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Play Java Or Bedrock Minecraft On The Oculus Quest

How To Play Minecraft In VR On The Quest 2

If you are looking to play Minecraft in VR but you only have the wireless Oculus Quest 1 or 2, you would think that you are out of luck considering that the game is not technically available for either system. However, in this article, we will show you how to play Minecraft in VR for the Oculus Quest.

Questcraft On Quest : Prerequisites

Here is some prerequisites that youll need to know or have before we get started:

You will need to own the Java Edition of Minecraft.

The QuestCraft app doesnt actually distribute the game itself, only the wrapper that allows it to be launched and played on Quest. The launcher will automatically download a legitimate copy of the game from the servers after you log in with your Mojang or Microsoft account.

The Java Edition is different to the Bedrock/Windows 10 edition of the game you can own the latter without owning the former.

You will need to understand how to sideload content/install APKs through SideQuest.

Additionally, youll need to be able to browse the Quest file system and know how to transfer files onto the Quest, using SideQuest or any another method.

You can read our guide on sideloading via SideQuest here.

Questcraft: A Java Edition Port Standalone Minecraft On Quest 2

If youre really keen to play a standalone version of Minecraft on Quest , then QuestCraft is your next best bet.

QuestCraft is a recently released port of the Java Edition of Minecraft, made for Quest headsets with full VR support and motion controls.

It is still in beta and although it is playable, it is not a fantastic or seamless experience at the moment. It is a standalone version of Minecraft running on your headset, but its not a native Quest app. QuestCraft is essentially using a Java wrapper to run the game on Android in VR, similar to when you emulate classic video game platforms to play old games on a modern device.

This means it has all the features of Java Edition, including mod support and multiplayer/server capabilities .

It is an impressive technical feat, but the nature of how its achieved means that, understandably, performance is less than ideal and it is graphically lackluster compared to playing the PC VR version over Link.

It is a serviceable experience that does run, but the framerate varies quite significantly and its still a subpar, janky experience compared to any standard Quest app.

That being said, if you want to give it a try, heres how.

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Final Thoughts On How To Install Minecraft Vr On Oculus Quest 2

Installing Minecraft VR on the Oculus Quest 2 has a few different steps that you will need to do to get Minecraft VR working on your Oculus Quest 2. With the launch of Vivecraft, after the initial setup, you can play without a computer. Otherwise, there are a few different options that require a PC that is VR-ready then simply follow these steps and you will be playing Minecraft in VR in no time!

Minecraft Java Edition In Vr

 minecraft gear vr apk quest 320584

The first way to play Minecraft on your Quest 2 is to download the Minecraft Java Edition from On top of the regular game, we will be installing Vivecraft, a mod that transforms Minecraft into a proper VR experience.

Keep in mind that for this method you will need a gaming computer where the actual game will be installed and run. Since Minecraft is a lot less demanding than most other VR titles, you can probably get away with a below-average PC that has a dedicated GPU and meets the overall minimum requirements.

Note! In this Minecraft Java Edition installation tutorial, I am assuming that you have already configured either Oculus Link, Air Link, or Virtual Desktop to play PCVR games with your Quest 2. Additionally, you will need to have Steam and SteamVR installed and configured.

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How To Play Minecraft In Vr

You have been able to play Minecraft in VR since headsets started to arrive but for some, its never been quite as simple as it may be. Part of the issue is the differing versions of the game you might own, this has been sorted out for a lot of people really when Minecraft arrived on Xbox Game Pass with both Java and Bedrock versions included. Then there is a native version in the Oculus Rift store, but you could well be fed up with buying separate versions.

Minecraft in VR is also not for everybody. Despite Mojangs outstanding efforts, some people find moving around in the blocky landscape a little too much for the stomach. There is an option to play it on a kind of cinema-type screen but that is not what Minecraft VR is all about really. If you are one of the people who can play without VR sickness though, bringing those Minecraft worlds you have made to life in front of your very eyes can be a humbling experience.

Posibles Errores Y Solucin

Uno de los errores más comunes es cuando encontramos que el juego no te aparezca en Orígenes desconocidos una vez instalado desde Sideload. Para solucionar este problema deberemos limpiar el registros de aplicaciones desde Sidequest o formatear por completo el visor.

Otro de los fallos más comunes es la pantalla de carga infinita tras arrancar la aplicación. En este caso debes entender que el proceso puede tardar entre 1 y 3 min en arrancar dependiendo de si es la primera vez.

Pero si pasado este tiempo aún no se ha abierto el juego y aún así ya podemos escuchar la banda sonora asegúrate de haber marcado la opción «Mantener la sesión» cuando abres el lanzador.

Y por último fallo en el lanzador al minimizar el juego que nos impide volver a la partida. Debes saber que cada vez que abramos Minecraft en VR con QuestCraft si queremos salir deberemos reiniciar el visor, ya que el lanzador aún está en una fase temprana e incluso no nos cerrará el juego.

