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Server Seeds For Minecraft

How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Server Java

How to get the Seed of every Minecraft Server!

You can find the seed of a single-player Java Edition Minecraft world by opening the command console and typing /seed.

The command may not work if you do not enable cheats so that you can access the command line first.

When you use this, the numeric code for your particular world will appear in your chat window immediately.

This seed can now be sent to friends and used to load a clean copy in the future.

You cannot do this if you are in a multiplayer world.

For accessing the /seed command, you will need to be an admin or have been given the seeds by the server or world owner.

Best Minecraft Seeds For Bedrock Edition

The Bedrock Edition Minecraft seeds listed below have been taken from the pre-made seed list that’s available when creating a new world. The seeds in this list are all great for starting out and easily allow you to reach new biomes and features. They will generate in the same way on any platform running Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but will likely turn out a bit differently on Java Edition.

Savanna Taiga Jungle And Temple At Spawn

Seed: -1454776334

Platform: Bedrock

This Bedrock seed features a ton of cool things, from clay patches to help to search for diamonds, through to abandoned villages and desert temples! Featuring a lake in the middle of the seed thats encircled by the different biomes, youve got everything youll need right within reach.

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Farm Village And Zombie Village In Ocean

Seed Code: 5329177101860618450Coordinates: Z: 0, X: 0

Do you wish to enjoy a mess with beautiful scenes? Then, this is one of the good Minecraft seeds that you can consider. This seed is covered by mushroom islands, and are two villages linked together through the bridge on the ocean. The most interesting and exciting part about this seed is that there is one Zombie village that holds the breath. This zombie village makes every night more thrilling and challenging.

Allay Rich Woodland Mansion

Seeds Lite For Minecraft

Seed: -702411727950161736

Platform: Java

Allays are a new addition to Minecraft and have introduced a great level of cuteness to the game as a whole. The only issue is they are usually trapped in places like a woodland mansion. Thankfully, there is one nearby spawn here, so you can free these adorable creatures simply head to coordinates 229 / 97 / 476.

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As 12 Melhores Seeds De Cidades Para Minecraft

Seeds são modelos de mapas do Minecraft que você pode utilizar para acessar mundos prontos ou, pelo menos, muito avançados. Assim como qualquer cenário do jogo, você ainda pode editá-las da forma que quiser. Nesse artigo, resolvemos trazer 12 seeds diferentes de cidades bem originais para você explorar e admirar o quanto o jogo tem a oferecer em termos de complexidade.

Para quem não sabe, para utilizar as seeds, basta acessar o menu “Criar novo mundo” e, no campo “Semente para o Gerador de Mundo”, colar os códigos que você encontrará abaixo. Aproveite!

Mineshaft In Ancient City

Before the new update, the only non-story structure generated inside Minecrafts cave was the Mineshaft. You could get amazing loot in it after fighting a bunch of basic mobs. But stakes are high now because the Mineshaft near your spawn leads directly to an Ancient City. Together, they can provide you with all the overworld loot you need. But unless you know how to defeat the Warden, this adventure can turn out to be hell.

  • Seed Code: 4189766944005904899
  • MainCoordinates: 189, -27, 179

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Three Ancient Cities Next To Stronghold

If I had to choose a favorite seed from our list of best Minecraft 1.19.2 seeds, this is probably the one. It spawns 3 ancient cities within 100 blocks of each other. You can get all the loot you will ever need and some more from these structures.

But thats not all. If you move a few steps above the cities, you will find a full-fledged stronghold merged into a mineshaft. Everything in this seed is super rare, and you probably wont find anything similar in Minecraft anytime soon.

  • Seed Code: 7901583960864769992
  • First Ancient City Coordinates: 1224, -44, 488
  • Second Ancient City Coordinates: 1384, -44, 184
  • Third Ancient City Coordinates: 1624, -44, 104
  • Stronghold Coordinates: 1641, 6, 339

What Are The Top Seeds For Minecraft Survival

How To Change the Seed on Your Minecraft Server

You all know the feeling of loading up a new Minecraft world for the first time only to find yourself stranded on an island with nothing but three flowers and a goat to work with. Next time, instead of leaving the structure of your Minecraft world to fate, why not try loading up one of these seeds? These Minecraft seeds have been tried, tested, and found worthy by thousands of players

So what is a seed in Minecraft? Well, everybody knows that each world in Minecraft is randomly generated. Every time you load up a new world, you have no idea what biomes will appear or what the landscape will look like. However, each world has a unique alphanumeric code called a seed that allows you to replicate its exact structure. In short, every time you use one specific seed when generating a new world in Minecraft, that world will look exactly the same every time.

