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What Is Redstone Used For In Minecraft

How To Find Redstone In Minecraft Easily

What is Minecraft Redstone in Real Life?

Redstone is a very useful Minecraft ore found deep within the underground of the overworld. Redstone is a rare ore usually found below y-level 1 to 16 but can occasionally be found outside of this y-level range.

Redstone generates in large veins of eight and drops a lot of Redstone dust when mined. This makes Redstone a plentiful resource since it’s not as rare as diamonds and drops more Redstone dust than the Redstone ore suggests.

Redstone generates about 30 ores per chunk, making this a very easily accessible resource for players to use. However, players may want to know how to find this useful ore.

Here are a few ways to find Redstone in Minecraft.

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Hoppers Droppers And Dispensers

Hoppers are some of our favorite redstone components because they make it really easy to create collection points. Anything that goes into the top of a hopper gets passed onto whatever is at the bottom of the hopper.

Remember our mob farm that dropped hostile mobs to their death? If you line the bottom of that fall shaft with hoppers you can then point the hoppers into a chest and the mob farm will automatically collect the loot for you.

Related to hoppers are droppers and dispensers which do exactly what they sound like they do. Load them up with stuff and they will drop and dispense the loot when triggered by a redstone switch or circuit.

Find A Block Of Redstone Ore

First, let’s explore where to find redstone ore. In Minecraft, redstone ore is easy to find and is found in large deposits. You can usually find iron ore between 10 and 25 blocks below the ground.

In this example, we are going to dig into a mountain to find redstone ore.

This is what redstone ore looks like:

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What Blocks Cant Be Moved By Pistons Minecraft

Some blocks cannot be pushed by pistons and the piston head will not extend. These blocks include Obsidian, Bedrock, Furnaces, Chests, etcetera. Pistons will not push blocks into the Void or the top of the map. Pumpkins, Cobwebs, Dragon Egg and Jack-O-Lanterns are turned back into items when pushed.

Where To Find Redstone Dust In Creative Mode

How to Use Easy Redstone With a Lectern in Minecraft
  • Java

Here is where you can find redstone dust in the Creative Inventory menu:


Here is where you can find redstone dust in the Creative Inventory menu:


Here is where you can find redstone dust in the Creative Inventory menu:


Here is where you can find redstone dust in the Creative Inventory menu:


Here is where you can find redstone dust in the Creative Inventory menu:


Here is where you can find redstone dust in the Creative Inventory menu:


Here is where you can find redstone dust in the Creative Inventory menu:



  • Platform is the platform that applies.
  • Version is the Minecraft version numbers where the item can be found in the menu location listed .
  • Creative Menu Location is the location of the item in the Creative menu.

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Top 5 Uses Of A Comparator In Minecraft

Comparators were added to Minecraft in the 1.5 update. It is one of the first Redstone items that was added to the game. Even since its release, players have used it in many Redstone projects.

Players can craft a comparator using three stone blocks, three Redstone torches, and one nether quartz. With comparators, players can detect block states, such as whether there’s an item in a chest. Players can also use it to subtract and compare different signal strengths.

Comparators are a vital part of many Redstone contraptions. This article shares some of the top uses for Redstone comparators.

Uses For Redstone Dust

The main purpose of this is to connect circuits and make a pathway for the redstone power to travel through. When placed on a opaque block and connecting a circuit it transforms into a redstone wire. The power can be transmitted over 15 blocks and its gradually gets weaker as the distance increases.

It can also be used in brewing Mundane Potions and is also used to increase the duration of Potions.

Redstone Dust is also used in crafting a bunch of items like:

  • Clocks

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How To Wire Redstone Vertically

Depending on what you’re building, you might want to have your redstone wiring done vertically. Luckily, most blocks, when powered, will affect any redstone dust or torch attached to them, which allows for the creation of various redstone ladders that deliver signals vertically.

Redstone torches in particular are fantastic for this, because they can power multiple blocks around them at the same time. They won’t power the block they’re resting on, but they can power blocks next to and above them, as well as adjacent to them.

Basic Principles Of Redstone

Introduction to Minecraft Redstone! | What is Redstone and How is it used?

Redstone is all about ‘power’ & emdash you can think of it as being a bit like electricity. Redstone power comes from a power source, and can be transmitted to devices which will then do something in response.

Redstone lamps are used in many of the examples on this page to show which blocks are switched on.

Power sources

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Mine The Redstone Ore

The to mine the redstone ore depends on the version of Minecraft:

  • For Java Edition , left click and hold on the block of redstone ore.
  • For Pocket Edition , you tap and hold on the block of redstone ore.
  • For Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press and hold the RT button on the Xbox controller.
  • For PS3 and PS4, press and hold the R2 button on the PS controller.
  • For Wii U, press and hold the ZR button on the gamepad.
  • For Nintendo Switch, press and hold the ZR button on the controller.
  • For Windows 10 Edition, left click and hold on the block of redstone ore.
  • For Education Edition, left click and hold on the block of redstone ore.