Si quieres saber más cosas sobre la Realidad Virtual te recomiendo que le eches un vistazo a Sony muestra las PSVR 2 para PlayStation 5. Además estamos por las noches en directo a partir de las 22 de lunes a sábado en la plataforma de Twitch y siempre en los canales de Telegram y Discord.

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Minecraft Vr Oculus Quest 2 Free

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Head to the .minecraft folder on your PC. You can find this by clicking on the instillations option in the PC launcher and selecting the folder icon located on the right. Copy the server.dat file and open your Quests internal storage. From here, select Androiddatascroll down to net.kdt.pojavlaunch.debugfilesand finally .minecraft. 2. Finally joined the club. Thrift store was selling it for $100 but I picked it up for $80 because if a 20% off coupon! 154 comments. 1.2k. Posted by 5 days ago. Video. So you want to play Minecraft in VR with multiplayer, with mods and wirelessly on your Quest 2. But you dont think thats possible. Well have no fear WaqMan.


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    Juega A Minecraft Vr En Quest 2 Con Questcraft

    How To Play Standalone Minecraft VR On Quest 2!

    Hoy vengo a enseñarte cómo jugar a Minecraft en VR con nuestras Oculus Quest 2 sin necesidad de un PC gracias a QuestCraft. Antes de empezar este tutorial tengo que advertirte que este juego no es oficial de la plataforma de Oculus ni de la App Lab. Esto quiere decir que para instalarlo necesitaremos realizar el proceso de sideloading y tener una cuenta de desarrollador de Oculus.

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    How To Play Minecraft Vr Bedrock Edition

    This is the most straightforward way to play Minecraft in VR. VR support is actually built into the Bedrock Edition. Enabling VR in Minecraft Bedrock Edition depends on where you’ve purchased Minecraft.

    If you’ve purchased Minecraft from the official Oculus Store, Minecraft will natively show up as a VR title in your library. You don’t need to do anything further, just launch it!

    If you’ve purchased Minecraft from the Microsoft Store or other source, then it’s simply a matter of launching that version from within your headset software.

    For example, the Oculus VR software can automatically detect an installation of Minecraft. SteamVR or Mixed Reality environments may require a custom shortcut to launch it.

    If you’re using SteamVR or otherwise can’t launch Minecraft from within your headset, follow the steps to make a custom shortcut as outlined in Minecraft’s support page. This support page also comes with a link to automate the process for you.

    How To Play Minecraft Pc Vr On Quest Via Oculus Link Or Virtual Desktop

    To play PC VR Minecraft on Quest, youll need to follow the usual steps for playing PC VR content on Quest, using either a wired Oculus Link, wireless Air Link or wireless Virtual Desktop connection. If youre not sure how to do this, you can read more about it in our guide.

    This version of Minecraft should run stable and is a full version of the game, with support for all the modern updates, features and multiplayer . The only downside is that you need to have a VR-ready PC to play it on Quest its not a standalone native version that you can play on your Quest wherever you are, without a PC.

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    How To Play Vivecraft On Oculus Quest 2

    Vivecraft, which is a third-party VR launcher for Minecraft Java, provides the most immersive VR experience of any method. With Vivecraft, you can move your arms to perform tasks such as attacking, something you can only do with the controller in other versions. You can also use Forge mods.

    As with Minecraft for Oculus, Vivecraft requires a wired or wireless connection to your PC.

    1. Vivecraft. There are several versions available, depending on whether you want the latest or one that supports Forge mods. As of this writing, version 1.16 was the latest that supports Forge. Fabric mods are unavailable on any version. Make sure you dont install a version that has NONVR in the file name. Note that Java is required to install Vivecraft.

    2. Launch the Vivecraft installer. If you get a Windows protected your PC message, click More info and then Run Anyway.

    Get Lost In Minecraft Vr With Your Oculus Quest 2

     minecraft gear vr apk quest 320584

    I hope you have lots of fun playing Minecraft VR on your Quest 2. Once youre done, check out the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update. Cant wait that long? You can also try out Minecraft 1.19 features right now! So, are you gonna play Minecraft VR on Oculus Quest 2? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    How To Install Questcraft: Standalone Minecraft Vr For Oculus Quest 2

    While other methods rely on you using a PC to run the game and then sending the VR images over a USB or Wi-Fi connection, QuestCraft allows you to run the game entirely on the Quest 2. Its an unofficial port of Minecraft Java, so youll need to enable developer mode and sideload the APK, a process which is fairly easy if you follow the steps below.

    Youll still need a legitimate Minecraft Java account to log in and play QuestCraft. However, since its an unofficial port, its always possible that future updates will break it.

    1. Enable developer mode in the Oculus mobile app on your phone or tablet. To get there, tap Menu-> Devices-> Developer Mode and toggle it to on.

