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Purchase Minecraft Java Edition

Minecraft Java And Bedrock Will No Longer Be Available To Buy Separately

How To Buy Minecraft Java Edition (Guide) | Purchase Minecraft

Most, if not all of us, will have some sort of preference when it comes to Minecraft editions. Which one reigns superior? Java or Bedrock? Id argue Java, but the edition wars may soon be over, as Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions are no longer available to purchase separately on PC.

Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the best survival games out there, and it continues to receive new content and updates to this do without overwhelming its player base. Mojangs masterpiece first arrived on PC in 2011, with the Bedrock edition of the game coming later in 2017. Now, as of June 7, 2022, the editions will be merged.

Minecrafts original version, Java, was exclusive to PC, while Bedrock was a slightly different version that was playable on consoles as well as PC. On PC devices, you could only purchase one version of the game at a time.

Mojang and Microsoft have slowly been trying to find a way around this, so that players need not buy more than one version of the sandbox survival game for PC. Now, for PC players in particular, there will only be one version of Minecraft available for players this version, called Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition, will require a single purchase and is the standard and only offering of vanilla Minecraft on Windows PC.

This is good news for those of use only in ownership of one version of Minecraft on PC whichever version youre lacking, youll get access to for free.

The World Is Your Playground

With Minecraft Java Edition key the whole world around you is made out of blocks, reality itself is made out of blocks! Birds, sheep, clouds, and water are all blocks! A never-ending, or rather, the ever-lasting world is full of caves, dungeons, monsters, and other blocky designs! And the best part is that you can collect everything and use anything while building your own designs! Oh, by the way, there are portals to other dimensions too.

Being Asked To Purchase Minecraft Java On The Account I Already Bought It From

Discus and support Being asked to purchase MInecraft Java on the account i already bought it from. in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem I already migrated my Mojang account to Microsoft long ago. Microsoft suddenly doesn’t recognize my account and asks me to create a new profile on the…Discussion in ‘XBoX Games and Apps‘ started by Alonerypt, .

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How Do Gamers Find A Minecraft Java Edition Account For Sale

A gamer interested in finding a Minecraft Java Edition Account for sale will often turn to the internet in their search. In doing so, they normally come across a few platforms on which sellers post offers for these accounts, including social media accounts, forums, and online marketplaces.

Many buyers feel safer on online marketplaces as these tend to provide safer payment options to sellers. If a buyer is unsure about the possible risks of trading accounts online, it is recommended that they read the terms and conditions for the game.

Getting The Minecraft: Bedrock Edition For Windows 10

Minecraft Java Edition Official website CD Key GLOBAL
  • Open your go-to browser.
  • Click the Account button at the top right corner.
  • Choose the Log in.
  • Fill in the Email field.
  • Type in the email address that is associated with your Mojang account.
  • Click and fill the password field.
  • Click the Log in button to proceed.
  • Select the Redeen button under Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Windows 10.
  • You should be redirected to the Microsoft Store.
  • Hit Redeem button.
  • Go to Minecraft: Bedrock edition for Windows 10.

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What Is Minecraft Java Edition

Developed by Mojang and later acquired by Microsoft, Minecraft Java Edition is the PC version of the extremely popular creative building game. The family-friendliness and creative freedom of the game caught on quickly among players of all ages. The main goal is to build cubic blocks, fight mobs, and mine materials while exploring endless landscapes. All with serene music paired with your gameplay.

A World Of Infinite Possibilities

In Minecraft, everything is a cube: mountains, lava, animals, even you! Explore and harvest resources to build impressive structures and transform the surroundings. Travel to discover faraway locations full of valuable materials. Use them to create tools and rare items that will help you build anything you want. It is truly a unique adventure where you create your story.

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How Do I Redeem A Minecraft Digital Gift Card

Easy, just visit the Minecraft redeem page and click the redeem Java Edition button. You will be asked to log in with or create a Microsoft account. Your profile will appear and you will be prompted to enter the PIN of your eGift card. Enter the PIN you received from us and click redeem code. Then just choose your player name and download your game!

Using A Gift Code Or Gift Card

How To Buy Minecraft Java Edition PC – LEGIT WAY

Redeeming a gift code or gift card is a matter of a few quick steps. Instructions are on the back of the gift card. In the US and Australia, cards can be purchased at many stores where gift cards are available. Mojang has announced that cards will soon be available in Canada and Europe but hasnt given a date for this.

  • Log in to your account at You will be taken to your account page ” rel=”nofollow”> Figure 4.4).
  • Enter your code, click the Redeem button, and you are ready to create your Minecraft profile.
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    How To Purchase Minecraft: Java Edition With A Microsoft Account

    Note: This article contains old information. Minecraft: Java Edition is now part of the Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC bundle. For information on purchasing Minecraft, please follow this link.

