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What Is A Smp In Minecraft

Hardcore Mode In Minecraft

What is The Best Minecraft SMP – Dream SMP VS Epic SMP Explained…

Hardcore is actually a separate game mode in Minecraft. The essential feature is that your death in the game is permanent and the difficulty level is not adjustable. Its a special challenge for players who want to be punished for mistakes and thrive under pressure. Especially popular among hardcore gamers is the mod RLCraft.

How To Play An Smp In Minecraft

SMP servers are often simply just Minecraft survival servers. Some of the best survival servers that players can enjoy right now can be found here.

For those looking specifically for servers that outright label themselves as an “SMP server,” a good list of the best Minecraft SMP servers can be found here.

If unaware of how to connect to a Minecraft server, players can check out this helpful guide.

How Can You Join An Smp Server On Minecraft

In most instances, the process of signing up to an SMP server within Minecraft will not be like joining a different server. It is necessary to find an SMP server near you from a list of servers, then enter its IP address Minecraft. Minecraft to connect to it. After youve stepped foot into a server, you could be greeted with a plethora of rules. If youre hoping to stay on the server, taking note of these rules could make a difference later.

Also, you can find inviting or reviews-based SMP servers that are focused on playing games. Servers like this generally have a website that accepts applications and then reviews each one at a time. The request forms might require you to make your character before the application and create a background story that youll live by when you are admitted into the server.

While it may sound like something that takes a lot of effort, Its quite fun to play a role on an SMP server is an extremely enjoyable experience for a lot of Minecraft users because gamers take the game seriously. When you are a permanent participant in your servers community, youll learn more about the story. You may find yourself becoming one of the most important components of the storyline of a server.

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Smp In Minecraft: What Is It And How To Join An Smp Server

SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer and it is one of the new ways players in Minecraft are enjoying the game. There are different types of SMP servers players can join depending on how they want to play such as Anarchy, Peaceful and Modded. YouTuber Dreams SMP server has gained popularity over the past year as a scripted version of SMP Minecraft. For some players SMP can just be a community server where they get together with friends and play. In this article, well look at the different types of SMP servers and how to join one.

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What Are Minecraft Smp Servers

Minecraft SMP

SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer. SMP servers allow players to enjoy a Minecraft survival world together as a community. On SMP servers, players can explore the world, farm resources, and form towns together.

SMP servers have very few plugins and closely resemble Minecraft vanilla survival. SMP servers are entertaining to play on, with a tight-knit community feeling.

SMP Minecraft servers have become extremely popular in recent times. This is primarily because they have been featured by many popular YouTubers, such as Dream with his top-rated DreamSMP series.

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What Is The History Of Minecraft Servers

Minecraft servers have been around as long as Minecraft, which has been available since 2009. Game company Mojang has been aware of people hosting servers and has had a developer document its history on their site.The first public Minecraft server was crafted by a gamer under the alias of “Aerith” who hosted a server called “Laddycraft” on a server they rent from a company based out of Texas. Those were the early days of Minecraft servers and the server grew in popularity with players hosting their own servers on rented servers or running them from home.

What To Do On Smp Servers

What you do all depends on the goal of you and your friends. For example Ive played on dozens of servers with my friends all with different objectives.

Some where we work together and build all the buildings and farms as a community project and others where we have gone out solo but built in similar areas.

Minecraft has an endless amount of possibilities, it designed to let your creativity run wild. Anything from manual farms to fully working computers. As long as you dont build something that looks rubbish, Im sure nobody would mind.

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Who Are All The Members Of The Dream Smp Minecraft Server

As previously mentioned, there are only a few whitelisted members with access to the DreamSMP Minecraft server. The members have varied over the years, with many coming and going.

for anyone that’s wondering who foolish is, his real name is noah, he’s 22, his pronouns are he/him and his birthday is december 18

As of 2021, the members of the DreamSMP server are as follows:

What Can You Do In Smp

Minecraft SMP Ep 1 WHAT IS SMP?

make a house marry a fellow minecrafter be BATMAN and jump thru people windows at the night. burn down ur house with tnt in the basement. go into someones house in the day, stay all day, leave at night, leave the door open. FIRE! steal from everyone! build houses with exploding doorbells.

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What Does Smp Mean In Minecraft

With the rising popularity of the Dream SMP, many Minecraft players are now wondering what exactly an SMP is.

There are a few different categories of SMPs, but they are all essentially the same thing. SMP literally stands for Survival Multiplayer.

Many SMPs start off as a group of friends on a server. As the server grows, it becomes more of a community. The point of starting an SMP is to grow a community and make new friends.

Different Types Of Smps

Some common types of SMPs are as follows:


In an anarchy SMP, there are no rules or limitations, and people are free to do whatever they wish. This includes hacking, stealing, griefing, and more. This type of SMP is great for players who enjoy freedom, but beware, a lot of anarchy SMPs have a toxic playerbase.


