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How To Breed Animals In Minecraft

How Do You Breed Animals

How To Breed All The Animals! The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Lets Play) [Part 76]

In Minecraft, I know you can breed animals. In fact, in recent updates it’s required for the player who just can’t start their mornings without bacon and eggs!

I’ve tried pulling two pigs together in a single pen, but all they do is snort at me. And the chickens? Well, there’s plenty of eggs, but no hatching.

How do I get them to make more bacon and eggs?

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Feed both animals their specific food at same time, while they are beside each other. That will make them have hearts above their heads and breed with each other.

  • Sheep: wheat
  • Chickens: seeds, any type
  • Horses: Golden Apple or Golden Carrot
  • Tame wolves: bones . Rotten flesh and any form of meat, cooked or raw
  • Tame cats/ocelot: raw fish
  • Turtles: seagrass
  • Dolphins: raw cod
  • Polar bears: fish
  • Pandas: bamboo
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Take a look at Breeding on the Minecraft Wiki.

Basically, you must feed them both one wheat. Then they would go towards each other and hopfully have a baby.

Here is actually a video of the ‘action’:

The only thing not shown in this video is the fact that the new ‘babies’ are actually a baby form of the animal, they are smaller and much cuter 🙂

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How Often Can Animals Breed

After I’ve bred two animals, there is a time frame where they wont accept wheat/seeds/carrots, in order to breed again. However I’ve only got a couple of animals at this stage, and I would like to maximise the efficiency in which I get to a relatively large flock/herd.

So, how long do I have to wait before trying to breed them again?

As stated below on the minecraft wiki about breeding. Breeding has a 5 minute cooldown before they can be bred again.

Each animal which is fed its food will enter “love mode”, preparing to breed with another animal in love mode. Animals in “love mode” emit hearts constantly and will path towards nearby animals of the same species that are also in love mode. The two animals will “kiss” for about two and a half seconds, and then a baby animal of the same species spawns either in between the parents or on the same blocks as the parent that was spawned first, which ends love mode for the parents. They will not be able to enter love mode again for 5 minutes. However, they can still be herded with the appropriate material, as can the baby. After the baby animal has spawned, it will follow its parents for 20 minutes before growing to full size.

How To Breed Pigs

Pigs are passive mobs that spawn naturally and can be used for both food and transportation. They most often roam around in groups of three or four and can also be found wading in the water. Pigs can be ridden by placing a saddle on them, though their movements cannot be controlled without a carrot on a stick. Before the introduction of horses, pigs were the best way to traverse large distances in little time. Adult pigs can be bred by feeding them carrots.

  • Carrots are found on village farms or dropped by zombies .
  • Mature carrots award one to four carrots when harvested.
  • More bone meal is necessary to mature carrots quicker.
  • Fortune-enchanted tools increase the number of carrots harvested.
  • Golden carrots are needed for potions of night vision.

Chicken eggs can be thrown at the ground to produce chicks or used in recipes.

Jessica Marello, Fair Use: Minecraft

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How To Breed Ocelots

Ocelots are passive mobs that only spawn in jungle biomes and change into cats when tamed by players; their fur will change from yellow with black and brown spots to either tabby, tuxedo, or siamese. Ocelots are very shy and will sprint away from the player if run toward or looked at quickly. Ocelots are tamed by the player attracting it with a raw fishthe ocelot must approach the player, who can feed it the fish by right-clicking on the ocelot. Tamed cats enter “love mode” when they are fed raw fish.

  • Raw fish is obtained by using a fishing pole in water.
  • Kittens take on the color of the first cat to reach the other.
  • Cats can breed if one if sitting and the other is standing.
  • Kittens are born tame to the owner of the breeding cats.
  • Kittens will drown if they follow you into water.

Cats can be commanded to sit like wolves and will otherwise roam the area and kill chickens if possible. Tamed cats will teleport to the player if they go too far and are completely immune to fall damage. While they do not fight hostile mobs, tamed cats repel creepers even if the creeper is provoked. Breeding tamed cats can allow players to protect specific doorways and buildings from creepers!

How To Breed Every Animal In Minecraft

How to Breed Animals in Minecraft

There are 71 individual and unique mobs in Minecraft, 18 of which can breed and produce offspring for players.

Currently, as of Minecraft version 1.16.4, the list of mobs able to be bred are:

  • Donkey
  • Hoglin
  • Strider
  • Except for a few, each mob has its specific breeding requirements, whether it be an enchanted golden apple or just some simple wheat.

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    How To Breed Horses

    Horses are a passive mob that can only spawn in the plains, savanna, and savanna plateau biomes in herds of two to six. Horses within the same herd have similar skin patterns, though there can be slight variations. Horses and donkeys can naturally spawn into the Overworld, while mules are made by breeding a horse and a donkey together. Only adult horses can be tamed and ridden. Horses are bred by feeding them golden apples or golden carrots.

