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When Will The Minecraft Update Come Out

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Trailer

A Caves & Cliffs Announcement

Still hungry for more Minecraft 1.18 news? Take a look at the trailer below to get a better look at what arrived in the game with Minecrafts Caves & Cliffs part two update.

In Caves & Cliffs: Part II youll reach stunning new heights and discover deeper ways to hit rock bottom quite literally!Our new world generation will be the perfect playground for your magnificent builds, wondrous adventures, and spectacular stories!


One thing we have learned recently is that the Deep Dark will not feature in the Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update, with that particular upgrade being pushed back to 2022 instead. This means the Warden release date is pushed back to next year too.

Crystal And Amethyst Geodes

In rare circumstances, caves can lead to Amethyst geodes. Walking on crystals emits a sound effect that sounds like a wind-chime.

You can break the crystal plants, but you cant take the specific blocks that crystals grow on. The puzzle will be working out a network of harvesting the crystals at the source efficiently. Crystals have uses in making items, namely in making the new Telescope, which you can use to zoom in on details from far away.

Lush Cave And Dripstone Cave Biomes

Dipping back down below ground again, Caves and Cliffs part 2 is bringing two more cave types: the Lush Cave and the Dripstone Cave.

Lush Caves are temperate caves filled with vines, moss, and more exotic flora such as Glow Berries, Spore Blossoms, Azalea trees and roots, and dripleaf: a new block type which can only carry a player’s weight for a short time before tipping and letting the player fall. Sounds like Lush Caves are gonna be great environments for some parkour. I can’t wait to see what these gorgeous caves look like with the best Minecraft shader packs.

Dripstone Caves are, predictably, home to the new Dripstone blocks, which naturally grow through the process of dripping to create organic-looking stalactites and stalagmites. Besides this fascinating terrain feature, Dripstone Caves are functionally identical to any other cave, but they’ll no doubt be highly sought after just for the dripstone.

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When Is Minecraft 118 Caves And Cliffs Part 2 Releasing

As of now, the developers have not announced the release time of the update as such. We only know that the update will be released on 30th November 2021, which is on a Tuesday. As far as the release time is concerned, here are the release timings of the Caves and Cliffs Part 1 Update.

  • 9am PT
  • 12 pm ET
  • 5pm GMT

Keeping in mind the above timings, players can expect that the second part of the update to drop at the same time as well. Usually, there is a prior announcement before the update is about to drop, so players will be able to know when to expect the update.

Considering that the first part of the update has been quite a success, we can expect the same from the second part as well. With just a few days to go for the update to release, we will be knowing more about it pretty soon.

According to the official site, The second part of the Caves & Cliffs update will focus on changes to world generation, such as increasing world height, adding more dramatic mountains and caves, and exciting new biomes. Check out the video below to find out more about what to expect in Caves & Cliffs Part II!

When Is Minecraft 117 Coming Out

Minecraft Netherite and update guide: Check out the new ...

So far, Mojang has only revealed that Minecraft 1.17 will be coming out in the middle of the next year, and has given a brief rundown of what to expect in the update.

The update, as the title suggests, is set to focus its attention on Caves and Cliffs. Lush Caves is one of the newest biomes that will be added to the game, and has the fanbase extremely excited.

A new mob will also be added to Minecraft, and this time around, players got to vote on the type of mob they want included. The options were between the Glow Squid, Icologer, and the Moobloom.

The Glow Squid got the most votes in the poll, and thus, was announced as the newest mob to be added to Minecraft. But 2021 is still a ways away, and players will have to wait a while before they can discover everything new the game has to offer.

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New World Generation And Blending

And that’s the core of this update. Thanks in part to the increased world depth, much more diverse world generation is possible, and Mojang has put a ton of work into letting Minecraft generate bigger, more interesting worlds with more natural changes in elevation.

This update is called Caves and Cliffs, and that’s for a good reason. The best Minecraft did before when it came to mountains was something more like a big hill. The mountains you can find now have proper peaks, and cliffsides can have truly dizzying drops. The way biomes and terrain tie together has changed as well, making for more interesting combinations of the two. A jungle mountain? Yes, please. I loved Jumanji.

Similarly, caves have always been integral to Minecraft, but now they’re as much fun to look at as they are to mine–and a lot easier to mine as well. This is truly a game-changing update that makes the world much easier and more fun to explore while also changing how we can approach both building and mining. To help make this new generation work, the game now features improved biome blending, letting borders between different biome chunks blend more seamlessly.

Minecraft Boat With Chest

If you want to explore the swamp, or indeed any other area with plenty of water in Minecraft 1.19, then the new boat with chest could be just what you need. This craft lets you travel around the rivers and lakes with a handy chest onboard, so you can gather up plenty of resources to your heart’s content without worrying about where to store everything.

