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How Do You Use A Furnace In Minecraft

Charcoal Vs Wooden Planks

How to use a furnace in Minecraft

Based on burning time and farming time, charcoal is less efficient than wooden planks. Charcoal burns for 80 seconds, but its made by first burning a log for 10 seconds. That same log could be turned into 4 planks, whichll burn for a total of 60 seconds. This means 4 planks could smelt 6 items, as it takes 10 seconds to smelt 1 item. A lump of charcoal lasts 80 seconds, which smelts 8 items, but you have to add the 10 seconds it takes to burn a log to create the charcoal.

This means that 1 item takes 11.25 seconds to be cooked if you use charcoal , while wooden planks will only take 10 seconds per item. The 11.25 seconds will always be the same, no matter how many items you smelt.This makes charcoal less efficient than planks, though this is more apparent when you smelt larger quantities of items.

Say you need to smelt 300 cobblestone into stone for your castle walls. 300 cobblestone would require 200 planks, which equals 50 logs. The total time it takes you to smelt the cobblestone equals 3000 seconds, or 50 minutes. Those same 300 cobblestone would require 38 charcoal . Those 38 charcoal require 380 seconds worth of fuel to be created, on top of the 3000 seconds it takes to smelt the cobblestone. So creating the charcoal and then smelting the cobblestone would take a total of 3380 seconds, or 56.3 minutes.

How To Make A Furnace In Minecraft With A Survival Mode

Furnace is a technical block that is very useful in Minecraft. It can be used for cooking food and smelting ores. Its an important item you need to have and keep it in your inventory.

However, owming this kind of item means you have to craft it first. The tutorials below consist of step by step instruction in making a furnace. Lets check all the details so you can follow each insturction to make a furnace.

How To Make A Blast Furnace In Minecraft + Recipe

It will not be a bold statement to say that Minecraft is the most impactful title among games in the XXI century. Many famous players and top-subbed YouTubers originate from Minecraft. Not to mention that the creator, Markus Notch Persson, sold it for a whopping $2,5 billion.

The number of features and possibilities in Minecraft can be overwhelming, which is why we have prepared this Blast Furnace guide to help you with survival.

Today you will learn how to make & use a blast furnace in Minecraft game.

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Smelting With The Furnace

  • 1Open the furnace. Right-click on the furnace after placing it to open an interface similar to the crafting table’s.
  • 2Put in objects to smelt in the top square. The furnace has two squares for putting in items. Get started by placing the item you want to alter in the top slot. Here are a few examples of what you can do:
  • Iron ore will become iron ingots
  • Sand will become glass
  • How To Use A Blast Furnace

    3 Easy Ways to Make a Furnace in Minecraft (with Pictures)

    To use a blast furnace follow these steps:

  • Select it from your hotbar and place it onto the ground.
  • Open the Blast Furnace menu.
  • Place fuel in the bottom box.
  • Add an item that is meant to be smelted into the upper box.
  • You will see the product of smelting in the right box.
  • Once smelting is complete, you are free to move the item to your inventory.
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    How To Smelt In Minecraft

    No matter what you’re smelting, the process for using a Furnace in Minecraft is always the same.

  • Put;the item you want to smelt in the top box on the left side of the Furnace menu.

  • Put;a;fuel source in the bottom box on the left side of the Furnace menu.

  • Wait for the progress bar to fill.

  • When the process is complete, drag the new item into your;inventory.

  • Add Items To Make A Furnace

    In the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3×3 crafting grid. To make a furnace, you will need to place specific items in the grid. It is important that the items are placed in the exact pattern as our example images. Changing the pattern of boxes that are filled will change the item that is crafted.

    There are 2 patterns you can use as a crafting recipe for a furnace:

    Pattern 1

    The first crafting recipe uses .

    Pattern 2

    The second crafting recipe uses .

    Now that you have filled the crafting area with the correct pattern, the furnace will appear in the box to the right.

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    Cook Using The Furnace

    Now you can add items in the top box of your furnace to cook them.

    For example, you can cook a raw chicken in a furnace and make cooked chicken.

    TIP: When the fuel in your furnace is burning, the furnace will light up with flames.

    Congratulations, you just learned how to add fuel to your furnace in Minecraft.

    Required Materials To Craft A Furnace:

    MINECRAFT How to Use a Furnace Tutorial (Xbox One)

    The materials you will need in order to craft a furnace are:;

  • Crafting Table
  • 8 Cobblestone
  • The first step to making a crafting table is converting those recently acquired logs into wooden planks. To make wooden planks, simply place the logs that were collected into one of the slots in the survival inventory crafting table, as demonstrated below.

