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How To Use Rtx In Minecraft

Minecraft Rtx Won’t Run On Potato Machines

How to use RTX on ANY Minecraft world

Only, it isn’t anymore. I was skeptical of putting ray tracing into a game like Minecraft because to me, it didn’t make sense. RTX was for games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Metro Exodus, graphically demanding titles that seduced your eyeballs with buckets of atmosphere and semi-realistic environments. RTX Minecraft felt like adding sparkles to Lego.

Having been lucky enough to get my hands on an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, I finally have access to ray tracing in games and now that I’ve played through a few old favorites that have been enhanced by the fancy lighting effects, I’ll admit that Minecraft was the game that truly knocked my socks off.

This could be because the game was so simple to begin with I went in not expecting to be as blown away as I was, so the results took me completely by surprise. I was previously struggling to imagine how a lump of pixelated blocks would be enhanced enough to justify the low hardware requirements being sacrificed.

The original version of Minecraft obviously isn’t going anywhere so I’ll still be happily running around on java for many years to come, but looking back, I think a great deal of my initial skepticism was actually FOMO due to the older gaming PC I was rocking at the time. Minecraft RTX was in beta before the launch of the Ampere GPU series, so the only folk who could play it at the time were those who had the cash for the pricey Nvidia Turing hardware.

How To Download And Play The Minecraft With Rtx Beta

Microsoft and Mojang are operating the Minecraft with RTX beta via the Xbox Insider program, as they do with all other Minecraft betas, enabling them to collect and collate feedback, and automatically share updates. To join there are few steps, though its all easy-peasy if you follow our guide below.

First, ensure your system meets the minimum system requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5, or equivalent, or better
  • RAM: 8GB, or more
  • Storage: 2GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Next, download and install the latest Windows 10 updates, followed by our Minecraft with RTX Game Ready Driver, which delivers day-0 optimizations and performance improvements for the beta, and is required for the use of NVIDIA DLSS 2.0. Also, ensure you own a copy of Minecraft for Windows 10, as that is needed for participation in the beta program.

Before we proceed further, there are a couple of things to note if youve played Minecraft Bedrock on Windows 10 before now:

  • Any world you open while participating in the Minecraft with RTX Beta will not be available to be opened in other Minecraft for Windows 10 betas on the Insider program, the full non-beta version of Minecraft with RTX thats launching at a later date, or the Java version of Minecraft. We therefore recommend you make copies and backups of all worlds you wish to play in the Minecraft with RTX Beta, so you can restore them at a later date in other versions of Minecraft.
  • 5. Click the Join button at the bottom of the new screen

    What Does Minecraft Use Ray Tracing

    Ray tracing in Minecraft is no different than ray tracing in any game. The technology is used to render graphics in a way that bounces light off in-game objects. Unlike the guesswork technology of the past, ray tracing works on its own, performing all lighting functions in real-time. This, of course, is very hardware-demanding, which is why a completely new Minecraft was released Minecraft RTX.

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    Nvidia And Partner Resource Packs

    The fourteen, free Minecraft with RTX ray tracing worlds include creator-made PBR resource packs that you can check out. These upgrade textures to follow the Physically Based Rendering pipeline laid out below, and are optimized for maximum performance and detail.

    NVIDIA has also released a new resource pack thats compatible with the latest version of Minecraft with RTX, and has been updated February 2nd, 2021. Download here, then double click the file and it should automatically be installed for use in-game.

    To use, download the file and double click the .mcpack file, and it should automatically add the resource pack to your world and enable you to play with RTX ON!

    There are also two previously released packs from April 2020 which can be used to experiment with textures . HD Decorative Resource Pack and HD Foundational Resource Pack, were created by NVIDIA, but they should not be activated at the same time. If you do activate them at the same time, you will see a resource pack fall back resulting in other textures down-rezzing.

    With these packs, you will be able to experiment with both high-resolution textures and low-resolution textures with PBR capabilities.

    And if you make your own textures, you can quickly and easily test them in this world by overwriting the existing textures, accelerating your workflow and iteration speed.

