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How Do I Make My Own Minecraft Server

How To Make A Minecraft Server On Macos

How to make your own Minecraft Server! 1.15(Free)

Setting up a Minecraft server on macOS also involves installing the latest version of Java. Heres how to do it:

  • Newer releases of macOS include Java by default. Double-check the version by entering this command on your terminal:
  • java -version
  • If its not available, you may download and install a legacy version of Java from Apples website.
  • Create a dedicated folder for your Minecraft server. Then, download the Minecraft server setup file and put it in that folder.
  • Open TextEdit and set the format to plain text . Paste the following line:
  • #!/bin/bashcd "$"exec java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.18.jar nogui
  • Save this file as startmc.command in the same directory where the Minecraft server file is.
  • The startmc.command file requires the execute permission to work. To grant it, open the terminal and navigate to your Minecraft folder. For example:
  • cd Documents/MinecraftServer
  • Grant the required permission using chmod command:
  • chmod a+x startmc.command
  • If the process is successful, double-clicking on the startmc.command file will start the server in a new terminal window.
  • Pro Tip

    A missing file or directory warning might appear. This is completely normal when you run a Minecraft server for the first time.

    Choosing Your Server Version

    Minecraft is perhaps the greatest sandbox game of all time. What this refers to as there are an unlimited number of modifications that can be made to the game itself along with the ability to create whatever you would like in the game. When you are creating a Minecraft server you can predetermine what the server will be able to do by choosing the type of server that you would like to create.

    The best Minecraft servers are mostly based on Spigot and plugins since they are much easier for players to connect to, but there are many other popular types. When you start the main server executable all of the required server files will be created and you will be able to edit this after the first boot. There are a few different server versions which you can learn more about below before making your selection.


    There are many different kinds of servers to play in Minecraft. The default version of Minecraft comes from Mojang themselves and is also known as Vanilla. As of the time of writing this article the latest version is 1.8.1. This vanilla Minecraft is the foundation for all of the other server versions. Typically enhanced servers are older server versions which have been heavily modified to increase performance and expand functionality. This is a great way to get started with hosting your Minecraft server as there are not many additional steps to setting up this type of server. It is easy to get your very own server up and running on this type.



    How To Make A Minecraft Bedrock Server

    Cutting right to the chase, Minecraft servers are one of the most fun ways to play the game. And unless the topic is Minecraft Realms, the Java players get the majority of the good stuff. But not anymore. We are here to cover how to make a Minecraft Bedrock server along with the best features you can implement to take it to the next level. You, along with your friends, can hop onto the server to explore Minecraft biomes, try speedrunning seeds, or spend some quality time together. Moreover, the Bedrock server can even be used to play with players on the Minecraft Preview. So, whether you are on PC, Android/ iOS, or console, setting up a Minecraft Bedrock multiplayer server is easy. With that said, lets dive in!

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    How To Fix This Server Responded With An Invalid Server Key Error

    This Server Responded With An Invalid Server Key error indicates that the server or the Minecraft launcher might be outdated.

    If its your server, try accessing the localhost or the server address. Alternatively, restart the client and see if that solves the problem.

    As this error commonly occurs to Minecraft servers started via a .exe file, we recommend setting up the server using the .jar file download instead.

    How To Make A Minecraft Server On Windows

    Minecraft Server Host Commands

    The first step in how to create a Minecraft server on Windows is to make sure you have the most recent version of Java installed on your computer. If you donât already have Java installed, you can download it from Oracle or JDK.

    To check to see if you have the latest Java version installed and update if you donât, do one of the following:

    • Find and open Java in the Windows Control Panel and click Update Now.
    • In a command window, type: java -version to get your current version number. Check the Java website to see if itâs the latest version available.

    Once you verify that you have the latest Java, take the general steps above to get your server running.

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    Creating A Server Your Community Will Love

    Having your own Minecraft server can help you take more control over how you play the game and with whom you play. However, now that you have a general idea of how to set up a Minecraft server, you can see that it does take some resources from your computer and does require some know-how. Not to mention, there are security issues your system might not be able to handle.
    If you want to rid yourself of the pain points of setting up a Minecraft server, like server resources and DDoS mitigation, using a premium dedicated server is the way to go. Learn all about how Liquid Webâs Managed Dedicated Hosting can be your best solution, and how Liquid Webâs DDoS Protection can help keep your server safe from trolls and malicious players.

