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How Do You Get Nether Wart In Minecraft

Choose A Size For Your Farm

How To Get NETHER WARTS In Minecraft

First, decide how large you want to make your farm. The more potions you plan to make, the bigger your farm will need to be. You will need to gather the nether wart and enough soul sand to cover the growing area. Personally, I don’t brew many potions, so a small farm is adequate. I generally use a 3×3- or 3×4-block area.

Watch It Grow Then Harvest

Your nether wart farm is now up and running. Walking on it will not affect the crop, and light does not affect the growing rate. It grows in four different stages. You want to wait until it’s fully mature before harvesting it.

  • If you harvest it in stages 13, it will only yield one crop.
  • At stage 4, it will yield 24 crops.

A nether wart farm growing at stage 1, stage 23, and stage 4. As you see, stages 2 and 3 will appear just alike. Stage 4 is fully matured.

Harvest The Mature Nether Warts

When the Neter Warts are mature enough, you need to harvest them. Pick up the fungus and store it in your inventory. After harvesting the first crop, you can continue to grow other crops. You can harvest it after 34 minutes. There are no requirements about the tool to harvest this material. However, it’s highly recommended to use an enchanted tool to get greater yields.

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Materials For Brewing Potions

  • Glow stone.
  • Red stone.
  • Various items for specific potions such as puffer fish, glistering melon, spider eye, fermented spider, and several more items.

Collecting these items should keep you busy while your crops grow. Having a good stock of all of these things will make brewing potions much simpler!

Where To Find Nether Wart

Nether Wart farming in Minecraft 1.0?

There are two main locations of Nether Wart in Minecraft. You need to harvest this fungus from the wild to plant it in your home garden. Therefore, go to explore locations of Nether Warts before building your garden to plant them.

  • In nature, you can only farm Nether Warts in Nether fortresses, chests, and certain places, such as near staircases. It’s pretty hard to find this rare ingredient. Sometimes, you can loot it from chests.
  • Bastion Remnant is another location of Nether Wart in Minecraft wild nature. It often grows in the central courtyard.

You need to prepare tools and inventory to collect as much fungus as possible. After picking up Nether Wart in Minecraft Nether Fortress and Bastion Remnant, players can use it right away and grow it for later uses.

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How To Use Nether Wart In Minecraft

Nether Wart is an important ingredient in Awkward Potion recipes in Minecraft. You need this fungus to brew potions in this game that will help players to become powerful alchemists. Therefore, you need to grow as many Nether Warts as possible. Then, you don’t need to travel far to farm this material.

Moreover, you can also use this material to create Nether Wart Blocks. Combine 9 nether warts to have a block. Or else, you can trade it for other supplies from villagers.

Follow the guide on how to grow nether warts in Minecraft above to produce this potion ingredient. It’s more convenient to have a garden of nether warts in your land.

How Do I Get Silver In Nether Wart

AudaxGG said:Hi! So I’ve been getting bronze in Nether Wart Standing at around 250k Nether Wart Collected. I am roughly 50k off silver, but don’t know how to increase the amount of nether wart i farm. I havelevel 18 farming, a level 41 legendary elephant pet, and use a t2 Newton Nether Wart hoe. Please give tips

AudaxGG said:Hi! So I’ve been getting bronze in Nether Wart Standing at around 250k Nether Wart Collected. I am roughly 50k off silver, but don’t know how to increase the amount of nether wart i farm. I havelevel 18 farming, a level 41 legendary elephant pet, and use a t2 Newton Nether Wart hoe. Please give tips

AudaxGG said:Hi! So I’ve been getting bronze in Nether Wart Standing at around 250k Nether Wart Collected. I am roughly 50k off silver, but don’t know how to increase the amount of nether wart i farm. I havelevel 18 farming, a level 41 legendary elephant pet, and use a t2 Newton Nether Wart hoe. Please give tips

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Harvest The Nether Warts

Pick up the Nether Warts and put them in your inventory. The Nether Warts can then be replanted in the soul sand to expand even further similar to other crops.

Nether warts grow in four stages when planted on soul sand, but the middle two stages are nearly identical. They have a 10% chance of rising one stage with each random tick. Light and other environmental factors have no effect on the rate of development. Nether warts cannot be treated with bone meal.

How To Get Nether Wart In Minecraft

How to Farm Nether Wart! The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Lets Play) [Part 115]

How to get nether wart in Minecraft

Wondering how to get nether warts in Minecraft. This post is going to explain the three different locations that you can find nether warts, how you can farm nether warts to get more nether warts plus the brewing recipes and crafting recipes for nether warts.

Lets start with the different spots that can find nether warts :

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How To Find It In Fortresses

The biggest challenge to building a nether wart farm is just finding it first. You have to locate a fortress in the nether, which can be challenging. Once you locate a fortress, you’ll want to carefully explore it until you find a patch growing. This is the only way to get it. Below you’ll find a tutorial video to help you locate a fortress.

When you go to search, you’ll want to have a lot of weapons, armor, and blocks with you. Blocks can be used to mark your path back out of the fortress, as well as creating barriers between you and wither skeletons. Wither skeletons are 3 blocks high. Creating a barriers at 2 blocks high as you search can help you survive.