You will need to continue to dig until the block breaks and redstone dust finally appears. The redstone dust will float on the ground.

Extending The Range: Redstone Repeaters

Redstone repeaters have three functions:

  • they extend the range of a wire, boosting the signal to a strength of 15. By playing a repeater every 15 blocks you can extend a wire as far as you want.
  • they introduce a small delay into the wire you can set how long by right clicking to cycle between 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 or 0.4 seconds.
  • they only allow redstone current to pass in one direction , like a diode.

This last function means that redstone repeaters are handy if you want to place parallel wires close together without them joining up.

Another use for repeaters is if you want the block at the end of a redstone wire to receive strong power, not weak.

Remember this picture from just up the page? Now the redstone wire powering block B has a repeater at the end, and is getting strong power: enough to allow it to activate the redstone wire as well as the lamps.

A redstone repeater is crafted from smooth stone blocks , redstone dust and redstone torches.

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What Can Quartz Be Used For In Minecraft

quartzusedquartz wouldusedusesquartz

. In respect to this, what is a quartz block used for in Minecraft?

A block of quartz is a mineral block used only for decoration. It can be turned into a chiseled quartz block, quartz pillar, or smooth quartz.

Additionally, can a stone pickaxe mine quartz? When mined with any pickaxe, nether quartz ore will drop a piece of Nether quartz, which can be used to craft daylight sensors, Redstone comparators, and Redstone repeaters.

can you craft quartz in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, nether quartz is an item that you can not make with a crafting table or furnace. Instead, you need to find and gather this item in the game. Let’s explore how to add nether quartz to your inventory.

What is the difference between quartz and smooth quartz Minecraft?

In Java Edition, Quartz Blocks use the side texture on all faces, and Smooth Quartz uses the bottom texture on all faces, but in Bedrock Edition, Quartz Blocks use the side texture on all faces except the bottom, and Smooth Quartz uses the side texture on all faces.

How Does A Compass Work Minecraft

6 Ways to Mine Redstone in Minecraft

Just add the compass to your hotbar. Once the compass is in your hotbar, you will see the red compass arrow point to the direction of your spawn point. Turn so that the arrow is pointing up and begin walking in that direction. Soon, you will see familiar surroundings as the compass leads you back to your spawn point.

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How To Make Redstone Dust In Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft redstone dust with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

In Minecraft, redstone dust is an item that you would normally find and gather in the game. However, you can also make redstone dust with a crafting table as well as a furnace or a blast furnace.

Let’s explore how to add redstone dust to your inventory.

Does Fortune Work On Glowstone

The fortune enchantment does not affect the maximum amount of glowstone drops. Glowstone blocks are used to make redstone lamps, along with 4 pieces of redstone. Glowstone blocks are considered as transparent blocks, which means they dont block diagonally connected redstone when you place it above the redstone.

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Redstone Automations For Your Ultimate Minecraft Base

Theres no better way to show off your Minecraft survival chops than by becoming a redstone engineer. The best way to learn? Watch redstone youtube videos, copy others, then create your own projects. If youre entirely new to redstone, you may want to do some basic tutorials.

Redstone circuitry uses many of the same rules as real circuitry. Your computer uses some of the same rules as redstone logic. Redstone geniuses even build whole computers using redstone.

In Survival Mode, good redstone designs can take care of many of the problems posed by the game. By investing in your base you can automate tasks and increase your access to resources.

Need help figuring out how to craft different redstone blocks? Check out Gamepedias redstone crafting guide for a full list. If you have never used redstone before you can learn more about the basics here.

Melon And Pumpkin Farm

Minecraft Redstone Basics – My Most Used Redstone Circuits (Minecraft 1.15.1 Java)

Melons and pumpkins aren’t exactly a necessity. That being said, in some situations they make for fantastic sources of food when nothing else is really at hand. Moreover, melons can be transformed into glistening melons, which are used in a few valuable potions.

Again, there are many ways to go about building these farms, but most often melon and pumpkin farms will use either observers if they’re fully automatic or pistons which are activated with a button once all the crops have grown. One of the best, most basic designs is provided by Fed X Gaming.

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Can You Mine Lapis Lazuli With A Stone Pickaxe

It is most common at layers 13-16, and can be mined using an Stone Pickaxe or above. When mined, it drops 4-8 Lapis Lazuli. Using a Pickaxe with the Fortune Enchantment allows the Player to get around 5-9 Lapis Lazuli. The Block itself can only be obtained by mining it with a Pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch.

How Do You Block In Minecraft

According to the minecraft wiki article on swords, it blocks arrows and reduces damage done by attacks: Swords will be able to block attacks by holding the right click in the Beta 1.8 update. This will block arrows as well as other projectiles, but will reduce the player to a speed slower than sneaking.

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What Is The Fastest Way To Get Redstone

You’ll most often find redstone deep below the surface, in the bottom 16 layers of the map. Normally it spawns in large veins of 4-8 blocks, each of which will drop 4-5 redstone and some experience when you mine it with an iron or better pickaxe. You’ll get more with a fortune-enchanted pick, of course.