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Minecraft’s Next Big Update Gets A Release Date

Minecraft developer Mojang Studios has announced that its next big update, Caves & Cliffs: Part II, is officially set to release on November 30th. That said, it seems like not all of the initially planned features will make the cut, though it will still include several new additions that should make players happy.

Specifically, Minecraft‘s Caves & Cliffs: Part II update will include major renovations to mountains and caves like better terrain generation and cave systems, higher peaks on mountains, and larger ore veins. It will also bring candles to the video game. That said, features like archeology, bundles, and goats have all been put on hold for now.


“You may have noticed that a few items were missing from the list of new stuff, namely archeology, bundles, and goat horns,” the announcement of the Caves & Cliffs: Part II update release date reads in part. “This was not just because I couldn’t come up with something quippy to write about them, because I totally could. Archeology? I can dig it! See? Gold. No, these features have been put on hold. They have not been cancelled, we just had to put them on the backburner for now. While they won’t be in the Wild Update, they are going to come to Minecraft in the future when we’re able to add them in the best possible way.”

The Road To Caves & Cliffs

Minecraft Live 2021: Update Highlights

Minecraft is a global phenomenon of a game, and continues to grow and evolve year over year. Back at Minecon 2019, Mojang Studios laid out a busy year for their open-world survival sandbox with two updates: the minor and adorable Buzzy Bees Update, followed by the absolutely massive and disruptive Nether Update. This followed a traditional tick/tock update cadence where Mojang Studios rotated between smaller and larger releases.

During Minecon 2019, Mojang Studios also held a vote that let the community decide which popular biome would receive an overhaul next. The mountain biome won, and Minecrafters assumed that this would be one of the two updates slated for 2020. At Minecraft Live 2020, Mojang Studios both confirmed this speculation and shirked expectations with the announcement of the incredibly ambitious Caves & Cliffs Update.

Instead of releasing two smaller updates throughout the year, Mojang Studios decided to combine two releases into one mega update. The Caves & Cliffs Update will deliver the promised makeover for the mountain biome while also completely overhauling the classic but outdated mining experience in Minecraft. Because of the aspirations of the Caves & Cliffs Update for Minecraft, however, Mojang Studios needs extra time to make it all happen.

Unfortunately, this ambitious plan hasn’t panned out for Mojang Studios, as the Caves & Cliffs Update has been split into two pieces spread out over the rest of 2021.

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What Will Caves & Cliffs Introduce

The Caves & Cliffs update will overhaul caves and mountains, along with a boatload of other features. Most notably in the update, caves will truly have a mind of their own, with the purpose of no longer being just simple, dark, and dull corridors. Brand new cave biomes are rolling out with the upcoming update, featuring unique vegetation, crystals, geology, and diversity. The scale of them is also going to have a massive improvement, spanning to enormous sizes. The exploration of these caves will truly feel limitless, sparking the feel of discovery, keeping players coming back for more.

As mentioned, cave biomes are a core focus of the update. Lush Caves, one of the brand new cave biomes, is a thriving, green, underground ecosystem, home to its very own blocks, like Glow Berries, Spore Blossom, and Dripleaf Plant. Other cave biomes include Dropstone Caves and Deep Dark.

What New In The Minecraft The Wild Update

There are all sorts of new goodies coming to the game with Minecraft The Wild update, including several fresh biomes to explore from lush Mangrove swamps to creepy underground cities. New types of blocks will open up extra crafting and building options, while additional animals provide more wildlife to populate your worlds. But beware, as there’s a ghastly new mob lurking beneath the ground, just waiting to emerge and hunt you down.

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There Are 8 New Biomes Available In Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Update Part 2

One of the biggest sets of new additions that arrived with the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update part 2 are the eight new biomes that have been added into the game. You can find fresh underground Dripstone Cave biomes, and several new mountain biomes. Aquifers and new cave types have also arrived with this update, to make the subterranean biomes of Minecraft more interesting. Heres what you need to know about each one:

The World Of Minecraft Is Getting Taller With Its Latest Update

When is the Minecraft 1.17 update coming out?

Mojang Studios, the developer behind Minecraft, is restructuring the genesis of Minecrafts blocky world, changing how the sandbox game scales for its millions of players.

In a long-awaited update, appropriately entitled Caves and Cliffs, the games engine will begin to form deeper caves, higher mountains for players to explore, and introduce more variations of flora and fauna to encounter. The company announced Wednesday they plan to release the update Nov. 30.

When someone starts a world in Minecraft, the game uses procedural generation to create the forests, rivers, caves and mountains across the map. Over the past 12 years, Minecraft has introduced environments like deserts and oceans for players to explore but the developers at Mojang are now expanding the upper and lower limits of the world in order to generate peaks and valleys that previously were not possible in the game.

