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How Do You Get Money In Minecraft

Sell Minecraft Artistic Work

How to Make Money on your Minecraft Server

There are a number of ways that you can make money in Minecraft by selling your artistic works. For instance, you could create custom maps and mods, create videos, or make art pieces using the game’s assets.

One way to start off is by building an online gallery of your work and promoting it on social media platforms like Facebook and . You could also sell pieces directly to other players through Steam or the official Minecraft website. Alternatively, you could set up a small business making and selling art print ornaments based on your creations.

No matter which route you take, be sure to put in a lot of hard work and stay focused on what’s important: creating high-quality artwork that people will love!

However, if you are just looking for an easy way to make some extra money during your free time, you can explore even more options. For instance, have you ever thought of taking paid surveys? Well, platforms like Survey Junkie and InboxDollars allows you make money doing the simplest tasks. And most of them will even offer you money to simply join.

Why Monetize A Server

Minecraft servers arent cheap to host or to maintain, and keeping a large server up with your own pocket money isnt a viable long-term option for most people.

Consider the expenses of hosting a well-developed Minecraft server: theres the actual hosting itself which, depending on the amount of servers on your network and their specifications, can add up to quite a bit just on its own. But for large servers, there are so many more. To list but a few examples:

  • custom plugin development
  • advertising

And thats not nearly all of them. New expenses will crop up all the time, unexpectedly, adding up to quite the sum at the end of the month. This is exactly why server monetization isnt just a good way to earn income on the side it can be vital to a servers survival.

Theres a huge number of ways towards monetizing a server, and while not each is viable for every type of server, this guide will cover the most important ones.

Server Access Or Duration

Charge the players for accessing your server. The charges should be based on the overall experience. You can charge a decent amount for an awesome world with great visual impact, expansions, etc. Those with a limited budget can start with a fairly average looking world and charge modest amounts. Theres always room to grow. Steadily scale up as you start earning income. If you have built a unique world then you may also consider charging your users based on the duration of access which can be termed as membership fees. Keep the amounts reasonably low to encourage more users sample the things before shelling out the bigger amounts for a longer duration.

Earn through task-based virtual currency

Many businesses might hesitate to pay for advertisements on your new Minecraft server but there are some creative solutions to overcome this challenge. For instance, you can also assure businesses the minimum returns out of their expenses by creating a task-based virtual currency program for the players.

The players need virtual currency to play games. You can allocate them a specific amount of virtual currency based on the tasks they complete which can include different tasks that offer business benefits to the advertisers like downloading their application, watching the full video of their latest ad, liking their social media page, subscribing their email list or participating in a market survey.

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How Can You Earn From Minecraft

It is not legally advisable or technically possible to earn money directly from the main Minecraft gaming website. To earn from Minecraft you would need to have a Minecraft game server and ready to invest a good amount of time and effort to maintain the server as well as building a dedicated community by inviting the players on your server. You may set up your Minecraft server if you are a pro at IT . An easier solution would be to buy a Minecraft server from a reliable hosting provider.

How to start earning from your Minecraft server? This is the major questions that you should probably be thinking about. We make things easier for you by offering a step by step guide as below:

Legit Ways To Get Minecraft For Free

Money (with Multiplayer) Minecraft Mod

by Lauren Bennett – Verified & Updated May 14, 2021


Minecraft may not look like much from the outset its an odd-looking blocky world where you start out with nothing and there are no set objectives. Play it once though and youll be hooked, trust me!

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. The game offers infinite possibilities from fighting zombies, surviving village raids to building everything from fortified medieval cities to tree houses to the Death Star!

Or you can just have a relaxing game where you mine or fell trees. You can really make the game your own.

With so many things to do and so many ways to play, its no surprise that Minecraft is the second most popular game in the world!

Yup, you read that right.

In September, 2014, Microsoft took note of the games popularity and bought it for a staggering $2.5 billion.

Need Easy Extra $300+/Month for Free?Daily Goodie BoxInboxDollarsRewardFishTellwutKashKickQuickRewardsSwagbucks

Crazy, right?

While Minecraft is an awesome game to play, it isnt free.

If you dont have to cash to spend on games right now or are just looking to save money, then you might be wondering how to get free Minecraft.

There are actually quite a few ways to get the game at no cost. I got it for free!

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Start A Minecraft Blog

If youre still wondering how to make money playing Minecraft and dont like the ideas on this list, you can also consider playing the game and starting a blog about your experiences.

Now, it might be best to keep your blog niche a bit broader and to write about Minecraft and other video games, but the choice is yours.