This, of course, is great for when you want to show your friends the mountain you found that looks like an Among Us crewmate but dont want to send them your entire world file. They can just put the worlds seed into their own computer and find the mountain themselves.

So, here are my personal top 15 seeds for 2022 to guarantee an epic survival experience.

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How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Server In Minecraft Bedrock

The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft has a nifty function that lets users download worlds directly. This feature can be used to peep at the worlds seed too. Heres how the process goes.

  • Log in to Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
  • Head into the server and world you want to download.
  • Open the Game Menu.
  • Quit and go to offline mode.
  • In Bedrock, no commands allow users to display the seed as in Java Edition. Therefore, youll have to be creative and use this method.

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    Largest Hot Desert Spawn

    Its time to turn up your AC because this seed is hot, and we are talking literally. This seed spawns you next to a desert village, which can help you find decent loot. But once you are done, there is not much to look forward to other than endless barren land.

    For hundreds of blocks, this seed only features desert and badlands biomes that are not known for their plantation. Though, the occasional cave openings are definitely welcoming if you know the ore distribution in Minecraft.

    • Seed Code: 2356348494561932660
    • Spawn Biome: Desert

    Two Woodland Mansions Minecraft Seed

    The BEST Seed EVER.

    Seed Code: -8993723640229201049Coordinates: Z: 181, X: -109

    Lets meet up with this best seed for Minecraft enabling you to spawn in a village that is besides more than two woodland mansions. Not only that but there is also a witchs shelter in this rarest seed in Minecraft. If you love to explore something new every time, then this Minecraft seed is the dream realm for you. Not for the villagers, as they are destined to get stormed all the time.

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    High Plateaus And Valleys

    True legends always choose the high ground

    I could tell the instant I looked at this seed that it would make a beautiful world. More than, that, however, I think the number of plateaus and valleys would be a fantastic way to make people feel like their bases are separated while still being close together. No more arguments on SMPs about how far away everyone should build. Just plop down next to your friend, but a couple hundred blocks higher.

    A List Of 13 Best Minecraft Seeds For Players To Explorer In 2022

    Here we are going to show you some tested and excellent Minecraft seeds for Minecrafts Java Edition version 1.17.1. Additionally, do keep in mind that you dont try these seeds on the Pocket Edition of Minecraft because the Pocket Edition utilizes a distinct and forced world-creating methodology due to its restricted size of the world. Keeping that aside, lets read the best Minecraft seeds below:

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    Savanna & Desert Village

    If you love Savanna biomes as much as I do, then you’ll adore this starting seed. Located right on the edge of a desert housing both a Pyramid and a Village in plain sight, this sprawling Savanna is also overlooked by a wonderful valley of forest mountains. These mountains would make for a fantastic spot to build a Minecraft castle or some other majestic build.

    Seed: -184311627141651860

    How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Server Without Being An Admin

    How to Change the World Seed on Your Minecraft Server

    If youve tried to get the seed from people with admin powers and arent having luck, some use a mod to download the world and then get the seed. Since the world can be saved to your computer and opened while you have complete control, this might enable you to get the seed.

    There are a few ways to install it, but the best one is probably using MultiMC, a popular Minecraft launcher.

    Install MultiMC

    Having MultiMC on your computer helps you do more than just manage mods. Its also a good backup for when the launcher is down or broken.

  • Navigate to the MultiMC download page and click .
  • Right-click on the downloaded zip file.
  • Select the option that extracts the archive to its own folder.
  • Drag the folder to your desktop.
  • Open the folder.
  • Choose your language and click Next.
  • Choose your Java and memory allocation. You should use at least 4 GB of RAM.
  • Follow the prompts to finish the process.
  • Install World Downloader Mod

    Once you have MultiMC installed, you can use it to run World Downloader Mod.

  • Click the New Instance button, which looks like a white rectangle under a yellow circle with a white star in the center.
  • Enter a name like 1.9_WDL and select a group if preferred. Make sure the mod and Minecraft versions match.
  • Select the zip file for the World Downloader mod.
  • Close the instance window.
  • Double-click the file with the name you gave it in step 3 to start Minecraft.
  • Using World Downloader

  • Join the server with the seed you want.
  • Pause the game.
  • Pause the game.
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    Top 20 Minecraft 1192 Seeds For September 2022


    Since Mojang released a stable version of The Wild Update in Minecraft 1.19.2, the community has been busy locating the most bizarre underground places in this update.

