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How Many Minecraft Lego Sets Are There

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

Minecraft LEGO Sets Are Illegal
  • set: 71043
  • minifigures: 4
  • Availability: Out now

The massive Hogwarts Castle measures over 22 inches high, 27 inches wide and 16 inches deep. Recreating a landmark as big and grand as Hogwarts, this set is a micro-scale version of the school with an assortment of microfigures to fit inside.

The castle contains the Great Hall moving staircases classrooms for potions, Defence against the Dark Arts and other rooms from the series.

This set costs US $399.99 / £349.99 / 399.99.

Lego Minecraft 21121 The Desert Outpost Building Kit

Join the decisive battle at the Desert Outpost! This LEGO play set includes a buildable Desert Output with a TNT launcher, lookout tower, and more! This will be their fortress while fighting against monsters that have never spawned in the desert before! Use your weapons and TNT launcher to exterminate skeletons before they can even infiltrate your base! This toy collection includes 529 assorted LEGO pieces!

Lego The Modern Treehouse

  • Small set

Does the fiery Nether feel closer to you already?

Teleport yourself into the Minecraft world and enjoy a battle with a wither skeleton . Join Steve with his netherite armour and sword in this portal adventure and discover what lies on the other side. The set includes a baby sheep and a baby hoglin to spice things up.

This is another set which would make a great Minecraft gift for fans! Enjoy!

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Lego Star Wars Ucs Millennium Falcon

  • set: 75192
  • minifigures: 10
  • Availability: Out now

The LEGO 75192 Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon is the biggest LEGO Star Wars set on our list – but it is no longer the biggest LEGO set ever. It does, however, still hold the crown for the most expensive LEGO set ever released costing US $799.99 / £649.99 / 799.99.

At 7,541 bricks this LEGO Millennium Falcon is a giant when built measuring over 84cm long and 56cm wide and 21cm high.

With that kind of scale to play with, it’s no surprise that the LEGO Millenium Falcon is also impressive in it’s accuracy to the iconic Star Wars ship containing a greater level of external detail than any Millennium Falcon LEGO set ever has before. You can even configure the model to both classic and modern Star Wars styles and pilot the ship with either a young or older Han Solo.

In the Falcon’s interior you’ll find several sections such as the main hold, the rear compartment, the top gunnery station and the cockpit.

To summarise, the LEGO Millenium Falcon is a ginormous and brilliant set that will take you around 24 hours to build. So prepare for it to take several days, but know you’ll have a lot of fun doing it.

The Ultimate Battle For Chima & Lego City Giant Packs

OFFICIAL PHOTOS!! LEGO Minecraft Sets  Summer 2021  Much ...

A honourable mention goes to the Ultimate Battle for CHIMA – which is technically the second largest LEGO set ever created – but it was never sold commercially. The 10,004 piece set was given away as the grand prize for a Legends of Chima competition in the July 2015 issue of LEGO Club Magazine and a smaller LEGO City set containing 5268 pieces was given away shortly afterward. These sets contained lots of smaller pre-existing sets, so it’s still possible to gain the same collection commercially – just without the big box.

That completes our look at the biggest LEGO sets. As you may have noticed, the number of larger sets has increased in recent years.Which set is your favourite?

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Hc Andersens Clumsy Hans

Here we have another set that, upon its release , was exclusive and only available to LEGOLAND Florida/Inside Tour ambassador pass holders. There is no record of an original sale price because of this, but for those who want to get their hands on one now are looking at paying around $2,600. The lucky pass holders were very happy when they received it, as it depicts the famous fictional character Clumsy Hans . Once built, it is truly just a display model, however, it holds the hearts of many of its owners – bringing them back good memories. Therefore, we imagine they aren’t going to give it up anytime soon.

Lego Technic Lamborghini Sian Fkp 37

  • set: 42115
  • Availability: Out now

Grab a chance to own a Lamborghini with this 1/8 scale replica.