    Hopefully, these stunning showcases will provide you with inspiration for your own PBR textures and ray-traced world.

    Here Are The Minimum System Requirements You Will Need

    Announcing the Minecraft with RTX for Windows 10 Beta ...

    You cannot run Minecraft RTX Beta on a potato PC. You will need good specs to play it efficiently. Here are the minimum systems requirements that you will need to run it. If you try running the game with specs below these, you may experience crashing, lagging, and unnecessary freezing.

    • CPU: Intel Core i5, or equivalent, or better
    • RAM: 8GB, or more
    • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, or better
    • Storage: 2GB
    • Operating System: Windows 10

    Once you have met these, continue with the steps mentioned below.

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    Join The Minecraft With Rtx Windows 10 Beta

    Please head on over to our friends at for the full details.


  • On Windows 10, sign-in and launch the Xbox Insider Hub app .
  • Navigate to Insider content > Games > Minecraft for Windows 10.
  • Select Join or Manage, and when prompted to choose a Group, select Minecraft for Windows 10 RTX Beta.
  • Wait for the registration to complete to be directed to the Microsoft Store and install or update Minecraft for Windows 10.
  • NOTE: You must own Minecraft to participate in the Minecraft with RTX Windows 10 Beta.

    PLEASE READ before participating in the Minecraft RTX Beta: You must have a ray tracing capable GPU to experience ray tracing features and content, for example, a GeForce RTX 2060 GPU or better. You may need to update to the latest version of Windows 10 before you can participate.

    Thanks for being an Xbox Insider!

    What Are The Minecraft Rtx Minimum And Recommended Pc Requirements

    Best answer: Minecraft, specifically the Bedrock Edition that can enable ray tracing, has never been particularly resource hungry, and in some ways that doesn’t change with RTX turned on. Your computer can be relatively modest, with an Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent, 8GB of RAM, and Windows 10 64bit, but your GPU has to be RTX capable. This means an NVIDIA 2060 or better, which is a relatively powerful card. If you want the best performance, your RAM and most importantly your GPU is where you should focus your upgrades.

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    How To Enable Ray Tracing In Minecraft On An Xbox One

    Unfortunately, Minecraft RTX is exclusive to Windows 10 for users of Nvidia RTX graphics cards. Silence has become the topic of interest at Mojang, especially due to the facing challenges of bringing ray tracing to the XBOX ONE S/X consoles with AMD RDNA 2 GPUs.

    Regardless of the current ray tracing status on Minecraft XBOX One S/X, it is still possible that the technology will succeed in the future. After all, AMD is progressing with ray tracing too.

    What Is Geforce Rtx

    How to use RTX in your own Minecraft World!

    RTX technology is exclusive to GeForce graphics cards. Here, were talking about the 20 and 30 series of GeForce GPUs. Youd be mistaken to think that you turn RTX on simply by having one of these beefy graphics cards on your PC. You also need to enable one extremely game-changing visual effect in supported games real-time ray tracing.

    Lighting is one of the most important components in video games. Until recently, manufacturers relied on numerous techniques to improve the visuals. But it was almost impossible to create convincing enough reflections and shadows. The arrival of the RTX graphics cards is hailed as the dawn of a new era. This is the holy grail of computer graphics. Its available to everyone, and, even better, it runs in real-time.

    Ray tracing is a complex algorithm that calculates how light behaves in the virtual world. When you enable RTX, youll immediately see some significant visual improvements. The reflections on shiny surfaces become more detailed, the shadows softer, and the mood of every scene is improved.

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    What Is Ray Tracing

    To understand how you can enable ray tracing in Minecraft, you need to understand what ray tracing is first.

    Yes, it is a relatively obscure term that not every gamer is aware of, but it affects your gaming life unless your game of choice is Solitaire.

    The portrayal of light and shadows in video games has always been sort of problematic, the same with digital sound effects It seems that the most challenging thing in achieving top-notch realism lies within this department. Up until recently, a game had to guess to portray lighting as accurately as possible.