    WhenpurchasingMinecraft: Java Edition, you will now be prompted to sign up with a Microsoft Secured Account or a Microsoft Account.

    Minecraft: Java Edition is aligning with the rest of the Minecraft family and will share a common sign-up process. We can get you started with your purchase. To make your purchase, youll need a Microsoft account. The good news is, if you dont have one, theyre free.

    Can You Get Minecraft Java For Free If You Purchased Windows 10 Edition


    Issue: Can you get Minecraft Java for free if you purchased Windows 10 edition?

    I heard that you can get Minecraft java for free if you have the Windows 10 edition. Is that when you have the Windows 10 already or when you get the upgrade. How to know if you are eligible for the free copy of Minecraft java editions? Is it true even?

    Solved Answer

    Microsoft acquired the Minecraft developer Mojang in 2014 and launched the Windows 10 beta version of the game the same year. While the Java edition of the game is sticking around it seems that the future of the game is in the Bedrock Edition, which has the cross-platform play feature.

    The short answer to the question can you get Minecraft Java for free if you purchased Windows 10 edition? is yes. It is possible to get the free version when you already have the Minecraft game before. Not everyone can do that, however. And it is not as easy as installing a browser extension or checking for Windows updates. Players who have purchased the Minecraft: Java Edition before October 19th, 2018, can get the game for Windows for free.

    The question about Minecraft Java for free if you purchased Windows 10 edition surfaced in the internet forums for a while. It is possible to redeem the free copy of Minecraft with the bedrock edition on Windows 10. Players who purchased the game before the October changes can get the game for free via their Mojang account.

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    You Get Almost All The Features That Are In The Bedrock Version

    Perhaps the main reason people prefer the Java Edition rather than the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is that, for the most part, you can already get the majority of exclusive” features that are in Bedrock. Its like hitting two birds with one stone. This means that theres not much difference in both of these versions anymore, so its better to get the one that you know will get you more updates down the line.

    Its All About Exploring

    Minecraft Java Edition [DISKON HARGA PROMO] [PC &  Mac]

    There are countless possibilities of what you can craft with Minecraft Java Edition key in your hand! Combine different materials and create items for construction, survivability, hunt and battles! More so, the game offers numerous different game modes for your ultimate experience! With Minecraft Java Edition key you can immerse in quite a few intricate challenges! All of the given contents below are yours to fully explore in single-player mode:

    Play survival, where you start empty-handed and have to create your own shelter, protection and everything around you from the very scratch. Go one step further into extreme survival, where you have a sole life, and with your death, everything created is lost! Unleash your talents in Creation mode, where you have instant unlimited resources, immortality, and an ability to fly! Ghostly Spectator mode, where you are just a wandering soul, untouchable, unimpactful but equipped with an all witnessing and seeing eye!

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    What Is Minecraft Java

    The Java Edition of Minecraft has some differences that make it stand out compared to the Bedrock version of the game. Minecraft Java Edition is basically Minecraft that has cross-platform play for Windows, Linux, and macOS. This is why most PC players prefer playing the game in Java. Whereas in the Bedrock Edition, it has cross-platform play for consoles such as Xbox, Playstation, and the Nintendo Switch. The inclusions you get when getting Minecraft Java Edition are updates made for it for the past decade, user-created skins, and mods that you can add to your base game to make the experience more fun.

    Creating A Mojang Account

  • The Minecraft home page

  • You are taken to the page where youll set up your Mojang account before you purchase the game ” rel=”nofollow”> Figure 4.3).

    The Mojang account registration page

  • Enter your email address and password. Enter your password again in the Repeat Password field to verify they are identical. You will also be asked your name and birth date, as well as three security questions to verify your identity should you forget your password.

    Note that children under the age of 13 must have a parent or guardian create an account for them .

    You or your children will be using this email address to log on to Minecraft, so if you are planning to have more than one Minecraft account, you need to register for individual Mojang accounts as well.

    Select the check box at the bottom of the page to accept Mojangs terms and conditions and privacy policy , and then click the Register button.

    Once you enter your information, you are directed to a page stating that you have received a verification email.

  • Open the email verification. If you dont see the email in your inbox, look in your spam folder.
  • Your Mojang account page

    This page has a clearly marked button for redeeming a prepaid gift card or gift code, but no immediately obvious place to actually purchase the game.

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    What Do I Do If The Gamertag I Wantisntavailable

    If the Gamertag you wantisntavailable,you will have to pick another. However, this is not the name you will see in-game. Your Minecraft Username will be the name used in-game and you can set this after setting up your Gamertag and Microsoft account.See our Username VS Gamertag FAQfor more information.

    If you have any morequestions,please check out our main Migration FAQ.