Basic Redstone Survival Builds

How To Make A REDSTONE COMPARATOR In Minecraft (Plus What ...

From automated doors to item transportation systems and mob farms, Mumbo Jumbos popular redstone video shows off just a few of the many possibilities. Beyond these builds, Mumbo Jumbos channel is full of innovative redstone builds that will inspire your own creations. What redstone conveniences can you add to your survival base?

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Familiarizing Yourself With The Materials

The best way to get a feel for redstone is to load a Creative Mode game and open up the redstone tab in the Creative Mode inventory, seen below:

Redstone is named such because the principle component of most redstone creations is the redstone dust: a valuable material collected by mining redstone ore blocks. Even players who dont get into building elaborate redstone creations will still use redstone to create some of the more advanced tools in the game like the clock and compass. Its also used as an ingredient in a handful of potions.

Redstone use falls into two distinct categories: using redstone to make redstone devices like the clock and compass seen above, and redstone circuit components like repeaters, pistons, and dispensers .

More Than Just A Red Stone

Redstone is a hidden gem in the Minecraft world. Its possibilities are endless, and everyday people are finding new and amazing ways to use redstone. One player even posted a video on YouTube of a working Mac PC keyboard using redstone circuits through the computer’s mainframe. How cool is that?

Now, in reality, no one’s expecting to have that much free time, and for the most part, you’ll be using redstone for simpler things like torches and traps. For now, I’ll give you some cool things that redstone can do and how to make some items powered by it. Here we go!

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Is Redstone Rare In Minecraft

What is redstone? Redstone is a very useful material in Minecraft that can be found deep underground. . Finding redstone is special. Its relatively rare, and you can only dig it up with a pickaxe made of iron or a greater material.

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How Far Does Redstone Travel

Minecraft Tutorial: How to Use Minecraft Redstone

Redstonecan traveldistanceRedstone

Nere Lutherer

  • Gather a massive amount of TNT and trap sheep inside of it.
  • Go cave exploring and don’t come back until you find 100 diamonds.
  • Try to kill 25 creepers in one night.
  • Make a small house out of diamond blocks.
  • Make a tnt cannon that launches yourself 150 blocks.
  • Yongkang Lueer

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    Redstone Devices And How To Use Them

    On top of power sources, there are various devices that can be powered with a redstone signal, which will alter the state of the device to cause movement or some type of reaction.

    Some of these are also just great additions to redstone machine and don’t necessarily require any wiring, nor can they all be powered.

    Pistons And Sticky Pistons

    Pistons are pretty straightforward. When active, they become extended.

    Normalpistons will simply push blocks out of place, without holding on to those blocks. Sticky pistons on the other hand will hang on to any blocks, making them fantastic for creating secret doors.

    Redstone Lamps

    Redstone lamps are just a simple source of light, which can be activated with redstone power and wiring.

    When turned on, they give off a light level 15 in the surrounding area, making them fantastic lamps. Pair them with daylight sensors, and you’ll have automatic lights in your Minecraft base.


    Not to be confused with dispensers, droppers will quite literally drop an item placed inside them when powered.

    If a container is placed directly in front of a dropper, the items will be dropped inside the said container, namely a chest or a hopper.


    Dispensers are very similar to Droppers, in the sense that they dispense items. However, their main specialty is the ability to fire arrows placed inside, making them great for traps and the like.

    Note Blocks


    In particular, hoppers are great for automatic inventory organizers.

    Powered Rails

    Blocks Not Compatible With Redstone

    Pretty much every block in Minecraft will let you put redstone on it and will conduct power. A good general rule to follow is if you can’t see through it, it works. There are, however, some exceptions:

    • Chests
    • Slabs
    • Stairs

    If you’re building a contraption and can’t figure out why your power isn’t where it’s supposed to be, ensure all the blocks you’re using are compatible with redstone.

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    Examples Of Simple Redstone Constructions

    Talking about the individual components is all well and good, but it helps to see some examples to get a sense of context. Lets take a look at a few simple examples of redstone circuits to highlight what can be done with it.

    Heres the most simple of constructions and one that will be readily familiar to even those of us without electrical engineering degrees:

    The good old switch and light setup: you flick the switch and the light toggles its state. By building on that simple concept and adding in additional wiring, delays, and other mechanisms like pistons, you can really enhance your abilities in the game and save a lot of time in the process.

    One of the earliest redstone devices we ever created was born out of frustration. We were exploring a particularly challenging series of Abandoned Mineshafts and cave systems and were annoyed how long it took to suit up with new gear in order to rush back into the mine to retrieve our lost loot. After a little brainstorming we came up with this design:

    Its a set of six dispensers with a pressure plate in the center. When you step onto the pressure plate, the dispensers trigger and shoot out all four pieces of iron armor plus weapons to immediately armor and arm you.

    Heres what it looks like if you break the wall away to see inside the guts of the device:

    Heres how you craft a lever and hopper:

    And here our favorite creation is in all its glory:


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