    Nvidia has recently introduced the new ray tracing technology based on its innovative RTX chipsets. Ray tracing makes lighting gorgeous in games, regardless of the genre. And so, Minecraft enthusiasts have something to look forward to.

    Minecraft With Rtx Now Officially Available For All Windows 10 Players

    Earlier this year, NVIDIA, Mojang and Microsoft released the Minecraft with RTX Windows 10 beta, a special Insider standalone client that introduced stunning path-traced ray tracing to the worlds most popular game. Now, ray tracing and DLSS are available to all, having become part of the official Minecraft Windows 10 client! To celebrate, we are releasing 2 new worlds, bringing the total number of official RTX worlds for Minecraft to 15.

    To experience incredible sights, accelerated by NVIDIA DLSS, simply download and install the latest version of Minecraft for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store, head to the Minecraft Marketplace, download a free showcase world and load into it.

    You can play all ray tracing worlds and maps on Realms and servers with other gamers using cross-platform Minecraft Bedrock game clients , and everyone can collaborate, build and explore together. Minecraft with RTX players will by default see everything enhanced with a special Physically Based Rendering texture pack, which interplays with the ray-traced effects to further enhance your experience. Players on other platforms will see Minecrafts standard visuals.

    Using the power of ray tracing and Physically Based Rendering, you can build incredible scenes with lighting, shadows and effects running at previously-unseen levels of detail and accuracy, helping you craft wondrous worlds that’ll make jaws drop.

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    I Thought Minecraft Rtx Was A Gimmick Until I Played The Damn Thing

    Breathtakingly beautiful Bedrock

    I’ve been a huge fan of Minecraft almost as far back as its initial release over a decade ago if anyone else needs to feel older than they should and though I haven’t played it consistently over the last few years, it’s always been something I crawl back to when I need a few chill evenings away from competitive gaming environments.When the beta for Minecraft with RTX was announced, I was actually rather confused. A large reason I loved the game was because of its ridiculously low system requirements. You can almost run it on a toaster if needed, but its accessibility was a great selling point.Whether it was my beaten-up laptop or the old family desktop computer, it was always a game that my siblings and I could play. The friends I had back then that could afford dedicated gaming computers could run beautiful games that demanded beefier components, even when the graphics in games like Skyrim or Crysis 2 reduced down to the lowest playable settings.Minecraft was an equal playing field, not in a unique sense, but the popularity of a game that made zero effort to look ‘pretty’ was truly impressive. At the end of the day, a block was a block.

    The Minecraft With Rtx Beta Is Out Now

    How to get and play Minecraft RTX Beta

    Minecraft with RTX on Windows 10 is now available to download and play! Minecraft with RTX brings fully path-traced rendering, physically-based materials, and NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 to Minecraft, delivering bleeding-edge visual fidelity and realism that can be experienced on all GeForce RTX GPUs.

    To demonstrate the full capabilities of Minecraft with RTXs new technologies, which deliver unbelievable sights with jaw-dropping, previously-impossible-to-achieve effects, we have worked with Minecrafters to create 6 stunning Creator Worlds, downloadable for free from the in-game Minecraft Marketplace.

    The results of Minecraft with ray tracing are astounding realistic hard and soft shadows are seen everywhere global illumination realistically lights the world, with that light filling interiors through windows and gaps in the terrain illuminated blocks and other light sources cast pixel-perfect lighting reflections are seen on all reflective surfaces and blocks, with a level of fidelity far surpassing that of screen space reflections light reflects, refracts and scatters through water, ice, stained glass, and other transparencies and atmospheric effects occur naturally, resulting in high quality volumetric fog, and pixel-perfect god rays.