This build features a 8-speed transmission, activated by the movable paddle gearshift a V12 engine with moving pistons, and 4-wheel drive. Use the steering wheel to position the car, then check out the front and rear suspension. Just like the full-size super sports car, this model car features classic scissor opening doors.

Possibly the most affordable Lamborghini in history, the set costs $379.99 / £349.99.

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Lego Minecraft The Village

  • set: 21128
  • minifigures: 9
  • Availability:Retired

The second largest LEGO Minecraft set is the LEGO Minecraft Village. The set consists of several staples of a typical Minecraft village including a library, farm, marketplace and blacksmith. The set sits on top of several different Minecraft biomes to provide additional variety. As well as 2 villagers, the set includes an Iron Golem to help keep the peace against the invading zombies and creepers. Sadly this set has now been retired and fetches a significantly higher price when sold as new.

Lego Minecraft 21122 The Nether Fortress Building Kit

Every LEGO Minecraft Set EVER MADE 2012-2020

The Nether Fortress is an anomalous place in the world of Minecraft. It is where all the entities like the Ghast and Zombie Pigma gather! Once you are here, assist Alex and Steve in seizing the Nether Fortress by taking on the Guardian Blaze. Rush your way to the entire building but be careful not to fall into the lava! Equip our heroes with a diamond sword and start a surprise attack against the dwellers of this infernal region!

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Worst: Jolly Santa 30478

This holiday Lego was released in 2017 and Im still trying to figure out whats going on with this Santas beard. I understand that in Lego its difficult to recreate certain things but this blocky beard gives this St Nick a very sinister appearance.

It looks to me like hes been gagged, maybe to stop him spilling the news of whos been naughty and nice?

I have Lego Santa figures myself. Every single one looks far more appealing than this eye-catching hospital mask wearing disaster. Heres hoping that in this years seasonal Lego Santa gets a makeover.

Lego Minecraft 21127 The Fortress Building Kit

If your kids are looking for lots of action, then surprise them with this building kit. The LEGO Minecraft The Fortress includes an original replica of the Minecraft fortress. It also comes with massive pressure-plate doors, scary Creeper banners, and lookout towers. Surrounding the fortress is a large farm and areas for Steve to lurk around. Of course, Steve is already prepared to siege the skeletons with this golden helmet and armor!

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Lego Minecraft The Modern Treehouse

  • set: 21174
  • minifigures: 4
  • Availability:Out now

The Modern Treehouse is the most recent addition to our largest Minecraft LEGO sets list sitting at number 6. Build 4 very different rooms within your Minecraft treehouse kitchen, library, study and bedroom then add a variety of authentic Minecraft accessories from furniture and bedding to tools and TNT.

The set measures over 29cm high, 20cm wide and 17cm deep.

Lego Vip Exclusive Bat

Lego Minecrafters Beware!

There are some LEGO sets that are really rare because so few of them were made. This Bat-Pod is definitely one of those! This Bat-Pod may seem like the perfect collector’s item for any Batman fan, but watch out!

Only 1,000 of these LEGO sets were ever created.

They were released as a LEGO VIP exclusive and only some members were able to receive this set. Now, a sealed box containing all the pieces can fetch up to $1,600 for a LEGO enthusiast or huge Batman fan.

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Lego Minecraft The Ocean Monument

With 1,122 pieces, your kid is sure to have fun with this set for days. It also features a Minecraft ocean monument with a water sponge access function and opening treasure chamber, in addition to a cave with a furnace. This kit also includes two mini-figures .

My nine-year-old loves this set! . Its so much cooler than I thought it would be! It looks kind of meh from the outside, but the inside of this thing is amazing. Tons of neat little cubby holes and traps and stuff. Extremely happy with this gift!!