    Our list of the top 20 Minecraft seeds for September 2022 showcases some of the wildest new seeds, including hidden structures in the ocean and inside the caves, multiple instances of mob spawners, colliding underground structures, and many others.

    There are also plenty of easily-accessible villages and other sources of loot among this selection of seeds.

    • Coordinates: 100, -50.
    • Biomes: Plains.

    Once in a while, it is possible to find a village with a blacksmith, but finding a village with two or more blacksmiths is even rarer. You will find a village with three blacksmiths in this Minecraft seed at coordinates -1000, and 850. You will also find a stronghold under this village at coordinates -850 and 1050.

    Ice Spike Ringed Village

    • Seed: 105849523 | Version: 1.19

    For a frosty start, this tundra village is almost entirely surrounded by ice spikes. It’s a beautiful spot to build in or just move in to join the locals. Outside the ice spike ring is a nearby Pillager outpost, which as of version 1.19 has two captive Allays for you to rescue and befriend.

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    Best Minecraft Village Seeds

    Surviving the harsh environments in Minecraft can be challenging at times, so its essential to find villages early on in your adventuresto access resources like food, armor, and weapons. Our list of the best Minecraft village seeds has everything, from frozen tundras to remote islands surrounded by the ocean.

    Survival Island With Shipwreck

    37 Best Minecraft seeds, commands, maps, and servers images

    Over the years, players have discovered multiple challenging ways to play Minecraft. But still, nothing seems to impress players more than the survival island spawn. It puts you in a tricky situation where you have to survive with limited resources and no sense of direction. And thats where our next seed puts you in Minecraft 1.19.

    Fortunately, the spawn island is loaded with wood and even has bees. So, you can easily make a bee farm in Minecraft to survive and gather resources. Then, if you want to make progress, there is a floating shipwreck quite close to your spawn point. You simply have to swim to the shipwreck to collect everything else you need.

    • Seed Code: 8490635458390752516
    • Shipwreck Coordinates: -371, 66, -225

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    The Best Minecraft Seeds For 2022

    When you spawn into a Minecraft world, it uses a seed number to generate well, everything. This seed is the core code that builds the world and decides your spawn point in it. The cool part is that if you find a world you really like, you can copy, save, and share the seed. The result is a growing collection of very useful or interesting seeds that are perfect for players who want something new but not entirely random to explore. Down below are some of our favorites!

      Show 10 more items

    Note: These seeds are designed to work with the Minecraft Java edition. Theres no guarantee they will work with other versions of the game. However, you can sometimes switch to the Bedrock version using seeds up to 2147483649 and then subtracting or adding 4294967296 to Java seeds higher than 2147483649. Seeds higher than 4294967296 and negative seeds wont work in Bedrock. We know, its weird, which is why its best to use the Java version whenever possible for this trick.

    8075 A Zombie Invaded Village

    Villages always attract a lot of attention, so you should not lose the opportunity to enjoy each game moment. That’s why we would like to suggest that you take advantage of 74120219184008075 A Zombie Captured Village seed for Minecraft that will please you not only with a variety of details but also with new challenges.

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    How To Find The Seed Of A Minecraft Server Without Op

    When you enter a world, you get an option in Minecraft where you can enter the seed value that the world generator can use to create a world that you want.

    These seeds can be downloaded from different servers if you have access to them.

    OP stands for OPERATOR, the person who has the authority to start, stop and control the most important operations on a server, and this does not only apply to Minecraft servers, there are Ops for all types of servers.

    Without operator status, you cannot access these servers until the operator himself allows you.

    To find the seed of a Minecraft server without OP, you need permission from the server OP. Mostly unknown players are not allowed to gain the access to any private server because it sometimes can be misused and ruins the fun of the server members.

    But you can use Chunk Base and World downloader Mod to find the seed of any server and copy it on your computer.

    Commands To Get The Seed Of A Multiplayer Minecraft World

    How to Find Minecraft Server Seed

    Players can use an effortless command to see the seed of the world you’re currently in. Players will first need to open Minecrafts console. You can either open a chat and type can do this in a forward slash, which will let Minecraft know that the following text is a command, or hit the forward slash key, which will open a text box with the slash already in it.

    From there, players will need to type in the command. The command is /seed and will then output the world seed into the players chat, where they can copy and paste it into a document to keep track of it.

    The biggest downside of this method is that players can only do it with admin privileges on the server, so most players will not have access to it on more popular servers.

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