    How To Make A Personal Minecraft Server

    This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Jack Lloyd. Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 1,286,996 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to create and host your own Minecraft server on a Windows or Mac computer. If you want to create a server in Minecraft PE, you’ll need to pay for a Realms subscription.

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    How To Manage The Server

    Managing a Minecraft server using a hosting service like ours is significantly easier than doing so on your own. A large part of server management is ensuring that your DNS and ports are configured correctly, that your bandwidth is adequate, and that the server is running at peak performance. It’s not difficult to figure out how to run a Minecraft server, but few people have the resources to do it. While our services manage most of this for you, there is still some information you should be aware of. The most important consideration for a server owner is security.

    How to moderate the Server

    It is occasionally required to moderate your community in addition to managing the Server’s processes. To avoid inappropriate conduct, it’s as simple as installing anti-spam and anti-cursing plugins. Other times, this may entail banning players and acting on behalf of users in the event of in-game mishaps or possible grief.

    Setting Up Your Minecraft Server On Linux

    How to Make your own Modded Minecraft Server 1.16.5 Super Easy & Quick 2021

    A Linux-hosted VPS is perfect if you dont expect to have a lot of players on your server, and its a great way to get started. If you find you need more power, you can scale up pretty easily. If you have bigger plans, you might want to consider a dedicated server.

    LinuxGSM is an open-source command tool that works exceptionally well for game server deployment. You will need to manually configure Java and point LinuxGSM to it. on how to deploy a Minecraft server in Linux.

  • Install the latest iteration of Java. You will need to connect your host via SSH before you start.
  • Create a location for your server files.
  • Download the Minecraft server files. Check this page to be sure you have the latest version. You will also need to install and execute screen so that the server will run even when youre not connected to it.
  • Launch the Minecraft server. Once this is complete, you will need to check to be sure the server is running properly.
  • Save the server.properties file and restart the server. You will then need to put your server IP address into Minecrafts status checker to see if its running.

  • Point your domain to the Minecraft server. Use an easy-to-remember name rather than an IP address so your peeps can find you. You can do this by updating your domains DNS records with an A record or a subdomain that you can point to your servers IP address.

  • How Much Will You Pay for a Minecraft Server?

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    How Does A Minecraft Server Work

    A server on the popular game Minecraft works very much the same way as really any other server or computer that is connected to the internet and communicates with other devices. Essentially the internet is one huge network where computers communicate data. Web servers are huge computers that process a lot of requests and display web pages or multiplayer game content to anyone who makes a request.

    However, just because servers typically involve a lot of computers and processing power, this doesn’t mean that you need to invest in a huge server computer to host your own amazing Minecraft multiplayer world. Since servers can process many requests at once, they make it possible for a world to be played on by numerous Minecraft players simultaneously and update automatically, making for an excellent experience.

    Although most people who want to make Minecraft servers usually buy one from a specialized service provider who owns their own server computers, which servers can be hosted on, it is not uncommon for amateurs to host servers on their own devices. For example, if you have a spare laptop or PC lying around that is relatively fast and has decent memory , you can configure it to act as a server and hold a Minecraft world that many other people can connect to.

    How To Setup Minecraft On A Server Running Linux

    This section will show you how to create a Minecraft server on a machine running on Ubuntu or CentOS. The minimal operating system requirements are Ubuntu 16.04 or CentOS 7.

    Keep in mind that this setup process also requires root SSH access to the server. Hostinger users can find the login credentials in the Server Management area of the hosting account.

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    How To Make A Minecraft Server For Free In Tlauncher

    TLauncher is one of the most popular versions of cracked Minecraft, with more than one million downloads. Unfortunately, gamers who use it cant play on regular Minecraft servers. The workaround for this issue is to create a cracked server.

    • Go to Aternos website and click the Play button at the bottom right of the screen
    • Create an account
    • Scroll down and click Configure your server
    • Enable the crack feature
    • Go back to your Minecraft launcher and paste the IP into the server address

    Make A Minecraft Server On Your Mac

    Minecraft Solidus Server: Generic Build by sukinoMC on DeviantArt

    1. Make sure you have Java installed.

    Newer versions of MacOS includes Java by default. If youre running an older version of MacOS , you may need to .

    2. Choose a location for your Minecraft server files.

    Create a folder to contain your Minecraft server files. You could create the folder on your desktop, for example, but the choice is completely up to you.

    3. Download the Minecraft server software.

    It comes as a Java .jar file. Save it to the location you chose in the previous step.