Brewing Recipenether Wart In Minecraft

The nether wart is a key ingredient for brewing potions.

Here is a display of the brewing stand. The left slot is for fuel , the top slot is for items to distill into the water bottles and potions, last is the bottom three slots are for water bottles and potions you want to distill items into.

Nether warts can be distilled into water bottles to create an awkward potion.

Awkward potions can have items distilled into them to create potions with effects. For example, sugar can be distilled into an awkward potion to create the potion of swiftness this potion will allow you to move faster.

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How Fast Does Nether Wart Grow

The growth rate of nether wart is completely random. The rate cannot be sped up by bone meal. There are no limits on the length of time it will take for your crop to mature. The average length of time is between 3-4 minutes for growth. While you’re waiting, you can gather materials for brewing potions or, you can expand your farming area.

Some materials you will need for brewing potions are glass bottles. Glass bottles are made by smelting sand into glass. Then placing the glass in a triangle shape in your crafting table. This will yield 3 glass bottles. You will also need water. Some people may use a cauldron, but this doesn’t last long. An infinite source of water is best. You can also go out and gather gun powder, glow stone, and red stone. These are used for making potions splash, last longer, and more potent.

It’s very convenient to have your brewing stand and storage chest near your farm. Each glass bottle will have to be filled with water before brewing potions. So expanding your farming area out and then adding an infinite water supply, your brewing stand, and several chest for storage is ideal for brewing potions.

Create The Best Conditions To Grow Nether Wart


To grow Nether Warts, you need to create a farm and put the best condition for the fungus to grow in it. This fungus species only grows on the soul sand. The soul sand can be found in four-block-deep layers below Y=34 in the nether wastes. You can also get this sand from nether wart rooms. You don’t need to care about the water and sunlight because they do not matter the growth of this fungus.

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After Setting Fire To It

  • 9Oct 31 ’10 at 2:28
  • 11Keep in mind you need to stay in the portal. Simply going through it is not enough.Oct 31 ’10 at 9:55
  • 1An important thing to remember is that making the obsidian in place doesn’t require a diamond pick. Between not having to find diamonds and not having to mine the obsidian you can save a lot of time . FambidaOct 9 ’11 at 23:28

You need to make a portal.The easiest way to make a portal is to follow these steps:

  • Try to find a cave.

  • If you find a cave,start digging and digging in that cave.(RULE NUMBER 1 IN MINECRAFT: NEVER EVER DIG STRAIGHT DOWN!!

  • Try to find materials like redstone,gold,iron,coal and more.

  • IF you get lucky,you could find some diamonds…

  • Another way to find diamonds,if you find lava lakes and water lakes there is a VERY BIG chance of finding diamonds somewhere near.Everytime i find a lava/water-cave i find diamonds somewhere near.

  • Just keep searching for the diamonds.If you find 3 or more , try to find the way back to your house/spawn point or something. WARNING!! Try not to fall into the lava!! )

  • Once you get back to your home/spawn point the make a workbench and get your diamonds and some sticks.

  • When you get to your workbench, follow these instructions:D=DiamondsS=Sticks

       D D D     S     S
  • Now you should have a diamond pickaxe. Next step is to find some obsidian.

  • When you got the obsidian,you also need flint and steel, if you already have flint and steel,skip to step 14.

  • Enjoy 😀

  • What Does Sugar Do To Potions

    Sugar can now be brewed in a water bottle to create a Mundane Potion, or in an Awkward Potion to create a Potion of Swiftness. Sugar can be used to make pumpkin pie. Sugar is now used to craft fermented spider eyes. Sugar can now be used for brewing, to get mundane potions and potions of Swiftness.

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    What Is Nether Wart

    Nether wart is a type of crop that can be found growing in and around nether fortresses and inside chests within the fortress. You will not find it growing in the overworld. As pictured above, it’s red in color and can usually be found growing in patches next to stairwells. It will only grow in soul sand.

    Despite both soul sand and nether wart only being found in the nether, you can grow it in the overworld. If you find one of these patches, it’s a good idea to collect it and take it to your home. Collect all of the wart and enough of the soul sand to build a place to farm it.

    How Do You Cure A Zombie Villager

    Minecraft Nether Wart: What Does Nether Wart Do In Minecraft?

    Zombie villagers can be cured by using a golden apple on them while they are under the effects of Weakness, which can be applied by: A splash potion of Weakness thrown by the player or a witch. An area of effect of Weakness from lingering potion of Weakness or creeper explosions with the weakness effect.

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    Any Other Way To Get Nether Warts

    plat03 said:Long story short I was doing a little nether fortress raiding. I picked up all the nether warts in the fortress and looted all the chest but then I died…. Undortunately my stuff despawn before I could make it and now I cant get anymore nether warts…..Is there any other way I can obtain them now?

    use it

    Ugh… I hate doing that.I sometimes need to travel 1000+ blocks before I can find a nether fortress

    Irishrose8482 said:Na you need to find a new fortress,Best way is to mine your portal in the overworld move a few blocks and build it again :v


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