    • Surrounding an apple with gold ingots crafts a golden apple.
    • Surrounding a carrot with gold nuggets crafts a golden carrot.
    • Gold ingots can be obtained from zombie pigmen in the Nether.
    • Gold ore can be mined and smelted into gold ingots.
    • Apples are collected by breaking tree leaves.

    Horses can be tamed by players and used to travel long distances in a short amount of time. Right-clicking on a horse with an empty hand will mount itdoing this until the horse stops throwing off the player makes it tame. A saddle is needed to properly ride the horse and control its direction. Saddles are found in chests inside dungeons, Nether fortresses, temples, in village blacksmith chests, or by trading with villagers. Tamed mules can even be equipped with a chest to store items on the go!

    Wolves are great companions and will defend their owner to their death.

    Jessica Marello, Fair Use: Minecraft

    Top 5 Most Popular Animals In Minecraft


    The Goats are one of the newest mobs to be included in the game and the yare already really popular!

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    The Goats provide the players with milk and even some headbutts to their face! The goats live on High mountain tops and players can attract them with Wheat. Goats are definitely one of the more expressive mobs out there. Breeding them is a simple task as well.


    Axolotls are also one of the mobs that came with the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update and are the fan favourites!

    The cute little aquatic predator has captured our hearts for its ability to fight hostile aquatic mobs alongside the player. Moreover, they can be carried in a bucket by the players! Click here to know how to breed them.


    Foxes are one of the cutest and most elusive mobs to exist in Minecraft. Many players aim to have a pet fox but earning its trust is not easy at all.

    Foxes tend to run away from the players so players need to sneak up on them. They love to eat sweet berries, sleep in the shade and attack chickens and rabbits. To know more about foxes click here.


    Cats in Minecraft are very popular as pets and the black cats are the most popular among them. Players like to keep cats because of their ability to keep Creepers away!

    Players can often find cats in villages or witches huts. Players need to sneak near them and feed them fish to make them your pet. To know more about cats click here.


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    How To Breed Sheep

    Sheep are animals that spawn into the Overworld naturally like cows. While most sheep tend to have white wool, they can also spawn into the world with black, gray, light gray, brown, and pink wool. Sheep are valuable for their wool, which is needed to craft beds and decorative items. While string can be used to craft wool, this process is more tedious and requires hunting spiders at night or in cave systems. Like cows, sheep need to be fed wheat to breed.

    Players can obtain wool by right-clicking on a sheep with shears, producing one to three blocks of wool. Did you know that sheep need to eat grass to regrow their wool? They can either eat tall grass or turn grass blocks into dirt blocks. Players can also right-click on an unsheared sheep with dye to change the color of its wool. The sheeps wool will remain that color, making sheep farming and breeding an easy way to produce different colored wools!

    Not only do pigs provide porkchops, but they can also be ridden with a saddle!

    Jessica Marello, Fair Use: Minecraft

    How To Breed Sheep In Minecraft Pe

    Minecraft: How To Breed All Animals

    How To Breed Sheep In Minecraft Pe? A player should feed wheat to an adult sheep by right-clicking on the sheep. Players should see hearts around the sheep after theyve been fed. If the player feeds two of these adult sheep in the same area at the same time these sheep will mate and a baby sheep will be born.

    How do you lure and breed sheep in Minecraft?;Find some animals: you will need two of the same kind to breed. There are no males and females in Minecraft. Hold some of their favourite food out . When they notice the food, they will look at you and follow you.

    Whats the rarest thing in Minecraft?;Pink Sheep are the rarest with only a 0.164% chance of naturally spawning. Easter Egg: If the Player names a Sheep jeb_ , its Wool will cycle through the color spectrum.

    How rare are pink sheep in Minecraft?;1 Dragon Egg

    Perhaps the one truly unique item to be found in any Minecraft world, the dragon egg is a trophy item and the absolute rarest thing in all of the game.

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    Fully Automatic Chicken Cooker


    This machine is not resource expensive and can give you infinite amounts of cooked chicken without you having to do anything. Just build the machine and you won’t be hungry for a long time.


  • Dig a one block wide hole in the ground. Make it 2 blocks deep.
  • In the bottom of the hole, build a chest. On top of the chest, build a hopper. On top of that hopper, place down a non-flammable slab. Build up non-flammable walls around the slab at least 3 blocks high.
  • Knock out a block in the wall next to the slab and place a dispenser. You may need to move the dispenser a little if when it fires, the items do not get sent into the hopper under the slab.
  • Connect the dispenser to a redstone clock and put at least one hopper on top of the dispenser. The hoppers should reach as high as the wall surrounding the slab.
  • Dump lava onto the block above the slab, and make sure that no lava is leaking anywhere.
  • Build a floor of hoppers as big as you wish . The hoppers should be connected to the hoppers on top of the dispenser.
  • Build non-flammable walls around the hopper floor and build a roof to it, but make sure to put torches inside of the area before you close it off.
  • Knock one of the blocks out of the roof and replace it with a trap door.
  • Preparation

  • Gather as many eggs as you wish, but it is better to have lots of them.
  • Why it Works

    How To Selectively Breed Animals In The Minecraft Bedrock Edition

    Selective breeding is a fantastic choice for Minecraft players looking to speed up their land travel. Unfortunately, selective breeding is only available to Bedrock Edition players, and is considered a glitch by some. However, this may be one of the best glitches in Minecraft.