The Biggest Minecraft Lego Set

Bigger is better, right? Why not keep your child occupied building the biggest Minecraft LEGO set they can! The biggest set Minecraft LEGO has released so far is called The Creeper Mine. It has 834 pieces and it comes with a remarkably large number of diverse parts. It contains a creeper and a husk , Steve, a blacksmith, a cow, and a bat. In terms of the mine itself, it has a rail track, minecart, and explosives – and of course, a really large creeper at the entrance. Check it out and if your child likes a challenge, give it a buy!

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Worst: Police Unit 3314

This Police Unit set has mixed reviews across the internet. Ive included it here for its novelty value and random context. Its actually quite a decent set on the face of it. It contains a couple of Police vans and 4 mini figures.

The quirky part is that it’s part of a Shell garage promotion for the 1998 World Cup.

It forms part of a set which comes together to make a stadium. The other sets make sense, being stages, a commentary box, light poles, and a medical unit. However, adding the riot police to the mix seems a little in bad taste.

Expensive: Star Wars Death Star Ll 10143 Worth $1971

LEGO Minecraft Dungeons Sets Announced Summer 2020

This Star Wars Death Star set was available from 2005 until 2007 in the UK, however, sets were still on sale until 2009 in parts of the west

At 3449 pieces and a $299 price tag, it was a smaller and less detailed set than the current 3803 piece $399 Death Star.

This now costly set is focused mainly on the exterior of the ship, showing the Death Star as it is seen in the original trilogy, rather than the interior heavy appearance of the more recent set.

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Complexity And Themes In The Lego Sets

What we are seeing then with Minecraft Lego Toys is a complexity based on the total number Lego pieces available in each kit. With the Cave running with 249 pieces up to The Mine with 922 pieces. This multifaceted count of pieces indicates how much building can be done with each set to some extent. Each set in the series also features a hostile mob that will attack the player in Minecraft. This creates interesting Lego game play as a set gives both a goody and a baddy, or protagonist and antagonist.

If we look at the Lego series from 21113 onwards we can see a steady rise in the complexity of pieces.

Yoda Ny I Heart Torso

Since 2002, there have been five different mini figure versions of Yoda, each very popular. But it wasn’t until 2013 where a new type of Yoda was brought into the Lego world and is now the most sought after mini figurine to date. This is purely because it was only available exclusively at the New York Toy Fair in 2013, not to mention his adorable T that reads “NY I Heart”. The promotional set is extremely hard to find, and it doesn’t look as if it is currently on the market. However, previously when it has been, buyers have spent almost $3,000 for one.

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Breakdown By Release Year

  • 2021:9setsLEGO Art World Map, LEGO Titanic, LEGO NINJAGO City Gardens, LEGO Camp Nou – FC Barcelona, LEGO Art Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests, LEGO Art Project – Create Together, LEGO Home Alone, LEGO Cat D11 Bulldozer, LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle
  • 2020:4setsLEGO Colosseum, LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley, LEGO Old Trafford: Manchester United, LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sian FKP 37
  • 2019:2setsLEGO Star Wars UCS Imperial Star Destroyer, LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 Excavator
  • 2018:4setsLEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon, LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, LEGO Creator Roller Coaster, LEGO Technic Rough Terrain Crane
  • 2017:1setLEGO NINJAGO City
  • 2016:6setsLEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters, LEGO Creator Big Ben, LEGO Disney Castle, LEGO Star Wars Death Star 2016, LEGO Creator Assembly Square, LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator
  • 2010:1set

The Best Minecraft Lego Set

LEGO Minecraft 2018 sets revealed [News]

Its tough to choose just one Minecraft LEGO set that we like the best. It depends on a lot of factors, including your childs age, experience with LEGO, and their favorite parts of Minecraft. For that reason, you should definitely take a look at all of the options and decide for yourself which one is best.

If you want my opinion, I love the Abandoned Mine set, because exploring abandoned mines is one of the first dungeons your child will explore in the game. That opens up your child to a lot of imaginative adventures and a possible scene for playing with other toys.