    Once the logs are converted into wooden planks, you can then progress to making a crafting table. To make a crafting table, place four wooden planks in the survival crafting menu to fill each of the slots in the square once, as demonstrated below.

    To eventually make a furnace, you have to make the simplest type of pickaxe to collect your first pieces of cobblestone. The first part of making a pickaxe is making the sticks for the handle. You can use the survival inventory crafting table or the crafting table you just created to make your sticks.;

    To make sticks, place two blocks of wooden planks above each other on either the left or right side of the square, as shown above.

    Now you have to make a pickaxe; this can be done by interacting with a crafting table, this guide explains more about how to make a crafting table. Next, in the crafting table, place a row of planks along the top of the crafting GUI and place two sticks under the middle plank, as seen above. This will create a pickaxe to use to collect your cobblestonea required block for making a furnace.

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    How To Use A Minecraft Blast Furnace

    Using a Blast Furnace is more or less the same as using a regular Furnace. Just pop some fuel in the bottom-left section, and follow it with the smeltable item in the top-left section.;Remember, Blast Furnaces can only smelt things. But, while they do so at twice the speed, it uses fuel at twice the rate too. But can you really put a price on the time you’ll save?;

    The most common way to use the Blast Furnace is to smelt down blocks of ore into ingots, but you can also use them to melt down weapons, tools, and armour. Everything else has to go through a normal Furnace.

    The Minecraft Blast Furnace is also the ‘job’ block for the armorer profession within a village.

    Everything To Know About Minecrafts Blast Furnace

    Crafting a blast furnace in Minecraft does not require many complex materials. After accessing a crafting table, players will need to place a regular furnace in the middle of the grid. Next, they should take five iron ingots and place them on the top three rows and in the two spots adjacent to the furnace in the second row. Compared to some of the other ore minable in the game, iron isnt too difficult to find and spawns frequently throughout the game world.

    The final ingredient, smooth stone,;takes a few more steps to obtain. While this block is one of the most common;blocks naturally occurring;in Minecraft, mining it with a pickaxe will turn it into a cobblestone block. To convert it back to smooth stone, players must place it in a furnace and smelt it like they would iron ore. Once three are made, they go on the bottom slots under the furnace in the crafting grid to complete the recipe. Though this is the most straightforward method of crafting blast furnaces, they can also spawn in randomly generated villages.

    Minecraft;is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and PC.

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    How To Use The Minecraft Blast Furnace

    The Blast Furnace is used for smelting iron, gold and chainmail items including sands too. The Blast Furnace works like the normal furnaces but with a higher speedy rate. The Structure is identical to the furnace and also the function of both the smelters are same.

    The only drawback of this blast furnace is the limited smelting functions. Otherwise the Blast Furnace would be lit according to its name.

    The Blast Furnace can be used to make items more efficiently. However, the minecraft blast furnace can be functioned very easily.

    Here are the steps to use a Blast Furnace in Minecraft:

    • ;Make the Blast Furnace and Place it in the Ground

    After you combined all the smelted items as mentioned, you will get the blast furnace. Open the inventory and place the blast furnace at whatever position you want and right click the blast furnace .

    • Add Coal as Fuel for The Blast Furnace

    Like the furnace, you have to add fuel to the furnace. Coal is the best fuel to lit the blast furnace. Make sure to put the coals at the bottom box of the blast furnace crafting grid.

    • Add and Move Items to the Inventory

    The Blast Furnace in Minecraft can only smelt iron, gold or chailmail items, tools and armors. However, you can smelt diamond ores and also sands too. You will get to know more about which items you can smelt in the blast furnace after you open the blast furnace.

    How To Make A Smoker In Minecraft Materials Receipt Crafting Guide

    Blast Furnace Minecraft Version

    Back in 2019, Minecraft had added many useful updates to its gameplay. A smoker is one such update that the game initially introduced in Bedrock 1.11 and Java 1.14. There is a striking difference between a smoker and a furnace in Minecraft. A furnace can smelt ores and food items. In comparison, a smoker can only smelt the food items with enhanced efficiency. But how would you craft a smoker in Minecraft?