However, an advantage of blogging is that you have so many ways to make money if you learn some SEO and grow your traffic overtime. Ideas include:

  • Making money with display ads with companies like Mediavine or Monumetric.
  • Selling products or ebooks .
  • Affiliate links.
  • Writing sponsored content.
  • Using your blog to push traffic to other sources, like a YouTube channel or your stream.

Of course, blogging is competitive, but if you want to make money with creative writing and own your own website, it could be a fun hobby to try.

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Now You Can Invest And Earn Money With Minecraft

The game has changed its rules since users can invest and earn money, but how? To enjoy this option we go to the Minecraft Marketplace where we can make any purchases. Everything that is bought in the Marketplace is saved in the account and can be used on any of the platforms, be it mobile, computer or tablet.

To make purchases in this market you can use the virtual currencies that are won in the game or buy with real money.

This is one of the ways to invest and earn real money playing Minecraft: players can create items and sell them through the Marketplace, from skins to entire worlds. We know these users by the name of creator, once their creation is ready, they place it for sale and thats it.

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Training Needed To Get Paid To Play Minecraft

You do not need special training to get paid to play Minecraft beyond experience playing Minecraft. Competitions do not have background requirements.

To get paid to develop for Minecraft or research AI using Minecraft, you might need education in coding, game development, or advanced computer science.

Make Money Joining Minecraft Partner Program

How to Get Free Minecraft Currency!

Its definitely a good idea to join the Minecraft Partner program directly to earn money.

Its as legit as they come and allows you to make money sharing and selling your Minecraft creations in the massive in-game marketplace.

As of , Microsoft reports that creators in the Minecraft Partner Program had earned over $350 million. Developing unique and fun content gets you paid to play Minecraft.

If you are very good at the game you can definitely create different items you can sell and make money in the marketplace.

Thankfully its very easy to join this partner program, especially if you really love playing Minecraft and are skilled at it.

Visit this link to check out the Minecraft Partner Program.

Other Ways of Making Money Playing Minecraft include:

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Can You Get A Minecraft Refund For Other Editions Of The Game

Since Minecraft can be played on many platforms, the refund procedures depend on the companies behind them.

On some platforms asking for a refund is not an option like on Apple, Amazon’s Kindle, and Nintendo.

Other platforms offer a partial refund or a refund under tight deadlines:

  • For an Android edition, you can obtain a refund within the first two hours of gameplay. You can check the details on Google Play’s support site
  • If you bought Minecraft for PS4 and want to request a refund, you can do it through the chatbot on the PlayStation Store support page within 14 days of your purchase
  • If you made a purchase with the Oculus store, you could initiate a refund within three days of your purchase if you have played the game for less than 30 minutes. You can do this by sending an automated refund request through the Purchase History page on your Occulus account

Pay To Win Meaning Origin Usage

The definition of win:be successful or victorious in .Skyblock is not a contest or conflict. Its pay to progress faster and skip time not to win the game because there is no end or competition.

Dracovish said:Ok, if you could buy yourself, let’s say, skill exp, would skyblock still not be p2w? Ok, what about a pet item that quadriples damage to anything in the game ? It’s clear your definitions by the foundation make 0 sense and exclude activities which are VERY CLEARLY PAY TO WIN.

:facepalm:Let’s go back to my analogyYou’re the type of clown to think ducking means using a duck because duck, well, is a duck and ing means expressing the action of the word before it. Therefore, ducking means using a duck. No. You can’t just dissect words one by one and claim it means that string of words together. STOP TAKING DEFINITIONS SO LITERALLY. I’ve provided plenty of sources and evidence that proves that almost EVERYONE believes in a certain definition or two .And let’s go back to the realm of logic then. I’ll just copy and paste what I said above.Edit: By the way, DID YOU EVEN READ MY POST? I’m repeating myself at this point. I literally stated not to take words literally yet you still for some ****ing reason respond with this? Holy crap mate. Read before you respond.

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How To Get Honey From A Beehive In Minecraft

Follow these steps to bottle honey from a beehive or bee nest:

  • Make a Crafting Table using four wood planks. Any wood will do.

  • Place the Crafting Table on the ground and open it to bring up the 3X3 crafting grid.

  • Craft a Campfire. You’ll need the following materials:

  • Arrange the items in the 3X3 crafting grid as depicted in the image below.

  • Locate a beehive or bee nest.

  • Place the campfire below the hive.

  • Wait until the hive is full of honey. You can tell when golden pixels appear on one side of the block. Check all sides of the hive.