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    Nvidia Game Ready Drivers

    To properly enjoy Minecraft RTX in all its ray tracing glory, you’ll also need to make sure you have the latest Game Ready drivers from NVIDIA installed. These drivers are GPU specific and enable new and experimental features in games that your GPU hardware can take advantage of. While you can technically play Minecraft RTX without these drivers, nothing will work properly at all, and the game will be more or less unplayable with ray tracing turned on. To ensure you’re always up-to-date with the latest NVIDIA Game Ready drivers, follow these steps:

    How To Enable Ray Tracing On Your Own World In Minecraft

    If you want to get ray tracing on your own world, its a little more complicated. You cant just load up Minecraft, start a new world, and switch ray tracing on. Instead, you need to download the Nvidia RTX resource pack. You can find it here.

    When youve downloaded the pack, head into the folder and open the .mcpack file. This will install the RTX resource pack so that you can hop into a new world with Ray Tracing enabled and spruce up all of your creations. Castles, villages, and so many other Minecraft builds can look much more beautiful when they are illuminated with RTX enabled.

    If ray tracing doesn’t seem to be on when you load in, head to the video settings option and you will find an RTX toggle. This is usually greyed out, but it should now be available for you to flick on and off.

    Thats everything you need to know to get RTX ray tracing in Minecraft. Whether you want to explore pre-built creations or jump into your own survival world, you can make Minecraft an RTX Utopia right now. If you want to head out on a new adventure, take a look at our list of the best seeds in Minecraft.

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    How To Enable Ray Tracing In Minecraft On Windows 10 Pc

    As mentioned, enabling ray tracing in Minecraft requires the installation of Minecraft RTX. However, in terms of compatibility, Minecraft RTX is exclusive. Youre going to need Windows 10, and that is the only option at the moment.

    To activate Minecraft RTX, you need to install Minecraft for Windows 10, the latest PC client for Minecraft. Here is how to install Minecraft for Windows 10.

  • Click Start.
  • Type in Microsoft store.
  • The Microsoft Store app launches. Go to the apps search bar and type in Minecraft for Windows 10.
  • Buy the game and install it like you would any other app. You can also check out the free trial.
  • Minecraft for Windows 10 wont automatically enable ray tracing in the game, even after installing the latest version. You need to install the Xbox Insider Hub to enable RTX functionality. Find and install the app in the Microsoft Store. Once the app is installed, here is how to enable ray tracing.

  • Run the Xbox Insider Hub app.
  • Click the menu icon and select Insider content located in the left part of the screen.
  • Click on Minecraft for Windows 10 found under Games.
  • Select Join to become part of the Windows 10 Beta experience.
  • In the list of options that appear, select Minecraft for Windows 10 RTX Beta, then click on Done.
  • Now, RTX Beta should automatically get installed and applied to your Minecraft for Windows 10 version. Yes, this procedure enables ray tracing for you.

    Minecraft With Rtx Creator Worlds Demonstrate The Power Of Path Tracing

    Minecraft: RTX BETA | How To Use RTX On Your Own Worlds! ONLY FOR RTX OWNERS!

    To spark your imaginations, and to demonstrate Minecraft with RTXs capabilities, weve partnered with Minecraft creators from around the planet to bring 6 Creative, Adventure and Survival worlds to the beta, each enhanced with physically-based textures, that you can download and play for free.

    World:Aquatic Adventure RTX

    Lose yourself in this serene underwater world from Dr_Bond, whos been creating Minecraft worlds and sculptures since 2013. Solve puzzles and explore the depths of the sea underneath the exquisite palace, marvel at the ray-traced god-rays that pierce through the water, and the realistic ray-traced caustics on the ocean floor that create a sense of serenity throughout your time in the world.

    Weve had RT shaders in the community for such a long time, but to have something infinitely more powerful and robust to me was the true highlight of working with ray tracing in Minecraft with RTX. The reflections and refractions were especially beautiful, and I had tons of fun experimenting with colored lights underwater to see my projects in a different light. Literally. Dr_Bond

    World:Of Temples and Totems RTX

    Adventure awaits deep in the ray-traced jungle, designed by Razzleberries and her team. Explore five mysterious elemental temples filled with puzzles, traps and dangerous new foes! Ride elephants, experience god rays galore, and find the ancient totems of each area to help restore peace to the local village.

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