    Selective breeding allows players to modify the speed stat of bred animals. This technique is best used on rideable mobs, such as pigs, horses, and striders. Minecraft players who have always desired to rapidly traverse terrain on a pig will be happy to learn about this glitch.

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    The Basics Of Breeding Animals

    In order to breed animals in Minecraft, you’ll need to feed each animal a certain type of food. Once fed, hearts will appear, indicating the animal is ready to breed. If another animal of the same kind is also fed and the two are within eight blocks of each other, they will breed and create a baby animal.

    These two bred animals cannot breed again for five minutes and the baby animal will take twenty minutes to mature into an adult in most cases. Breeding animals generates a small amount of XP.

    How To Breed Chickens

    Minecraft Xbox Animal Breeding Challenge (How to Breed ...

    Chickens are naturally spawning mobs that are most valuable for their feathers, eggs, and raw chicken. They are most commonly seen wandering around aimlessly, though they do prefer lighted areas over darkness. Chickens can fall safely from high places by flapping their wings to slow down. They lay eggs about once every eight minutes, which can be broken to hatch chicks or used in recipes. Chickens are bred with wheat seeds, melon seeds, nether wart, or pumpkin seeds.

    • Wheat seeds are found by breaking tall grass.
    • Placing a melon in a crafting table produces melon seeds.
    • Nether wart grows in the Nether around Nether fortresses.
    • Placing a pumpkin in a crafting table gives pumpkin seeds.
    • It does not matter which type of seeds you use to breed.

    Farming chickens provides a renewable source of eggshowever, they disappear after five minutes and need to be gathered often. Hoppers can be strategically placed with chests underneath to collect eggs on an automatic farm. Breeding chickens also supplies players with feathers, which are needed to craft arrows. And when you are hungry, you can always have some cooked chicken for dinner!

    Horses can be bred to produce different color patterns and skill levels.

    Jessica Marello, Fair Use: Minecraft

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    How To Make Pandas Breed In Minecraft

    The world of Minecraft is full of both cute and frightening creatures, which are called mobs. One of the most adorable mobs that players can find in the game is pandas. They were added to the game with the 1.14 Village & Pillage update.

    They are found only in jungle biomes, commonly seen in bamboo jungles. Adult pandas are neutral, which means they will attack back when attacked by the player.

    How To Breed Horses And Donkeys

    Horses and donkeys are great carriers, you just need to try to tame them

    Horses;are located in savannas or plains, usually in herds.;Their coloration is usually similar to that of other horses in their territory, however there may be differences.;Like donkeys, they spontaneously appear on the map and are passive creatures.;Mules can be obtained by crossing a horse and a donkey.;Both animals are a good way of transport, but the donkey is very stubborn if not fed, and the horse will throw you off until it is tamed, fed with golden apples or golden carrots and equipped with a saddle.

    • Gold bars can drop zombie pigs in the wasteland.
    • Gold can be mined in mines.
    • Apples are harvested by breaking apple tree branches.

    To ride long distances in a short time, players use a horse as a vehicle.;By clicking on a horse with an empty hand, you will saddle it, but do not forget that you must first tame it.;The saddle can either be crafted, by bargaining with the villagers, or found in chests in the wasteland.;Tamed mules can even be used to transport cargo over long distances.

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    Selective Breeding Glitch Explained

    Luckily, the selective breeding glitch in the Minecraft Bedrock edition is quite simple to perform.

    To perform this glitch, the player will need splash potions of swiftness and whatever resources they choose to breed their horses. Horses can be bred with golden apples, enchanted golden apples, or golden carrots.

    Before breeding the player must throw a splash potion of swiftness at the horses. It is preferrable to hit both horses with one potion to maximize efficiency

    The player must then breed the two horses while they still have the swiftness buff.

    After breeding, the offspring will now have the swiftness buff permanently, which is absolutely incredible.

    The best part about this glitch is that it is stackable. The Minecraft player can now use another potion of swiftness on the offspring and another horse.

    The offspring of those two horses will be even faster. It is unclear where the speed cap for this glitch is, as there are conflicting views. However, performing this glitch multiple times will allow the player to have a hyper-fast mob without having to go through the tedious original selective breeding process.

    The video above by silentwisperer visually showcases how to execute this glitch, as well as showing how fast a superspeed horse can travel.


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