To The Server

Take your time to finish the server configuration, and we can continue to test the server access.

Dont forget to restart the Spigot server with your new configuration files:java -jar spigot-1.16.5.jar

For a paid version, you have to download the launcher from the official website.Log in to your account, and click the Download link:

If you want to try the game with a cracked launcher, you can download Shiginima from the link below, or any other launcher from your choice.

Then follow instructions to install it.

Thm Cc Biu Tng Trn Mn Hnh

Phi gõ lnh mi khi mun chi tht khó chu phi không? Vy ti sao bn không to mt phím tt trên màn hình?

Trc tiên, hãy lu hình nh vào máy tính ca bn di dng minecraft.pngsau ó sao chép nó và di chuyn nó vào th mc mcpi.

Nhp chut phi vào màn hình LXDE, chn To mi sau tp tin trng.

t tên cho tp minecraft.desktop. Nhp chut c ch và tp li tt s xut hin trên màn hình nn.

Nhp chut phi vào tp .bàn mt ln na, chn t giy. Tp này s m trong trình son tho vn bn.t giy.

Sao chép mã sau vào t giy:

tôi hin th kho lu tr khi

1 8 Chn các widget trong thanh nhanh

chut trái phá hy khi

Nút chut phi t khi

thanh không gian Nhy

Bin i Tàng hình

Bn có th s dng chut thay i góc nhìn. Cun nu bn mun xem các mc ln lt. Nút trái chut chn khi. Khi xem khong không qung cáo, bn có th s dng t hp phím WASD b chn bng cách nhn i vào chn các khi.

Nhn úp vào phím cách bt hoc tt ch máy bay. Bn có th thoát Minecraft Pi bng cách nhp ngay vào du hiu. góc bên phi ca ca s trò chi.

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Find The Position Of The Player

Using the Minecraft Python API, we can retrieve the x, y, and z position of the player.

To find the location, we can use the following line in Python.

pos = mc.player.getPos

The pos variable will now store the players position. You can access the three positions by using pos.x, pos.y, and pos.z.

If you would prefer to store the positions as three separate variables, then it is also possible to do that by doing the following.

z, y, z = mc.player.getPos

This method makes use of Pythons unpacking functionality to pull out the values to our x, y, and z variables.

How To Install Raspberry Pi Os

My Custom Ore Block Raspberry Pi Server Case : Minecraft

I will not explain the detailed installation of a Raspberry Pi OS here.I advise you to read this article which will explain in detail how to do this step by step.

Once the tutorial finished, you must have:

  • Raspberry Pi OS installed and up to date
  • Network and Internet access working properly
  • Access to your Raspberry Pi via SSH from your computer

I recommend you to continue following this post from your computer, connected to your Raspberry Pi via SSHSo you can copy/paste command and work in better conditions

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State Of Minecraft On Rpi

Some time ago, I set my daughters up with Minecraft 1.12.2. I followed along withHow to setup Minecraft 1.12.1 on Raspberry Pi 3,or perhaps another post like it.

Hereâs kind of how this setup process works, in a nutshell:

  • Set up Raspberry Pi graphics and driver dependency
  • Install an old version of the Minecraft Launcher, from before Mojang updated to a version that no longer runs in Java
  • Run the launcher to download the game files
  • Try to run the game
  • Edit run script with Mojang account, username and password
  • Add The Microsoft Account

    If you followed above correctly, the “Add Microsoft” will not be greyed out when you go to Profiles and choose Manage Accounts. The timeout for the set up of a Microsoft account is very short, so I recommend already having the below website up and running before you click on “Add Microsoft”. You will need to enter your email address , password and click to accept your fork’s access to your Microsoft account in a very short period of time. I needed four attempts before I got the knack to it and could do it before the window timed out.

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    Install The Optifine Minecraft Mod

    OptiFine is a Minecraft utility mod that optimizes the games graphics. It can deliver a performance boost, which is essential when youre trying to run Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi!

    To install OptiFine, run the following Terminal command:

    java-jar OptiFine_1.14.4_HD_U_F3.jar

    When prompted, click Install.

    After a few moments, you should receive a notification that OptiFine has been installed successfully. Click OK.

    Setting Up Raspberry Pi Os Lite

    How to Turn Your Raspberry Pi into a Minecraft Server

    Raspberry Pi Lite is the OS to go for. Its command line only but, due to the headless nature of a Minecraft server, will give you better performance.