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    I Have Been Playing Minecraft: Java Edition On Mac Or Linux Can I Now Play Bedrock As Well

    How to buy minecraft Java Edition for cheaper than its normal price

    If you have registered your Minecraft: Java Edition account with a Microsoft account, you now also own Bedrock. That said, Bedrock only runs on a Windows 10/11+ device, not on a Mac/Linux/Win7-8 device. However, if you ever acquire a Windows 10/11 device, your Bedrock entitlement will be waiting for play as well.

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    I Have A Minecraft: Java Edition Or Bedrock Edition Code Or Gift Card To Redeem How Do These Work After The Change

    The redemption process is the same. Simply head to and enter the code. Now, however, youll receive both versions of the game not just the one you have a code for.

    To clarify, if you have a card or code for Java Edition you can still redeem it and you will get both Java and Bedrock.

    However, note that while you can redeem a Java edition code from your account profile, a Bedrock code will require you to head to

    What Is A Minecraft Gift Card

    A digital Minecraft prepaid card is the perfect way to get the massively popular building adventure game straight to your computer. Just purchase your code, redeem it directly online and download the game, its simple! You dont even have to provide any personal banking details to Microsoft when you pay with your prepaid Minecraft Card, making it a more secure way to get the game and keeps you from linking your bank account. Perfect for the younger players who dont have access to a traditional payment method. Never leave home or hand over your banking information again to get Minecraft Java, just get a digital gift card instead!

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    Millions Of Opportunities For Creating

    Discover crafting plans with which you will create valuable items and construction elements. Embark on expeditions in search of the rarest minerals and combine raw materials to invent something entirely new. Dig deep into the ground or build a palace that reaches up to the clouds. Build defensive walls and place animal pens. There are no limits in the world of cubes.

    Purchasing Minecraft: Java Edition For A Childs Xbox Account

    Original Minecraft Java PC + Windows 10 Edition 2020

    When purchasing your new Minecraft: Java Edition game, link your childs Microsoft account or create one if they do not have one already. If you set up a new account, you can then add parental controls on the Xbox site by logging into your childs account.Learn how to set this up by visiting How to Manage Parental Consent, Family Settings, and Realms/Multiplayer Access for a Child Account

    Ensure you have parental consent for your childs accountsetupif you want them to have access to multiplayer features. See Additional Parental Controls for information on how to set thisup.If you have an existing Microsoft account,you can add your childs accountas a family member to gain additional features. See Create a child account and add family members on Xbox for more.

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    I Already Own Both Minecraft: Java Edition And Minecraft: Bedrock Edition On My Microsoft Account What Does This Change Mean For Me

    You can keep playing both games as you wish though its still a good idea for you to click Get on the MS Store just to make sure you keep updates getting delivered as they come out.

    To show our gratitude towards players who already had both editions on PC before we announced bundling them together into one game experience, were giving you the new Vanilla cape! So, if you bought both Java and Bedrock Edition on the same Microsoft account on PC before June 6, 2022, or otherwise owned both games on a single Microsoft account on PC , you will be receiving this special cape shortly. This offer is PC only.

    The Top 3 Reasons To Play Minecraft Pc

  • Quite simply, Minecraft is a game about placing blocks. What you create, and the adventures you go on are up to you!
  • Minecraft is virtually limitless. The games Lego-like world is just perfect for creativity, experimentation, and modding.
  • Minecraft is continually updated by its developer, and thousands of mods are available from the game’s active community!
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    Is It Worth Playing The Java Edition

    It all depends on what youre looking for. If youre looking for mods, then the Minecraft Java Edition is definitely the way to go. However, if youre someone who likes to build, then perhaps its better to look elsewhere. Java is usually preferred because it has more servers than other editions. Whats more, it receives constant updates and its easier to install maps, skins, texture packs, and more. All in all, the Java variant of Minecraft is perfect for players that like to tweak the original Realms. If you prefer playing the Vanilla version though, then maybe its better to stick with the OG Windows 10 version of Minecraft.

    Creating Your Minecraft Game Profile

    How to buy Minecraft java edition cheap 30%off

    Your game profile is where you select your username. It is also the place you need to go if youd like to change your characters appearance by uploading an image file .

    You can find the Create a Profile page at When you purchased the game, you were sent an email with a link to this page.


    You will not be using your username to log in to Minecraft. Rather, you will use the email address associated with your Mojang account.

  • Enter your username in the Profile Name field.

    Remember that at this point, names cannot be changed, so be sure you are happy with your username.

  • Once youve selected your name, youll be asked if you are certain this is the choice you want.

  • Double-check the spelling, and be very sure before you proceed, because you will not be able to change it. Click the Choose Name button ” rel=”nofollow”> Figure 4.8).

    Creating a game profile

    Your page updates, with your new account, its start date, and your username listed under the My Games section. Now you are ready to download Minecraft.

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