Vanilla SMPs are plain and untouched. There aren’t any mods or plugins in these SMPs, which means players cannot claim land or lock chests. Vanilla SMPs are basically Minecraft single-player worlds, but with friends.


Semi-Vanilla servers are still pretty plain, but they are not untouched. Semi-Vanilla SMPs have simple plugins that make life a bit easier but don’t interfere with the game. These plugins usually allow players to claim land, lock chests and create warps.


Modded SMPs are servers that include mods. Players who wish to play on the SMP have to download the same modpack as the server. There are thousands of mods out there, so there is a variety of different mods a server can host. Modded SMPs are usually way different than normal Minecraft due to the mods.


Peaceful SMPs are typically Vanilla or Semi-Vanilla servers. The only difference is that PvP is turned off. These SMPs typically have very friendly player bases and are great for younger kids.



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Is The Dream Smp Scripted

The complexity of the plot and lore has got many viewers wondering how the story came to be so detailed, and whether it is scripted. The answer is that the overall plot points get mapped out, with individual arcs being loosely plotted in advance. However, the story is pushed forward via improv from the participating streamers.

YouTuber Wilbur Soot served as a primary writer for the LManberg revolution arc and revealed at the end of that story that he would be stepping down as lead writer to focus on personal projects.

There have been several moments where the script has gone wrong live on stream, leading to the creators breaking character. One such incident included a moment where, in an attempt to blow up Tommys secret chests, Dream accidentally blew himself up, leading the pair to crack up and proclaim guys, that wasnt in the script!

Due to the nature of the extended roleplay format, many creators have essentially taken on characters as part of the plot, and Wilbur even illustrated in a Reddit post how he believed each of the characters would be placed on a Dungeons and Dragons style alignment chart.

Saw a lot of people making alignment charts of the characters in our SMP. My inner DM came out and I needed to correct a few things from r/dreamsmp

Smp Meaning And Distinctions


SMP simply means Survival Multiplayer. Survival has been a basic aspect of Minecraft from the very beginning. Minecraft SMP servers are a classic and popular way to explore, create, and survive new block worlds with friends or strangers. Here you can learn more about the different types of Minecraft SMP servers.

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What Is The Origins Smp Minecraft Mod

You too can have a taste of the Origins SMP.

Survival multiplayer servers have been around for a while, but theyve become more popular amongst the Minecraft community over the past year. With more content creators coming together to create their own SMP servers, players were able to spectate an SMP experience like no other.

With awesomely written scripts and roleplaying, Dream SMP turned out to be a thriller, and Origins SMP is already looking like itll rise up to the standard.

Featuring names like TommyInnit, JackManifold, Tubbo, and Wilbur Soot, Origins SMP is a private, white-listed, and a modded server. Mods used in the server usually focus on improving the quality of life for all players, and they also help them go along with the narrative relatively faster than usual.

More than a few mods are used in the Origins SMP server, ranging from special textures to other mods that alter the mechanics of certain in-game mechanics.

Here are the base mods of the Origins SMP.

  • Origins mod
  • This mod contains the basic origins like Enderian, Phantom, Merling, Elytrian, Blazeborn, Avian, Shulk, and Feline
  • Slimecican add-on
  • What Is An Smp In Minecraft

    SMP is a term frequently used in the Minecraft multiplayer community. It stands for “Survival Multiplayer” and refers to when many gamers are playing together and surviving in the same world simultaneously.

    Typically, Minecraft servers in survival mode rather than adventure or creative are referred to as SMP servers. These servers have quickly become one of the most popular ones to enjoy in the game, with many players getting drawn in from viral internet videos.

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    Valatic Minecraft Smp Server

    A remarkable server experience featuring trending game-modes such as Earth SMP, Oneblock, and much more. We pride ourselves on ensuring our players are well taken care of and our community is a non-toxic friendly place. Valatic game-modes are loaded with unique features as well as a lag free experie


    How Can You Join A Smp Server In Minecraft

    A Minecraft Smp Hunted Me Down

    In most cases, joining an SMP server in Minecraft wont be any different than joining another server. Youll need to find a server close to you from a server list and punch its IP address in to Minecraft to join it. Once you first step foot into a server, you may be welcomed with a bunch of rules. If youre looking to last in that server, taking note of those rules can save your life later.

    There are also invite or review-based SMP servers that focus more on role-playing. Servers like these usually have their own website where they accept admissions and review them one by one. These request forms may require you to create your character beforehand and even write a backstory that youll live by once you get to the server.

    Despite sounding like a lot of work, a roleplaying SMP server can be one of the most fun experiences for many Minecraft players since roleplayers take the game quite seriously as well. As you become a more permanent part of the server, youll also discover more of the narrative and you may end up finding yourself as one of the most crucial parts of a servers storyline.

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    Where To Watch The Dream Smp

    Thanks to the sheer volume of creators participating in the SMP, viewers will be either relieved or overwhelmed to know that going to most of the above creators respective YouTube and Twitch channels will reveal a wealth of Dream SMP content.