    To make a smoker in Minecraft, you would need a crafting grid of 3×3. First, get four pieces of any wood. Then, you will need eight cobblestones to make a furnace. Use your crafting grid to make a furnace out of eight smokers. Now, you will have to place the furnace and wood logs right at their exact positions in the grid .;

    Most of the players think that a furnace and a smoker are the same things in Minecraft. They think so because of the same functions performed by them. But the reality is a bit different. A smoker is way more fast and efficient to cook food items when compared with a furnace in Minecraft. This guide would be helpful for you to know about the smoker in Minecraft.;

    Here, you will learn from scratch about a Minecrafts smoker.;;

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    Add All The Items To The Crafting Menu

    Pull up your crafting grid and load the top row with Iron Ingots. Two of the remaining Ingots will go on either side;of the middle row with furnace placed in the centre of the grid.; Add three smooth stones in the bottom row and you will be ready to create;your blasting furnace.

    Image credits: Minecraft

    After you have filled the crafting area with all the required items as specified above, your blast furnace should appear in the box to the right.

    How To Use A Create Furnace In Minecraft

    Using a blast furnace will allow you to melt down your old gear into iron ingots, so its worth your time to learn how to do it they will come in handy as you can use them to craft other items in the game.

    To find them, you will need to look for armourer houses in Minecraft villages and dont forget that you can change the profession of a villager to an armourer if you need to.

    Before doing anything though, you will need to add eight pieces of Cobblestone in the crafting grid to create a regular furnace you will need it before making a Blast one. But once that is done, its time to get to work on the Blast Furnace. Here are the materials that you need.

    • 5x Iron ingot
    • 3x Smooth stone

    As for how to pop all this into the crafting grid, here is the info!

    • Right in the centre of the grid is where the furnace you just made will need to go.
    • Now pop two iron ingots on either side of the furnace
    • You still have three left, so place them in the top row
    • The three smooth stones go into the bottom row
    • Now craft yourself that Blast Furnace!

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    Minecraft Blast Furnace Recipe: How To Use A Blast Furnace In Minecraft

    Smelt some old gear with the Minecraft blast furnace

    If you need a Minecraft blast furnace for all your smelting needs, youve come to the right place. Creating a blast furnace in Minecraft is the first step towards being able to melt down your old gear into iron ingots, which you can use to craft other items, such as a Minecraft anvil;or Minecraft grindstone.

    Blast furnaces can be found in Minecraft villages in armorer houses. If there isnt an armorer villager already using a blast furnace as their job site block, then any villager;can change their profession to armorer.

    This Minecraft block works at double the speed of a regular furnace and can be used to smelt ores, iron armour, and tools. To create a blast furnace youll first need to craft a normal furnace you can do this by using eight pieces of Cobblestone in the crafting grid. Now youve got your furnace, heres the rest of the Minecraft blast furnace recipe and what you can do with it when its all fired up and ready to go.

    How Do I Use The Furnace

    How to Use Blast Furnaces in Minecraft Survival 2019

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    How do I use the furnace

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    Tap it and tap some thing to smelt or burn. Tap the bottom box and tap a burnable item. Hope this helps. BRONY POWER! /)


    To get iron ingots you have to go Mining. If you find iron ore it will look like stone with tanish particles in it. Iron ore can be mined with a stone pick axe or better. Once you mine the ore, put the ore in the top slot of the furnace and coal in the bottom slot to cook the iron ore into an iron ingot. Hope this helps!


    1 tap on the furnace2 put something made of wood in the bottom3 put the thing you want to ‘smelt’ at the top4 wait for it to smelt5 Huzzah!

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    How To Make A Smoker In Minecraft

    Crafting a smoker in Minecraft is a lot easier than you think. A smoker will smelt the food items twice as fast. But make sure that you have stocked a large amount of fuel because you will need it to run your smoker. A smoker usually consumes fuel twice as fast as well.;

    To make a smoker, all you need is to put a furnace, five iron ingots, and three smooth stones in a crafting grid of 3×3. Arrange the items in such a way that you have your furnace in the center box of your grid. The last row of your crafting grid must consist of three smooth stones. And fill the remaining boxes of your crafting grid with five iron ingots.;

    This arrangement will let you get a smoker in Minecraft. You can use your smoker by moving it to your inventory slot.;

    Once you have done with its preparation, you can use it in your Minecraft gameplay. But you need to learn a few steps to use a smoker in Minecraft. Lets learn those steps.;

  • First, you have to select the smoker from your Minecraft inventory hot bar.;
  • Now place your smoker anywhere by positioning the pointer on that place.;
  • To make it run, you will need to add fuel to its bottom box. You can use any fuel in a smoker. Here, I am using coal as a fuel in Minecraft smoker.;
  • Then add the food item to the upper box of the smoker that you want to cook or smelt in a smoker.;
  • Let the flames come out. It would help you to cook your food.;
  • Now, move the cooked item to your inventory slot.;

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