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How Do You Keep Inventory In Minecraft

Is Keeping Your Inventory In Minecraft Cheating

How to keep inventory on minecraft (Minecraft how to)

Every player has a distinctive opinion on this matter. Some claim that to play Minecraft properly, nobody should use cheat codes as it distorts one of the games basic rules. On the other hand, others refer to cheat codes as a necessary tool to relax while playing, especially if theyre not using multiplayer mode.

If youre playing Minecraft with other players, keeping your inventory after death gives you an unfair advantage, and its considered cheating. But if youre messing around on your own, you can do whatever you want. If that means using cheat codes, most reporting players arent against it.

How To Keep Your Inventory When You Die In Minecraft On Ps4 And Xbox

The steps to keep your inventory on Minecraft dont differ greatly between PS4 and Xbox. To perform this action, youll have to enable cheats in your game and execute them. Once the chats are on, heres what you should do:

  • Press on the D-Pad on your controller.
  • Type /gamerule keepInventory true.
  • Press Enter to change the game rule in your world.
  • Once the command is active, your items wont disappear from your Hotbar and inventory rows. Youll be able to respawn your game with an entire inventory.

    How To Turn Off Keep Inventory In Minecraft

    Minecraft had a major impact on the game industry after its debut in 2011. Approximately 150 million copies of Minecraft have been sold since its first release.

    It is possible that the amazing success of Minecraft was the result of its creator, Mojang. Due to the continuous flow of new features from the creators, this game has survived throughout time.

    In Minecraft, almost everything you do is in service of finishing the game. This is a sandbox game, so you are free to explore the world as you want. As long as you keep trying, youll never grow weary in Minecraft.

    If youre a lover of Minecraft, youll like these 15 amazing games like Minecraft for Android and iOS that are just like Minecraft.

    Players have the option of purchasing additional skins for their avatars, which were developed by the games creators.

    Unfortunately, the servers have been having difficulties lately, and it is causing problems for the users, including the Minecraft Store not working

    Minecraft lets users do whatever they want due to the absence of restrictions. At the beginning of the game, participants are randomly placed in the games blocky world and then chosen.

    They will only know if they can make it to the end of the game if they make it there after that. At Minecraft, you are put in random locations in the world when you begin a new game.

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    Example In Windows 10 Edition

    To keep inventory after dying in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition:

    /gamerule keepinventory true

    To lose inventory after dying:

    /gamerule keepinventory false

    To keep inventory after dying in Minecraft Education Edition:

    /gamerule keepinventory true

    To lose inventory after dying:

    /gamerule keepinventory false

    How To Keep Inventory In Minecraft Pe

    Como usar Keep Inventory No Minecraft

    Minecraft Pocket Edition gives a fantastic gaming experience to iOS and Android phone users. The pocket edition works smoothly and other versions, but it is slightly different from the java edition. In pocket edition, multiplayer gameplay is not as good as PC edition.

    Playing Minecraft on iPhone or Android is another level of experience. The pocket edition comes with parental control features which are very useful for parents to protect their childrens gaming activity. This edition comes with fewer functions.

    If you are frustrated when you die in Minecraft PE and lose all of your inventory, the Minecraft Pocket Edition is also supported to keep inventory command. To turn on the keep inventory process is precisely the same on iOS and Android devices.

    Follow the steps to turn on keep inventory in Minecraft PE:

  • Open the Minecraft Pocket Edition App on your phone.
  • Enter the /gamerule keepInventory true command in the chatbox and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • When pressing the Enter key on your keyboard, your inventory is successfully saved. After you die in Minecraft, you will have access to this. To rejoin the world with your inventory, select Respawn on your screen.

    Go through our separate post on how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft for a smooth gameplay.

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    Do You Drop Items In Minecraft

    Dropping items in Minecraft is necessary if you want to give or remove some of them from your game inventory. All you need to do is mark the item and press the Q key, and the item will be on the ground in front of you. Should you want to pick it up or leave it for another player, its entirely up to you.

    When you die in Minecraft, youll drop all your items and have to start a new game without any of them. This happens automatically, and you cant choose which items you want to save. However, theres a way to change the game rules and make sure that every time you die, your items list remains unchanged.

    How To Keep Your Inventory When You Die In Minecraft On Consoles

    On consoles, press the right D-Pad on your controller and you will be able to get the chatbox. Once the chatbox is open, all you have to do is type the same code /gamerule keepInventory true without quotation marks.

    It is really simple and theres not much that you will need to do apart from this. Even if youre playing Minecraft on a mobile device and wish to know how to keep your inventory items on it, make sure to read below.