  • Once youve done that, theres a configuration change you need to make. Run the following:
  • sudo raspi-config
  • Now change the default language to en_GB.UTF-8. The important part here is that its UTC-8, as the Minecraft server is formatted in UTF-8.
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    Create A Folder For Your Server

    Now you need a place to put the Minecraft server on your Pi. We could do it the Windows way by opening the file manager, right-clicking, and creating a New Folder named Minecraft. But were already in the terminal, so lets keep typing here!

    mkdir Minecraft/

    The above will do exactly the same thing as using the file manager. In fact, you can check the file manager yourself to confirm that the new folder has appeared!

    Since were going to install our server inside the new folder, we need to tell our terminal that were going to work there.

    If you type


    You can see that were still in the home directory of our PC. Youll see your Documents and folders, as well as the new Minecraft folder you created. To get inside this folder, we need to Change Directory , so type:

    cd Minecraft/

    If you type ls again, you can see that now nothing is returned, because were inside an empty folder. Youll also see that your prompt now includes the Minecraft folder name:

    Minecraft On The Raspberry Pi

    In this guide, we will be showing you how to install and run Minecraft on your Raspberry Pi.

    You will be installing a special version of Minecraft that has been built just for the Raspberry Pi. This version of Minecraft is called Minecraft Pi Edition.

    This version is much older than the current release of Minecraft. However, it has one advantage, and that is that its completely free. Also, this version of Minecraft also comes with a Python library that allows you to interact with the game world.

    There are a few things you should know about this version of Minecraft that was built just for the Raspberry Pi.

  • It uses the old game world format, meaning the world has a maximum size of 256 x 256 x 128 blocks.
  • The game mode is creative only, so there is no crafting in this version of Minecraft
  • There are no mobs in this version
  • Despite these drawbacks, this is still an interesting version of Minecraft to try out on your Raspberry Pi. It is also a great way to explore programming by interacting with the game world using Python.

    If you want to run a server for your retail version of Minecraft, then be sure to check out our Minecraft server guide.

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    Joining The Minecraft Server Over Your Local Network

    If youve invited your friends to join your server on their laptops, theyre probably a bit impatient to get going by now. But were finally ready!

    On your laptop or PC, make sure you are running the Java Edition of Minecraft .

    Then they need to navigate to Multiplayer > Direct Connection.

    Now they need to enter the local IP address of the server which is hmmm. We dont know.

    Lets go back to our server terminal!

    To find out the servers local IP, you need to open a second terminal window, or a new tab in the current terminal .


    hostname -I

    This will produce a string of numbers, but you only need the first set.

    Looking at the above, my local IP is Yours will be similar but not the same.

    So thats what my guests should add in their games:

    Once your guests have entered your server IP, they just need to click Join Server and theyre in!

    Unfortunately for my server, I spawned right next to a spider. And it was raining.

    How To Set Up A Minecraft Server On Raspberry Pi

    Pin on Raspberry Pi

    Want to host your own Minecraft server? The Raspberry Pi is ideal. Learn how to set up a Minecraft server on a Raspberry Pi.

    Want to play Minecraft on your own terms? Set up your own server, create your own worlds, perhaps build in them with friends and family?

    It’s remarkable, but true: you can do all of this on a Raspberry Pi.

    My son is a big fan of Minecraft and is always asking me to play alongside him. It’s not easy to do while he’s playing on his tablet. As he’s only young, allowing him online seems inappropriate.

    The solution is simple. Here’s how to setup a Minecraft server on Raspberry Pi.

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    What You Will Need

    If you want to set up a Minecraft server on your Raspberry Pi 4 system, you will need the following:

  • A Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer .
  • A USB Type-C power adapter.
  • A 16 GB or 32 GB microSD card with Raspberry Pi OS flashed. I recommend the Raspberry Pi OS Lite , though the desktop version of Raspberry Pi OS will also work.
  • Network connectivity on the Raspberry Pi 4 device.
  • A laptop or desktop computer for VNC remote desktop access or SSH access to the Raspberry Pi 4 device.
  • If you need assistance with flashing the Raspberry Pi OS image on the microSD card, check out the article How to Install and Use Raspberry Pi Imager.

    If you are a beginner at working with Raspberry Pi and need assistance with installing Raspberry Pi OS on your Raspberry Pi 4 device, check out the article How to Install Raspberry Pi OS on Raspberry Pi 4.

    Also, if you need any assistance with the headless setup of Raspberry Pi 4, check out the article How to Install and Configure Raspberry Pi OS on Raspberry Pi 4 Without External Monitor.

    How To Install Minecraft: Java Edition On Raspberry Pi

    Today, theres a version of Minecraft for pretty much every major platform Java Edition for Windows, Education Edition for the iPad, Bedrock Edition for gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and Pi Edition for the Raspberry Pi.

    Minecraft: Pi Edition is based on an old version of Pocket Edition, with a few features removed to help it run more smoothly on the Raspberry Pi. Pi Edition is free to download and easy to install, but it doesnt provide the complete Minecraft experience.