    2. SideQuest, if you dont already have it. This program allows you to sideload apps onto the headset.

    3. Launch SideQuest with the Oculus plugged into your PC via USB. The app should detect your headset automatically. If this is the first time, you will see a prompt on the headset to allow USB debugging and youll probably want to accept always allow from this computer so you dont get prompted again.

    4. Enter questcraftin the SideQuest search box and .

    5. It will download and install. A status bar will quickly show when it has finished but then disappear. In our case, the process took less than 10 seconds.

    6. Disconnect the headset and put it on.

    7. Navigate to the apps menu on the Quest 2.

    8. Select Unknown sources from the pulldown menu.

    9. Tap QuestCraft to load it.

    How To Configure Oculus Quest 2 To Work In Wired Mode

    If you dont want to use QuestCraft, youll need to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to your PC via either wired or wireless connection. This is true whether you want to use Vivecraft or Minecraft for Oculus. As you might guess, wired offers much better performance, with the obvious trade-off that you must be near your computer.

    It almost goes without saying that your PC has to meet the very modest system requirements for Oculus Link in order to run in wired or wireless mode. These include having a 4th Gen Core i5 or first-gen Ryzen 5 or higher CPU, Windows 10 or 11, 8GB of RAM and some kind of discrete graphics. Minecrafts system requirements are even lower than these, but if you want to use ray-tracing, you need an Nvidia RTX or Radeon RX 6000 series graphics card.

    1. Install the Oculus desktop app on your PC if you dont have it already.

    2. Launch the Oculus app.

    3. Navigate to Devices.

    5. Select Quest 2 and .

    6. Select Link for wired connections. If you wish to use a wireless connection, skip to the section below on using Air Link for wireless connections.

    7. Connect the Oculus Quest 2 to a USB 3 or faster port on your PC and click Continue.

    8. Navigate to Quick Settings on the headset and select Oculus Link. As long as your controllers are paired with the headset, they will automatically connect to your PC.

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    Questcraft Mod Brings Minecraft Vr To The Oculus Quest 2

    Minecraft Java Edition can finally be played on Meta’s Quest VR headsets, using the community developed QuestCraft

    Minecraft VR has been around for some time now, but its currently only available via the Bedrock Edition of the game on the Microsoft Store. This has, understandably, left those with the Java Edition feeling rather left out. However, a new unofficial mod dubbed QuestCraft hopes to change that, so that those with Metas best VR headset can finally craft their own blocky adventures in virtual reality through the power of QuestCraft.

    As UploadVR highlights, QuestCraft is currently in the beta stage of development, and users will likely encounter bugs or other issues while using it. Additionally, Minecraft Java Edition has a reputation for being far less optimised than its Bedrock counterpart, meaning any performance woes could be compounded due to the extra horsepower needed for VR.

    The APK for the mod can be downloaded from the QuestCraft Github page, where youll also find instructions on how to go about installing it on your Quest 2. Its worth nothing that youll of course need to already own or buy Minecraft Java Edition, as its required as part of the setup process.

    While it was perhaps inevitable that the Minecraft modding community would craft something like this, we can only hope that an official Minecraft port for Oculus Quest headsets isnt too far away.

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    How to install Vivecraft (Minecraft VR) 2022 – Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index, Vive, Rift
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    • Apr 02, 2022 · In the past, the Oculus Quest 2 is the best VR headset for almost anyone. The 299-pound headset allows you to play VR games if you are. Is Minecraft Vr Free?Minecraft virtual reality software is free if you are a subscriber to PlayStation 4. In the future you may even be able to get Minecraft VR for free if you own Minecraft on Windows 10 Edition. Enabling “Hey Facebook” will allow you to activate Voice Commands on your Meta Quest2 device. Press on your right Touch controller to pull up your universal menu. Hover over the clock on the left side of the universal menu. When Quick Settings appears, select it to open the Quick Settings panel. A MUST Read : Top 15 Best OculusQuest EDUCATIONAL Games For All Ages. Here Are Your Top 18 Best OculusQuest Kids Games That Will Boost Their Imagination And Mental Toughness! 18. Color Space. Jump Inside A Coloring Book On The OculusQuest! | Color Space VR Art For Relaxation. Developers: Lighthaus Inc.
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    Can You Play Minecraft On Oculus Quest 2

    Sadly, a search for Minecraft on the Quest 2 games and apps page draws a blank, suggesting that the game has not yet made the transition to this VR headset.

    But that isn’t the whole story.

    Minecraft has, in fact, been made compatible with the Quest 2, even if it isn’t currently showing on the Oculus 2 games page. It is the Java Edition as opposed to the Bedrock Edition, which may be worth bearing in mind.

    So if you want to experience the game in its full virtual reality glory, it is possible. But it will take a bit of time and effort, before reaching the sunlit uplands of your beautiful world. Let’s take a look at what you need to do.


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