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    How To Turn On Keep Inventory

    You died, and all your inventory and experience is lost. That zombie ate you up, or you fell off a cliff into a lava pit, and now you have to start from scratch again with no inventory or experience. That isnt fun. However, here is the good news: by turning on the keep inventory, you can save your inventory and experience from getting lost too when you die. But before you learn how to turn on the keep inventory, you might desire to know other ways of safeguarding your experience and loot:

  • Dont move around with precious things in your person. Instead, create a huge chest to keep hard to find expensive stuff.
  • Avoid mining vertically because you risk falling into lava or cavern, and lose all items you have earned.
  • Store your inventory chest close to a respawn site to avoid forgetting where they are.
  • When you decide to do risky work, dont carry any stuff that isnt needed to execute the job.
  • Be very careful when near lava as you cannot recover anything lost in there because they get burned up. This isnt something you desire to happen after working hard to get yourself a diamond armor.

    If you fell off a wall and your loot got scattered everywhere, how do you recover it? Unfortunately, it is too late at that point unless you go back to your location of death to find if you can pick any item.

  • Launch the chatbox
  • Key in the Cheat Code
  • After opening the chatbox, enter this command: /gamerule keep inventory true

  • Test to Find Out if everything is Set
  • Supported Platforms To Keep Inventory In Minecraft

    How to keep your inventory when you die in Minecraft!! NO MODS!

    Ensure you have a supported version of Minecraft to apply the game rule to keep inventory in your world after you die.

    The following Minecraft platforms support the keep inventory command:


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    Here are the steps to keep keep inventory when you die in Minecraft:

    1. Enable LAN Mode

    Follow the steps below to enable LAN Mode:

    • Go to the Game Menu in Minecraft and click on Open to LAN.
    • Toggle the Allow Cheats option to ON.
    • Select Start LAN World to enable and start the use of cheats.

    Follow our guide to fix Minecraft LAN not working.

    2. Open the Chat Window

    Now, you need to change the game rules to turn on keep inventory in Minecraft after you die. The chat window is the simple way to run commands in Minecraft.

    So, first, press the T key on your keyboard to open the chat window in your game to enter a cheat command for changing the game rules.

    This step is used for only Java Edition users of Minecraft.

    Check out our separate post to fix friend cant connect to Minecraft server.

    3. Enter Command to Change the Game Rules

    In the chat window, type the /gamerule keepInventory truecommand and press the Enter key. The command will display in the game bottom-left corner as you type. You need to remember the game rule command is case-sensitive.

    Heres a complete guide on how to zoom in on Minecraft.

    Now you can keep your inventory in Minecraft after you die.

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    How To Keep Your Inventory When You Die In Minecraft On Windows Mac And Chromebook

    If you no longer want to lose your items after death, the first thing you should do is create a Minecraft world that supports cheats. Its a straightforward process that enables you to put all your cheats to good use:

  • Open Game Menu in Minecraft.
  • Tap on Open to LAN.
  • Go to Allow Cheats and toggle the button to ON.
  • Tap on Start LAN World.
  • Now, you can start using cheats:

  • Open the chat window in your game by pressing the T.
  • Type /gamerule keepInventory true.
  • Now, the new game rule is active, and you can respawn your game.
  • Minecraft Server 162 Keepinventory


    I know if you type the command /gamerule keepInventory true as an Operator, when you die, the items will keep in your inventory. How can I do this in game server properties? For example, in the file in a survival mode server I own.

    Best Answer

    Game Rule data is stored as part of the underlying world data, rather than loading from the file. Therefore, the only way to change Game Rules is through running the /gamerule command while in-game. Fortunately, they do persist with the world, so you only need to run them once.

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    Other Useful Game Rules

    In addition to the very handy keepInventory game rule, there are fourteen other game rules you can easily edit in game. While some of the game rules are very specific to server administration , many of them are very useful in local single player and simple local multiplayer games too.

    You can read the full list of game rule commands in the Minecraft wiki, and you can also type /gamerules and hit the Tab key to list off all the available game rules as seen in the screenshot above. While were not going to list and explain all of them, here are our favorite useful-in-single-player commands.

    Should I Turn On Keep Inventory In Minecraft Is Keep Inventory Cheating

    How to Turn on Keep Inventory (Pictures (Not Video) of ...

    To turn on the Keep Inventory command, its totally on you how you like to play the game and if you are playing solo then there is no restriction: its upon you where you find more fun.

    Keeping Inventory is considered cheating in Multiplayer but in solo its not, and thats all on you if you want to keep inventory safe and whenever you die in Minecraft. The Keep Inventory command only invokes the world which is able to adopt Cheating codes.