    Wouldnt you prefer to have the full version of Minecraft on your Raspberry Pi? Youll learn in this article how to get Minecraft: Java Edition 1.14.4 running on Raspberry Pi 4. By following along, you can turn your Raspberry Pi into a portable Minecraft game that you can attach to any compatible screen or monitor.

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    How To Install And Play Minecraft On Raspberry Pi

    Not only can you play Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi, but you can also do it for free using Minecraft Pi Edition! This special edition of Minecraft was made just for the Raspberry Pi and released in 2012. In this guide, Ill be using a Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

    It’s important to note Minecraft Pi Edition’s limitations compared to the game we know on PC and console. You can create new worlds, but they’re limited in size and will always be set to creative mode . There are no mobs of any kindthat includes animals, monsters, and villagers. And lastly, the skin cannot be changed from the default “Steve”.

    A whole world trapped inside your Pi.

    × 1

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    How To Put Raspberry Minecraft Server On The Internet

    How to Install Minecraft Server On Raspberry Pi 4 with Pinecraft

    If you’ve installed a Minecraft server on your Raspberry Pi and configured it to run every time you boot up, you and anyone on your local network can now log into it. However, unless everyone you want to play with is in your home, you’ll want to make that server available on the Internet.

    1. Configure the Raspberry Pi to use a static IP address. If you don’t know how to do this, see our tutorial on how to make Raspberry Pi use a static IP address. A static IP benefits you, because you want to make sure that its local IP v4 number is the same even if you reboot it.

    2. Set a port forwarding rule on your router that forwards port 25565 to your Raspberry Pi Minecraft server’s internal IP address. The process will differ slightly on each router. You need to get into the admin panel, look for the port forwarding menu and then create a rule.

    3. Determine your public IP v4 address. The easiest way is to navigate to . Googling “what is my ip address” usually works, but sometimes you just get the IP v6 address that way.

    You can now give this address out to your friends and they can use it to log into your server. However, unless you are paying your ISP extra for a fixed IP address, you can’t count on this IP address staying the same. If you unplug your modem, lose power temporarily or experience anything that takes your home offline, you may have a different IP when you come back on and have to look it up again.

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    How To Make A Minecraft Server On Raspberry Pi

    Invite your friends to play on a server that lives in your home.

    If you want to create a private Minecraft world that you can share with your friends online, you need a place to host that experience. You can pay a hefty $7.99 per month for Minecraft Realms , which is easy to use but doesn’t have all the customization options or you can rent a Minecraft server from a paid hosting service such as Shockbyte . Or you can set up your very own Minecraft server on a Raspberry Pi and have it hosted right from your living room for free.

    Note that you’ll need either a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4, preferably a 4 with at least 2GB of RAM. And all the traffic on the server will be going in and out via your home internet service so, if you’re planning to have a ton of users on all the time, it may take up some bandwidth. But if you’re just planning to play with a few friends, creating a Raspberry Pi Minecraft server is easy, cheap and fun.

    Below, we’ll show you how to set up a Minecraft server on your Raspberry Pi, make sure that server starts at boot and that it allows connections from outside your local network. We’ll also explain how to log into that server from Minecraft Java Edition. Note that we’re using a plain, vanilla Minecraft server and Java Edition, without mods. However, once you’ve got the hang of these instructions, you can install server-side mods or different versions of the server.

    Reconfigure / Update Scripts

    The scripts can always be reconfigured and updated by downloading the latest and running the installer again. It will update all of the scripts in the Minecraft directory and reinstall the startup service for you.

    Running again will also give you a chance to reconfigure options such as the memory dedicated to the server, daily reboots, starting the server on boot, etc.

    This will not overwrite your world or any other data so it is safe to run!

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    Modifying Your Server Settings

    If you want to play regular Minecraft locally with your friends, then youre all done congratulations! But the best part of running a server is that you can play god with the game world!

    Lets close the server and do some tweaking.

    This time, we want to do the same thing as we did to sign the EULA but this time were going to edit a file called .



    This should bring up all the configuration options for your server. If you scroll down theres quite a few!

    I wont go into detail on every option, but you can read about them on the Minecraft Wiki.

    Personally, I just want to turn off the spiders and change the servers message of the day, so Im going to make the following tweaks:

    spawn-monsters=falsemotd=Welcome to Minebuntu

    Just as before, we press CTRL+S and then CTRL+X to save and exit!

    Top Tip: If you want to start a new Minecraft server, just delete the World folder from your Minecraft directory, or rename the level-name in This will create a new gameworld folder with the updated name next time the server starts, and you can switch back to the old one any time!


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