    Open TextEdit. Set the format to plain text. Enter the following:

    #!/bin/bashcd "$"exec java -Xms1G -Xmx1G -jar  nogui

    Save the file as start.command in the same folder where the servers .jar file is located.

    Open the Terminal and grant permissions for the new start.command file so it can be run. Type chmod a+x with a space after the command. Drag and drop the start.command file into the terminal window. Press Enter.

    4. Enable port forwarding on your router.

    Note: Port forwarding can be a security risk.

    If youre just hosting a server for players on your local network, you dont need to worry about port forwarding. If, however, you want to make your server accessible to the world, youll need to enable port forwarding on your router.

    Refer to your routers documentation to find specific instructions on how to configure port forwarding for your device. For Minecraft, youll need to forward TCP port 25565.

    5. Start the Minecraft server.

    You can find your public IP address by .

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    Check That The Latest Version Of Java Is Installed

  • First of all, you have to . If you already did, you need to make sure that the latest version is installed on the PC youll use to host the server. Heres what you can do to perform a Java version check:
  • In your Control Panel, click Java , go to the Update tab , and click Update Now.
  • Visit the Java Version checker tool and let it check the version for you. Note that this doesnt work on Chrome and Firefox.
  • Launch the Command Prompt, type java -version, and hit Enter on your keyboard. Compare the version to the official website.
  • Read more about this topic

    Make A Minecraft Server On A Linux Host

    If youre not inclined to host a Minecraft server at home, you can spin up a Linux hosting plan to do it instead. This way youre not responsible for managing any of the hardware, plus youre not exposing your private home network to the public.

    As mentioned before, a Linux VPS hosting plan from GoDaddy is a lightweight option if youre experimenting or not expecting a lot of players to join your server. If, however, youre expecting a lot of players, you should look at using a dedicated Linux server instead.

    To follow these steps, youll need to connect to your hosting with SSH.

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    How To Make A Minecraft Server For Free With Mods

    Adding modifications allows gamers to alter aspects of Minecraft, such as including new items, blocks, and creatures. This ability to customize the game increases replay value. Gamers are inclined to create modded Minecraft servers to control and modify the game.

    You can easily find a tutorial on how to make a Minecraft server for free with mods, but heres a gist of the steps:

    • Launch the .jar file and install the Forge server
    • Open the EULA text file
    • Change the line eula=false to eula=true, and save it
    • Check out the CurseForge website that indexes all Minecraft mods
    • Port forward and open Minecraft port 25565 to grant access to players outside of the internal server network

    The details of this process depend on your IP and router, so youll need to research port forwarding guides.

    What Is Raspberry Pi Server


    The Raspberry Pi can be used as a web server on your main local network or the internet at large. It is a great selection in cases where you want an intranet for the office or a web development server. You can create a local Pi webserver to deliver various contents while you are surfing over the internet.

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    Start Your Minecraft Server

    java -Xmx512M -Xms512M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

    To make sure everything is running correctly, stop your server with:


    Then edit the server.properties file and set:


    Save the server.properties file and restart your server. From there, enter your server IP address into the Minecraft Server Status Checker to see if its publicly accessible.

    Requirements To Make A Minecraft Server

    To make a dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server, your system needs to fulfill the following official requirements:

    • Windows 10 version 1703 or later OR Ubuntu 18 or later
    • 64-bit Intel or AMD processor with 2 cores

    As Bedrock edition cant run Minecraft shaders, its server doesnt require much graphical power. So, as long as your GPU can handle the regular game, it can handle some extra players too. Additionally, focusing on the platforms, Minecraft only allows users on Ubuntu and Windows to host dedicated servers. Though, players on any device running Bedrock can join these servers.

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    Invite Friends: Find Your Public Ip Address

    To join any dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server, you only need the hosts public IP address. Fortunately, because of port forwarding, the public IP address wont reveal any of your private information. You can find the same by opening Google and searching for what is my IP.

    The search results will display your public IP address. You need to copy it and share it with your friends that want to join the server. As you will see in the next section, you also need the same to join your new Minecraft Bedrock server.

    How To Make A Minecraft Server For Free Using Aternos

    Mcc SG player tierlist

    Aternos is one of the most commonly used portals for hosting Minecraft servers. Heres a quick guide to creating servers using Aternos.

    • Go to Aternoss website and create an account
    • Log in to your account
    • The website will bring up a server profile, and another Create button will appear

    If you plan to play and host the latest version of Minecraft on the original version of the game, you dont need to make any changes.

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