More than a 100 million people play Minecraft every month. The blocky, low-fi game is a decentralized collection of servers players can join and build from. Students at UC Berkeley once held a virtual graduation ceremony inside a Minecraft server during the covid-19 pandemic. Players have built and rebuilt the famed Harry Potter castle of Hogwarts, Notre Dame, the Empire State building and even ancient Rome. Its hard to find a well-known building real life or fictional that doesnt exist somewhere on some Minecraft server.

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Terrain Changes: Exploring Below Y=0

In Minecraft 1.18, world generation is being overhauled and for the first time you’ll be able to dig below Y-Level 0.

The new lowest depth is -64, and below Y=0 you’ll enter the so-called “Deepslate layer”, where stone-type blocks turn into deepslate blocks. This is also true for ore veins: you’ll find copper, gold, iron, redstone, and so on in deepslate veins when you’re below Y=0.

You’ll find all sorts of fascinating new cave structures in 1.18 thanks to the new underground terrain generation changes. The all-new Deep Dark biome was going to be part of the Caves and Cliffs changes, but this biome has been delayed – along with its dangerous denizen, the Warden – to the release of Minecraft 1.19: the Wild Update.

The terrain changes also mean you’ll need to start looking elsewhere for Diamonds. Find out more with our guide on how to find Diamonds in Minecraft.

When Is The Minecraft 119 Release Date

Minecraft 1.19, also known as The Wild Update, is currently set to release in 2022. As we saw with 2021s Caves and Cliffs Update, release plans can change quite drastically, and well be sure to update you here with any news regarding the release plans for 1.19.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest changes that The Wild Update will bring to Minecraft.

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Minecraft 118 Cave And Cliffs Part 2 Release Time And Delays Explained

The release date and time countdown for Minecraft update 1.18 Cave and Cliffs Part 2 has begun but fans should know about the features that have been delayed into 2022.

It is a significant update that will add plenty of new additions to the Bedrock Edition on all platforms. It changes the landscape of how mountains look and it makes the game more beautiful than ever.

Its a shame that some of the promised additions have been pushed back into next year, but theres still plenty to anticipate for tomorrow.

Caves & Cliffs Update: Part I Official Trailer

In Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Part 2 Update Mountains Are Getting Taller And Caves Are Getting Bigger

10 Mobs that MIGHT Come out in Minecraft 1.17 (New Update)

Another big change thats included with the Caves and Cliffs part 2 update in Minecraft 1.18 is that the world has received a big vertical expansion to accommodate a lot of the new biomes. Minecrafts in-world Y-axis has been expanded by 64 blocks in both directions, creating a total vertical building range of 384 blocks, up from 256 blocks. In terms of the in-game coordinates, thats from y-64 to y320.

Youll notice that generated mountains can now be taller thanks to the taller ceiling, and caves go even deeper as far down as y-64! With the raised world ceiling, clouds now spawn higher in the sky too, at y192 instead of y128. With these changes and the new biomes in update 1.18, ore veins and ore distribution is getting significant changes too.

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Minecraft Cave And Cliffs Part 2 Delays

Some new features for Minecraft update 1.18 Cave and Cliffs Part 2 have been delayed to 2022.

Players will be treated to fresh mountains and better caves on November 30th. Mojangs website says that the terrian generation has been revamped and that there are higher peaks and more elaborate cave systems with larger ore veins.

In addition to the above, we are also getting candles. Wowee.

As for whats been pushed back to 2022, this includes goat horns, bundles, and archaeology. We dont know when these will come out but Mojang assures us that they have not been cancelled.

The Deep Dark biome, Sculk Blocks, and the Warden were also delayed from Cave and Cliffs entirely to join patch 1.19.

Better get that pickaxe in tip-top shape: only 2 days remain until Caves & Cliffs: Part II releases!

Changes To Minecraft Mob Spawns

In the first Minecraft 1.18 experimental snapshot, theres a natural terrain variation that is separate from how the biomes work. The patch notes state an example of this, suggesting that forests and deserts could form up on a hill without needing a special biome just for that. Mobs that spawn in the dark will now only spawn in complete darkness, so dimly lit areas are safer. However, a subsequent experimental snapshot makes zombies, spiders, and skeletons spawn at light level 11, so multiple torches are needed to ward away those monsters.

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Minecraft 119 Update Release Date

Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update, wasn’t given a specific release date at Minecraft Live 2021. Instead, we got a release date window. Worse, a very vague one.

Minecraft 1.19 will arrive in 2022, the kind of release date window we got from Minecraft Live 2020 with the Caves and Cliffs Update.

The Caves and Cliffs update was eventually split into two parts, with the first arriving on June 8th, 2021, and the second part scheduled for the holiday season.

With The Wild being significantly less expansive than Caves and Cliffs, we expect it won’t need as much development time and should come out in the first half of 2022.

Our estimate would be for Minecraft 1.19 to release in May.


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