  • Use an empty Glass Bottle on the beehive. How you use a bottle depends on the platform you’re playing on:

  • PC: Right-click and hold
  • Mobile: Tap and hold the screen
  • Xbox: Press and hold LT
  • PlayStation: Press and hold L2
  • Nintendo: Press and hold ZL
  • Use Shears on a full bee nest to get a Honeycomb instead.

    It’s Probably Nothing To Worry About

    Money (with Multiplayer) Minecraft Mod

    Still, Im hesitant to villainize Microsoft for any of this because its not really going above and beyond what its competitors are doing in regards to data collection the only difference is, you can get something in return, arguably for free if you dont believe your data has any value.

    Microsoft rewards are restricted to US residents but if youre happy to install the Edge web browser and set your default search engine to Bing you could make a humble sum of cash simply by using your device as normal.

    If you do allow younger children access to your personal devices, make sure you have filters or parental settings in place though, as Bing is well known as a preferred browser to find ahem, adult content, and these rewards will be linked to your personal Microsoft account.

    Theres the additional benefit that Edge is actually a fantastic web browser these days, especially if youre migrating from Chrome they both run on Chromium so they support many of the same extensions, and Edge doesnt hog as much of your memory.

    Just remember that it’s a personal choice which of the best browsers and search engines you install, so dont let Microsofts heavy-handed marketing tactics push you into anything unless youre keen on cashing in some point.

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    How To Make Money From Your Minecraft Server

    Monetizing your Minecraft server is a great way to expand and promote a Minecraft network. Hosting a server can quickly get expensive between paying upkeep, developing plugins, and hiring builders, there are many associated costs. This guide will show you some popular methods to monetize a server without breaking Minecrafts Terms of Service.

    Why Get Paid To Play Minecraft

    Why not, right?

    Especially when you really love playing the game!

    Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

    SurveyJunkie. You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions.

    No doubts about it, Minecraft is more than a fun pastime. The immersive gaming experience inspires creativity and imagination. These experiences should be encouraged.

    Even though the game has been public for many years, new users discover the game every day. You can get paid to encourage their learning.

    Moreover, experienced users still appreciate new content for their Minecraft gaming.

    Finally, Minecraft has an interesting role in developing new Artificial Intelligence techniques that could impact real-world applications.

    Minecraft has nearly 140,000,000 players worldwide. After more than 10 years of gameplay, many people have found ways to get paid to play Minecraft.

    This article covers some of the best ways, along with some creative ways that you may not have considered.

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    Other Amazing Things You Can Do With Donotpay

    DoNotPay is the first virtual lawyer in the world that can help you with many bureaucratic tasks.

    The app can help you get a virtual credit card to manage free trials, but it can also assist you with paying off your student loans or with lowering your bills.

    You can access DoNotPay from your web browser!

    Some tasks DoNotPay can help you with are:

    Bonus Method: Get Free Minecoins Using Freecash

    How To Make Money Playing Minecraft!

    If you’d like to get Minecoins for free and entirely legitimately, you can do so with the help of Freecash. This get-paid-to service supports over 20 available rewards, which can be redeemed right after completing online tasks.

    Although this isn’t a passive way to get Minecoins as you’ll need to do something in return, this is an excellent way to save money and get as many Minecoins as you want.

    The whole process can begin in just a few moments, although completing tasks will take time, especially if you wish to get plenty of Minecoins. To start, you’ll need to register a new account on the Freecash website or mobile app.

    Then, head to the “Earn” page to find all available offers containing online tasks that you may choose from. Completing these tasks will grant you a virtual currency called Freecash Coins that you may later exchange for rewards.

    Once you collect enough Freecash Coins, select the “Cashout” option, where you’ll find more than 20 available services for which you can exchange your Freecash Coins and ultimately get Minecoins.

    Since there are various payment methods accepted at Microsoft Store, select your preferred one , then choose from one of the available denominations you wish to add to your account.

    There, enter the “TGG” code for your chance to win some additional money, with no strings attached.

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    Not Everyone Is Happy About It Though

    If you are making money from the Marketplace, you are probably a fan. However, if you are being forced to pay to download mods that you used to get for free, it might be a bit upsetting.

    Microsoft is understanding of that angst and has tried to reassure players free downloads are not in jeopardy. However, it stands to reason if creators feel like money can be made off their work, they will soon be more inclined to sell rather than give it away.

    For now, Microsoft is adamant they are not taking anything away from players or developers, but instead just providing another avenue for work to be shared and found. Furthermore, if there is money to be made by creating content, its likely more people would take that route. In that case, everyone wins.


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