    With so many story branches and different sides to every plot point, its worth checking out a variety of different creators to get all angles of the world, but some popular places to catch up on SMP related content are TommyInnit and GeorgeNotFounds YouTube channels, and the first 34 episodes of the Dream Team streams up to August 1, 2020, can be watched in order with this playlist.

    How To Make Your Own Minecraft Smp Server

    Making a Minecraft SMP server is relatively simple and can be done with simple steps.

    Step 1: Download Minecraft server client

    The first step to starting a Minecraft SMP server is to download the Minecraft server software from the Mojang website.

    Also, make sure that the latest version of Java is installed, found here.

    Step 2: Create Batch File to run the server

    A simple file now needs to be created to run the Minecraft server. This can be done by following the steps below:

  • Make a new folder with the Minecraft server jar downloaded in step 1 inside it
  • Right-click and create a new text file inside this folder
  • Name the new text file as “Run”
  • Edit the text file and paste exactly this : java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar nogui
  • When saving the file, make sure to select the type as “all files”
  • Save the file name to “Run.bat”
  • Step 3: Agree to the EULA

    Players must agree to the Mojang EULA for the server to boot up. To do this, open the eula.txt file and change eula=false to eula=true

    Step 3: Launch the server

    The server can now be easily launched via double-clicking the Run.bat file created in step 2.

    If everything has been done correctly, a window should appear, left open, or the server will shut down.

    Step 4: Port Forward

    To allow other players that are not on the same internet connection as you to join, port forwarding must be done.

    Port forwarding is slightly complex and can depend on what router is being used. However, a good video guide on how to do it can be found below:

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    How To Find Servers

    If you dont have a group of friends that play Minecraft there are many different forums where people look for users to join survival servers. Checkout PlanetMinecraft there are hundreds of servers looking for players to join. And as long as youre helpful and dont grief the server youll be welcome for many years.

    You can help build awesome creations like some Ive built with several people amongst the years.

    How Can You Join An Smp Server In Minecraft

    NEW Server Update!

    Joining an SMP server in Minecraft isnt very different from joining any other server.

    Step 1: Players will need to find a server, which they can do on websites like or

    Step 2: Type in the IP address of the SMP server into Minecraft and join it.

    When you first join a server, make sure you read the rules and follow them. There are also invite or review-based SMP servers that focus on role-playing. These SMP servers usually have their own websites where you will need to apply to join them. These may require you to create a character and a backstory before you join.

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    What Is The Minecraft Origins Smp

    The Origins Survival-Multiplayer is a modded, whitelisted multiplayer server in Minecraft. Tommy “TommyInnit” Simons and Will “Wilbur Soot” Gold founded the Origins SMP. The two opened up the server to a handful of friends and began streaming on February 11, 2021.

    The Origins SMP revolves around a mod titled “Origins.” The mod allows players to pick an “origin” upon spawning into a world. The origins each have their unique abilities with advantages and disadvantages and similarities to in-game mobs and items.

    A variety of content creators have joined the server, each of them possessing a different origin than the other. These streamers include Jack “JackManifoldTV” Manifold, Toby “Tubbo” Smith, and Phil “Ph1LzA” Watson, as well as several others.

    Minecraft: Who Is In The Origins Smp

    Dissimilar to the popular Dream Survival-Multiplayer , there aren’t many content creators on the Origins SMP. The number of origins in the mod are limited, and there haven’t been any two players with the same origin thus far.

    With twelve content creators actively streaming on the survival-multiplayer, a distinctly nostalgic warmth comes from the chemistry of such a small, tight-knit group of content creators.

    It’s not likely that this survival-multiplayer will be one that branches out past a small group. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance in the future for more members to join the Origins SMP.

    Here is a full list of all the members of the Origins SMP:

    • TommyInnit
    • Smajor1995

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    How Do I Create My Own Minecraft Smp Server

    Creating a Minecraft SMP server is relatively simple and can be done with simple steps.

    Step 1: Download Minecraft Server Client

    The first step in starting a Minecraft SMP server is to download the Minecraft server software from the Mojang website.

    Also, make sure you have the latest version of Java installed, which you can find here.

    Step 2: create a batch file to run the server

    A simple file now needs to be created to run the Minecraft server. This can be done by following the steps below:

  • Create a new folder with the Minecraft Server Jar you downloaded in Step 1
  • Right click and create a new text file in this folder
  • Name the new text file Run.
  • Edit the text file and paste in exactly this : java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar nogui
  • When saving the file, be sure to select the all files type.
  • Save the filename in Run.bat
  • Step 3: Agree to the EULA

    Players must agree to the Mojang EULA in order for the server to boot. To do this, open the eula.txt file and change eula = wrong to eula = true

    Step 3: Start the server

    The server can now be started simply by double-clicking on the Run.bat file created in step 2.

    If everything was done correctly, a window should appear and stay open or the server will shut down.

    Step 4: port forwarding

    Port forwarding must be performed in order to allow other players who do not have the same internet connection as you to join.


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