Another set that I really like is The Redstone Battle. I like this one because you get to create good and bad characters, which opens the door for a lot of fun and imaginative battles. It goes way beyond the typical scene and allows your child to explore and have their own adventure.

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Lego Minecraft Summer 2021 Sets Revealed

There are now some official images of the upcoming summer 2021 wave of LEGO Minecraft sets via Not only will the minifigures will be updated with new gear variants but there will also be a transluscent Creeper as well. There will also be a set based on Minecraft Dungeons which is based on the action-adventure game.

The Minecraft Avatars And Creature Mobs And What They Mean Hostile Neutral Or Passive

  • Steve Hes the player Avatar at the start of the game its possible to modify him by applying custom Minecraft skins within the game
  • Creeper These hostile Mobs will attack a player by silently getting in close, then fizzing and exploding! Any player without armor is most certainly killed.
  • Villager These are passive Mobs that populate various in-game areas on certain Minecraft Servers. Think of these as NPCs .
  • Pig This delightful little Passive Mob will just wonder around Minecraft until you turn him into bacon
  • Zombie Hostile towards the Player they keep coming in close until they are destroyed or killed.
  • Zombie Pigman Hostile and these Mobs come from the Nether another part of Minecraft that can only be reached by a portal or through teleportation. They are basically a cross between a pig and a zombie
  • Ghast Hostile Mob that comes from the Nether world and shoots fireballs
  • Ender Dragon– Hostile End Boss the largest Mob in the game!
  • Enderman Neutral and will not attack unless attacked first. These mobs can teleport randomly.
  • Spider Hostile attacks the players and can climb vertically they make an annoying sound too!
  • Skeleton Hostile will have a sword or an annoying bow and arrow that can easily knock you off a ledge into lava! In which case youll get burned and all your diamonds and gear will sizzle!
  • Cow Passive can be harvested for leather, raw beef and experience
  • Mooshroom Passive Mob can be milked and is a cross between a cow and a Mushroom!

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Lego Star Wars Ucs Millennium Falcon 2007

  • set: 10179
  • minifigures: 5
  • Availability: Retired

Before 2017’s Millennium Falcon there was already a rather large replica of Solo’s “piece of junk”. Weighing in at 5197 pieces, until recently this set was the definitive version.

The ship was the first Falcon to be built to minifigure scale and as so is over 33 inches long, 22 inches wide and 8 inches tall. It comes with Han, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan, Luke and Leia minifigures to help you save the galaxy.

When it was on sale between 2007 and 2010 the set sold for US $499.99 / £349.99 but now it can be seen for around $3500 on eBay.

The Batmobile: Ultimate Collector’s Edition

Could the Minecraft LEGO Summer Sets Be the Best Recent Wave?

The Batman Lego series has to be one of the greatest, so there is no surprise of the excitement that came about when the first ever Batman Ultimate Collector’s set was released – and it was none other than the Batmobile!

This is the only Batman set that doesn’t include any mini figures! How can there be no Batman in the Batmobile? Regardless, anyone who gets hold of this set is lucky, it is very rare and every Lego Batman fan out there is eager to build it and put it on their shelf.

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Lego Star Wars Death Star 2016

  • set: 75159
  • minifigures: 27
  • Availability: Retired

The first Death Star on our list is the most recent one released from the LEGO Group. Essentially a re-release of 10188 , the 2016 revision of the Death Star has a few new additions which increase the brick total by just 87 bricks.

The newer set includes Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced Fighter which has been updated with more pieces and more details have been added throughout the set. It also comes with updated minifigures using the latest printing techniques, and boast the record for the LEGO set with the most number of minifigures.

The LEGO Star Wars Death Star retails for US $499.99 / £409.99 / 499.99 which is considerably more than the original cost, but with that model now in retirement this is your cheapest option when it comes to needing a LEGO Death Star playset in your life and you too can own the biggest LEGO Death Star in the world!


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