    In any random world, the cheating codes will not apply. To Apply cheat codes usefully follow the detailed solution down below

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    Does Anyone Else Use The Keep Inventory Cheat

    Ive been playing vanilla survival for a while now. I have been doing very well, but I ran into a bit of bad luck while exploring out on a horse and died. I lost close to forty experience levels, along with everything else, including my horse. I thought Id be ok because I had a compass, and that didnt go so well. .

    I was so disgusted that I decided to just start a new seed and start over somewhere else. I chose the Keep Inventory cheat this time, something that I wasnt even aware of last time.

    I it earned me that I couldnt get xbox achievements with cheats on. I dont care as long as I can keep my stuff.

    Is that cheat considered cheating just a little too much? I just feel that losing everything youre carrying because you die once is too much of a penalty. It really stifles my desire to get out and explore.

    Why Do I Want To Do This

    Were huge proponents of playing a game the way you want to play it and in the case of a game like Minecraft, the game is outright designed to encourage players to do just that: to build, create, manipulate, and outright edit the world to create the game universe and play experience they want.

    One particular aspect of the default play scheme that many players find quite frustrating is the way player inventory is dropped upon death. By default, when you die in Minecraft you lose experience and you lose your entire personal inventory at that location too: all your armor, weapons, tools, and all the loot youre carrying drop into a scattered pile .

    While some people enjoy the challenge of such an arrangement, there are plenty of times when its just downright annoying. If you die very far from home while exploring, for example, and you have no idea where you were when you died then your diamond armor and other hard earned loot is as good as gone.

    Fortunately, its pretty easy to edit the in-game flag that specifies whether or not you keep your inventory upon death as well as several other very handy flags that change other game behaviors. Lets take a look at how to keep our inventory and perform other useful edits now.

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    If You Die In Minecraft What Happens To Your Inventory

    Although you may die in the game while playing, dying in Minecraft respawns you with no things in your inventory.

    When you die, you will have to begin collecting everything all over again. There are, however, many methods you can take to avoid this from occurring. You might save your inventory, for example, or utilize a cheat code.

    & like our page for more post-updates.

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    How To Keep Inventory Command When You Die In Minecraft On Windows Mac

    How to turn keep inventory on in minecraft pc

    How do I enable keep inventory on my computer?

    You have to create a world that will able to support cheats. This world easily will Keep Inventory Command and you able to have inventory even after you die in Minecraft.

  • Open Minecraft
  • Tap on Open to LAN
  • Go to Allow Cheats and toggle the button to ON.
  • Tap on Start LAN World
  • Now you Able to use cheats
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    How Long Do Items Last After Death In Minecraft

    When you die in Minecraft, your items will stay around you for five minutes. When the timer starts ticking, you have that time to find your character lying on the ground and pick up all your items. Should you fail to do so, youll have to start the game from scratch.

    Keep in mind that if you die in a lava pit or any kind of fire, youll immediately lose any item that fell in flames without the option to retrieve it.

    Keep Inventory When You Die In Minecraft On

    In Android/iPhone, the solution/steps are the same. the only difference is in iPhone you have to download Minecraft from Appstore while in android you have to download the app from Playstore

  • Open the Minecraft App
  • On the top click on the chat icon
  • Type in chat /gamerule keepInventory true in Chatbox
  • Press Enter now your Inventory is saved
  • This will be available after you die in Minecraft
  • Click Respawn When you die in Minecraft
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    How To Keep Your Minecraft Items When You Die

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    It happens to even the most cautious explorer: youre far from home, you die, and all your precious loot is left sitting in a pile far, far away. Tired of losing your loot? No problem. Read on as we show you how to make your Minecraft inventory persist after death .

    Note: This tutorial is focused on the PC edition of Minecraft as, presently, neither Minecraft Pocket Edition or Minecraft Console Edition support the editing of the in-game variables required for enabling persistent inventory or the like. Should this change, we will update the tutorial with instructions for the other editions.

    How To Keep Inventory When You Die In Minecraft

    Minecraft Cheats Keep Inventory

    When youre playing Minecraft on a default play scheme, one of the most frustrating aspects of the game is losing all your inventory upon death. For some players, the fear of death makes the game more enjoyable, while others find it downright annoying.

    If you want to die and keep all your possessions, but youre not sure how to go about it, keep reading. In this guide, well explain how to use cheats to improve your gaming experience.

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    How Do You Keep Your Inventory In Minecraft When You Die

    You can keep your inventory in two ways: store items in a wooden chest or use a cheat code. Most players create storage rooms where they keep their valuable items, and theres a variety of approaches and designs available if you decide to build one for yourself.

    Another useful option that allows you to keep the inventory is to use the Keep Inventory cheat code and have all your tools with you, even after you die.


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